Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Sajid-Wajid
♪ Lyrics by: Irfan Kamal, Danish Sabri & Kumaar
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 2nd January 2015
♪ Movie Released On: 23rd January 2015

Dolly Ki Doli Album Cover

Dolly Ki Doli Album Cover


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Dolly Ki Doli is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film, directed by Abhishek Dogra, produced by Arbaaz Khan & Malaika Arora Khan, and starring Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Pulkit Samrat & Varun Sharma. The film is like, literally the female version of “Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl”, because it’s about a girl who cons boys here. As always in an Arbaaz Khan production, the music has been given by Sajid-Wajid, who have opened up the year with a blast in the form of their album, “Tevar” and impressed us last year as well with their albums. This time, something crazy was expected from them, judging by the look of the film. So here’s my review of Sajid-Wajid’s album, ‘Dolly Ki Doli’.

1. Phatte Tak Nachna
Singer ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Lyrics by ~ Danish Sabri

A Punjabi Wedding song is necessary in the rom-coms of today, so of course, this album starts with a very typpppical Punjabi wedding song, composed not very uniquely by Sajid-Wajid. The strange thing is that, inspire of the heard-before-ness, the song works very effectively, and Sajid-Wajid manage to come up with a hummable tune, very ear-friendly and one that is quite fun to groove to. Arrangements by Sajid-Wajid, however do disappoint here, because we are so attuned to them giving over-the-top arrangements, which burst through our headphones and instantly grab our attention. Alas, nothing of the sort here. Those electronic matkas / tablas (whatever it is supposed to be) do engage us towards the end though. Techno sounds also engage us in the interludes. Danish has come up with silly Hinglish lyrics that don’t impress much, but what do you expect from a con-girl faking a wedding? I certainly don’t expect flowery lyrics and philosophical lines! 😂 So lyrics are right at their place. The main attraction of the song, however, is Sunidhi and her awesome vocals, which have the ability to take any ordinary song to a different level. Her energy is matchless, and she knows when to use it and how. Under Sajid-Wajid’s direction, though, she always shines, is what I’ve noticed every time. Sp hit the floor and PHATTE TAK NAACHO! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Fashion Khatam Mujhpe
Singers ~ Mamta Sharma, Wajid, Backup Vocals ~ Shabab Sabri, Lyrics by ~ Irfan Kamal

Sajid-Wajid had started the year with a good album, ‘Tevar’. However, it wasn’t perfect, and it had a flaw called ‘Madamiyan’ in it, sung by Manta Sharma and Mika. In their next album itself, in the same month, they dare to give us another utterly ridiculous item song in the form of ‘Fashion Khatam Mujhpe’. This time, I guess Mika refused to sing and so Wajid himself got to do the honours. Anyways, what do we have to do with all that! Let’s get to the review. The composition is a very, very annoying Haryanvi-type one, with equally Haryanvi accented lyrics and diction by the lead singers. Mamta never fails to do a “great” job in singing these songs. (I hope you saw the double-quotes there) Wajod doesn’t provide any relief either, and Shabab, being the backing vocalist that he is, decides to stay in the shadows (of Mamta and Wajid’s irritating voices in this song). As for the arrangements, they are so great (notice that I haven’t out any double-quotes) that it is a real pity they were wasted on this song. :/  Irfan Kamal is another person whose name we’ll have to write down in the “Absurd Lyricists” list, whose only member is Shabbir Ahmed. 😂 As for appeal, I won’t say anything, as these songs very rapidly spread in this country and are also (unfortunately) liked by people! So no comments on that topic. Repetitive and now dull, stuff from the Sajid-Wajid-Mamta trio! Worth only one listen for the arrangements!


3. Babaji Ka Thullu
Singer ~ Wajid, Rap by ~ Danish Sabri, Lyrics by ~ Danish Sabri

Sajid-Wajid get yet another interesting tagline to explore and experiment on, this time one that has already gained national awareness, thanks to Kapil Sharma and his talk show. So some of Kapil’s die-hard fans might be disappointed by the way Sajid-Wajid have built a song around the so-very-famous tagline. But some, like me (even I wasn’t that impressed at first, alright!) might be impressed by it and bring to notice the creativity in it. Okay, just kidding. The creativity does out very soon, right after we hear the rap which is of the same tune as the rap in ‘Shanivaar Raati’ from ‘Main Tera Hero’. After that, the antaras do entertain, but definitely do not stay with us for very long. The most catchy thing in the song is, without doubt, the hookline “tere pyaar mein mujhko kya mila-aa-aa-aa? Babaji ka Thullu” And I loved the way Wajid says “Thullu”! (He says “tullu” 😂 ) Actually, if there’s anything that stays with us for long after hearing the song, it has got to be Wajid’s awesome, ekdum bindass type rendition. He just sheds all his inhibitions and sings his heart out. The comic effect also wonderfully gets retained the way he sings it. Danish’s lyrics are way better here than ‘Phatte Tak Nachna’ and definitely should catch on with the youth in no time. The quirky arrangements are also very catchy. So, this song proves to be a just above average affair, with composition being lacklustre, but vocals, lyrics and arrangements awesome!


3. Dolly Ki Doli
Singer ~ Divya Kumar, Lyrics by ~ Irfan Kamal 

The rock genre is one in which Sajid-Wajid excel each and every time they touch it, literally. The case is the same with this song. Sajid-Wajid rope in the guy getting more and more famous day by day, Divya Kumar, and with his rustic, earthy voice, he does full justice to this composition. The composition by the duo is one that suits the theme of the movie, i.e, it has a thrilling effect, and at the same time is very gripping and one that has you listening for the whole time. Yes, some similarities to Pritam’s “Buddhi Do Bhagwaan” from “Players” in the antara and also some similarity to the album’s own “Phatte Tak Nachna”. Arrangements by Sajid-Wajid are very lively and energetic. The rock guitars do impress a lot. The wedding instruments like shehnaai have also been effectively infused into the rock portions, creating an awesome fusion. The hookline is so different, unique but manages to be catchy. Irfan Kamal has managed to remove his name from the list of “Absurd Lyricists” instantly after he was listed there, by giving at least some decent lyrics in this song. Divya excels in the song, and really proves that he can sing just any type of song. A rocking title song with rocking vocals and a rocking tune and music! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Mere Naina Kafir Hogaye
Singer ~ Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

Mild piano notes welcome us into the grand finale of the album, and it really is a Grand finale in the true sense. Rahat, who seems to be making a comeback every year now, makes a comeback into mainstream films this year directly after ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ last year. He shines as always. Sajid-Wajid, when united with Rahat, always do brilliantly. Their compositions for him are always a class apart, and so is his rendition for them. The arrangements in this particular song are very unusually soft, with soothing tablas and piano notes supporting Rahat, with the occasional harmonium. The interludes have been managed very beautifully. The first one has an awesome jazzy piano piece, whereas the second one surprises with a breathtaking harmonium solo. Sajid-Wajid’s love for naina finally comes out from the Salman Khan zone, and comes to Pulkit Samrat. Kumaar’s lyrics are very impressive. Again he proves that though he messes up sometimes in the dance tracks, he is definitely capable of delivering beautiful romantic lyrics for such songs too. All in all, a beautiful and classy love song sure to give you rahat! #5StarHotelSong!!

Dolly Ki Doli, though might not be as great as Sajid-Wajid’s other recent works, still manages to entertain for a while. With three songs impressing, the flaws in the other two (okay, one of the other two at least) can be ignored, and thus it can be said that this is an album which has everything for everyone. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean all of the songs clicked instantly. And many don’t stay with you for long, either. Only some manage to do so, but still, for the sake of the partyers out there, it is an enjoyable album. Sajid-Wajid have unfortunately dented their great hit album run by this album, but no worries as it was the script that called for it!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म <  < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Mere Naina Kafir Hogaye > Dolly Ki Doli > Phatte Tak Nachna > Babaji Ka Thullu > Fashion Khatam Mujhpe


Which is your favourite song from Dolly Ki Doli? Please vote for it below! 🙂


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