The Music Mastani Monthly Awards are back! This time for the music for the movies which released in or are going to release in June. First I will give a short description of each album of June, then my awards, then, finally, you all will get to vote! 😀

In the month of June we again witnessed some good albums and some bad songs along with the good albums.

The first album that released was Fugly, and along with its weird name, it brought along a troupe of even weirder songs. The only songs worth listening again were Prashant Vadhyar’s ‘Dhuaan’ and the two remarkable songs by Yo Yo Honey Singh, in which he discovered and unveiled a whole new side of him! He has definitely grown as a composer and lyricist, and we got to see that in this album.

Next came the album of Filmistaan, composed by a debutant Arijit Datta. The album was surprisingly very good, and it was a very promising Bollywood debut by an ex-Agnee band member. Though the songs didn’t get the popularity they deserved, true music lovers loved the album and appreciated it!

Next up was Holiday. After giving superhit soundtracks for many years, Pritam continued to give some nice melodies along with some funky tracks to groove to in this album. The tracks created a huge rage across the country, with its hit songs like ‘Tu Hi Toh Hai’, ‘Shaayraana’, and ‘Blame The Night.’ The beautiful melody ‘Ashq Na Ho’ ironically did bring tears in everyone’s eyes and was praised by many. However, the album can definitely not be counted in the list of the best albums by Pritam which features masterpieces as ‘Barfi!’ and ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.’

The album of Humshakals came next, and was one which was loved by a certain fraction of the audiences, and panned by many. Considering the genre of the movie, the album couldn’t have been better in my opinion, but looks like people were expecting romantic tracks in it! 😀 I mean, of course a nonsense comedy film will have meaningful songs, right?! It is natural to think that! 😛 😀 Himesh Reshammiya delivered some songs which fitted theme of the movie and this genre is what he is very good at, too! The songs are undoubtedly hits, but in India, the worst songs can also become hits. Anyways, I liked the album.

Last but definitely not the least, in fact the biggest album of the month, came the highly awaited album to the highly awaited movie Ek Villain. There was no doubt that the album would be full of soothing melodies, and that is exactly what we got. The music, composed by Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari and Soch The Band (Adnan Dhool & Rabbi Ahmed) was awesome, and the statement ”the best should be saved for the last” came true with this album releasing the last, but no doubt it was the best album of the month!

With the recap of the month of June 2014 now over, it is time to announce the winners of the awards which I will be announcing. Don’t worry, you will also get to vote! Have some patience!

2nd Music Mastani Monthly Awards

2nd Music Mastani Monthly Awards

2nd Music Mastani Monthly Awards (June 2014)



• Singer of the Month (Female) :- Momina Mustehsan for Awari (Ek Villain)

• Singer of the Month (Male) :- Mohammed Irfan for Banjaara (Ek Villain)

• Composer of the Month (Song) :- Ankit Tiwari for Galliyan (Ek Villain) & Pritam for Ashq Na Ho (Holiday)

• Composer of the Month (Album) :- Arijit Datta for Filmistaan

• Album of the Month :- Ek Villain (T-Series)

• Musical Jodi of the Month (Best Duet) :- Momina Mustehsan & Adnan Dhool for Awari (Ek Villain)

• Lyricist of the Month :- Irshad Kamil for Ashq Na Ho (Holiday)



• Best Romantic Song :- Galliyan (Ek Villain)

• Best Dance Song :- Piya Ke Bazaar Mein (Humshakals)

• Best Sad Song :- Ashq Na Ho (Holiday)

• Best Club Song :- Blame The Night (Holiday)

• Best Classical-Based Song :- Bhugol (Filmistaan)

• Song With Best Use of Fusion :- Fugly (Fugly) & Awari (Ek Villain)

• Best Song With Western Influence :- Tu Hi Toh Hai (Holiday) & Bebaak (Filmistaan)

• Best Song With Folk Influence :- Piya Ke Bazaar Mein (Humshakals) & Udaari (Filmistaan)



• Bandar Kya Jaane Adrak Ka Swaad (Best Album That Went Pretty Much Unnoticed) :- Filmistaan (Arijit Datta – Times Music/Junglee Music)

• Newcomer(s) of the Month :- Momina Mustehsan (Female Vocalist for ‘Awari’ from ‘Ek Villain’) & Soch The Band – Adnan Dhool & Rabbi Ahmed (Music Composers for ‘Awari’ from ‘Ek Villain’)


I hope you all agreed with the winners which I have chosen! If not, then don’t worry at all! Why do you think I let you vote! Yes, you are going to be able to vote too! Please vote for the option which you really want to win from the bottom of your hearts! And don’t forget to press the ‘VOTE’ button for each poll, or your votes won’t be counted! 🙂 Have fun voting! The results will be announced after 24 hours! 🙂 Thanks! P.S. a new category has been added for you to vote under, that is Best Lyricist! 








Thanks to all for taking the time out and voting! I hope you have gotten the chance to vote for your favourites, and that you agreed with the nominations as well! That is why I give you a chance to vote as well, so you don’t have to agree with the winners I have chosen if you don’t agree with them! The results, as I said before will be announced after 24 hours! Till then, keep telling others to vote! 🙂


Next:- Results for the Music Mastani Popular Awards of June 2014 & Main Tera Hero (Music Review) 


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