Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Sajid-Wajid
♪ Lyrics by:- Kausar Munir
♪ Music Label:- YRF Music
♪ Music Released On:- 17th July 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 19th September 2014

Daawat-e-Ishq Album Cover

Daawat-e-Ishq Album Cover


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Daawat-e-Ishq is an upcoming romantic comedy and drama film starring Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kaput in lead roles. The film is directed by ‘Ishaqzaade’ fame Habib Faisal and produced by Aditya Chopra. Other supporting actors in the film are Anupam Kher & Karan Wahi. The music of ‘Ishaqzaade’ which was by Amit Trivedi had crested waves across the country, and same was expected from the music of this film which has been composed by Sajid-Wajid. They have been having a relatively good innings this year, what with the songs of ‘Main Tera Hero’ and ‘Heropanti’ gaining immense popularity when they released. Also, this is their first full album for Yashraj Films, and it is expected to be better than their previous albums this year. The film revolves around Lakhnavi and Hyderabadi culture and tradition, so that was also expected to reflect in the music. With all the hype surrounding the movie and its music, let’s see to what degree Sajid-Wajid have managed to give entertaining tracks for this album!

1. Daawat-e-Ishq:- Singers ~ Javed Ali, Sunidhi Chauhan

Looking at the name and theme of the film, the first thing that came into my kind was ‘Qawwali’. Sure enough, the first song is a Qawwali. The same Qawwali which we had heard glimpses of in the trailer, and I had instantly loved. The full track is just as awesome and just as energetic. When you hear Qawwali, the first thing you would think of would be harmonium, tabla and aalaaps. This song has tablas, aalaaps and sargam, (no harmonium) but with an interesting twist of rock, making it a rock Qawwali. Electric guitars have been used everywhere possible, and they sound awesome fused with the Qawwali. The rhythm of the rock guitars keeps playing in the background throughout the song. The tabla sounds awesome whenever it comes throughout the song. The santoor interlude is awesome, followed by the awesome sargam by an uncredited guy (probably Keerthi Sagathia or Shabab Sabri). The bulbul tarang with which the song starts is also played very beautifully. Next to talk about is the vocals. With two powerhouses such as Javed Ali and Sunidhi Chauhan on board, nothing could go wrong, and, it really didn’t! Javed Ali with his smooth yet loud and buland voice, sings effortlessly, whereas Sunidhi with her energetic voice also performs exceptionally. Their coordination is something worth hearing. The variations by Javed are mind-blowing. Especially in the last antara, when first Javed sings a line, then Sunidhi. It sounds great! The magical part is the conclusion of the song when the singers each say ‘daawat-e-ishq hai’ in different tunes and different styles. The strings supports the singers so beautifully in that part, that it will leave you stunned! When Sunidhi sings ‘hai qubool yeh humne maana…’ her voice sounds so angelic, and even more because of the instruments that support her. The lyrics are also great. The food theme has been mixed very well to make a romantic song. Words like tashtari, dastarkhwan show that the lyricist Kausar Munir has made sure that the theme of food (Hyderabadi style) should be reflected in the song. Other Urdu words just add to the richness, and since they sound very fancy, they make the song sound very, very authentic. Sunidhi gives a perfect end to the song, with her perfect and well-projected ‘ishq hai…’. A very authentic, and a very impressive fusion of two contrasting styles, Rock and Qawwali, resulting in a must-listen, in other words a #5StarHotelSong!


2. Mannat:- Singers ~ Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal & Keerthi Sagathia (Original), Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal (Reprise)

The next song is a beautiful, kind of haunting melody, started by wonderful sarod. Sonu is back in mainstream films after a long time, and he has finally gotten a song which is worthy of his voice. This song sees Sajid-Wajid treading A.R. Rahman territory, with many resemblances to Rahman’s 90s type of songs. Sonu starts with his sweet voice, instantly giving off vibes that would attract you towards the song. The lines are just magical, especially the tune of the line, ‘dariya na sahi…’. It is just so magnificent! The hookline is even more mystical, with awesome percussion, giving a very strong feel. The tune itself is so strong, and the percussion reminded me of A.R. Rahman in the 90s. Sonu is the correct choice for the song and he passes with an undoubted A+ for this song. Shreya, on the other hand has a very small part, but it is very catchy and sweet as well. Her part is preceded by Keerthi singing some folksy lines, with a more upbeat tempo which is very different from the rest of the song. He sings his part well. Shreya, as said before, sings well, but is given a very small part which is also in an upbeat tempo different from that of Sonu’s part. Still, her part is one of the best parts of the song. When Sonu picks up again after Shreya’s part is over, the tempo is again reduced, and I wonder how Sajid-Wajid could come up with such a transition without creating even a slight feeling of unease to the listeners. The transition takes place quickly, but also so smoothly that one doesn’t care about the sudden tempo changes. The last antara is even more beautiful, and has such a mature tune that one would instantly fall in love with it. Arrangements are exceptional throughout the song. The santoor interrupts at many places in the song, but nowhere does it seem uninvited or unwelcome. It sounds marvelous wherever it has been played. The dholaks in the upbeat paragraph sound awesome and give a bit of a Qawwali feel to this one as well. The oud after some lines sounds awesome. The violins just make it sound even more magnificent. The brass instruments have led a whole interlude, making it sound very grand. The reprise version is a bit less instrumentated, but there Shreya gets to start the song. However, Sonu and Shreya eventually end up with the same amount of lines. This version doesn’t create that impact which the first version did because of the folk part being omitted. Also, though Keerthi isn’t credited, one can clearly make out his voice. 😛 Lyrics in both the version, however are great and very romantic. Sajid-Wajid have succeeded in composing a beautiful romantic song by entering Rahman’s territory, resulting in a must listen haunting melody. #5StarHotelSong!


3. Rangreli:- Singers ~ Wajid, Shreya Ghoshal

After two stupendous songs, the excitement has just kept on increasing, and here comes the third song. First of all, with Wajid on board, we can assume that it must be a very mediocre song, so no established singer has agreed to sing it and Wajid had to employ himself to sing it. 😂 Okay, but sometimes he sings good, and the mention of Shreya Ghoshal still gives us some hope that it might be good. So you start the song and you are greeted with the maddening sound of dhols, horns and whatnot. It will make you feel you are in a very low-scale marriage in the village, which has unnecessarily loud and thunderous songs playing. The composition itself is so outdated (like the 90s) that one would imagine how Sajid-Wajid could dare put such a song (which sounds like a song that Govinda would dance on in the 90s) in a movie which stars Aditya and Parineeti, two of the actors who have proved themselves in this sudden inflow of newcomers, and who have innumerable fans by now. But no, Sajid-Wajid don’t seem to have any worries about the actors’ careers, and so they delivered this average typical Sajid-Wajid song, after two gems. The band-baaja is the most irritating part of it all! I understand it’s a wedding song, but that doesn’t mean put as much irritating band drums and horns as you want! The annoying arrangements have crossed the limits this time. Thank God that Wajid sounds decent in this song. But he and his brother have spoiled Shreya’s voice here. 😛 They have used two different pitches of her voice and put them together in the song. When they have used only one of her voices in the antara, however, it still sounds bad because they have made her sing in too high a pitch. Had they made her sing in a lower pitch, it would have sounded better. The lyrics are also average. I doubt the song will get any more popularity even after the movie releases. Utterly annoying, and disappointing after two beautiful songs. Sajid-Wajid are back to their usual nonsense (which they think is fun) in this track!


4. Shayarana:- Singer ~ Shalmali Kholgade

Whenever I see Shalmali in the credits as a singer of any song, be it by Pritam or by Himesh Reshammiya or by Sajid-Wajid, as is the case here, I get very worked up about it, and keep waiting for it to release. Sajid-Wajid had made Shalmali sing a club song and a Punjabi dance number in ‘Main Tera Hero’, so I thought they would be making her sing something just as crazy in this movie as well. And what I got was exactly the opposite of what I was expecting. I was delighted to hear a cute, happy-go-lucky, cheer-you-up type of song, which instantly caught my attention. Guitar starts this wonderful song, and drums join it later on. Shalmali sounds very cute in this song, and her unique voice is perfect for this song. First of all, I doubted that Sajid-Wajid had created this song. Their usual genre is very close to the traditional Indian music, and full of Indian sounds. Here, they have gone on a path somewhere between Amit Trivedi and Sachin-Jigar. Another coincidence is that both of these music composers have dubbed Shalmali to sing for Parineeti. 😀 And Shalmali debuted with Habib Faisal’s last film, too! So naturally Sajid-Wajid would be tempted to rope in Shalmali, and the result is brilliant! She has sung so beautifully, sounding rocking at the same time. The tune of the song is so catchy and cute, that you would have it on loop for hours on end! (I actually have!) The part ‘yakeen toh dila de, Tu hai yaa nahi hai’ has an awesomely sweet tune and so does the ‘aaye haaye zubaan bhi phisalne lagi’ part. Guitar has supported Shalmali very well throughout the song. In the interlude, a rock guitar joins as well, giving an awesome effect. The hookline is just awesome. It creates a wonderful ambience, that of peace and serenity. The snapping in the antara sounds great as well. The conclusion of the song has awesome variations by Shalmali, who seems to have aced them in the first go. When the song ends, you just feel like it ended too soon. A never-heard-before song from Sajid-Wajid! Very impressive composition with just as impressive vocals! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Jadoo Tone Waaliyan:- Singer ~ Shabab Sabri

I believe Sajid-Wajid are the best at making Bollywood Qawwalis nowadays. Here they have composed another Qawwali in this film, this time giving it a more heavier rock twist. The rock guitars are still there, but Sajid-Wajid have made it more traditional, by making the tablas more prominent than they were in the title song. The song does sound a bit annoying in the beginning, but will slowly grow on you as time passes. Shabab has the right voice texture for these type of songs, but still one misses Rahat Fateh Ali Khan here. I hated this song a lot at first, but it slowly started to attract me towards itself. Now I have nothing against it. Sajid-Wajid have tried this type of Rock Qawwali once before in ‘Yeh Jo Halki Halki Khumariya’ in ‘Son of Sardaar’, which was also the type of song which grew on me very slowly. The difference was that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was actually singing that song, whereas a relatively new guy is singing here. The lyrics are mostly Punjabi, but they sound good with the music. The saxophone interrupts in between with a beautiful interlude supported by drums. Otherwise the whole song is managed by the rock guitars and tablas. The song has been transported to great heights just because of the amazing fusion. A treat for Qawwali fans and also for Rock fans! I suggest all to give it some time to work its jadoo on you, because it is actually a tone waala jadoo! #5StarHotelSong!


6. Daawat-e-Ishq (Instrumental):- Instrumental, Arranged by:- Hitesh Modak

The instrumental version of the title track of this film, starts interestingly with the sound of food sizzling in a pan, followed by the dialogues of Aditya Roy Kapur. Looks like he is a waiter taking orders. 😛 The hookline of the title track has been played greatly with oud, and it creates an awesome nomadic/Arabic feel. The percussion is also awesome. It ends with a sizzling sound as well. Short, but worth hearing! Will sound very impressive in the theatre!

Daawat-e-Ishq must be a very ambitious project for Sajid-Wajid. First of all, it’s their first full album for YRF. Next, the two actors of the film have an immense fan following, so they must know that everyone would decide whether or not to watch the film depending on the music and promos. There, they have more pressure about whether they will be able to impress listeners with their music. Though they have given us some very (and by very, I mean VERY) cheap albums in the past, and are the butt of jokes everywhere, we can cut them some slack, and allow them to evolve more now. They have definitely evolved with this one, especially since they have provided music as per the theme and setting of the movie (just forget about ‘Rangreli’ okay? That’s a disgrace to wedding songs 😛 ) and have delivered some things which actually do entertain! The song ‘Shayarana’ sees them evolving a lot as composers. After ‘Main Tera Hero’ and ‘Heropanti’ this year, which were pretty good, but could have been better, and of course the “wonderful” 😛 music for ‘Jai Ho’ (only one song was wonderful :P) this album definitely surpasses all of their albums this year and emerges as one of their best albums. They got an opportunity to compose for YRF and they made the best of it. Sajid-Wajid are in form now, and I hope they continue to give us just as entertaining albums in the future! Overall, this album turns out to be a real musical feast!


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


Which is your favourite song from Daawat-e-Ishq? Please vote for it below! 🙂


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Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Shashi Suman & Shivamm Pathak
♪ Lyrics by:- Prashant Ingole & Sandeep Singh
♪ Music Label:- Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On:- 11th August 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 5th September 2014

Mary Kom Album Cover

Mary Kom Album Cover


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Mary Kom is an upcoming Bollywood sports drama film, based on the ambitious life journey of Indian Boxer Mary Kom. The film, starring Priyanka Chopra in the lead role playing Mary Kom, is directed by Omung Kumar and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Playing Mary Kom’s husband is debutant Darshan Kumar, and other supporting actors in the film are Danny Denzongpa and Sunil Thapa. Given the hype surrounding the film, and that it is a Bhansali production, there is no harm in expecting a wonderful soundtrack from it. Last year Milkha Singh’s biopic ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy gave us some great songs. I was expecting some composers who have done a considerable amount of films to compose for the film, but I was taken by surprise when the music credits revealed the names of two Indian Idol contestants, Shashi Suman and Shivamm Pathak as the composers! This still didn’t reduce my expectations, as I knew Sanjay Leela Bhansali can never go wrong when it comes to choosing great music for his films. So, naturally I was as excited as everyone else for the album, and now read on to find out what I ended up getting!

1. Ziddi Dil:- Singer ~ Vishal Dadlani, Music by ~ Shashi Suman, Lyrics by ~ Prashant Ingole

The Himachal feel starts right from the first note of the first song of the album, with the raw vocals of a North-Eastern lady. And right from those vocals, the song grabbed my attention, never leaving it for even a second afterwards. Shashi Suman, contender of Indian Idol 5, has come up with a great inspirational track, which can be easily placed alongside ‘Zinda’ from ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’. Vishal’s undescribable energy is reflected through his singing, and he doesn’t fail to create the required energetic throughout the song. The rock template just supports the song even more, and adds even more energy to the already-energetic song. The composition is just perfect and it has achieved its goal of being an effective inspirational song; the beats are so engaging. The guitar riffs are great, and the drums have been used very efficiently, not too loud, not too soft, just perfectly! Other percussion has also been done very commendably. No matter how low you are feeling at the moment, this song will surely cheer you up! The lyrics are very motivational, and again perfect according to the theme of the song and movie. I doubt you’ve not heard it yet, but if you haven’t, what are you waiting for!? 😀 #5StarHotelSong!


2. Sukoon Mila:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Shivamm Pathak, Lyrics by ~ Sandeep Singh

After a great start to the soundtrack by Shashi, the second composer Shivamm, another Indian Idol 5 contestant, jumps in to compose a sweet romantic song. The tune is very much heard-before, yet it is very beautiful, and something you would want to keep on listening to for minutes on end! Arijit has been roped in to croon the song, and he has done his job wonderfully, almost flawlessly. The arrangements have been kept soft, with piano and guitars leading, but the brilliance is in the saxophone parts. The saxophone pieces make the song sound grand, calm and soothing. The flute part also impresses. The song has an instantly likeable tune, and has been composed very, very nicely by Shivamm. It is one of those songs, which get over before you know it, and you crave for more and more. Lyrics by Sandeep Singh go with the flow of the tune very well. They are simple yet they work. All in all, the song will definitely give you a lot of sukoon! Another must-listen from the soundtrack! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Adhure:- Singer ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Music by ~ Shashi Suman, Lyrics by ~ Prashant Ingole

Shashi re-enters the soundtrack, bringing along with him his second song for the film, a sad song about broken dreams and the insecure feeling we get many times during our life’s journey. This type of movie should compulsorily have such a song, portraying effectively the feelings of the main character, when they are in a low state. This song starts with the raw vocals of a very Buddhist-sounding monk-ish man, followed by guitar strums, building up the excitement for this track, which has been sung by Sunidhi, who was coincidentally Shashi’s mentor in Indian Idol 5. 😀 The song is a sad song, but the guitar makes it feel a bit lively and not altogether a typical dramatic sad song, which is mostly the case in Bollywood. It sounds very realistic thanks to the arrangements being kept very soft, unlike other typical sad songs which do not sound realistic at all thanks to the heavy arrangements. The tune is also composed simply, but very effectively, giving the required feel and Sunidhi has taken it to another level altogether. The composition seems tailor-made for her. Prashant Ingole has written beautiful lyrics for this song as well, kudos to him! Yet ANOTHER must-listen!! A hat-trick now with the third #5StarHotelSong in a row!!


4. Teri Baari:- Singer ~ Mohit Chauhan, Music by ~ Shashi Suman, Lyrics by ~ Prashant Ingole

The next song is another inspirational song, this time around with Mohit Chauhan behind the mic. The man never fails to impress us with his metallic voice. There’s a different happiness altogether in listening to Mohit Chauhan, and I don’t think he can ever be replaced by anybody, not even Arijit Singh. The folkish wooden bansuri provides a great start to the song, and then the real magic starts. The tune is so good! The hookline has the capacity to attract many listeners. The way Shashi has connected the mukhda with the hookline is just genius! The sarod interlude is just fascinating, even though it comes for a very small time. Percussion and drums have been properly placed. Some places have very loud arrangements whereas others are very soft, with minimal arrangements. Lyrics by Prashant Ingole are spectacular. The way a person following his dreams is compared to a bird is just great! The chorus singing ‘udd jaa, udd jaa’ after the hookline each time, sounds awesome! The second motivational song of the album doesn’t faiql to impress either! Another obvious #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Saudebaazi:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Shashi Suman, Lyrics by ~ Prashant Ingole

Arijit kicks off the song with his humming, supported by mild piano notes. As he hums, make yourself ready for yet another great romantic song, this one composed by Shashi. The composition is a little darker and haunting than the other romantic song, ‘Sukoon Mila’. It still impresses. The tune will manage to attract many people. Arijit has rendered this one with ease as well (there is practically no song in which he doesn’t, so there’s no use in telling you guys this. 😛 ). The arrangements by Shashi are also very nice, with mostly piano taking the centre-stage. Guitar is the most prominent instrument in the hook part, with beautiful strums. Mouth Organ can also be heard in the interlude. The antara is composed in a very professional way, and it doesn’t seem like Shashi is a debutant, but the truth is that he is, and that just calls for even more applaud. The song ends with beautiful notes on the accordion. The only thing that bugged me when I first heard this song,was the use of an English word ‘beautiful’ all by itself, while the rest of the song is in shuddhh Hindi. However, that too I got used to in the subsequent listens, and I’m pretty fine with it by now. These small things can be easily forgiven, and so this song just carries on the example which the previous tracks have set, and becomes yet another #5StarHotelSong!!!


6. Salaam India:- Singers ~ Vishal Dadlani & Salim Merchant, Music by ~ Shivamm Pathak, Lyrics by ~ Sandeep Singh

Shivamm’s second song arrives, as a patriotic song sung by the powerhouse Vishal Dadlani along with Salim Merchant. They are already energetic, as we have seen many times in reality shows and concerts, and in this song, they have just sung so openly and freely, that all their energy has been put to great use in this song! Though Salim hasn’t got much scope to showcase his energy, as he has got the softer and melodious parts, we can tell he is singing with a lot of patriotism. A beautiful flute opens the song, and eventually the energy builds up, and at the peak of this, the best part of the song is waiting for us. Surprisingly, drums and rock elements aren’t used in this song. A different type of percussion has been used instead of the normal drums. The tablas in the antara sound great! Thumbs-up to Shivamm for that. Vishal’s rough and husky voice complements Salim’s smooth and mellifluous voice very, very well. The antara has a bit of a dark tune, which the singers have carried out effortlessly. Salim sounds like Mohit Chauhan in places. Both the singers (or should I say composers?) have done their respective jobs very great, leaving no stone unturned. Extra credit to Shivamm for composing such a mature song. Sandeep Singh has written beautiful patriotic lyrics! Grand, Energetic, Awesome, A song that better be heard on coming Independence Days and Republic Days of India! I’m proud to announce the sixth #5StarHotelSong!!!! 


7. Chaoro (Lori):- Singer ~ Priyanka Chopra, Music by ~ Shashi Suman, Lyrics by ~ Sandeep Singh

Priyanka Chopra has sung three songs till now, all of them in English, and released as single songs. Till now she hasn’t sung in any film. So naturally, everyone was getting anxious about when they would get to hear her sing in Bollywood. Finally, the wish of the audience has come true, and Priyanka Chopra has got a song to sing in this film. Shashi has composed a very soothing song, and he has arranged it perfectly, just as any baby would want his/her lullaby to be. 😀 Priyanka is sounding very beautiful, and she has brought that motherly tone into her voice for this song. She sounds a lot Sunidhi Chauhan. She has sung each and every line with a lot of love and feeling. The word ‘Chaoro’ is a Manipuri word meaning ‘grow up’ and the line ‘icha paari chaoro’ translates to ‘grow up, my son’. The song is very soulful and joins the league of great Bollywood lullabies like ‘Chandaniya’ from ‘Rowdy Rathore’ and ‘Sooha Saaha’ from ‘Highway’. Very impressive Bollywood singing debut of Priyanka Chopra! #5StarHotelSong!!

Mary Kom is one of those rare albums, in which you cannot afford to miss out on any single song, and all the songs are very rich musically and on the vocal front as well. The surprising part is that two debutants have composed the songs of this album, yet they have managed to score full marks in their debut itself! All the songs are perfect, and as you must have noticed, all of them have got my prestigious #5StarHotelSong tag. 😛 Each of the songs have the qualities of true good music, and none of them are so-called cheap or ridiculous. After all, how can we expect cheapness from a Bhansali album!? Last year, Bhansali had given a superhit album, which had ruled the charts, ‘Ram-Leela’, and this year, the music of his production has quality music, which might not get the recognition it deserves because of less promotions, but will definitely touch the hearts of whoever listens to it! Moreover, the music will definitely give a strong support to the screenplay of the film, because it has everything of what has happened in Mary Kom’s life, in pinches. Motivation, sorrow, romance, motherhood and patriotism all-in-one! I would say, the first album on my blog, with nothing to disappoint at all! Finally, a quality album this year with no ridiculosity whatsoever, but soulful and motivational music! An album which relies on quality music, not commercial music! 


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < (haha, no it’s not a नी either!) < सां 

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating. I have introduced a new rating for any album in which all the songs are #5StarHotelSongs. That is why this album has gotten the highest rating ever in the history of Music Mastani. 🙂


Which is your favourite song from Mary Kom? Please vote for your favourite! 🙂


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4th MUSIC MASTANI MONTHLY AWARDS (AUGUST 2014) (Popular Awards Results)

Thanks to all of you who voted in the last 24 hours! I hope you got a chance to vote for your favourite! And now it is time for the results to be announced!


Best Song of August 2014:- Johnny Johnny (Entertainment)

Best Album of August 2014:- Entertainment (Sachin-Jigar & Chirantan Bhatt – Tips Music)

Best Composer of August 2014:- Sachin-Jigar (Entertainment – 5 Songs)

Best Singer of August 2014 (Female):- TIE BETWEEN Shweta Pandit for “Tere Hoke Rahengay – Reprise” (Raja Natwarlal) AND Shalmali Kholgade for “Tera Naam Doon” (Entertainment)

Best Singer of August 2014 (Male):- Arijit Singh for “Tere Hoke Rahengay” (Raja Natwarlal)

Best Lyricist of August 2014:- Priya Panchal for “Tera Naam Doon” (Entertainment)


I hope everyone enjoyed voting and that their favourites have won! Keep visiting the blog for more such fun awards and reviews! 

Next:- Main Tera Hero ( 😛 ) 


It’s yet again time for the Music Mastani monthly awards, this time for the albums whose movies released in or will release in August.

In this month, none of the soundtracks impressed totally. First of all, I only reviewed four albums and one movie with one song, because the other albums weren’t worth reviewing at all.

The first August album I reviewed was Entertainment, with music by Sachin-Jigar and a special song by Chirantan Bhatt. Sachin-Jigar had composed some entertaining songs, and the album lived up to the name of its movie. Chirantan also composed a pretty good track, and delivered something never-before-heard. Out of all the songs in the album, ‘Johnny Johnny’ and ‘Veerey Di Wedding’ did the trick, with ‘Tera Naam Doon’ following close behind.

Raja Natwarlal was the next album I reviewed, which marked the Bollywood debut album of South titan composer, Yuvan Shankar Raja. Again, he delivered a set of entertaining songs, with ‘Tere Hokey Rahengay’ and ‘Dukki Tikki’ topping the list. Others were fairly engaging as well. The only drawback of the album was that, being an album for a Kunal Deshmukh movie, the songs were pretty disappointing, because of the absence of Pritam, Kunal’s good-luck charm.

The next album of August that I reviewed was Singham Returns. Being a multi-composer album, it didn’t manage to impress me that much, and served as a waste of time, mostly. The only exceptional song was ‘Sun Le Zara’ by Jeet Gannguli, and ‘Kuch Toh Hua Hai’ by Ankit Tiwari also managed to attarct many listeners. Meet Bros. Anjjan and Yo Yo Honey Singh disappointed with their respective songs.

Mardaani came next, and it had only one song, composed by Salim-Sulaiman. Since it had only one song, which was awesome, it managed to make its place as one of the best songs of the month. However, it cannot be counted in the best album category, because it had only one song. 😛

Lastly, I reviewed Mad About Dance, which was pretty useless, except for a single song ‘Ishq Da Bukhar’ composed by Vidyadhar Bhave. The other song which impressed to a certain extent was ‘Kahan Hai Khuda’ composed by Saahil Prem, whereas the songs by Sangeet-Siddharth and Dr. Zeus failed to impress.

Now that I have recapitulated the albums of August 2014 for all of you, here is the time to declare the winners!!

4th Music Mastani Monthly Awards

4th Music Mastani Monthly Awards


4th Music Mastani Monthly Awards


• Singer of the Month (Female) :- Sunidhi Chauhan for Mardaani Anthem (Mardaani)

• Singer of the Month (Male) :- Arijit Singh for Sun Le Zara (Singham Returns)

• Composer of the Month (Song) :- Salim-Sulaiman for Mardaani Anthem (Mardaani)

• Composer of the Month (Album) :- Sachin-Jigar for Entertainment (excluding ‘Maange Entertainment’ by Chirantan Bhatt)

• Album of the Month:- Entertainment (Tips Music)

•  Musical Jodi of the Month (Best Duet) :- Atif Aslam & Shalmali Kholgade for Tera Naam Doon (Entertainment)

• Lyricist of the Month:- Priya Panchal for Tera Naam Doon (Entertainment)



• Best Romantic Song:- Tere Hokey Rehengay & Tere Hokey Rahengay – Reprise (Raja Natwarlal)

• Best Dance Song:- Johnny Johnny (Entertainment) & Veerey Di Wedding (Entertainment)

• Best Sad Song:- Sun Le Zara (Singham Returns)

• Best Club Song:- Teri Mahima Aprampaar (Entertainment)

• Best Classical-Based Song:- Kuch Toh Hua Hai (Singham Returns)

• Song With Best Use of Fusion:- Ishq Da Bukhar (Mad About Dance)

• Best Song With a Western Influence:- Johnny Johnny (Entertainment)

• Best Song With a Folk Influence:- Dukki Tikki (Raja Natwarlal)



• Bandar Kya Jaane Adrak Ka Swaad (Best Album That Went Pretty Much Unnoticed) :- Mardaani (YRF Music)

• Newcomer of the Month:-

– Best Newcomer Composer:- Yuvan Shankar Raja (Debut Bollywood Album) for Raja Natwarlal


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Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Vidyadhar Bhave, Sangeet-Siddharth, Saahil Prem & Dr. Zeus
♪ Lyrics by:- Vidyadhar Bhave, Sangeet-Siddharth, Manoj Yadav & Vijay Singh Shekhawat
♪ Music Label:- T-Series
♪ Music Released On:- 25th July 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 22nd August 2014

Mad About Dance Album Cover

Mad About Dance Album Cover


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Mad About Dance is an upcoming Bollywood dance film. Saahil Prem,  has directed, written and acted in it. 😛 The film has been produced by Paanch Rupaiya Barah Ana Productions. The film stars Amrit Maghera opposite the director, and others like international hip-hop star Salah Benlemqawanssa. The film, being a dance film should be strong in the music department. T-Series is the music company, and again they have produced a multi-composer album. :/ Seeing the music composer’s names, I doubted that. The music is composed by Vidyadhar Bhave, Sangeet-Siddharth, Saahil Prem 😛 and Dr. Zeus. So let’s see whether these mediocre composers managed to create a strong soundtrack for the film.

1. Ishq Da Bukhar:- Singers ~ Krishna Beura & Amrit Maghera, Music by ~ Vidyadhar Bhave, Lyrics by ~ Vidyadhar Bhave

The first song gives an impressive kick start to the soundtrack. Mild piano notes open up and make way for Krishna Beura’s soulful rendition of the Punjabi lyrics written by Vidyadhar Bhave. Vidyadhar has managed to create an engaging tune as well. The arrangements are mostly techno arrangements. The piano and dhol interlude is worth a hear. Amrit Maghera also makes an entry with some English lyrics, and she sings those very well. The songs makes for a great listen, a good romantic song with the perfect beats to make it go with the theme of the movie, dance. Vidyadhar has shown his versatility in the song, mixing in the same tune with the Punjabi as well as English lyrics. Both singers manage to impress as well. Their voices work a lot for this song. Though the song won’t be noticed much, it definitely is great! Perfect start for the album! #5StarHotelSong!


2. Party Is Going Mad:- Singers ~ Sangeet-Siddharth, Divya Kumar & Vidydhar Bhavr, Music by ~ Sangeet-Siddharth, Lyrics by ~ Sangeet-Siddharth

When I read the name of the song, I immediately understood it would be a club/party number, and then when I read the singer’s name, I wasn’t sure whether Divya Kumar would be able to convey the required energy for a club song. Sangeet-Siddharth have managed to create a composition which is engaging in most parts, but they have highly overused the techno beats. I understand it’s a club song, but that doesn’t mean you should put loud and earsplitting techno sounds wherever you want to. My doubt about Divya Kumar was proved wrong, and he actually has given just the right amount of energy needed for this song. His voice suits the composition very well. The other singers support him well, but he is the star here. Lyrics are not anything to boast about. After all, it is a club song. Sangeet-Siddharth haven’t placed any so-called interesting elements in the song. Well, they have tried to, but it doesn’t impress. Nothing new here, but worth a listen for Divya Kumar.


3. Kahan Hai Khuda:- Singers ~ Subhash Pradhan (Original Version), Vidyadhar Bhave (Dubstep Version), Music by ~ Saahil Prem, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav

Apart from being the director and actor in the movie, I guess Saahil Prem wanted to comopose for the film as well. The song starts with guitar strums. Then Subhash Pradhan enters with a voice that reminds you of Mohd. Irfan for a while, but then he starts singing in a different voice.  The song is a soulful song, but has nothing new to offer. It is a sad composition, composed decently by Saahil, and the arrangements are mainly made of both acoustic and rock guitars. The composition is pretty engaging in parts, but boring at others. The star of the song is undoubtedly Subhash Pradhan, because of his touching rendition. Saahil’s composition doesn’t impress a lot, but is passable. Again, the song won’t be noticed much, but that shouldn’t stop you from hearing it! The dubstep version starts with a slightly haunting techno tune. Vidyadhar Bhave enters with a rough and deep voice. This song relies mainly on the dubstep, I guess mostly to satisfy the need of the film to make an efficient dance track. But there is not that efficient about the dubstep here. The song has been made from sad, to sad as well as haunting in this version. First version was fairly engaging, while the second version didn’t impress as much.


4. Punjabi Mundeya:- Singers ~ Ravindra Upadhyay & Lil’ Shorty, Music by ~ Dr. Zeus, Lyrics by ~ Vijay Singh Shekhawat

Lil’ Shorty starts with some weird rap, which sounds very ridiculous. I suggest you guys edit that part out and then listen to the song, because then you will unnecessarily listen to one minute and fifteen seconds of stupid rap which is not required. The second singer, Ravindra Upadhyay, is a great replacement for Sukhwinder Singh, and just like Palak is taken when makers don’t have enough money to rope in Shreya, same applies here. The inky thing is that Ravindra sounds exactly like Sukhwinder, whereas Palak barely sounds like Shreya. 😛 Since over one minute is wasted in the ridiculous ‘rap’ by Lil’ Shorty, Ravindra gets just over two minutes to do his part. Dr. Zeus has come up with a Punjabi club song, with good beats but an unimpressive and uninteresting tune. Lyrics are again below average. In fact, the song doesn’t rely that much on lyrics. The song is the kind that you should listen once, and then only listen again if you liked it, but if you didn’t, then no need to listen to it once more. A below average tune supported by groovy beats, and good vocals by Ravindra, but fails to impress! Same old thing!

Mad About Dance is just another typical average T-Series album, with four composers composing one song each. Out of four, only Vidyadhar Bhave managed to impress with his song, while others didn’t offer anything fresh. In a dance film, four songs, and out of that, only one impressing, is not expected at all! Some more songs were expected, which might have helped the film a lot more than only four songs. The album is a volatile album, the kind that will fly away in no time, and you will forget about it very quickly. Another bad multi-composer album from T-Series. Had the makers gone MAD while finalizing just four songs?? 😀


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे <  < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


Which is your favourite song from Mad About Dance? Please vote below! 🙂


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CHHOTA PACKET BADA DHAMAKA!! (MARDAANI – Music Review) : Dessert Review

I have classified this review in a category ‘Desserts’. This just means ‘Singles’, as in songs that aren’t from any movie or are from a movie but release later, or the movie itself only has one song. In this case, ‘Mardaani’ has only one song.

Single Track Details:-
♪ Music by:- Salim-Sulaiman
♪ Singers:- Sunidhi Chauhan & Vijay Prakash
♪ Lyrics by:- Kausar Munir
♪ Music Label:- YRF Music
♪ Song Released On:- 5 August 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 22nd August 2014

Mardaani Anthem

Mardaani Anthem


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Mardaani is an upcoming Bollywood woman-centric crime drama directed by Pradeep Sarkar, produced by Aditya Chopra, and starring Rani Mukerji in the lead role. Rani will be seen as a rough and tough cop named Shivani Shivaji Roy in the film. Pradeep Sarkar films usually have many songs, but this one only has a single song composed by Salim-Sulaiman with which I have no problems, because I personally appreciate Salim-Sulaiman’s hard work. After their two songs in ‘Kaanchi’ earlier this year, they get a song in this film, so let’s see whether they showcase their talent in the song!

Mardaani Anthem:- Singers ~ Sunidhi Chauhan & Vijay Prakash, Music by ~ Salim-Sulaiman, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

The song starts with a conch shell sound followed by the Durga Devi shloka ‘yaa Devi sarva bhuteshu…’ Vijay Prakash gets to sing these lines, and then Sunidhi makes her power-packed entry into the song. She enters on very low notes, and makes her way up the ladder of notes as she progresses through the song. She sounds very energetic, and I don’t think anyone else could have performed as well as her. She has sung many songs for Rani in the past, and though their voices are different from each other, the voice suits very well on Rani Mukerji. YRF’s favourite (at some particular time in the past) Salim-Sulaiman have churned out a great track, which has the correct amount amount of energy and suits perfectly with the theme of the movie. The tune is dynamic, the arrangements powerful, everything seems perfect! The confidence of the lady officer which Rani is playing, is very efficiently conveyed through the zealous music and empowering lyrics by Kausar Munir. Vijay keeps entering with the shloka, but no doubt the stars here are Salim-Sulaiman. They have finally got the opportunity to compose for a relatively large movie, and they have used the opportunity very, very well! Not a single stone have they left unturned. This will surely work as their grand comeback to Bollywood! The song will ensure that they get even more albums in the future. When Salim-Sulaiman and YRF combine, it always results in a dhamaakedaar result. A must-listen song! It’s a ‘chhota packet bada dhamaaka!’ #5StarHotelSong!


Final Rating for This Song:- सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


Next “dish”:- Mad About Dance, Chefs:- Vidyadhar Bhave, Siddharth-Sangeeet, Saahil Prem & Dr. Zeus


Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Jeet Gannguli, Meet Bros. Anjjan, Ankit Tiwari & Yo Yo Honey Singh
♪ Lyrics by:- Sandeep Nath, Shabbir Ahmed, Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay, Yo Yo Honey Singh & Sachin Pathak (YO)
♪ Music Label:- T-Series
♪ Music Released On:- 5th August 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 15th August 2014

Singham Returns Album Cover

Singham Returns Album Cover


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Singham Returns. Do I have to introduce this film to you guys?? I doubt anyone is there who doesn’t know about Singham. But still, formalities, so here goes. It is an upcoming Bollywood action film, starting Ajay Devgn and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Amole Gupte is playing the role of the main villain in this film, which is a sequel to the 2011 superhit, ‘Singham’. Rohit Shetty has directed the film, and produced by Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty under the banner Reliance Entertainment. A Rohit Shetty film is almost never expected to have chartbuster music, and same was the case here. Ajay-Atul had composed the soundtrack for the prequel, and they had given a short but perfect album. When I heard that they had been replaced by four other composers, I couldn’t help getting angry at Rohit Shetty for this dumb decision of his. My expectations, if any, became zero. Jeet Gannguli, Meet Bros. Anjjan, Ankit Tiwari and Yo Yo Honey Singh, have each composed one song for the film. So Singham has returned, read on to find out whether the good music like that from the prequel has returned as well!

1. Sun Le Zara:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Sandeep Nath 

By now, Arijit Singh must be blindly trusting Jeet Gannguli. After all, the man has given him so many hit songs to sing, be it remakes of his Bengali tunes, or original songs composed for Hindi movies. After ‘Suno Na Sangemarmar’ from ‘Youngistaan’, Jeet decides to remake another massive hit Bengali song of his for this album. And that song is ‘Mon Majhi Re’ from the Bengali movie ‘Boss’. The tune and composition is very effective and powerful. The arrangements are also wonderful, with rock mixed in with a very soothing tune. Though the rock background makes it loud, the soothing effect still remains unhampered. The mild piano bits are placed very efficiently, and they keep the listeners listening! Arijit’s soulful rendition will be loved by one and all. Again, he has excelled in the high notes and sung the low notes just as efficiently! While the original song was romantic, this song has been made into a pure devotional and sentimental song, very touching. The lyrics have very nicely been written on Jeet’s soulful tune. I can’t find any fault in the song, and it is sure to be a hit, but maybe after the movie releases. Emotional, devotional and rocking all-in-one package! #5StarHotelSong!


2. Singham Returns Theme:- Singers ~ Mika Singh & Meet Bros. Anjjan, Lyrics by ~ Shabbir Ahmed

When I got to know that Meet Bros. Anjjan have composed a title track for the film, I was very less excited, because I was already disappointed that Ajay-Atul weren’t composing. When I heard the track, I was even more disappointed! Meet Bros. Anjjan have just added some padding around the same hookline, which was composed by Ajay-Atul, and roped in someone who can never make a match against Sukhwinder, Mika Singh, to sing it. The new tune which they have added is not at all that exciting, and neither is it very good. The arrangements might be the best part of the track. Shabbir Ahmed seems more comfortable in writing such character songs. Meet Bros. Anjjan have composed the song in their usual style, and they have tried to connect that tune with the original Singham title track’s hookline, but didn’t quite strike gold over there. Everything else is plain ordinary. Rohit Shetty must have thought that they have been giving many hits lately, like ‘Boss Title Track’ and ‘Baby Doll’, so he must have signed them for the film so that they could create something extraordinary, but they didn’t make good use of the opportunity and instead, gave something very ordinary.


3. Kuch Toh Hua Hai:- Singers ~ Ankit Tiwari & Tulsi Kumar, Lyrics by ~ Sandeep Nath & Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

Ankit Tiwari enters the soundtrack with a romantic track, which starts with beautiful santoor notes. The tune and overall composition being very ordinary, Ankit has relied on the arrangements to propel this track to the next level. He has composed a very traditional Indian romantic tune, like he always does, and has orchestrated it beautifully. Like I said, the tune is very regular, but the arrangements will ensure you are hooked to the track. When Tulsi Kumar enters, she sounds drunk. This time her voice isn’t high pitched, but it sounds too artificial, as if a machine is singing. Ankit has solved this problem like a genius, by making a female chorus sing in the background so loudly, that her actual voice is covered up by the background singers. Ankit himself sings in his usual voice i.e, autotuned voice. Ankit said in an interview that he was informed at the last minute to compose a song, this must be the reason that he wasn’t able to churn out such a good tune like his previous compositions. The santoor in the interlude sounds very beautiful. Other sounds used by Ankit are also good. The tune has a slight resemblance to Ankit’s own ‘Galliyan’ when Tulsi sings ‘khamoshiyan rakhti hai…’. Despite the great arrangements, this track has nothing fresh to offer, and stands nowhere in front of Ankit’s previous compositions!


4. Aata Majhi Satakli:- Singers ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mamta Sharma & Nitu Choudhary, Music by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lyrics by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Additional Marathi Lyrics by ~ Sachin Pathak (YO)

This song is the compulsory Yo Yo Honey Singh track in every big film whose music company is T-Series. Yo Yo has shown very little creativity in the song. It starts very similar to the way ‘Party With The Bhoothnath’ from ‘Bhoothnath Retirns’ starts. The initial lines have a tune very similar to that of ‘Lungi Dance’. The lyrics are stupid. The tune is not even worth to be called a tune. The arrangements are good, like in all Yo Yo songs, and the other good thing is the choice of Mamta Sharma as a singer. It is a great refreshment from the bad singing of Jasmine Sandals which Yo Yo had used in ‘Yaar Na Miley’ from ‘Kick’. Mamta does her part very good,ronpuncing Marathi words very well, while the child shouting ‘mala raag yetoy’ is a sheer nuisance. Again, Yo Yo has repeated the lines of the song so many times, that now he has surpassed even Himesh Reshammiya when it comes to repetition. Nothing else that is worth talking about in this song, but remember one thing — be ready to hear it many, many, many times in the rest of the year, because it is one of those songs which will gain immediate hit status. I won’t tell you not to hear it, because you are going to hear it everywhere, whether you like it or not!

Again, T-Series has produced a multi-composer album, which disappoints in the form of Singham Returns. I don’t know till where this trend of multi-composers will go and till where T-Series will decide to support the ridiculous strategy. A single composer or team (duo or trio) discussing with each other and solving out the problems is way better than four composers, each composing in their comfort zone and none of them having a single idea what the other is doing. Jeet Gannguli provides the only musical wonder in the album, by remaking a hit Bengali tune of his. Ankit Tiwari comes in second place, scoring a decent romantic track with fabulous arrangements. The remaining two have given passable songs, which would only cater to the first-benchers. Given the standard set by Ajay-Atul in the prequel, this soundtrack seems lost in nowhere, giving only one gem.


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग <  < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


Which is your favourite song from Singham Returns? Please vote for your favourite! 🙂


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