Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Dr. Zeus, Uzair Jaswal, Amaal Mallik, Tony Kakkar & Meet Bros. Anjjan
♪ Lyrics by: Kumaar, Manoj Muntashir & Tony Kakkar
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 10th March 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 10th April 2015

Ek Paheli Leela Album Cover

Ek Paheli Leela Album Cover


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Ek Paheli Leela is an upcoming Bollywood musical thriller film, directed by debutant director Bobby Khan and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Ahmed Khan & Shaira Khan. The film stars Sunny Leone in the lead role(s) — she has a triple role. Actors supporting her in the film are Jay Bhanushali, Rajniesh Duggal, Rahul Dev and Mohit Ahlawat. The music of this film has been composed by T-Series’ favourite — Oh yeah, they don’t have any favourite. Their favourite is multi-composer!! 😂 Yup, it’s yet another multi-composer album from T-Series’ side, and again, expectations are low from a multi-composer album! But in this case, Amaal Mallik’s presence does increase some interest, and other songs have been done by Punjabi rapper Dr. Zeus, T-Series regulars Meet Bros. Anjjan, and overnight fame Tony Kakkar (‘Sawan Aaya Hai’ from ‘Creature 3D’) So let’s take a look at how great this album is, right away! (Since I’ve already delayed the review so much 😂)

1. Desi Look
Singer ~ Kanika Kapoor, Music by ~ Dr. Zeus, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

To kick-start this album, we have Dr. Zeus, who seems to have won over Bhushan Kumar’s heart with his “lovely” music, (get it, get it?? 😛 ) so he’s getting one song after the other this year in T-Series albums. He comes back with Kanika Kapoor, who herself has been giving back-to-back hits this year. What a coincidence. And not a surprise that both of them, when come together, produce a sequel to ‘Lovely’ from ‘Happy New Year’. Yup, if ‘Tipsy Hogai’ was similar to ‘Lovely’, you have got to admit that ‘Desi Look’ has been made with an intention to make a follow-up to ‘Lovely’! To start with, we have the same singer and music composer, and the same overall sound of the song. The glasses shattering, the chudail’s wailing, and the bell ringing, all have been taken from ‘Lovely’! Dr. Zeus seems to have run out of ideas, or he must have been too blown away by the success of ‘Lovely’, that he decides to try and impress us with an exactly similar-sounding song that goes along the same lines, but fails miserably to arouse any interest in the listener! Kanika doesn’t sing in her usual high-pitched voice, but uses some monotonous low-pitched voice, which really makes you doubt whether she wants to sing and make you dance, or haunt you. 😝 Dr. Zeus’ rap after the mukhda resembles ‘Let The Music Play’ by Shamur a lot. And also, it’s not that attractive either, what with the guy burping at his own pleasure. :\ Irritating! In the antaras, two tracks of Kanika, one, the predominant low voice, and the other, a higher-than-usual voice, have been kept, and they sound very bad. The guitar riff in the hookline, though, is very catchy. Arrangements-wise, it is nothing exceptional, but they manage to attract listeners when the composition and vocals do not. Kumaar’s lyrics are the usual girl-trying-to-show-off kind, which has gotten pretty boring by now! So, a very bland opening to this very-much hyped-about album, ticking us off from the beginning! Dr. Zeus, please go get a doctorate in music direction and come back!


2. Tere Bin Nahi Laage (Male) / Tere Bin Nahi Laage
Singers ~ Uzair Jaswal / Tulsi Kumar, Aishwarya Majmudar, Alam Gir Khan & Daboo Malik, Music by ~ Uzair Jaswal, Music Recreated, Arranged & Produced by ~ Amaal Mallik, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

After that dull start to the album, we move ahead, hoping for something innovative and refreshing. This next song, is a Pakistani song, originally composed by Uzair Jaswal in 2012. Amaal Mallik, the rising star of Bollywood, who has started his journey in Bollywood with Salman Khan’s ‘Jai Ho’, and has been impressing us ever since, has recreated, rearranged and produced the music on it, and boy, what a wonderful job he has done! Last we heard him was ‘Sooraj Dooba Hain’ in ‘Roy’, and we were impressed at how expertly he composed a club track. Now he returns to the genre he started off with i.e, romantic songs. Uzair’s original composition has just been retained in the form of the mukhda, and it is a great, soulful start to the song. First up, we’ll talk about the male version. Uzair’s unpolished, but sweet voice, suits the composition, but one feels the absence of Armaan Malik here, and that he would’ve done better justice to the composition, though it is Uzair’s composition. The antaras, composed by Amaal, continue the soulfulness of the song, and take it to a new level. Arrangements have been done wonderfully, yet again, and the rock guitars are what stand out the most. Of course, the acoustic guitars follow closely, and the drums provide a nice, catchy beat for our heads to sway to. It just sounds splendid to the ears, and is something that would lift up your mood anytime. Moving on to the other version (Which of course can’t be called the female version, can it? It has men singing in it too! I guess people from T-Series finally read some of my last criticisms about their weird names of versions 😛 ), you might get frightened when you read Tulsi’s name as the singer, but let me assure you, that the way Amaal has equipped her in the song, you might not even feel that it is the same Tulsi who has earlier tortured us in ‘Roy’ and ‘Yaariyan’,  that Tulsi who won over our hearts in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’ and ‘Ready’! She has tried to do her best, and succeeds. Though it is not pitch-perfect, her rendition, still it manages to make you smile. This version is definitely better than the Male version, because of various reasons. First of all, Aishwarya and Tulsi together make a perfect combo, and Aishwarya with her traditional Rajasthani lines, just sounds so cute! Especially the Kesariya Baalama inculcation comes as a huge surprise! Also, the backing vocals by Alam Khan and Daboo Malik, are efficiently placed, giving a rustic traditional Rajasthani folk touch to the song. It is definitely calmer, thanks to the wonderful semiclassical and traditional arrangements — Sarangi, dholaks, whatnot! And Amaal excels in that, as well! He really proves his versatility yet again with this version of the song. Kumaar writes efficient, suited to the theme of the song, and soulful lyrics. Before you get bored reading my essay, I would advise you to just go ahead and listen to this song, both versions! You won’t regret it at all! Amaal rocks yet again, this time proving his excellence in traditional folk music! Go for both the versions, which drastically differ in their styles! #5StarHotelSong!!

{Excuse me for the essay, but it was too difficult to write something concise for this wonderful song with two versions!}


3. Saiyaan Superstar
Singer ~ Tulsi Kumar, Music by ~ Amaal Mallik, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

Amaal’s second sing is a typical wedding dhol-baaja song sung by someone who you would never, ever expect to sing it — Tulsi Kumar! And she does so, with so much gusto and spunk, that you can hardly believe your ears. These type of songs suit her way more than all those songs where she sings reprise versions of romantic songs (of course, ‘Tere Bin Nahi Laage’ is an exception) where it looks like she has been singing just because she’s been told to. But here, she actually seems to be enjoying herself, and thanks to Amaal Mallik for discovering this side of her! Now it’s a request to all music directors, to try to use Tulsi in such a way. Anyways, back to the song. Amaal’s composition is again, very Pritam-ish, and catchy too. His arrangements are fabulous as well, with the trumpets, dhols and other techno sounds sounding awesome. The nuances Tulsi has done not to sound exactly urban, but slightly rural, like rolling her R’s in all the words, and pronouncing some words as someone in rural areas would (like “Parrpose” for “propose” and “Suparrstarr” for “superstar”) , are really great. The second interlude by Amaal, with the guitars in a pretty Spanish way, is something worth hearing. Kumaar’s lyrics are also entertaining, and keep you listening. All in all, an excellent song, sure to be liked by the masses and classes alike! Way to go Amaal, and thanks for reinventing Tulsi! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Khuda Bhi
Singer ~ Mohit Chauhan, Music by ~ Tony Kakkar, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Muntashir

A soft and mellow flute tune welcomes us into the next song, promising something awesome right at the beginning. So when Mohit enters with his metallic and melodious voice, you can’t help but get goosebumps. Tony’s melody sounds like a typical Bhatt-ish melody, but other than that, it is also a very touching, full-of-emotions, romantic song, which you are surely gonna love. When the part “Itni anmol cheez de di kaise, sochta hoga..” comes, it is sure to induce goosebumps on your body, and the way Mohit sings it, just helps in doing so. Mohit’s vocals are the best choice for this song, and he puts in the right expressions wherever needed. Tony has decorated his beautiful composition, with even more beautiful arrangements, which enhance the composition manifold. First of all, the beautiful flute which had welcomed us into the song, continues to play throughout the song to ensure we do not get bored. In the aforementioned line, Tony has placed beautiful electronic tablas, giving the song the required classical, traditional sound. Sitar in the first interlude, and a beautiful flute solo in the second, keep the listener attached even in the interludes. And the magic of the antara is just indescribable. The high notes, when Mohit touches, instantly appeals to the ears, before going back to the hookline, which is already so beautiful. Manoj Muntashir’s lyrics are fantastic as well. Thry give the soul to the song, and really make you want to hear it again and again just for the words. They’re that beautiful! This song is miles from where Tony left us last year with ‘Sawan Aaya Hai’ from ‘Creature 3D’. He seems to have evolved between these two songs, both in composition and arrangements. And thank God, that he didn’t choose Arijit to sing this one, which might not have made it as magical as when Mohit sang it. A heart-touching song, with beautiful vocals, soothing arrangements and lovely lyrics!! Yet another #5StarHotelSong!!!


5. Glamorous Ankhiyaan
Singers ~ Krishna Beura, Meet Bros. Anjjan, Music by ~ Meet Bros. Anjjan, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

This song starts with the alien-spaceship-like sound of an electronic tanpura. It surprises you for a moment, till that familiar Rajasthani folk sound dominates, along with awesome bass effect. Krishna steps in to win over our hearts with his rendition, as he has done many times before this. Meet Bros. Anjjan have tried to combine Sufi, Rajasthani folk and modern techno sounds here, and they succeed in it, too! The composition is based on Rajasthani folk with shades of Sufi, and every line is as captivating as the one that follows. The whole song is so catchy, that the listener won’t want to stop listening. One of the most innovative compositions of Meet Bros. Anjjan, it is when they come up with something like this when you wonder why they also do those typical Punjabi rap songs sometimes, which everyone might have gotten bored to hearing by now. This song also has shades of Himesh Reshammiya’s compositions in the 2006-2008 era. Krishna handles each and every note, be it high or low, with ease and flows through the song, sounding very folk-sy as he does. His voice was a great choice for this song. Coming to the arrangements, Meet Bros. Anshan impress here, as well. The sound-effects they have placed all over the song, cannot be described here, but have to be heard to believe. Instruments like flute, electronic tabla, chimes, etc have been used very efficiently. Also, the techno sounds give the effect of a fashion show, which is pretty much where this song would be played in the movie. Krishna’s “Oh oh oh oh..” keep you listening and is so catchy! Kumaar again writes entertaining lyrics, a blend of folk-sy words and English words. The title itself gives a sneak peek of what you can expect in the lyrics! 😀 One of Meet Bros. Anjjan’s most innovative and captivating compositions! Has to be applauded! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Main Hoon Deewana Tera
Singers ~ Arijit Singh, Meet Bros. Anjjan, Backing Vocals by ~ Ved, Ambresh & Ashish, Music by ~ Meet Bros. Anjjan, Original Composition by ~ Sajid-Wajid, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar, Original Lyrics by ~ Faiz Anwar

The next song by Meet Bros. Anjjan is a remake of the 1999 hit track ‘Deewana Tera’ from Sonu Nigam’s album ‘Deewana’, which had been composed by Sajid-Wajid. Now let me tell you before you think anything, that there is no way this song is better than the original, but if seen as a song by itself, it sounds great. Comparisons with the original will always happen, but let’s not do that here, except for say that Arijit hasn’t managed to pull it off as awesome as Sonu had. Okay, so now, let’s see it as a whole new song. The basic tune of the mukhda has been kept the same, so it is a proper remake, but the arrangements, lyrics and vocals have been altered. Meet Bros. Anjjan have put many techno elements into the song, making you wonder whether their intention was to make it a club song! Arijit shines in both low and high notes, and under Meet Bros. Anjjan’s direction, sounds sweet and innocent. The tune of the antaras has been changed, and this tune also is likable, which Arijit sings with ease. The rock guitars, techno sounds really make the originally calm song sound more lively than it should. But I kind of liked that too. The strings which have been played the second time the hookline comes, keep you listening. Interludes, one rock, the other Church choir-like, are attractive too! Lyrics by Kumaar are the same usual romantic lyrics, with just the hookline retained from what Faiz Anwar had written. After hearing this redux of such a great 90s song, I have very mixed feelings as I love Sonu’s original version, but this one sounds great as well, as a standalone song, if not compared to where it is remade from. Arijit didn’t shine like Sonu, but it still sounded great thanks to Meet Bros. Anjjan trying to match the level of their song with the original. Though it didn’t work, the result is appreciable! #5StarHotelSong!!


7. Dhol Baaje
Singers ~ Monali Thakur, Meet Bros. Anjjan, Music by ~ Meet Bros. Anjjan, Original Composition by ~ Ismail Darbar, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar, Original Lyrics by ~ Mehboob

Another remake, again done by Meet Bros. Anjjan. This time, the hit track ‘Dholi Taaro Dhol Baaje’ from 1999 movie, ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ has been targeted. However, this remake fares much better than ‘Deewana Tera”s because and just because of a strong composition. It starts strong with dhols and dholaks playing energetically, after which a very catchy loop of a Rajasthani folk instrument plays. When Monali enters, she makes you smile very broadly, and sounds very sweet and cute! Meet Bros. Anjjan have beautified this song with fully traditional instruments, with just a few techno sounds here and there. The hookline has been broken in a pretty weird way, which might appeal to some, but may be hated by others. I liked it. Nothing else is similar to the original song. The antaras are the best parts of the whole song. Monali sings all the small nuances and variations brilliantly, making you say Waah! Her voice is so crystal clear that you cannot imagine anyone other than her who could’ve done so much justice to the song and sung with so much expression and energy. Kumaar’s new lyrics make the dance song sound like some item song where the girl is just yapping on about herself, but the composition being mild, doesn’t make them seem all that item-ish either. So the great composition balances the mediocre lyrics. Arrangements, as always with Meet Bros. Anjjan’s songs, impress to the core. The beats make you groove along to the rhythm. Especially the electronic tablas are very, very attractive. Of course nowhere near the original, but enjoyable! Very great effort to remake this song, and it succeeds, mostly thanks to the great vocals by Monali! #5StarHotelSong!!


8. Ek Do Teen Chaar
Singers ~ Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar, Music by ~ Tony Kakkar, Lyrics by ~ Tony Kakkar

This last track does the job of breaking this great run of awesome songs from this album. A club song, frankly not needed in this movie, and an utterly atrocious one too, at that. It has all you need to make an unsuccessful party track — Neha Kakkar trying to show off, Tony Kakkar getting too overconfident with his other song ‘Khuda Bhi’ that he decided to make a club song as well, and failed at it miserably. It doesn’t even have a catchy hook like ‘Desi Look’, neither does it have any appreciable arrangements. In fact, the arrangements are way too loud and unbearable. Lyrics do not even deserve to be discussed. Tony has just written a mixture of words, only for the sake of rhyming them. Whether they make any sense or not, I guess he forgot to check. :/ For me, the album ends at ‘Dhol Baaje’ itself! Skip this one!

Ek Paheli Leela is another multi-composer album, which fares quite well compared to other multi-composer albums we have encountered last year. With only two disappointing songs, one by Dr. Zeus (I’ve actually never expected anything from him anyways, so its alright with me.) and the other by Tony Kakkar (Yes, this was shocking. He could’ve worked way harder on this one.) the album doesn’t exactly disappoint and stays true to its marketing as a musical.


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Tere Bin Nahi Laage > Khuda Bhi > Glamorous Ankhiyaan > Saiyaan Superstar > Dhol Baaje > Main Hoon Deewana Tera > Desi Look > Ek Do Teen Chaar


Which is your favourite song from Ek Paheli Leela? Please vote for it below! 🙂


Next “dish”: Dharam Sankat Mein, Chefs: Sachin Gupta, Jatinder Shah, Meet Bros. Anjjan & Shamir Tandon


Music Album Details
♪ Music by:- Himesh Reshammiya
♪ Lyrics by:- Shabbir Ahmed & Sameer Anjaan
♪ Music Label:- Eros Music
♪ Music Released On:- 6th November 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 5th December 2014

Action Jackson Album Cover

Action Jackson Album Cover


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♪ Hear AJ Theme on YouTube:- 

Action Jackson is an upcoming Bollywood Masala entertainer flick, directed by the man known for the huge amount of entertainment (and nonsense 😜) in his movies, i.e, Prabhudheva. The film has been produced by Vic Walia, Gordhan Tanwani and Sunil Lulla, and features Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam and debutante Manasvi Mamgai in the lead roles. Prabhudheva’s films are well-known for their entertaining rustic music, that always manages to make us groove, and of course, the picturisations are always so lively and energetic. After working with Sajid-Wajid for two movies, Sachin-Jigar for one movie, and Pritam for his latest movie, and garnering positive reviews for each of the albums, Prabhudheva has settled on Himesh Reshammiya to compose for this movie. It is the first time they are working together, and dynamic and entertaining-to-the-core songs were expected from Himesh, who gave pretty good music for ‘The Xposé’, ‘Humshakals’ and two songs from ‘Kick’ this year. So, how well does the first collaboration between Prabhudheva and Himesh go? Let’s find out!

1. Keeda / Keeda (Reprise)
Singers ~ Himesh Reshammiya & Neeti Mohan, Lyrics by ~ Shabbir Ahmed

Himesh has always been and continues to be known as one of the most sensational composers that ever entered Bollywood, giving numerous hits, be it dance tracks or romantic songs. His sensational songs are also, for that matter, pretty weird and confusing and they make you think “This is a hit?!” The exact same thing has happened with this song. Since it is in a Prabhudheva film, it got the little good luck which it did, but I doubt it would have gotten such a status had it been in any other film. First of all, it starts with an annoying and literally keeda-like sound, pretty similar to the sound those insects make at night when they wake you up in the middle of your sweet dream. 😂 Himesh kicks in with an unusually (for him) low-pitched voice, which is apparently meant to sound like a rockstar or something, but fails miserably. Neeti also fails to create any impact, with only the mukhda for her to repeat after Himesh. Though the song has been making huge waves amongst the masses, I don’t see any reason for it to be doing so, because very frankly speaking, it has not many attractive elements at all. Whatever Shabbir Ahmed has called “lyrics”, all I can say about them is that, it seems that he had been kept at gunpoint and forced to hastily scribble the most illogical words he could ever think of and place them in such a way that they would make less sense than a saas-bahu daily soap opera. I guess Prabhudheva didn’t understand what lyrics he approved. 😅 If I had to point out any positive thing about the song, however, I would definitely say that the beats are groovy! Again, the recording could have been a thousand times better, given the music era we are witnessing today! The reprise version in nothing different, except for the fact that it has more lines sung by Neeti, so there is a plus point in it. A song which you cannot ignore, but you can’t do anything about it either! A literal KEEDA!


2. Punjabi Mast
Singers ~ Ankit Tiwari, Vineet Singh, Himesh Reshammiya, Arya Acharya, Alam Gir Khan & Neeti Mohan, Lyrics by ~ Sameer Anjaan

The second song, sees Himesh re-enter in his typical Punjabi-mode, similar to what he did in the songs of ‘Son Of Sardaar’, but a tad bit less catchy and attractive. A catchy tune, however, does welcome you into the song, and Ankit and Vineet’s voices welcome us very warmly into the song. After that, you would be expecting an awesome build-up to the hookline, but, on the contrary, the hookline abruptly plays and actually seems like some link has been broken between the starting lines and the hookline. The hookline itself has very little oomph, which makes it disapointing considering that it is a collaboration of Himesh and Prabhudheva! One makes tremendously catchy music while the other choreographs sensationally! This song is supposed to be playing in two different situations at the same time, and Sameer has said that it was difficult to achieve that for the song. Well, then Mr. Sameer, I think you don’t know about that song ‘Bol Beliya’ from ‘Kill Dil’ geniusly written by Gulzar! It is just another meaningless mishmash of words. Talking about the vocals, all the singers have sung whatever their part is, great, but some of those lines which they have sung just don’t fit in the song. Firstly, Arya’s rap is not at all catchy, and on top of that, since it is in a Punjabi dance song, it sounds all the more odd and unsuitable. Another thing is that, though Mamta Sharma would have done a great job as the female vocalist, Himesh has insisted on transforming Neeti into Mamta! Thanks for that! Ankit, Vineet and Alam Gir Khan have stood out with their respective parts, while Himesh does join in at the hookline. Definitely better than the album opener, but not yet containing the expected punch of an ideal Himesh Reshammiya song! Another middling effort!


3. Chichora Piya
Singers ~ Himesh Reshammiya & Shalmali Kholgade, Lyrics by ~ Sameer Anjaan

Finally, we get to experience some actual Himesh stuff (by that I mean, catchy and viral!) with the third song in the album! Starting with an extremely catchy and attractive and just beautiful harmonium tune, it instantly grips you and pulls you towards it. The aah aah aah and pop sounds with which the song starts are just too, too appealing. Shalmali acts as the cherry on top, with her sweet, yet naughty vocals. But then comes the ususal Himesh ‘item song’ beats, and the usual ‘repetition’ which HAS to be there in one of Himesh’s songs! (Or does it?) The same beats as ‘Piya Ke Bazaar Mein’ from ‘Humshakals’ can be heard, with the exact same arrangements! What’s more, Himesh is sounding way too high-pitched in this particular song, more than he has ever sounded recently! Because of him, even Shalmali’s nasal voice seems reduced. The lyrics in this song are the exact same case, illogical, irrelevant and height of shamelessness. But that suits the tune, so not much qualms about it. Considering the first two songs, this song definitely excels, but individually, doesn’t seem like an extraordinary composition either. The antaras have no outstanding tune either, and work as boring lengtheners to the good mukhda. The arrangements being the same old stuff, don’t impress much, but as I said, that harmonium loop is something you should not miss! What starts off as an exciting and enjoyable song turns out to be a tiring listen! Dhamakedaar start with a lacklustre continuation!


4. Dhoom Dhaam
Singers ~ Ankit Tiwari & Palak Muchhal, Lyrics by ~ Sameer Anjaan

A sweet 90s-type rhythm of daflis and bagpipe-like tune welcomes us into the next song of the album, a soft romantic duet by Palak Muchhal and Ankit Tiwari. Throughout this year, Himesh has reserved Palak for songs which are not ideally meant for her, and aren’t in her comfort zone. But here, he takes her back to her forté (but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect at it, because that position is still being occupied by Shreya Ghoshal 😃 ) Anyways, the tune is a cute old-fashioned one with many attractive elements, and even by hearing just thirty seconds of the song, you can immediately make out that this is the gem of the album (Not a gem, mind you, but merely the gem of the album!) Ankit and Palak’s voices sound good together, and Ankit sounds better in this song than he does in his own compositions, probably because of the fact that his voice hasn’t been autotuned to disturbance here. 😂 One thing I must point out though, is his terrible diction and pronunciation of certain words. (har jagah ab dikke tu… sounds so odd! Might be bcause the lyrics don’t fit well into the tune or vice versa!) The hookline might irritate some, but I frankly found it awesome and very catchy. Antaras work as well, in giving the song more attractiveness. But yes, the disturbances in the lyrics are not done away with here either! Just try translating the lyrics into English and you’ll get my point. Also, arrangements and recording here isn’t top class either! The tune lacks the universal appeal, and ten years later, you might have forgotten all about this song, and when you hear it, you might just mistake it for some song which released in 1993. The best song of the album, but again, if they would have given more importance to the arrangements, freshness of tune and recording, it would have been a class apart!


5. Gangster Baby
Singers ~ Neeti Mohan & Neeraj Shridhar, Lyrics by ~ Shabbir Ahmed

Well, to be honest, after hearing the two other songs which Neeti has sung in this album, I wasn’t ready to hear another just because of the terrible fate of the first two. However, I still had some hope, because Neeti is a very talented singer, and I was hoping that she would finally make some mark in the album and leave some legacy for the album behind. 😂 Well, it was just a wrong and ridiculous expectation, and too great an expectation as well. Himesh Reshammiya has literally redefined the rock genre, and that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s enhanced it. The rock guitar tune (which has been lifted from a South song) does entertain to some extent, but when Neeti enters, everything suddenly changes. She has been given such an unattractive, flat, boring and trying-to-be-the-new-cool composition to sing, that I feel utterly sorry for her. The experiments that have been done with her voice by HR fail to impress as well. On top of that, when Shabbir Ahmed comes to write the most absurd words he can think of, then we can rest assured that the song’s fate is bad. He has written any stupid lyrics! I think he thinks that adding bootylicious or django or bloody to the lyrics automatically makes the song sound good! Well, no sir, it isn’t like that; writing lyrics is also an art! The interludes in the song are some of the worst I’ve ever come across, and they don’t actually attract and keep people listening, like interludes are supposed to. Neeraj enters briefly, but fails to set anything right. Ajay Devgn’s mindless dialogues just make the listeners even more irritated. Rock redefined for the worse!


Extra Song
♪ AJ Theme
Voice ~ Ajay Devgn

The theme song of the movie, which released last, is surprisingly very entertaining, and unexpectedly catchy! After the disastrous fate of the album, such a comparatively awesome theme was definitely not what I was expecting. But all this praise is mostly just for one bit of the theme, and that is the small harmonium-tabla combo tune that keeps coming to entertain us. The bongo-congo also sounds great. Other instruments like the guitars, and other techno sounds have been used well, but could have been used in a catchier way. Ajay irritates with his dialogues, though. Better than some of the actual full-fledged songs in this album! Enjoy the end credits with this song!

Action Jackson is one of those albums, for which I had huge expectations, and probably that’s why I was so disappointed when the album finally released, and did not meet even half of my expectations. The catchiness, hummability and repeat value which is usually present in a Himesh album, is somehow absent from this album. The lyrics are absurd and the recording is worse than the 90s! Some elements from each song make it overall a decent affair, but I seriously don’t think this album is going to be on people’s playlists for long. The theme song being better than four of the five actual songs, is enough to prove my point and also justify my final rating for this album! What’s more, there isn’t a single song in the album, which I can confidently and proudly call a #5StarHotelSong. So, this ends up as the worst album reviewed on my blog. (And it just had to be a single-composer album by one of the t composers of Bollywood! Uggghh I feel so bad for having to do this..) Hey Prabhu!! Ye Tune Kya Kiya! The HR-Prabhu combo just didn’t work!


Final Rating for This Album:-  सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां 

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating. Also, please don’t be offended by the low rating…Read my Humshakals and The Xposé reviews to get to know that I’m not at all a HR hater!


Which is your favourite song from Action Jackson? Please vote for it below! 😊


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