SAIRAT (MUSIC REVIEW): Kolhapuri Tadka (Marathi Special) 🎉🎆

I know, I know! It’s taken me just less than two years after ‘Lai Bhaari’ to come back to review a Marathi album, but the album that has inclined me to do so, is really worth it! 😀 I just couldn’t skip this one! A musical by Ajay-Atul… Nagraj Manjule’s ‘Sairat’!

Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Ajay-Atul
♪ Lyrics by: Ajay-Atul
♪ Music Label: Zee Music Company (Marathi)
♪ Music Released On: 5th April 2016
♪ Movie Releases On: 29th April 2016

Sairat Album Cover

Sairat Album Cover


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Sairat is an upcoming Marathi romantic movie starring newcomers Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Nagraj Manjule, director of the National Award-Winning Marathi film ‘Fandry’. The movie is produced by Nagraj Manjule, Nikhil Sane and Nitin Keni. The film has been showcased at the prestigious 66th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale). The music is by the talented Marathi music director duo, Ajay-Atul, with their last in Marathi being ‘Nilkanth Master’ last year, which was also an awesome album. Also, the fact that the music was recorded in Hollywood (Los Angeles) makes me even more excited to hear it — it is the first Indian film to have done so!! So, I wouldn’t want to explain much about the film, other than the fact that it has four beautiful songs composed by Ajay-Atul… So here goes!

1. Yad Lagla
Singer ~ Ajay Gogavale

The album starts off with a romantic song, one that is highly different from the usual romantic songs we hear every day in Bollywood or even Marathi movies. An orchestra of strings welcomes us into the song with grandeur of the same level as that of Broadway, or any other Western classical music like those composed by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart etc. Ajay-Atul are experts at creating romantic songs, and I feel they haven’t been put to their fullest use in Bollywood yet, because they can compose way better than they have given for Bollywood movies in the past, even though that itself is so good, so imagine how great they can compose! 😀 (Sorry if that was too confusing… Read it again, you might get it.) Here, too, they have put their expertise on display, having created a song that touches the soul with its majestic tune and arrangements. The lyrics are Marathi folk lyrics, not the Marathi you would hear nowadays in cities like Mumbai, but that which you would hear in the smallest of small villages. The wonderful thing about it is that, even though the lyrics are so rustic and folksy, as is the composition, the arrangements don’t make it seem so at all, being grand and regal like some Western classical piece. It is all the magic of the orchestra (conducted by renowned orchestra conductor Mark Graham — who has conducted for some films in film franchises like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Rio’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians’, ‘Spider-Man’, and even ‘Ice Age’, to name just a few!) The wonderful violins play almost throughout the whole song, and sounds just plain scintillating. Flutes and horns also stand high with their parts! Especially when the hookline is played on flute, that part would make your heart skip a beat. In the mukhda, there is a really feel-good peppy portion, in which the flutes play a wonderful game of hide-and-seek, peeping out from behing Ajay’s bold voice after each word. Piano is the prominent instument in the antara, where there are really very minimal instruments, until the peppy part from the mukhda repeats, after which the arrangements pick up pace again. A wonderful backing chorus supports Ajay, but at the end, there is Shreya Ghoshal humming the hookline which lasts for a very short time period, so enjoy it while it lasts, which you will definitely! 🙂 A wonderful, grand second interlude consists of horns and strings in a stupendous symphonic manner. Ajay’s rustic vocals are too good in this song and perfect too! Nobody could’ve done it better than him!! Matkas and daflis are some of the nest attractions of the song, but they can easily be missed because of the grandeur of the western symphony! Under any circumstances, do NOT miss them! 😀 Ajay-Atul write perfect lyrics for the song as well, which have a nice ring to them and with the beautiful composition, they go well! BLISS! A nothing-could-have-been-better opening to this album! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Aatach Baya Ka Baavarla
Singer ~ Shreya Ghoshal

A ‘tick-tock-tick-tock’ sound opens the next song, with a female chorus starting to sing a halad (Marathi for haldi) song. At that moment, you might make the assumption that this is another one of those Marathi halad songs, with a traditional touch, traditional instrumentation and even a traditional style of singing it. However, there is a twist in the story! The song which at first glance seems like a traditional wedding song, has been given a dynamic rock flavour, that doesn’t interfere too much with the traditional flavor, but instead, works in favour of the song. Once Shreya kicks in, we are once again reminded how great Ajay-Atul’s singer choices are. She literally rocks the song! Even in Marathi, she pronounces each and every letter perfectly. There are parts where she has to sing calmly and smoothly, and others where she has to make the most of her energy by putting it wholely into the song, and she manages this very well. There is never a single moment in the song when you will think that tere is too less or too much of energy and enthusiasm. There are mellow parts in the song, which, after hearing, we can understand why Ajay-Atul chose her, but other parts which sound more upbeat and peppy than most songs she’s sung before, we are bowled over by her spot-on rendition of them! This song relies less on instrumentation than the first song, but nevertheless, one can’t imagine what the song would be like without the spectacular 90s rock template — it would be plain boring. Electric guitars and drums along with horns, make the song really catchy. In the antaras, the song gets calm and soothing (I think this is Ajay-Atul’s favourite structure for a song — to make it soft in the beginning, give it a solid impactful hookline with wonderful interludes and then simmer things down in the antaras, only to crank it up again with the advent of the hookline). Shreya does a wonderful little harkat towards the end of the antara, and makes you fall in love with her voice again. The hookline has been designed to be very cool, what with Shreya’s voice tripled singing the word that builds up to the climax of the hookline, the most catchy part of the song. Awesome! Where the first interlude is a beautiful sitar combo with electric guitars, drums and horns, the second goes back to traditional halad sung by the chorus of women. Ajay-Atul’s lyrics, again work their magic. A composition that would have sounded bland without Shreya, or the rock template. Ajay-Atul teach the world how to make a romantic song upbeat, and how! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Sairat Zaala Ji
Singers ~ Chinmayi Sripada & Ajay Gogavale

For the next song, Ajay-Atul rope in their latest favourite, who crooned their last popular mass hit, ‘Mera Naam Mary Hai’ (Brothers) for them, Chinmayi Sripada. This time it’s a wonderful originally Marathi romantic song she gets to sing and not a remake of a Marathi dance number. 😛 All I say about this song, will be too, too, too, too less. A heavenly harp starts it off, with a sweet and playful flute kicking in just afterwards, soon joined by the grand string orchestra. Chinmayi, with her smooth and calming voice, starts off with a haunting melodious piece, until Ajay takes over and completely floors us with his beautifully rustic rendition! The hookline will make those goosebumps show themselves, and I bet they will never go away until the song ends. (I know that’s kind of impossible, but just read it since I’ve written it! 😛 ) Arguably the best song of the album, this one has both the singers touching new highs with their respective renditions. I would never have thought that Chinmayi’s most impressive work for me, would be for a Marathi film! And as for Ajay, any praise for his vocals will be too less, it will end up becoming an insult. So I won’t say anything else, because I take it that you’ve got the idea. Orchestration led by the duo has such a wonderful impact on the listener, and it is clear that it has been done with a lot of caution and care. Again, the strings own the music, with earthy percussion by the folk drums (sounding more South-flavoured than Maharashtrian to me) with the flutes following close behind. The interludes are experiences par excellence. The first one has a wonderful flute piece with two flutes seemingly talking to each other! It sounds so sweet! The violins follow after that, classically leading us to the first antara. The second interlude has flutes playing a tune that sounds so Irish-flavoured, I would’ve liked it on bagpipes more! 😀 Until the orchestra with strings and brass horns joins to spice it up! The composition has no competition, and I can only thank Ajay-Atul for giving it to us so majestically. All parts of the song sound so beautiful, having that wonderful Marathi folk flavour. Ajay-Atul, yet again, write rustic lyrics which appeal so much, and sound way cuter than the urbanized Marathi. 😁 Ajay-Atul decide to end it off with a grand orchestral piece consisting of strings and brass instruments, which has been designed regally. Waiting for something like this in Bollywood, but of course, that will only happen when the producers stop trusting massy songs to do their work. :\ As for this, it is a #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Zingaat
Singers ~ Ajay Gogavale & Atul Gogavale

This seems to be the only song in the album, which hasn’t been recorded in the U.S.A. Hear it and you’ll get why I think so. 😀 Don’t get me wrong! I’m not criticizing… 😀 The last song of the album, which carries hopes of a great great grand finale with it, is a song that is no doubt gonna make it big in small villages all over Maharashtra. It has that massy flavour that has to attract the masses no matter what. In fact, it is so infectiously catchy, that I am having trouble thinking about what to write because of it’s unmatchable energy! 😀 It starts off with club beats and an English female chorus. But then the dhols kick in, never to stop again until the song ends. The song is so weirdly awesome, you never know when it stops, which is what just happened to me. It has played thricealready and I’ve only written this much. :p The composition is something that is clearly aimed at the masses, but will definitely leave the others in awe (you know, the type of awe when you just stare at whatever is in front of you, and keep your mouth open and then a fly goes in and by the time you close your mouth, the fly has gone up and down your oesophagus a thousand times or so. 😛 ) Ajay-Atul sing with so much energy, enthusiasm, joy and oomph, that one simply cannot ignore it. The hookline is something you can find only in a Marathi song. 😂 The lyrics by the duo, this time, are funny. 😀 This song was so distracting (I mean it positively) that I was struggling to write the review for it… Read it again, and I’m sure you won’t find anything substantial! 😛 #5StarHotelSong!!

Sairat turns out to be just as expected — beautiful melodies from the masters at melody-making, Ajay-Atul. And of course, one compulsory high-energy dance number from the duo. I’m not gonna lie and say stuff like “I never expected this from this film” and blah blah. 😛 Just as expected, a mind-blowing, short and sweet little album!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: 😒 


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