In all the excitement for the new albums which were releasing last month, I totally forgot about my Early 2014 category! So now I am coontinuing with it! 🙂 The seventh album in my Early 2014 category has got to be be ‘Queen’. No, I’m not just reviewing it because the movie became a huge hit, but because its music was also very commendable! So here is my review for the ‘Queen’ music album!

Album Details:-

♪ Music by:- Amit Trivedi, Rupesh Ram & Laxmikant-Pyarelal
♪ Lyrics by:- Anvita Dutt, Raghu Nath, Varma Malik
♪ Music Label:- T-Series, Saregama
♪ Music Released On:- 30th January 2014
♪ Movie Released On:- 7th March 2014

Queen Album Cover

Queen Album Cover


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Queen is a Bollywood comedy drama film which released on March 7th 2014. It is a joint production between Phantom Films and Viacom18 Motion Pictures. The film has been directed by Vikas Bahl and produced by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. It stars Kangana Ranaut, Lisa Haydon and Rajkummar Rao in the lead roles. When I got to know that Amit Trivedi is going to score music for this film, I was very excited, because that man makes great music, though many times it is a bit too typical. After ‘Kai Po Che!’ and ‘Lootera’ albums being widely acclaimed last year, he can!e back this year with ‘Queen’. Though all songs weren’t noticed that much, they were still worth hearing and this album deserves to be in this category of mine. So let’s read my review for the music of ‘Queen’!

1. London Thumakda:- Singers ~ Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkar, Neha Kakkar, Music by ~ Amit Trivedi, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

This song is a Punjabi Wedding Song, with the typical Amit Trivedi trademark all over it. He has used banjo to create the Punjabi atmosphere which is usually the job of the tumbi. Along with the banjo, dhols have been used in the traditional Punjabi way. In the antara, however, Amit has used his quirky techno sounds (which I cannot describe in words, only that they sound like a duck, but they sound good!). And who better than the Punjabi king Labh Janjua to sing this song! He has sung it very, very fabulously. There is not one single moment in the song where you will get bored. The Kakkar sisters, Sonu and Neha, have given brilliant supporting vocals. Anvita Dutt’s lyrics are very good, funny in places. If it were any other composer, he would have put too much of noise in whatever song he would have made for this situation, but Amit, using relatively less instruments, has shown that many instruments and loudness is not necessarily compulsory for Punjabi songs! And as expected right from the time it released, this song has become a huge hit over the weeks and is one of the best Punjabi dance songs this year!


2. Badra Bahaar:- Singer ~ Amit Trivedi, Music by ~ Amit Trivedi, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

Starting with horns, and instantly grabbing your attention, you will immediately come to know something different will be featured in this track. The composer’s unique voice and exceptional singing helps this tune a lot. Not that it is bad! Not at all! It is a very nice tune, but it will not sound so good in the first listen itself. Rather, you will have to give it some time to grow on you. The use of electric guitars in this track along with a classical-based tune shows exceptional fusion. ‘Bandish’ type lyrics (the ones which are there in classical songs) have been written by Anvita Duty to create a melancholic atmosphere, but the music does not make it feel that melancholic, and changes it to make it sound upbeat. The sitar’s use has been done in a very smart way, in the interlude along with drums, creating a beautiful effect. A very good track, but give it lots of time to grow on you! After it grows on you, you will surely feel like it is a  #5StarHotelSong!


3. O Gujariya:- Singers ~ Shefali Alvares, Nikhil D’Souza, Music by ~ Amit Trivedi, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

To be very honest, I didn’t like this song when it released and still don’t like it. However, when it became a hit, it became obvious to me that since everyone is liking it, there must be something good about it. So I will review it not from only my point of view but from a general point of view. The tune is a bit dull, which is why I didn’t like it. However, the musical arrangements and vocals have been done very skillfully, making the track at least a bit interesting. It is an upbeat song, supposedly a party song if you don’t watch the video, which isn’t shot in a party or anything like that. It is a feel good song and a forgrt-all-your-stresses kind of track. It starts with a horn-like instrument followed by techno sounds and Shefali’s typical ‘weird’ voice (which I personally don’t like 😛 ) but she has sung it well, no matter how weird her voice is, but it is unique. Nikhil also uses his typical voice which sounds a lot like the voice of the composer himself. Amit has mainly used techno elements in the track which make it way more interesting. The antara is also a typical Amit Trivedi antara, with a line sung by the lead singer, and the next line by the backing singers. This is a very interesting and prominent feature in many Amit Trivedi songs. I personally thought that the techno part at the end was a bit too stretched and could have been cut down a bit. A dull tune, fixed by the arrangements! Fun to listen to, though!


4. Taake Jhanke:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Amit Trivedi, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

So with this song, Arijit has ticked off Amit Trivedi on his list also! 😀 It starts in a typical Amit Trivedi style (yes, again!) and then come the brilliant backing vocals by someone who is uncredited (or maybe it is Arijit himself). Then an awesome mouth organ solo piece cones which will blow you away! Arijit is the right choice for this song. I cannot imagine anyone else singing this song other than him. The tune is very cute and is one that will be liked by all be it old or young. It is another happy-go-lucky song, which is at the peak of catchiness. The lyrics are also very nice and cute and the music suits the lyrics. The composition changes scale two or three songs, instantly making this simple song into a complex song. But Arijit changes scale with great ease, effortlessly. He seems at ease singing an Amit Trivedi composition. The music has also been arranged very well, with guitar as the prominent instrument along with the mouth organ, drums and Amit’s usual quirky sounds. So Amit has mostly concentrated on Western elements for this track. A great song which is cute in all aspects! Surely has to be a  #5StarHotelSong!


5. Jugni:- Singer ~ Amit Trivedi, Music by ~ Amit Trivedi, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

The composer again comes behind the mic for this song, which is again another song just showing off his typicality. The tune is very nice, and I enjoyed it a lot because of the way it seems to motivate you and cheer you up. The main instruments are again guitars and drums. The backing vocalists play a very important part in the song, and they give that impact which wouldn’t have come without them. Lyrics by Anvita are about freedom, and the music by Amit has given a great feeling of freedom as well. Amit has sung the track very well too, in his unique voice. Again in the antara comes his typical antara-composing style, with him singing a line and the backing vocalists singing the next. It just sounds so magical! The banjo played at the starting and ending also sounds awesome. It is just another example of the fact that no matter how typical the sounds are, the song can still attract many listeners. A great tune, which will make you feel free! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Harjaiyaan:- Singer ~ Nandini Srikar, Music by ~ Amit Trivedi, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

The way iypt starts with mild piano, you will instantly come to know that a calm, soothing track is to follow. The string instrument used after that is just too good! It creates a very magical atmosphere around you, and you will slowly get immersed in the song. Nandini has sung the song very, very effortlessly. Amit Trivedi has used a garba effect similar to the way he did in ‘Shubhaarambh’ from ‘Kai Po Che!’. It starts less than halfway through the song. The hookline has a bit of a haunting feel, which will surely make goosebumps appear on your skin. Anvita Dutt’s lyrics are exceptional! The state of mind of a person left alone has been depicted perfectly through her lyrics! The sitar-like instrument at the end just increases the want for more of the song, it feels too short. A PERFECT song! A type of song which no one can ever criticise! #5StarHotelSong!!


7. Kinare:- Singer ~ Mohan Kanan, Music by ~ Amit Trivedi, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

Again starting with the Amit Trivedi copyrighted sound, this song is one of the weaker tracks of the album. I didn’t find the tune that strong, whereas the music has been given very efficiently. The sitar has been used in an outstanding manner! The track is a soft rock number, so naturally there are dripums and electric guitars present. However, the main highlight is Mohan Kanan’s singing. He has performed exceptionally. The lyrics are also good. It will remind you instantly of ‘Shikaayatein’ from ‘Lootera’, but that was many times stronger in terms of the tune. A weak tune which still deserves a listen though, for the vocals and arrangements.


8. Ranjha:- Singer ~ Rupesh Kumar Ram, Music by ~ Ruoesh Kumar Ram, Lyrics by ~ Raghu Nath

The only song which is not composed by Amit Trivedi, also deserves a very special mention. Though it is pretty short, the tune is very strong. When I say strong, it does not necessarily mean that it is complicated. In fact, it is exactly the opposite and is very sweet and simple. The composer sings it very good without the support of any instruments, making the tune stand out even more. The melancholic tune is instantly likeable. Lyrics are fully in Punjabi, and the composition has made it sound like a Punjabi folk song. Definitely deserves a listen as well!


Extra Song:-

Hungama Ho Gaya:- Singers ~ Asha Bhosle, Arijit Singh, Original Composition by ~ Laxmikant-Pyarelal, Recreated by ~ Amit Trivedi, Original Lyrics by ~ Varma Malik, New Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt, Music Label ~ Saregama

When the original song is a chartbuster, the chances of the remake to be a superhit increase by millions. That is exactly the case with this song over here. The mukhda sung by Ashatai has been kept as it is, but of course remixed with many techno sounds added to it. And trust me, if you are thinking it might be sounding very bad after remixing a classic song, you are completely wrong! It sounds awesome! We have not yet even come to the best part of the song, which is undoubtedly the Antara which has been added, with the vocals of none other than Arijit Singh! He has used a completely different texture in his voice for this song, probably imitating R.D. Burman’s voice texture, and succeeds with full marks (at least in my opinion). I loved his part!! The song has been remixed very very efficiently by Amit Trivedi, and the various sounds which he has used are just indescribable, creating a full on party mood and ambience. Not a single moment of the whole song in which you will feel bored. Even the least noticeable things like the backing vocalists singing “Hungama, hungama, hungama” are ‘ekdum’ perfect! I guess you’ve already understood that it is a  #5StarHotelSong!! 

Overall:- Queen is such a soundtrack which inspite of its typicality, has been liked by almost everyone. It is extremely light on ears, and each song has a certain feel-good vibe associated with it, be it the calm ‘Harjaiyaan’ or the enjoyable ‘London Thumakda’ or even the loud (opposite to Amit’s usual music) ‘Hungama Ho Gaya’. The typicality of Amit which is obvious in most of the songs, is liked by many but many dislike it as well. Even though it is high time he started trying different sounds, I feel he has already shown his versatility by composing songs of many genres, although sticking to his own template. He has tried all genres, but always sticking to his sound. This shows that he is confident of his sound, and the soundtrack of ‘Queen’ itself is an example that his typicality isn’t that big a problem, as he always leaves people awestruck when they hear his new songs. This album, though typical Amit Trivedi style, has been loved by one and all, because of the simplicity in the tunes, the light on ears quotient being more, and the brilliant arrangements. 

Final Rating for this album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध  < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

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Finally I get to review an album, in which the majority of songs are composed by my favourite music director, Pritam!! This movie’s songs were a big hit, but they died away just like the movie did because it didn’t do well. Sadly, this is the truth. Just because the movie didn’t work, people neglected the songs, which were super-hits, after they heard the fate of the movie. Unlike ‘Highway’, this movie’s songs did have a life outside the movie as well, but like ‘Highway’, everyone seems to have forgotten the songs, except one. Since the music was great, and praised by everyone from public to critics, I’ve decided to chose Shaadi Ke Side/Effects as the sixth album to feature in this category! 🙂

Album Details:-

Music by:- Pritam Chakraborty, Mikey McCleary | Lyrics by:- Swanand Kirkire, Mayur Puri, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Ankur Tiwari | Music Label:- T-Series | Music Released On:- 8th February 2014 | Movie Released On:- 28th February 2014

Shaadi Ke Side/Effects Album Cover

Shaadi Ke Side/Effects Album Cover


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Hear “Ahista Ahista” on Youtube:-

Shaadi Ke Side/Effects is a romantic comedy which released on 28th February 2014. It is the sequel to ‘Pyaar Ke Side Effects’ and is directed by Saket Choudhary. It featured Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan in lead roles, and Vir Das in a supporting role. Even thought its music was doing very well, the film did not work, and sadly, the music was nearly forgotten by many people. Ever since it was announced that the music director for this film is Pritam Chakraborty, I was very excited and couldn’t wait for the music to release. However, due to Pritam’s habit (I don’t know whether it’s good or bad 😀 ) of re-dubbing songs with different singers and also making changes to it until the last minute, all of his albums are released pretty late, but it is always worth the wait. He is like the Aamir Khan of music. After his extraordinary year of 2013 with many hit albums and songs, I was very keen on knowing how great he will score for this film! And I got just what I wanted! So let’s see how much I liked the music of ‘Shaadi Ke Side/Effects’ and whether I am still enjoying it or not! However, one thing should be clear. Just because he’s my favourite does not mean I will be biased towards him! 😉

1. Harry’s Not A Brahmachari:- Singers ~ Jazzy B, Divya Kumar & Rap by IshQ Bector (Version 1), Jazzy B, Divya Kumar & Rap by IshQ Bector (The Original Song), Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Bhattacharya, Music by ~ Pritam

When this song released as a single in January, I was very disappointed. First of all, this wasn’t the song which had made me so excited after watching the trailer! I had definitely heard a better version of this song! Anyways, this version starts with techno beats which do not leave you till the end. Pritam has made a great Punjabi composition which is very catchy! Anyways, as I said, this version is nothing once you hear ‘The Original Song’. It starts with the famous Punjabi instrument, Tumbi, followed by a catchy rap by IshQ Bector. The fun starts when Jazzy B enters, and when he starts singing, you might as well get up and dance! The antara, sung by Divya Kumar, has an awesome tune which is a bit hard to sing, but he has carried it out with tremendous ease. The other version doesn’t have all those variations when the singers say ‘Naag ichchadaari…’ and I instantly didn’t like it because of that reason itself! However, ‘the original song’ has many variations, not just in that line, but other lines too! ‘The original song’ also has some additional rapping by IshQ Bector, which, frankly speaking, wasn’t needed, but still it entertains! Amitabh’s lyrics, are unusual as always! With such great music, no wonder it was such a huge hit! Perfect for DJ’s, clubs, parties etc. An instant hit! Go for ‘The Original Song’!


2. I’m Sorry Par Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya (The Hey Song):- Singers ~ Nikhil Paul George, Neeti Mohan, Mili Nair, Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire, Music by ~ Pritam 

Starting with some very catchy vocals by Nikhil, which will instantly draw your attention totally towards the song! The magic which follows is indescribable. After ‘Barfi!’, Nikhil is back behind the mic for a Pritam composition, and he repeats the greatness which he had made in ‘Barfi!’ as well. It is a very sweet, cute and simple romantic song, which you will fall in love with! The vocals ‘Tuliyuliappapey..’ are so catchy and sweet! Swanad Kirkire’s lyrics are also very cute. There are too many cute things in thus song to sit and count them all! One thing I couldn’t understand is where Neeti sings, and where Mili does. The female voice in the song sounds as if it is of a single person. I could feel a slight difference in voice in the starting of the second antara, but it again started sounding like Neeti. So I guess they have the same voice! 😛 The ‘Hey..’ part is just too catchy and again, sweet! The music is a bit retro like that of ‘Barfi!’. The mouth organ has been used very nicely in the in the second interlude. The drum beats and snaps which are audible throughout the song take the song to another level of catchiness altogether! A very sweet, cute and simple melody, which is too catchy to forget easily! It is a  #5StarHotelSong!


3. Tauba Main Vyaah Karke Pachtaya:- Singers ~ Shahid Mallya, Poorvi Koutish & Alam Lohar (Original Version), Arif Lohar, Poorvi Koutish, Shahid Mallya & Alam Lohar (Punjabi Version), Lyrics by ~ Mayur Puri, Music by ~ Pritam

This is something highly innovative by Pritam! It is a Punjabi Wedding Song, which describes the ‘side effects of marriage.’ It can easily be called the title or theme song of this film. It was originally a song by Alam Lohar, whose voice they have retained in the song. Pritam had remade it in the prequel of this film itself, as ‘Pyaar Karke Pachtaya’ sung by Labh Janjua. This time they have kept the same title ‘Vyaah Karke Pachtaya’ because this film is about ‘vyah’ or ‘shaadi’. It starts with a shehnaai tune which is always associated with marriage, but Pritam has changed its tune a bit, to give a new feel. The mantras which follow have a tinge of humour, because of the coughs, and the funny stuff is present throughout the song. Indian Idol find Poorvi Koutish has done great rapping, and she sounds like a really ‘khadoos’ wife, which I guess she is supposed to! Shahid Mallya gets to sing a song which is of his typical genre, Punjabi, and he does very well. Though all these elements in the song are great, the highlight has got to be the lyrics of this song! If you pay very careful attention to the Hinglish lyrics, written by Mayur Puri, you might laugh so hard, that tears will come out of your eyes! Yes, they are that funny! Take this line– ‘Phantom chhodo uski biwi chalta phirta pain, pit-pitke hi neela pad gaya main, hai ghar mein aake jaale saaf karta Spiderman, woh Hulk hai nanga, kapde phaade biwi din air rain.’ Just too funny! This level of humour is constant in the lyrics of this song, and they will force you to repeat it over and over again. The tune is very nice too, and the music is awesome with dhols used throughout the song and trumpets making an entrance towards the end. The Punjabi version has been sung by Alan Lohar’s son himself, Arif Lohar (‘Cocktail’ and ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ fame) and he sings with utmost energy. The only differences in this version is that the lyrics have been translated into Punjabi, and some techno beats have been added in the background. Instead of the loud Band Baaja ending to the original song, the Punjabi song has a relatively softer ending. A light, ear-friendly song, even though it is loud. Mayur Puri has written great lyrics, and the singers have carried it out very well. Go for both versions! It is a  #5StarHotelSong!


4. Desi Romance:- Singers ~ Arijit Singh, Suchi (Suchismita Das), Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire, Music by ~ Pritam

When it starts with very soft piano notes, you would instantly get hooked to it! Then a magical voice starts, and that would be of Suchismita Das a.k.a. Suchi. This is her first Bollywood song, and she doesn’t even sound like a newcomer! A very experienced newcomer, she is! Her lines are some classical lines, which are very, very catchy! Then Arijit enters and does his magic, with some contemporary lines, after which the song turns into a full-fledged club song. The way Pritam has fused the two parts (Classical and Club) together, is just plain great!! Arijit and Suchi complement each other very well! The most innovative song of Pritam till now, I can say! The hook line, in which Suchi has joined Arijit by singing her classical part, right in the middle of the hook-line, is awesome! After that the long techno beats follow and the beautiful antara will blow you away! With Arijit singing a soft line, and Suchi singing her classical part after that, it is probably not going to leave your head until a long time. Though it is a club song, it will release such positive vibes that you will feel a calming effect! However, I can’t hear it anymore on TV or radio as frequently as I used to before the release of the movie. This is very shameful that such a genius composition has been rejected npby people just because of the bad fate of the movie! :/ Anyways, it’s an awesome song, which you should definitely try, no matter what type of songs you like, because it has a classical portion as well as a contemporary portion! A very light, and calming song, with a bit of everything! Another  #5StarHotelSong!


5. Yahaan Vahaan:- Singer ~ Farhan Akhtar (Original and Reprise Versions), Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire, Music by ~ Pritam

Starting with some acoustic guitar riffs, followed by Farhan’s husky voice, this song will instantly grab your attention, because it is such a sweet song with just as sweet lyrics. It is like an apology song, and the other person is trying to ‘manaofy’ the person who is ‘khafa.’ 😛 Jokes apart, the composition is very nice, and Farhan, who is usually known for singing upbeat, high-tempo rock songs, carries this out with ease too! The simple tune, is the plus point of this song, because such a song would not work if the arrangements and tune are too complex and heavy on ears. Swanand has written perfect lyrics! The other version, with the same lyrics and tune, just has one difference and that is the background on which the song has been played. While the first version has an acoustic guitar, the reprise has electric guitars, and more drums, to give a soft rock feel, which Pritam is an expert at! With nothing much more to say, I conclude that this song is a treat for everyone!


6. Bawla Sa Sapna:- Singers ~ Mohit Chauhan (Original Version), Diva Roy (“The Children Come To Sing” Version), Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire, Music by ~ Pritam 

The ‘Ala Barfi’ trio come back to make a song just as sweet as the former! Pritam, Swanand and Mohit are back with a story song. It is a lullaby, but it is so sweet that the baby won’t sleep, instead he will keep smiling until it is over! It starts with plucking of a string instrument, which comes and goes throughout the song. Mohit’s metallic voice suits this song very well. While ‘Ala Barfi’ was the story of Murphy, this is the story of a man called ‘Sapna’ which means dream in Hindi, and how he tries to catch the moon for his son ‘Sapnu’! It was obvious that Mohit would do well, but it wasn’t known that in the other version (The Children Come To Sing) a small 5-year old girl would do so, so good! Yes, Diva Roy, the daughter of singer Pritha Majumdar, has sung the other version of this song, and despite her age, she has sung it near perfectly! In her version, the arrangements are a bit softer, and piano is used instead of the plucking of the string instrument. Her voice is very cute. A sweet lullaby, with sweet lyrics, and sweet singing in both versions! Highly recommended for Barfi fans, so that means everyone! 😀  #5StarHotelSong!


7. Ahista Ahista:- Singer ~ Farhan Akhtar, Lyrics by ~ Ankur Tiwari, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary

The second song sung by Farhan has been composed by Mikey McCleary. It is another sad song, and again, Farhan has sung great out of his comfort zone, too! The lyrics by Ankur Tiwari are typical sad lyrics. Mikey’s music is also very ordinary, and compared to the great songs filled in this movie, this song didn’t appeal to me as much. The best part of thus song is Farhan’s singing and the basic tune. Go for it, if you didn’t like the other songs.


Overall:- Shaadi Ke Side/Effects is one of the best albums of Pritam and one of the best albums of the year so far. With songs that would appeal to mass, as well as class, and with a diverse range of songs (a party song, a romantic song, a club song, a Punjabi wedding song, two sad songs, and a lullaby) it will definitely not bore you. It has a little for everyone and it is very ear-friendly, unlike the last album I reviewed, ‘Highway’ which was very heavy on ears. One thing I didn’t like is the decline of this album on music charts, after the film bombed. :/ Mikey’s song as a guest composer is also a good attempt, but in front of Pritam’s songs, it seems very ordinary. After many hit albums last year, Pritam is being very consistent with his songs. A Must-Listen Album!


Final Rating for this Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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The fifth album of this category is ‘Highway’. Okay, so the songs of this album weren’t popular as such among the public, as only two of them were promoted before the film released. However, everyone seems to have heard the songs. Everyone wants to prove that they have heard a Rahman album, and they will even say that the songs of Highway are so good that they keep listening to the album on loop! :/ And after that if you ask them how many songs are there, they will reply, ‘about two-three, right? So sad that this album has such a less number of songs!’ Then you would probably just leave them to hear what they think is the ‘whole album’ of ‘Highway’. 😀 The songs of Highway, barring two particular tracks, are experimental to the core, and I don’t think people loving songs like ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’ and ‘Sunny Sunny’ at that time, would play this album on loop even now! However, the music was appreciated by critics and all, so that is the ticket for ‘Highway’ to appear in this category of reviews. 🙂

Album Details:-

Music by:- A.R. Rahman | Lyrics by:- Irshad Kamil, Lady Kash ‘n’ Krissy, Sant Kabir | Music Label:- T-Series | Music Released On:- 24th January 2014 | Movie Released On:- 21st February 2014

Highway Album Cover

Highway Album Cover


To hear the full songs of this album on Saavn CLICK HERE

Highway is a drama film which released on 21st February 2014. It is written and directed by Imtiaz Ali, and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It stars Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda in lead roles. It is the story of a city girl who gets kidnapped just before her marriage, and is held for ransom. However, a bond of affection starts to develop between her and her kidnapper, and that’s what this movie is about. After the success of ‘Rockstar’ and its music, Imtiaz Ali again tries to make a different film. And the music director is the same, A.R. Rahman! Ever since I came to know that he was composing for this film, I was very excited and expected a lot from the album. So let’s see whether the music of ‘Highway’ had met my expectations then, and what I think of it now.

1. Patakha Guddi (Female Version):- Singers ~ Jyoti Nooran, Sultana Nooran & Backing Vocals by A.R. Rahman, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

The Nooran Sisters, Jyoti and Sultana, who have been seen in Coke Studio singing for Hitesh Sonik and in MTV Sound Trippin’ for Sneha Khanwalkar, surprisingly make their Bollywood debut with a Rahman song! In this song based on Punjabi Sufi folk music, which is their forte, you are sure that there is going to be some magic awaiting you ahead. Right from the starting when the techno beats start, to the ending, this song will entertain you through the whole duration of four minutes and forty five seconds through which it lasts. The singers have done a splendid job, and Rahman has made a great decision of launching them in Bollywood! The flute used all through the song, is used brilliantly, and it sounds so beautiful! I loved this fusion of Punjabi Sufi with techno beats, and it sounds wonderful! The song twists and turns like a ghaat, but the tune is so lovable that the complexity will be forgotten. (And if you–for some of the fake Rahman fans out there–still think it’s complicated, then just hear the other songs, because there are more than two 😀 ) Rahman’s backing vocals are also awesome (“oo-oo-oo-oo”). As loudly as it started, it ended just as gently 🙂 A beautiful mix of Punjabi Sufi and techno, with the energetic vocals of the Nooran Sisters, who are going to make it big in Bollywood, I am sure! It is a  #5StarHotelSong!


2. Maahi Ve:- Singer ~ A.R. Rahman, Backing Vocals by ~ Maria Roe Vincent, Rhea Raphael, Neethi Dorairaju, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

I personally feel, that a Rahman album is incomplete without his voice. Since he didn’t sing in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, I guess that’s why he decided to sing two songs in ‘Raanjhanaa’, and now my theory is proved again in this album. He does sing a song, and it comes in the form of this beautiful, romantic song, which is a typical Rahman song! It starts with some beats which are so catchy that you will instantly start swaying slowly, without realizing it. These beats don’t disappear through the whole song, and they are always there throughout the song to accompany you, lest you get bored (but you won’t!) The line ‘Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai’ is very catchy too. Rahman’s voice is magical as usual, and slowly, it will start growing on you, so be patient! 🙂 This song has been concluded in a very different way, and I liked it! Right from ‘yeh jeena bhi, na jeena bhi…’ till the end of the song, it is a perfect conclusion to this sweet song! A perfect romantic song, performed by the maestro himself, with utter perfection! However, it is a very typical Rahman song.


3. Kahaan Hoon Main:- Singer ~ Jonita Gandhi, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

A singer who debuted with a song like ‘Chennai Express (Title Song)’, that too, a very minimal portion, gets a Rahman song as her second song! What a leap! Starting off with piano notes, and with Jonita’s voice supported by very just piano following, this song will grab your attention instantly…NOT! This song will take a long time to grow on you unless you are a fan of Western romantic songs. This song has no trace of anything Indian except the language, and the ending tune of the antaras, where the singer takes a kind of taan or something. After Neeti Mohan, I think Rahman is off to make a permanent space for Jonita now in Bollywood as well! She has sung brilliantly! But still, I would have preferred Sunidhi or Neeti herself in this song, for some reason. Either of them could have taken the song to another level altogether. Good to see Rahman encouraging new generation singers, too, however! (Sorry for the sentences contrasting each other in each line!) The piano solo in the second interlude is too good! Also the strings have been coordinated very well! Thumbs up for Rahman to create such a Westernized track but it’s not catchy at all, so it won’t connect with most of the Indian audience, who need dhamaka, even in romantic songs 😀


4. Wanna Mash Up:- Singers ~ Kash ‘n’ Krissy, Suvi Suresh, Lyrics by ~ Kash ‘n’ Krissy

The moment it starts, you know it’s going to be something totally different from what Bollywood witnesses everyday. Yes, it is. It is a song written and sung totally in English. Lady Kash and Krissy, if you remember (you probably won’t) had also sung for Rahman in ‘Enthiran’ (‘Robot’ is the Hindi version). They had sung the song ‘Irumbile oru Iradhaiyam’, (Known as ‘Naina Miley’ to the Hindi audience). They are back to sing for Rahman in this track, which is a great attempt by Rahman. He has done a commendable job in composing a Western hip-hop type number! The lyrics are such that you will hardly understand much, but the way Kash ‘n’ Krissy sing it is outstanding! To be frank, I didn’t like the song when it released. But after the movie released, and after the song videos were uploaded on the T-Series YouTube channel, I saw the video of this song, and I guess it is a crucial part of the film. It shows the character played by Alia Bhatt dancing and enjoying herself, while in custody of kidnappers! So it is a situational song, and that’s why it won’t appeal to you unless you watch the movie. Purely situational, but hear it if you are a fan of electronic hip-hop! This track is not a regular Rahman track!


5. Sooha Saaha:- Singers ~ Zeb (Zebunnisa Bangash), Alia Bhatt, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

Here is a plain beautiful song! I was waiting for a song like this from Rahman for a very, very long time! And the best thing about it is that, it is a lullaby, and it does its work perfectly! The ukelele has been played at the starting by Haniya, and her partner, Zeb, sings the song. Alia Bhatt opens with some humming, which is also beautiful! When Zeb starts, you get the feel of sleeping in a village on a starry, calm night. Such magic I have never experienced while hearing any song! The mukhda and both antaras are totally different from each other. The antara sung by Alia Bhatt is great. She can sing very well, but her pronunciation is a bit bad. For ‘dekhoon’ it sounds like she’s saying ‘dekho’ and ‘baari’ sounds like ‘baarey’. Zeb is fantastic as well and her voice gives the required folkish feel to the sound. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are highly innovative. Take the title line, for instance–‘Sooha saaha amma ka’–which means red rabbit of mother! A mother singing a lullaby, and calling her child a red rabbit of hers! So cute!! So sad that it wasn’t noticed because it deserved to be! 😦 Nothing to say. Just that this song is a  #5StarHotelSong!


6. Patakha Guddi (Male Version):- Singer ~ A.R. Rahman, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

The thoughts in your head while you are about to play this song for the first time–“Wow! Patakha Guddi again! That too, sung by the one and only A.R. Rahman! This is gonna be awesome!! Woohoo!! ARR Rocks!”–Right? Well, it’s natural to think so! I have even included this song separately because I wanted to write a LOT about it. So, here are your thoughts after the song starts–“Okay, abhi tak toh sirf shuruaat hai, aagey aagey dekhte hain hota hai kya!”–because it starts great! The first part of the song is actually great, if you except Rahman’s vocals! The new antara is good, too! Harmonium and manjeera are played in this version! It becomes a Sufi Qawwali instead of techno Punjabi Sufi. After the second antara, however, you might skip the track, because in comes an unwanted noise of rock instruments. Electric guitar and drums enter the song just like mosquitoes enter our houses in the evening! UNWANTEDLY! This rock part is totally a bin bulaaya mehmaan in this Sufi track. It even stays for that long! It lasts for exactly one minute!! After that, the song comes back on track and becomes the Sufi Qawwali again, and you would think–“What had happened to this song in between?”–because you would actually be shocked that such a great Sufi Qawwali transformed into a rock beast all of a sudden. Just as if it had gotten possessed by some ghost or something! :O After the rock portion is over, you feel that because you were criticizing his pronunciation in the earlier part of the song, Rahman put in the rock portion to punish you. I felt exactly like that! 😀 I had read that this was initially going to be the only ‘Patakha Guddi’ version in the soundtrack, but when Rahman found out that the protagonist is a woman, he made the female version too! Thank you, Imtiaz Ali, for writing a script with a female protagonist! 😀 Great attempt of a Sufi Qawwali, which Rahman could have made the best track in the album, had it not been for the rock part! :/


7. Implosive Silence:- Singer ~ Jonita Gandhi

This track is something which showcases the immense talent of Rahman! In an interview, he described it as “a state of mind—soothing yet enigmatic”. It features Jonita humming something and it is reversed. It has also been described by Rahman as “a musical piece which tries to capture the sounds in Alia’s character, Veera’s head as the travels along the highway”. Well, it does exactly that! It sounds like a confused person is thinking a lot, and all the thoughts are getting mixed up in the person’s head! A reverse track, which does what it’s supposed to excellently!


8. Tu Kuja:- Singer ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

Sunidhi with Rahman! A very rare combo which has given songs in the past, but not in the very recent past. One song, which was very famous, sung by Sunidhi and composed by Rahman was ‘Saiyaan Pakad Baiyaan’ from ‘Nayak’, and the other one, was ‘Gulfisha’ from ‘Ada…A Way of Life’. Well, here she is singing for Rahman for the third time! This song’s title line, ‘Tu Kuja Man Kuja’ refers to a Persian phrase, and the parts which follow are Hindi and inspired by the Amir Khusro song ‘Kirpa Karo Maharaj’. It sounds like a devotional or ‘bhakti’ song, and is beautifully rendered by Sunidhi! It is a bit too experimental, however, and it won’t connect with the audience of today. Not that it got that famous, either, as most people don’t even know about it! It is like a rat which lives in our house, without us knowing about it! The lyrics which are a mix of Persian, Sanskrit and Hindi are too dramatic to digest! This is what I call ‘the experimentalist Rahman’. Nobody would even catch the tune of this song in two of three listens, like they do for other songs! Too dramatic, too experimental, but great music and just as fabulous vocals!


9. Heera:- Singer ~ Shweta Pandit, Lyrics by ~ Sant Kabir, modified by Irshad Kamil

This song is the song in which Shweta puts an end to all the weird stuff in this soundtrack, and croons a sweet and simple melody. The violin piece at the starting is great! It sounds beautiful. The antaras have a better tune than the mukhda. Shweta has sung Sant Kabir’s ‘dohe’ to which Rahman has made a tune, very well! It is a very calming song, and it will definitely give you a soothing effect. Shweta’s voice sounded very nice in this song. I hope she sings for Rahman more often as she is always featured in his tours and all. A track which lacks repeat value but is undoubtedly a ‘heera’ and also a  #5StarHotelSong!


Overall:- Highway is not a bad album at all, when it comes to the demand of the script. Also, the music given by Rahman and the experimentation done by him is very clever and outstanding! All of the songs except the first two, lack one common thing, and that is repeat value! Nobody would want to repeat the songs, as they would be too tired to do that! Yes, it is a bit tiring to listen to so much experimentation in one hour. Though the music met the demands of the script, it is nothing without the script. The music of ‘Gunday’ and ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ also matched the demands of the script, but it also had repeat value. Barring the first two tracks, none of the songs are such that you would play them again. Of course I have given the tag of ‘5StarHotelSong’ to four songs, but that stands individually and is not at all related to the final rating of the album! Overall, an album with good music, but height of experimentation, which is why it failed and didn’t get so popular. Good for listening to before sleeping, though, for mental peace!


Final Rating for this Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating


Review by Rujul Deolikar

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The music of ‘Gunday’ was also appreciated by critics as well as the public, just like the last album I reviewed, ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’. One particular song created a huge rage in the country. It was being played everywhere, literally! Even if that song is not considered, the album is full of great tracks, with awesome music! So, the fourth album I have chosen in this category is Gunday!

Album Details:-

Music by:- Sohail Sen | Lyrics by:- Irshad Kamil, Ali Abbas Zafar, Bappi Lahiri & Gautam Susmit | Music Label:-  YRF Music | Music Released On:- 7th January 2014 | Movie Released On:- 14th February 2014

Gunday Album Cover

Gunday Album Cover


To hear the full songs of this album on Saavn CLICK HERE


After ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’, Ali Abbas Zafar is back on the director’s chair, with Gunday. While the former was a romantic comedy, the latter is an action thriller, based on the coal mafia and set from 70s to the 80s. It featured Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in the lead roles, with Priyanka Chopra and Irrfan Khan in the supporting roles. The music is composed by Sohail Sen, who, inspire of his immense talent, is getting very less movies! He debuted with ‘What’s Your Rashee!’ and got his next three movie with one of the biggest production houses in Bollywood, YRF. His songs in ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ were awesome, and so were they in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Even the songs of ‘Gunday’ got very popular and that itself shows what a talented person he is! So let’s look back at his music for ‘Gunday’.

1. Jashn-e-Ishqa:- Singers ~ Javed Ali, Shadab Faridi (Original Version), Shadab Faridi (Rhythm Of Jashn-e-Ishqa), Lyrics ~ Irshad Kamil 

This is an energetic song, which describes the two protagonists. The vocals by the two singers are top-notch and they have sung this song with just the right amount of energy! Javed Ali, though his vocals are very smooth, sounds great in this song! Shadab Faridi also sounds great. They have sung alternate lines. The backing vocals ‘Jashn-e-ishqa…’ are the most magical part of this song! They keep you listening and ensure you don’t get bored, which you anyways won’t! The chorus part is the most energetic and in that too, Javed Ali does backing vocals in a different tune, creating beautiful harmony. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are perfect for this type of ‘character’ song. ‘Loha jag him aari, sab pe hain hum bhaari..’ Great description of the two main characters! ‘Rhythm of Jashn-e-Ishqa’ is mostly an instrumental track, in which the percussion is awesome! They have tried to give the sound effect of a train, and it has worked out brilliantly! Shadab Faridi keeps repeating the word ‘Jashn-e-Ishqa’. A great song to start this album with, featuring the energetic vocals of Javed and Shadab, and just as energetic music!


2. Tune Maari Entriyaan:- Singers ~ K.K., Vishal Dadlani, Neeti Mohan & Bappi Lahiri (Original Version), Bappi Lahiri & Monali Thakur (Bengali Version), Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil (Original Version), Bappi Lahiri & Gautam Susmit (Bengali Version)

Just by reading the names of the singers, you can tell that something wacky is going to happen in this song! This song is full of vocal powerhouses! Right from the starting, it grabs your attention, with the Bengali lines crooned by Bappida, and till the end, I don’t think your attention level had gone down anyhwere in the song. On the contrary, it must have increased at one point, not decreased! The instruments used are mostly Indian instruments like dhols, dafli and bansuris. Apart from the Indian instruments, electric guitar seems like the main instrument in this song. It keeps on playing in the backgsod. K.K. and Vishal Dadlani harmonise well, but because of Vishal’s loud voice, K.K. is less heard! The two antaras sung by Neeti are very catchy, and they are sung with the greatest ease possible. I think the ‘o shona, o shona’ part is also sung by Bappi Lahiri and altered using some software. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are very dhinchak! 😀 And last but definitely not the least (as it is the highlight of the whole song), the ‘tang tang tang’, how catchy a song can get has been proved with this song! The first thirty seconds and the last thirty seconds are a treat to the ears, the first being full of Bengali type music, and the last being full of South type dhols and all. The Bengali Version is the same, but translated into Bengali. Bappida has sung it well and Monali Thakur has supported him very very well! She has performed almost as perfectly as Neeti, in this version. However, one complaint against this version is that the ‘tang tang tang’ has been replaced by ‘o shona o shona’. And wherever they do say ‘tang tang tang’, it sounds like ‘pong pong pong!’ 😛 This song is one of the most catchiest songs of the decades, and I know it will be played everywhere for a long, long, long time! And it’s also a  #5StarHotelSong!


3. Jiya:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

Starting with great instrumentation of the saz, it will instantly grab you and force you to keep it on repeat! The use of exotic instruments is at the greatest in this song! Firstly, I’ll talk about Arijit’s vocals. He has used his deep and rough voice in this song, but I liked it a lot! He has sung the song in two pitches, and they have been layered on top of each other to create a beautiful harmony. It instantly reminded me of ‘Saiyaara’ from ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ because of its beautiful melody and its slightly Middle-eastern feel. The percussion, and wind instruments, are used brilliantly, but the best instrumental part in this song was the violin before the second antara. Wow! It is just indescribable, the way it is played! Even the violin part before the mukhda is great as well. It ends too quickly, the same way it started, with saz. This song is a haunting romantic song, and the lyrics are brilliant. After ‘Manchala’ from ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’, here is another great example of ‘Yamak’ or ‘Homonym’. The word ‘Jiya’ here has been used as the ‘Yamak’, as it has two meanings. ‘Jiya, main na jiya’ translates to ‘Oh my life (as in Priyanka’s character) I didn’t live’. This melody can never leave my head for all it’s worth! A great haunting melody, with great arrangements and stupendous vocals! Another  #5StarHotelSong!


4. Asalaam-e-Ishqum:- Singers ~ Neha Bhasin, Bappi Lahiri, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

A cabaret track to be performed by Priyanka Chopra needs a very bold voice, and Sohail Sen has made the right choice by choosing Neha Bhasin for this track. Her voice suits the song well and she also sings it effortlessly! Bappi Lahiri sounds great, especially in the antaras. The antaras sound exactly like a song which would have been made in the 70s. The trumpets and horns are used very nicely, sounding great throughout the song. The percussion is also done well. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics suit this song perfectly. Good song, good arrangements and great vocals!


5. Saaiyaan:- Singer ~ Shahid Mallya, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

This song is a great, melodious, traditional Punjabi folkish sad song (sorry for the chain of adjectives 😛 ) which is brilliantly sung by Shahid Mallya. The dholaks play a very important part in the song, and in the end they are replaced by a louder percussion instrument, maybe dhol. It also has traces of rock elements, with drums and electric guitars pitching in whenever required. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are brilliant! The first time I heard this song, I didn’t like it that much as it felt ordinary, but after listening to it many more times, I started liking it, and after watching the movie, even more! It’s a heart-touching song. A nice, melodious song with great folk beats and exceptional singing!  #5StarHotelSong!


6. Mann Kunto Maula:- Singers ~ Altamash Faridi, Shadab Faridi (Original Version), Altamash Faridi, Shadab Faridi (Classical Version)

If you thought that the review of ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’ was an essay, then brace yourselves, because this will be like a short story for you! 😀 😛 This is a kind of rock qawwali about friendship. To be frank, I didn’t pay much attention to this song when it released and so I didn’t quite understand what an awesome song it is! The Faridi brothers complement each other very well. With their voices contrasting, one very hard and ‘buland’ (Shadab) and one very soft and calm (Altamash), the track sounds even more magical. It starts like a normal qawwali with an aalaap and a verse recited very slowly, with many aalaaps and taans. But after that verse is over, it totally changes course, and in come the drums and electric guitars, turning it into a full-on Rock Qawwali! The antara has a very magical tune and it will transport you in your own world. I’m talking about the part ‘Tere baghair Jo guzre… ‘ waah! It has been sung with a lot of ease by Altamash, followed by exceptional aalaaps by Shadab! The chorus is awesome! The lyrics are also great! The Classical Version witnesses the same Rock Qawwali transform into a pure, classical Qawwali which we are all used to hearing! After ‘Kya Hoga’ from ‘Dedh Ishqiya’, Bollywood has come up with another great Qawwali, this time by a comparatively less experienced music director, Sohail Sen. This calls for applause! He has done such a great job in composing a traditional Qawwali, that I was left speechless. That too, he had to remake it from a song which was originally a rock song! This version has everything needed for a pure Qawwali from tablas, to harmoniums, to the up-beat ending! Being more of a classical-music type person, of course the classical version is my favourite version, though both are great! Sadly, due to it not being promoted at all, hardly anyone who didn’t watch the movie is aware that there is such a song in the film. In fact, I don’t think that many people who watched the film also noticed it! 😛 If you are not a classical music lover, go for the original. It you are a classical music lover, go for both! 😉 It is another  #5StarHotelSong!!


7. Gunday:- Singers ~ Sohail Sen, Rap by ~ Kinga Rhymes, Lyrics by ~ Ali Abbas Zafar

Starting with a contemporary rap, this song will attract many contemporary music lovers. It has the tune like an Irish folk song and the lyrics by Ali Abbas Zafar are also good. Though the music director has sung it well, I would have preferred someone like Javed Ali for this track. As far as the music is concerned, he has given a great tune to the title of the film, and no one could have made it better than him! A short track with a likeable tune. And hence the short review!


Overall:- Sohail Sen has composed a very well-balanced album for ‘Gunday’, with an action song, a masala entertaining song, a haunting romantic melody, a cabaret track, a sad song, a Rock Qawwali, pure Qawwali and of course, to sum up the film, a short title track! All the songs have been composed just as per the demands of the script, and still they have been very popular. Though all of them aren’t heard everywhere like those of ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’, they are still heard sometimes if not very frequently. However, one song which has created a rage throughout India and probably the whole world, can still be heard wherever you go, be it birthday parties or weddings. That song is ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’. I just wish ‘Mann Kunto Maula’ had gotten at least some fame, such a brilliant composition it is! If ever, in the future, you wonder why Sohail Sen was absent from the music scene all through 2013, remember that he must be working on this great album, so he could surprise us in 2014! 🙂


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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The third album which fits the criteria given for reviewing the albums which I missed is Hasee Toh Phasee. This album was liked by critics and public alike, and has not at all left the minds of anyone, even after five months (give or take), after its release! The songs of this movie can still be heard on radio, can still be seen on TV, and I bet they are still on your iPod playlist!

Album Details:-

Music by:- Vishal-Shekhar | Lyrics by:- Amitabh Bhattacharya, Kumaar | Music Label:- Sony Music | Music Released On:- 3rd January 2014 | Movie Released On:- 7th February 2014

Hasee Toh Phasee Album Cover

Hasee Toh Phasee Album Cover

To hear the full songs of this album on Saavn CLICK HERE

Hasee Toh Phasee is a romantic comedy film which released on 7th February 2014. Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra both have performed their best in this movie. Karan Johar has co-produced this film along with Anurag Kashyap, Vikas Bahl and Vikramaditya Motwane, who are the three producers who work under the Phantom banner. The film is directed by a newcomer, Vinil Mathew. After a not-that-great year last year, with ‘Gippi’ and ‘Chennai Express’ music being decent, but ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ being a great album, Vishal-Shekhar had started this year off with this album, and I was expecting a LOT from it! The film and its music, has gotten immense praise from both critics and public. So without further ado, let’s take a look back at the songs of ‘Hasee Toh Phasee!’

1. Punjabi Wedding Song:- Singers ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Benny Dayal & Vishal Dadlani, Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Bhattacharya

First up we have a Punjabi wedding song, which you can guess just by the title of the song! 😛 This is the song which was in the trailer, and everyone was eagerly waiting for it after watching the trailer. The song is a fun, enjoyable, but short song, which will get you up and dancing before you know it! Sunidhi’s vocals are the highlight of this song, and she has done a great job! Her voice is perfect for these types of songs. Benny Dayal, who has done more like an extended cameo in this song, sounds like his typical self. The dholaks play an important role in this song. The English chorus is very catchy, but in the mukhda I felt that something is missing. I guess that was because the mukhda was unusually short. The antaras are good, and Sunidhi has made her presence be felt in both of them. However, the transition of the second antara to its ending has been done very sloppily in that ‘Baant mithaiyaan, lakkh vadhaiyaan…’ line. Nevertheless, though there are some “could-be-better” elements in the song, you will like it. It’s a fun, track, which could have been longer. However, I know Vishal-Shekhar have the capacity to make much better songs!


2. Shake It Like Shammi:- Singers ~ Benny Dayal, Vishal Dadlani, Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Bhattacharya

Starting with some jazz drum beats, followed by techno sounds and then Benny Dayal’s PERFECT vocals (for this track), this song is a full-on entertaining song, and I can’t possibly point out any mistake! The rap by Vishal Dadlani is also great and it makes the song connect with new-age listeners even though the song is about Shammi Kapoor! In fact, Shammi era people will also love this youthful song! 😀 The trumpets have been used perfectly in the track. The antaras made me feel like it is supposed to be a tribute to the 60s jazz era of Bollywood, whereas the techno beats and Vishal’s backing vocals and rap kept me in this era. This song is a GREAT tribute to Shammi Kapoor, and the best out of the three dance songs in the movie. A PERFECT song, with great vocals, great musical arrangements and tune, and quirky lyrics. In other words, a #5StarHotelSong!


3. Drama Queen:- Singers ~ Shreya Ghoshal, Vishal Dadlani, Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Bhattacharya

When it released as a single track in December, I liked it. But, little did I know that the other songs in the album would be better. Great quirky lyrics, great energetic vocals, great tune, but it is all reduced to dust because of the arrangements. Inspite of everything being great, the song sounds very sloppy due to the poor arrangements. It also sounds very loud. Like the first song of the album, I felt that something was missing in the mukhda. They have ended it very abruptly and immediately started with the hook, which is too catchy to hate! Out of the two antaras, I liked Vishal’s more than Shreya’s, for some reason. Poor arrangements have spoiled a great tune, but the masses don’t actually care; for them it is a hit no matter what! 🙂


4. Manchala:- Singers ~ Shafqat Amanat Ali, Nupur Pant, Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Bhattacharya

Here comes an immortal melody, which will be liked by both class and mass alike! First of all, I would like to applaud Vishal-Shekhar for choosing a newcomer, Nupur Pant, for this song! She has sung splendidly! The male singer, Shafqat, has performed great as usual. This type of song is not difficult for him to sing at all, and he carries out such songs with ease. Secondly, the instruments used are used in an indescribable way! The mouth organ at the start, the violin in the interlude, the drums everywhere, everything is just OUTSTANDING! In the antara, after one line which is sung by Nupur, the mouth organ joins that line to the next, and that small part of the song is my absolutely favourite part in the whole song! The two lines have been joined in such a way, which only geniuses can think of! Lastly, the lyrics, what can I say about them! Amitabh Bhattacharya has used a play on words, in the lines, ‘Manchala, mann chal teri ore..’! This is called ‘homonym’ in English and ‘yamak’ in Hindi. A great melody, with great lyrics, great vocals, and everything else JUST PERFECT! It is a sad romantic song, which will give you immense happiness! I think you have already guessed that it is a #5StarHotelSong!


5. Zehnaseeb:- Singers ~ Chinmayi Sripada, Shekhar Ravjiani, Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Bhattacharya

After ‘Titli’ from ‘Chennai Express’, the quartet — Vishal-Shekhar-Amitabh-Chinmayi — won over people’s hearts yet again with this soothing melody. Starting with violin, played in a very retro-ish way, followed by finger snaps, and vocals by Shekhar, the track will instantly grab your attention. Chinmayi is a great singer, and performs great in this song too. Shekhar also does a great job! The lyrics are great with nice Urdu words sprinkled here and there. The violin, which supports the singers throughout the whole song, is played brilliantly. Guitar is also used occasionally. I wish the song would have been longer, because for me, one antara isn’t sufficient for such great songs! 😀 A short and sweet song which will carry you out of this world! It is another #5StarHotelSong!


6. Ishq Bulaava:- Singers ~ Sanam Puri, Shipra Goyal, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

Woooohhh!! Here comes the same team–Vishal-Shekhar-Sanam-Kumaar–which was behind the hit club number ‘Dhat Teri Ki’ from ‘Gori Tere Pyar Mein’. Just minus Aditi Singh Sharma and add Shipra Goyal. Once more, i’m applauding Vishal-Shekhar for giving such a great voice to Bollywood, Shipra Goyal. Though she has a very minimal part in the song, she sings it with great ease. Sanam Puri’s previous two songs (One of them, hardly anyone knows, i.e, ‘Lucky Tonight’ from ‘Ishk Actually’ composed by Chirantan Bhatt) were club songs, whereas this one is an all-out Punjabi romantic track. He got a chance to impress us with his versatility and he has done too good! I think I can hear Vishal doing the backing vocals, but everytime I convince myself that it’s Vishal, it sounds like Sanam again, so I don’t know, I’m confused! Anyways, they are brilliant and without them, the song wouldn’t be catchy at all! At first, I couldn’t believe at all that Vishal-Shekhar had composed such an awesome, complicated song, which Vishal Bharadwaj is usually known for, not Vishal-Shekhar! However, after continuous listens I started loving this song, and its placement in the film made me like it even more! Kumaar, has impressed a lot with his sweet lyrics! A sweet melody, with sweet vocals, and too sweet tune! ONE MORE #5StarHotelSong!!


Overall:- As I said in the intro, this album has not yet been wiped from anyone’s memory, even after five months. So, I don’t think I need to prove that this album has been a topper for the masses this year. On top of that, since the film received good word-of-mouth, more people went to watch it, and subsequently, must have loved the songs too! All three of the melodies are too great to be described. ‘Shake It Like Shammi’ is a great tribute to Shammi Kapoor and the jazz era of Bollywood, whereas ‘Punjabi Wedding Song’ could have been a bit better in tune, and ‘Drama Queen’ could have been–Oh, what am I saying!–It SHOULD have been a LOT better on the technical front. It is literally a well-balanced album with three romantic songs, and three dance numbers. The album still gives me great happiness whenever I hear it! I must say that Vishal-Shekhar have started off this year with a great album in the form of ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’!



Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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So the second album which falls in the criteria of hit/quality albums of early 2014 is ‘Dedh Ishqiya’. This one is a quality album, with not many popular songs, as in most people haven’t heard many of the songs. So here is my review for this beautiful album!

Album Details:-

Music by:- Vishal Bharadwaj | Lyrics by:- Gulzar | Music Label:- Shemaroo Music | Music Released On:- 18th December 2013 | Movie Released On:- 10th January 2014

Dedh Ishqiya Album Cover

Dedh Ishqiya Album Cover

To hear the full songs of this album on Saavn CLICK HERE

Hear “Horn OK Please” on YouTube:-

Dedh Ishqiya is a black comedy thriller film which released on 10th January 2014. After the success of Ishqiya, Vishal Bharadwaj decided to make a sequel to it, with Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi retaining their roles of Khalujaan and Babban, and Madhuri Dixit playing a new character, Begum Para. Huma Qureshi and Vijay Raaz also feature in the film in supporting roles. Since the movie was a Vishal Bharadwaj production, I wasn’t surprised to see him as the music director too. Also the music of ‘Ishqiya’ was good. After two great albums last year, ‘Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola’ and ‘Ek Thi Daayan’, I was expecting a great quality album for ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ too! Also, the lyricist is Gulzar, the usual lyricist for Vishal Bharadwaj, so that increased my excitement as well. The music of this film was outstanding, but sadly, many people haven’t heard it! So let’s review the songs of Dedh Ishqiya!

1. Hamari Atariya:- Singer ~ Rekha Bharadwaj

The first song in this album will blow you away! It is a techno/rock mujra and it impresses a lot! The last time such a great “techno mujra” was witnessed in Bollywood was ‘Dil Mera Muft Ka’ from ‘Agent Vinod’. Rekha Bharadwaj, without whom a Vishal Bharadwaj album is incomplete, sings flawlessly as usual. The lyrics by Gulzar are an adaptation of Begum Akhtar’s thumri ‘Humari Atariya Pe Aao’. The tabla sounds great with the support of the electric guitars. The tune of the antaras is better than the mukhda. The taans which Rekhaji takes throughout the song, in the middle of words are great! However, nowadays, this great song sadly seems to have been erased from people’s memory. 😦 A semi-classical rock mujra, which only a team of geniuses can carry out– Vishal Bharadwaj, his wife Rekha Bharadwaj and Gulzar!


2. Dil Ka Mizaaj Ishqiya:- Singer ~ Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

After ‘Dil Toh Bachha Hai Ji’, the trio of Vishal-Gulzar-Rahat is back with this song, which is great, but didn’t make it to the level of ‘Dil Toh Bachha Hai Ji’. The lyrics by Gulzar are great as usual and Rahat’s voice gives ‘rahat’ as usual. As soon as the song starts with the guitar and whistling sound, we get to know it is going to be a trademark Vishal Bharadwaj track. The whistling tune at the beginning gives the feel as if you are in a haveli. The song is perfect and seems like exactly the type of song some Nawaab would sing for his Begum. Do I really have to review Gulzar’s lyrics?! 😀 They are top-class as usual! The two antaras which have different tunes, are both great. I liked the second one more than the first, and the mukhda’s tune is also very nice. This song has a calming touch to it and it is very classy. The first time I heard it, I thought that Vishal should have sung it, but as I heard it over and over, I started to love Rahat’s voice in it! Again, I can’t really see or hear this song around me ever since the movie released! Very shameful that such quality songs are straightly ignored by most of the audience :/ A classy composition as always from Vishal Bharadwaj, with great lyrics by Gulzar and just as great vocals by Rahat.


3. Jagaave Saari Raina:- Singers ~ Rekha Bharadwaj, Bol by Pandit Birju Maharaj

This is a masterpiece composition by Vishal, and Rekha Bharadwaj has carried it out with such ease, that you will once again be reminded how great a singer she is! It is a classical-based composition and starts with a beautiful sargam piece, which I instantly identified as Raag Khamaaj, one of the very few raagas I know 😛 . The sitar and tablas sound awesome in the song! It will give you lots of mental peace. Nowadays, such a pure, classical song is very rarely made and I am glad Vishal Bharadwaj finally made one and that too, succeeded in doing so! The bol by Pandit Birju Maharaj, which makes up the second interlude, is outstanding and flawless! However, the star of this song is obviously Rekha Bharadwaj! She has rendered the song so beautifully and flawlessly, as I said before. Her taans at many places throughout the song help in making the song what it is! A classical dance song, but very soothing and a great composition! Nothing is bad in this song! Or should I say every single thing is excellent? #5StarHotelSong


4. Zabaan Jale Hai:- Singer ~ Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

This is the real Gulzar! He has written such a beautiful poetic song! And Rahat has sung it brilliantly! It is composed in retro style and gives the feeling of a ghazal. The main instrument played throughout the song is Saz, a Turkish instrument, supported by guitars. Vishal Bharadwaj has made a brilliant composition, which is very classy. The antaras have been sung with great ease by Rahat, even though they are a bit complicated to sing, especially the high notes. The tune is also very nice. Better than ‘Dil Ka Mizaaj’, it is a must-listen song for the great work by the trio of Gulzar-Vishal-Rahat! It will, however, take time to grow on you. Be patient with this song as you will start liking it slowly and not instantly! Again, everything is PERFECT! That’s why it is a #5StarHotelSong!


5. Kya Hoga:- Singers ~ Shahid Mallya, Master Saleem, Jaspreet ‘Jazim’ Sharma, Jamal Akbar

This song is a pure Qawwali, with all the necessary ‘ingredients’ for a Qawwali, from the starting aalaaps, to the harmonium tunes after that, along with the tabla and clapping starting soon after. All four singers have sung spectacularly and they have sung such a difficult song with great ease. Shahid Mallya’s voice was the only one I could identify, along with the debutant Jaspreet (Jazim) Sharma, who was a top performer in the latest season of Saregamapa 2012. He is perfect for ghazals and qawwalis and he used to sing the same on the show as well. Vishal Bharadwaj has to be applauded for choosing him for this song! After half of the song is over, the tempo increases and the song takes an abrupt turn, and this turn is regular in qawwalis. You can say it is two songs in one! This is one of the rare Bollywood Qawwalis which I liked, and the last ones I liked were ‘Murshid Khele Hori’ from ‘D-Day’ and ‘Shah Ka Rutba’ from ‘Agneepath’, which were also pure, traditional qawwalis. The great effort taken by the composer and the singers has paid off very well, and this is one of the best traditional Qawwalis from Bollywood in recent times! PERFECT! #5StarHotelSong!


Extra Song:-

Horn OK Please:- Singers ~ Sukhwinder Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh

Okay, who would even think that Honey Singh would ever get a chance to work with the likes of Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar? I never thought of it! Well, here he is, singing a song composed by Vishal and written by Gulzar! And the presence of Yo Yo Honey Singh finally attracted listeners to this album. Vishal Bharadwaj has tried to recreate the magic of ‘Ibn-E-Batuta’, but sadly fails. Sukhwinder and Yo Yo’s parts are divided fairly and both have equal importance in the song. Personally I didn’t find anything much worth praising in this song but the funny lyrics by Gulzar! However, this song was probably the most popular amongst the audience. Not my type, but try it, you might like it!


Overall:- Vishal Bharadwaj has given us something different, just like he always does. Such a classically based album is seen once in a blue moon in this age of techno beats and rock music. Even if you listen to it now, you will instantly like it! It is not at all late to hear this album! It is a masterpiece if it is compared to today’s album and Vishal has used classical music, which most people nowadays just very conveniently ignore, very efficiently! This album has given great relief to all those who were fed up of the contemporary albums which were releasing that time. Therefore, if you get time, you should definitely take out time to hear this must-listen album! Though it wasn’t much popular, true music lovers have understood its greatness, and that is enough to prove how good it is, isn’t it? Must-listen for all classical music lovers, and others too, if you want mental peace, then this is the right album for you!

Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


Review by Rujul Deolikar

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Okay, so I know you are thinking why in the world I am reviewing this album now, right? 😀 Well, as I had promised at the end of my Heropanti Review, I will be reviewing the albums of 2014 which left a mark and still are playing on most of your iPods or music systems. I started my blog in the middle of the year just out of the blue, so I couldn’t review these albums. So I decided to at least review some of the albums which had released before my blog started and were either hit material and/or appreciated by true music lovers. The first album which fits these criteria happens to be Yaariyan, and what a co-incidence that it just recently premiered on TV a few weeks back, and was aired again a few days back! So enjoy this flashback and travel back in time six months back and remember the time when you heard the Yaariyan album for the first time! But don’t worry I’ll be writing my views both then and now!

Album Details:- Music by:- Pritam Chakraborty, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mithoon & Anupam Amod | Lyrics by:- Amitabh Bhattacharya, Irshad Kamil, Mithoon, Yo Yo Honey Singh & Arko Pravo Mukherjee | Music Label:- T-Series | Music Released On:- 9th December 2013 | Movie Released On:- 10th January 2014

Yaariyan Album Cover

Yaariyan Album Cover

To hear the full songs of this album on Saavn CLICK HERE

Yaariyan is a coming-of-age romantic adventure film directed by Divya Khosla Kumar, the wife of T-Series Chairman and Managing Director, Bhushan Kumar, who has produced the film under the banner of T-Series. The film stars several young newcomers, like Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet Singh, Nicole Faria and Shreyas Pardiwalla. The film’s music was received very well by the audience. It has music scored by big names like Pritam, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mithoon and lesser known names like, Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Anupam Amod. As the film is a T-Series musical, many great songs were expected and that is exactly what the people got. After ‘Aashiqui 2’ people got another great music album from T-Series. However, the film did not do too good and the best part of it has to be its music. With as many as five composers, a well-balanced “dish” or album was expected. And that also the people got! 😀  So let’s take a walk down memory lane 😛  (I know it’s not so old, but still) and look back at the music of Yaariyan!


1. ABCD:- Singers ~ Benny Dayal, Shefali Alvares, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Music by ~ Pritam Chakraborty (Rap by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh), Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Bhattacharya (Rap Written by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh)

The album starts with this song, which is a party song full of techno beats and youth-oriented lyrics. This song was lapped up by the youth and it is pretty obvious why. Benny, who seems to be the king of such numbers, sings this song with ease and is supported very nicely by Shefali, who I would call the queen of such songs 😀 . Pritam’s music is a bit ordinary but I loved it nevertheless. Amitabh Bhattacharya has disappointed with the lyrics though this time. His usually quirky lyrics are nowhere to be seen in this track. Instead, they are pretty ordinary. The rap written by Honey Singh is typical Honey Singh rap but it is used well in the song. The mukhada’s tune is repeated in the antara and after that comes a Honey Singh rap portion. If there had been one more antara with a different tune, it would have been better, but the best part of this song is the hook line which is the only catchy thing in this song. However, this song was a hit then, and still can be heard on radios everywhere. It has not been wiped out from anybody’s head yet! Was expecting more from Pritam-Amitabh Bhattacharya combo, but this works too and I have to admit it is a good song!


2. Baarish:- Singers ~ Mohammed Irfan, Gajendra Verma, Music by ~ Mithoon, Lyrics by ~ Mithoon

The only word to describe this song is “Waah!” Right from the starting aalaap by Gajendra to his aalaap in the end with of course the lead vocals by Mohammed Irfan, everything in this song is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Yes, you read correctly! ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! The king of romantic melodies Mithoon has given the world another great, beautiful love song to enjoy after ‘Tum Hi Ho’. The song has a strong tune with just as strong lyrics by Mithoon himself. The use of guitar and sarangi is brilliant in this song. Mohammed Irfan has ruled this song with his rendition. This song is a genius composition with a magical tune, magical voices behind the mic, magical lyrics and most important, magical arrangements! Even now, after six months, it has not left my playlist and plays at least once everyday on each radio channel and music channel on TV. A great romantic track which will be loved not only by youth but by people of all ages. Another track by Mithoon which made the country go crazy while swaying to its tunes! A PERFECT song. In short, a #5StarHotelSong !


3. Sunny Sunny:- Singers ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Neha Kakkar, Music by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lyrics by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh

Okay, I was not at all expecting such a good song from Yo Yo Honey Singh, not even in my dreams! But, as it turned out, I was hooked to this song from the day its teaser released, because of the tune which we can hear althroughout the song. Then, when the single song released, I had it on repeat for the whole day! And I’m pretty sure the whole country had it on repeat that day and I’m also pretty sure that it has not budged from its place on anyone’s playlist on their iPods either! I had almost made my mind that it would be another one of Yo Yo’s stupid compositions, but this one actually impressed me! Though the lyrics really are typical Yo Yo lyrics, the music is something completely different from most dance songs today. And the rap is…the rap is…the rap is…well, guess what!!! THERE IS NO RAP!!! I was waiting for the rap to come, and before it came, the song ended! Probably that was the factor that made a huge difference for me, and made it the first Yo Yo Honey Singh song that I liked so much! His vocals also aren’t annoying as usual, and this time he brings in a female singer to sing too, Neha Kakkar. She also sings her part awesomely! And this song is still being treated like a brand new song, getting played at least thrice a day everywhere. Nope, the nation hasn’t gotten over this song even a bit and it is still played everywhere, be it family functions or birthday parties! 😛 An unexpected great composition by Honey Singh, in fact, his best composition to date, and he deserves the praise for it. So I will give this song of his (very reluctantly 😉 ) the title of  #5StarHotelSong ! because you can hate him or like him, but you cannot ignore him! 🙂


4. Allah Waariyan:- Singer ~ Shafqat Amanat Ali, Music by ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Lyrics by ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee

When this song starts, you will immediately be reminded of ‘Tum Jo Aaye’ from ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai’ because of the traditional Indian rhythm in both songs. But that was a romantic track, whereas this one is a sad song. The melody and composition are very nice, and Arko Pravo Mukherjee has proved himself once more after Jism 2. The hookline of this song is just phenomenal. However, the antara is the best part of the song, any day! The flute interlude is so sweet you will love it instantly. Shafqat’s vocals are flawless and suit the song too well. The lyrics are very good, by the composer himself. Once again, this song was a favourite of the audience and still is being loved by everyone. It is a very heart-touching song and it cannot be forgotten easily or quickly. Nothing much more to say because it’s just too good and it is yet another #5StarHotelSong in this album!


5. Love Me Thoda Aur:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Pritam Chakraborty, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

So, this is the second song by Pritam for this movie. I was expecting a great romantic song, which is catchy, and that is exactly what I got! Pritam has composed this song like he used to compose some years back, and that is what made this song work for me. On top of that, the English vocals are also great. The voice which Arijit has used in this song is his voice which I like and not his nasal type voice, which I like only sometimes. The antara’s tune is better than the mukhda’s, and it will give you a great feeling! Though the song is a bit ordinary, it is still fine as there isn’t anything wrong and there’s is nothing at all to criticise about it. However, this song, I don’t hear playing anywhere as much as I hear the above songs, and I wonder why! A cute song, which didn’t get the popularity it deserved, but still it is nice in terms of quality!


6. Meri Maa:- Singers ~ K.K. (Original Version), K.K. (Reprise Version), Anupam Amod (Unplugged Version), Music by ~ Anupam Amod/Pritam, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

Okay, first of all, I would like to clear the doubts of everyone who is cursing me in their mind for crediting Anupam Amod as the music director for this song. He is clearly credited in the Yaariyan CD also, and he has even confirmed it in one of his interviews, which you can read here. Also here is the CD cover for all of you.

However, after hearing the song, you will easily come to know it is a Pritam composition. It has slight resemblance to the antara of ‘Main Rang Sharbaton Ka’ from ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’ in its hook line. That is why I’ve also credited Pritam. Moving on to the song. What to say about it! Anything I say is too less! K.K. has sung the song beautifully and the song is a rock song dedicated to mothers. After ‘Maa’ from ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Meri Maa’ from ‘Dasvidaniya’, and ‘Janam Janam’ from ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’, this song has been added to my list of favourite songs about mothers. The lyrics are very touching, and so is the tune. The reprise version is better as such a song needs soft music. The reprise version has one antara with different lyrics, and is much softer, and so it works more than the original. The last version is a big no! Do NOT go for it! Anupam Amod has sung very badly and his voice just doesn’t suit this song! A very nice tribute to mothers in terms of tune and composition but it only worked in the two versions sung by K.K. So this song is another #5StarHotelSong but not Anupam Amod’s version! 😀


7. Zor Lagaake Haishaa:- Singer ~ Vishal Dadlani, Music by ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

This track is purely situational. It’s a kind of patriotic song and it’s good considering the situation, but it won’t get your attention like the other songs. It will sound good only when you watch the movie and understand the situation at which it is placed. The lyrics are perfect for the song and Vishal’s vocals are great too. It is also a bit too long and you will get bored by the time half of the song is over. Most of the people who haven’t seen the movie won’t even know that there is such a song in the film.  😀  A song which is longer than required and the only track in this album with nearly none or very less shelf life.


8. Mujhe Ishq Se:- Singers ~ Tulsi Kumar, Gajendra Verma, Music by ~ Mithoon, Lyrics by ~ Mithoon

Here comes the queen of reprises, Tulsi Kumar, with a pathetic rendition of such a great song! 😦 This song is a reprise version of ‘Baarish’ and is sung in the most pathetic way by Tulsi Kumar, whom I guess Mithoon was forced by Bhushan Kumar to use, because she is his sister! I’m pretty sure Mithoon didn’t have Tulsi in mind for this song, and it would have sounded awesome in the voice of either Palak or Chinmayi, instead of Tulsi. Tulsi spoiled such a genius tune and composition with her ‘I can’t describe it in writing’ voice. This song has a line ‘Mujhe Ishq Se Rehna Tha Door..’ Well, all I can say is, ‘Iss Gaane Se Rehna Tum Door!’


Overall:- Overall, this album is a mixed bag with lots of variety. It has great melodies and great peppy numbers. It has touched the hearts of lots of people and is still a favourite of many people. Where music is concerned, Bhushan Kumar has asked the composers to compose songs according to their forte, and each of them has delivered exactly what was needed. This album was the first hit album of the year in terms of both popularity and good music, and that is why it is on many playlists even after six months of its release! It was lapped up by everyone then also and the fever hasn’t gone down yet! All the composers tried to give their best and more or less succeeded! The saying ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ has been proven wrong with this album. An overall great album, although a couple of tracks were unnecessary. An album with a very long shelf life. After ‘Aashiqui 2’, Bhushan Kumar has given us another great album!


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating


Review by Rujul Deolikar

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