Album Details:-   

Music by:- Sajid-Wajid, Manjeet Singh Ral (Manj Musik), Mustafa Zahid & Bilal Saeed | Lyrics by:- Kausar Munir, Raftaar, Mustafa Zahid & Bilal Saeed | Music Label:- T-Series, (“Whistle Baja” on Saregama) | Music Released On:- 21st April 2014 | Movie Releases On:- 23rd May 2014

To hear the full songs of this album on Saavn CLICK HERE

Heropanti Album Cover

Heropanti Album Cover

To hear “Whistle Baja” on Saavn CLICK HERE

Heropanti is an upcoming romantic/action film directed by Sabbir Khan of ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ fame. The film has been produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, who is currently enjoying the success of his latest film, ‘2 States’, a joint production between him and Karan Johar. Heropanti marks the acting debut of Jackkie Shroff’s son, Tiger Shroff, and also the Bollywood debut of Kriti Sanon, who was seen earlier this year in the Telugu film ‘1: Nennokadine’. The promos of the film are already creating a lot of buzz and the songs are getting lapped up by the audience. Heropanti is a multi-composer album with three songs by Sajid-Wajid, one song by Manj Musik (Manjeet Singh Ral from the band RDB which split after ‘Tamanchey Pe Disco’ from ‘Bullett Raja’ last year) and the last one is a collaboration between Mustafa Zahid and Bilal Saeed. There is an extra song “Whistle Baja” which is also composed by Manj Musik. Seeing Sajid-Wajid as one of the composers, I was expecting their specialty, which is rowdy and massy songs like they had given for ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and ‘Dabangg’. Songs from their latest album, ‘Main Tera Hero’ can still be seen on almost all of the music charts today. However, the music which they give is almost never or very rarely up to the expectations of music lovers, and very little trace of quality can be seen in their works. So have they improved at least a bit with this album? Read my review to find out!

Extra Song:- 

Whistle Baja:- Singers ~ Manjeet Singh Ral (Manj Musik), Nindy Kaur Ft. Raftaar, Music by ~ Manj Musik, Lyrics by ~ Raftaar, Music Label ~ Saregama

You must be wondering why I have titled this as an extra song, right? Well, turns out that this song has been released by Saregama instead of T-Series. Why, you ask? Well, because of legal issues! This song uses the signature ‘Hero’ flute tune from Shubhash Ghai’s ‘Hero’, and the music rights of ‘Hero’ were with Saregama. I personally do not think they should have created such a fuss about it; after all, it is just that tune which has been used in this song, and not the whole song, ‘Lambi Judaai’. So there is the history behind why this song was not released by T-Series. Now enough of ‘laywer-panti’  😀 , let’s get back to the review. So the song starts with the flute tune in question and then it is transformed from the sad tune in the original song to a full-on Punjabi bhangra type song. The tune is repeated many times in the song but by whistling. The tune of the song is catchy and can’t leave your head once you hear it. The vocals are a bit annoying, but work in the song. The rap portion is typical Raftaar rap like the one in ‘Tamanchey Pe Disco’ except they are a bit slower than that. The lyrics are also typical Punjabi-dance song lyrics where the boy tries to pataa-ofy the girl. All of this, however, works in favour of the song and it will never-the-less be in many music charts. A typical Punjabi dance track with nothing new, but you will still enjoy it!


So now for the actual soundtrack for Heropanti which is on T-Series:-


1. Rabba:- Singer ~ Mohit Chauhan, Music by ~ Sajid-Wajid, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

Starting with the guitar and with violins closely following, it will instantly remind you of ‘Allah Jaane’ from ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’, which was also by Sajid-Wajid. But the tune and composition is so sweet that this can easily be forgotten. Once Mohit pitches in with his metallic and soothing voice, the song full-fledgedly starts. The tune is a nice Indian melody and you will fall in love with it instantly. While hearing this song, I could only imagine Shahrukh Khan singing a romantic song for Anushka Sharma. (I don’t know why, but it somehow reminded me of ‘Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai’ maybe because of the Indian melody 🙂 ) The lyrics by Kausar Munir are also great as always. Sajid-Wajid are experts at creating such traditional melodies, which are always the best songs in all their albums. The mukhda and antara both have a sweet tune, even though there are some similarities to Sajid-Wajid’s previous works. An overall cute and sweet melody, which you will want to hear on loop! #5StarHotelSong 


2. Raat Bhar:- Singers ~ Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Music by ~ Sajid-Wajid, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

This song will attract you because of the singers. Yes, this is why I got attracted to it–I thought it would be a great romantic duet between Arijit and Shreya. So, I played it. It started just like I was expecting, with soft piano notes like in most romantic duets. But then, it completely switches track, and becomes a second version of ‘Mukhtasar’ from ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’. I can make out what Sajid-Wajid were thinking while making this song. (Something like, ‘Hey, let’s just make another version of our hit song “Mukhtasar”! What a great idea! And let’s add Arijit and Shreya so everyone will at least hear the song once!’) So they have done just that and added a lot of techno sounds. The tune is, as I said, nothing new, and resembling ‘Mukhtasar’, even the lyrics are plain. Arijit sings using his “boring”, deeper voice than usual, and a tinge of nasal-ness. Sadly, Shreya does not shine in this song as she always does, because she has an almost negligible portion and also, its tune isn’t that great either. However, since Sajid-Wajid very rarely get a chance to make club tracks, the least we can do is praise them at least for the bit of improvement shown in their work and the efforts taken to make this track enjoyable.


3. Tabah:- Singer ~ Mohit Chauhan, Music by ~ Sajid-Wajid, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

The second song sung by Mohit for this film, and it strikes the right chord AGAIN! Yes, it is a sad romantic rock composition, and such a composition is very rarely heard from Sajid-Wajid, so before telling you my review for it, I would like to appreciate their effort taken in making this track. So, back to the song, it is a sad romantic song, and with rock elements. The singing by Mohit is very soulful and will definitely work for you instantly. The electric guitars and drums have been used very efficiently, and one of the interludes played with a flute is very beautiful. The antara sounds a bit happier than the rest of the song for a moment, but it switches back to sad quick enough for you to notice. The lyrics are again very typical for this type of song, but they are good. Great effort by Sajid-Wajid to compose a sad rock song and great arrangements! It’s the second #5StarHotelSong in this album!


4. The Pappi Song:- Singer ~ Raftaar, Music by ~ Manjeet Singh Ral (Manj Musik), Lyrics by ~ Raftaar

I don’t even want to review this song, but since I have to, I will! It is another Punjabi dance song, and it tries to grab your attention! So don’t fall into its trap! With the techno sounds it tries to grab your attention, but afterwards the ‘pappi’ sounds follow, and you feel like skipping this track, but just when you are about to press the skip button, the song ends! What a pleasant surprise! This song is like a fly, which annoys you, you let it annoy you for a little time, and then when you have had enough and try to swat it, it flies away! 😀 The ‘pappi’ sound made is so disturbing, I can’t explain it! So after all of Sajid-Wajid’s hard work in this album, Manj came and spoiled it! :/ Good that Manj had sense enough to keep this song short! An annoying track which you should definitely skip!


5. Tere Binaa:- Singer ~ Mustafa Zahid, Music by ~ Mustafa Zahid, Bilal Saeed, Lyrics by ~ Mustafa Zahid, Bilal Saeed

Most of the songs by Mustafa Zahid sound exactly the same to me. Most of the time, I can’t tell one of them from the other. This song is another one of those. A typical Pakistani pop composition, suit for a Bhatt movie. Mustafa’s vocals sound amateurish and not that good. Though the tune is likeable, but very simple and it has nothing special to offer. However, you can hear this track if you like soulful, sad tracks. The lines ‘Piya laagey na… Jiya laagey na’ have a great tune. The lyrics are also good. It is a good track but doesn’t have repeat value as in, you wouldn’t find yourself, or anyone, for that matter, humming it a month or so later.


Overall:- Heropanti was an album which many people were looking forward to after hearing the name of Sajid-Wajid, and that the signature Hero tune is going to be used in one of the songs. With two great songs and one good attempt, Sajid-Wajid have proved to their haters that they can make good music also. Out of Manj’s two songs, ‘Whistle Baja’ works while the other fails miserably, and Mustafa-Bilal’s song is average. Clearly Sajid-Wajid have improved from the days when everyone used to openly criticise them. The first three songs will make a place for themselves in your playlist for quite a long time, whereas the other two most probably won’t even make it there. Of course, ‘Whistle Baja’ will stay in your playlist for some time too! So after giving average music for ‘Jai Ho’, and decent music for ‘Main Tera Hero’ this year, Sajid-Wajid have struck the right chord finally with ‘Heropanti’! I hope they keep giving such music! They are the heroes of this album!


 Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating


Review by Rujul Deolikar


Next I will be reviewing all of the good albums of 2014 so far which I missed to review because my blog started after they released. I will write these reviews whenever I get the time when no big albums have released! I hope you enjoy that section. The albums which I will review for this are:- Yaariyan, Dedh Ishqiya, Hasee Toh Phasee, Gunday, Shaadi Ke Side/Effects, Highway, Queen and 2 States. Thank you! 


18 thoughts on “HEROPANTI (MUSIC REVIEW)

  1. Wow…great info Rujul..ur info is actually developing my interest for listening these songs. Awaiting for highway n queen reviews.
    Keep it up!


  2. Wow…great info Rujul..ur info is actually developing my interest for listening these songs. Awaiting for highway n queen reviews. ..
    Keep it up!


  3. wow!! Rujul’ it was a amusing experience, reading this review
    I’m telling you the touch of humour in your writing is your strength, never ignore it and make use of it…


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