Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Mathias Duplessy & Sachin-Jigar
♪ Lyrics by:- Mukhtiyar Ali, Alan Mercer & Mayur Puri
♪ Music Label:- Sony Music
♪ Music Released On:- 18th August 2014 (on Saavn) & 21st August 2014 (on iTunes)
♪ Movie Releases On:- 12th September 2014

Finding Fanny Album Cover

Finding Fanny Album Cover


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Finding Fanny is an upcoming Bollywood comedy film, which is releasing in both English and Hindi. The film, directed by Homi Adajania and produced by Dinesh Vijan, stars Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Naseeruddin Shah, Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapur. Ranveer Singh and Anjali Patil are playing special appearances in the film. The film is a film ‘hatke’ from the usual Bollywood ‘naach-gaana’ and ‘pehli nazar ka pyaar’ types, and revolves around five characters (being called oddballs in all promotions) on a road trip to Goa to look for the love interest of Naseeruddin’s character, which is how the film has got its name, ‘Finding Fanny’. 😛 As far as the music is concerned, I was not at all expecting anything from it, and when an unknown name Mathias Duplessy was seen in the trailer, hope became even more less. Turns out he is a Spanish composer who had composed in ‘Peepli Live’ as well. When the news of Sachin-Jigar composing a track came out, I got a bit excited to hear their song. So what did I get after all from the soundtrack of ‘Finding Fanny’? Read on to find out!

1. Fanny Re:- Singer ~ Mukhtiyar Ali, Music by ~ Mathias Duplessy, Lyrics by ~ Mukhtiyar Ali

The album kicks off with a fun track, composed by Mathias and sung and written by Mukhtiyar Ali, a Rajasthani singer. The lyrics are Punjabi and Mukhtiyar has written then beautifully, and sung even beautifully. He has not sung perfectly, and that is the thing which made the song more attractive, as if someone who is not professional is singing. Had he sung perfectly, the song wouldn’t have sounded so crazy. The accordion, harmonica, banjo, Spanish guitars and violins have been arranged beautifully. All these instruments create such a fun ambience, that you feel like dancing and grooving along to the music. The small harmonica part after each line of the mukhda just sounds cute. The accordion has been placed wonderfully, and the guitars and banjoes are pretty much omnipresent. The hookline is very attractive, and will definitely attract the masses too towards this un-massy movie. Mathias has done a great job to make something that will cater to Indian audiences. The overall composition is awesome, and sounds exactly like a 1950s Bollywood song, because of the unusual rhythm (unusual for today 😀 ) Mukhtiyar’s voice is very unique, and he has provided the right craziness for the song, and unknowingly (maybe they were trying to make a serious song, who knows?) he has made the song sound crazy and zingy. This song has the capacity to attract all kinds of listeners, it’s just that good. Definitely worth listening many times! #5StarHotelSong!


2. Mahi Ve:- Singer ~ Mukhtiyar Ali, Music by ~ Mathias Duplessy, Lyrics by ~ Mukhtiyar Ali

The makers of the film might have not thought it enough to give one good song, because they might’ve had a doubt whether people would listen to it on loop, so maybe that’s why they added another version of it, that too right after the first. The same song is played, same instrumentations, same singer, same music composer (obviously…) and same lyr– No, not exactly same lyrics. What’s changed, you ask, in the lyrics? Well the word ‘fanny’ has been taken out, and has been replaced with ‘Mahi’ and the word re with ve. Everything else is ditto xerox copy. 😛 You can hear ‘Fanny Re’ on repeat or add both of them to a playlist called ‘Fanny and Mahi’ 😛 and listen to them on repeat together. 😛


3. Ding Dong:- Singer ~ Mathias Duplessy, Music by ~ Mathias Duplessy, Lyrics by ~ Alan Mercer

The third song starts with guitar playing, followed by some whistling and some vocals by Mathias, which don’t mean anything I guess. When the real words start, we get to know they’re in English. Alan Mercer has written them, and they are fine. The composition is full French style. It feels like a song which Tom from ‘Tom and Jerry’ sings to a female cat. I don’t know where I got that thought from, but it does! I can imagine him mouthing these words! The guitars support Mathias throughout the song, and the accordion is present in this song too. Mathias sings well, and with the correct expressions. The backing chorus does its job great too. The composition being very heavily influenced by French music, it won’t find many takers from the Indian masses. Also, since the lyrics are English, pure Bollywood fans would hate this song. I would say it is a great attempt at making something different (for Bollywood, that is, because this guy must be composing these types of melodies everyday 😛 ) Great attempt. Definitely hear it if you’re bored of the cheap lyrics of Bollywood masala films and the dhating-ness of Bollywood music.


4. Shake Your Bootiya:- Singer ~ Divya Kumar, Music by ~ Sachin-Jigar, Lyrics by ~ Mayur Puri, Dinoo

Finally, familiar names arrive, in the form of Sachin-Jigar, Divya Kumar & Mayur Puri. They have come together to make a song, with a weird name, utterly weird arrangements and equally weird lyrics. All the weirdness, but when its our two and only 😛 Sachin-Jigar, we can instantly fell, without hearing the song, that they have another great offering in store for us, hidden behind all the weirdness. The sound effects that open up this chartbuster are some of the weirdest noises ever heard in Bollywood music. The sound of an opera singer, and a church organ, some coughs 😛 (yeah, coughs!) and some sounds of a chair creaking, all add up to the madness. They build up the crazy atmosphere which is required in order to listen to this song in the right mood, or else you might be sad, and you wouldn’t enjoy the song at all, or you might be angry, and you would just get even angry after hearing this song. But they have added great sound effects to prevent all this from happening. It is a feel-good medicine! 😀 The song has been composed excellently, with Sachin-Jigar at their experimental best. The arrangements are mostly techno sound effects. Guitar is also prominent. The Goan flavour is finally evident in this song, mainly on the hookline when the chorus says ‘Heyyyy’. Divya again rocks in a non-folkish track. Looks like everyone in the industry is impressed by him, with good reason! The female singers in the background singing say maka maka maka sound hilarious. The tune is catchy as well, and will be liked by many. It is experimental and at the same time, a commercial chartbuster as well. Lyrics are by Mayur Puri, and I guess we can never be disappointed by this man! He’s awesome, and never fails to write funny, crazy and still awesome lyrics! A crazy, zany, insane, and whatnot track! Another chartbuster from Sachin-Jigar with them at their experimental best! #5StarHotelSong!

Finding Fanny is a refreshing soundtrack, with all three songs being good. The songs are definitely good, but I’m not sure whether they will all cater to all kinds of listeners. The English song especially, will have the least number of listeners, as that genre is a bit less explored in the industry as of now. The other two will definitely find more listeners, but not all will like them. Again, they are of a very different kind compared to regular Bollywood songs. They are not the kind of songs that everyone would instantly grow an affection towards. They are ‘oddballs’ among the rest of the Bollywood songs of nowadays. Nevertheless, I liked them, but since they will get limited audiences, I will rate the album accordingly 🙂 An album which stands out compared to Bollywood albums, but is definitely not suitable for masses, and that too, the masses of India, people who like romantic songs, item songs and dance songs, but all in Bollywood ishtyle!


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म <  < ध < नी < सां

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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