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♪ Music by: Amaal Mallik, Jasleen Royal, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Bilal Saeed, Prem Hardeep & Badshah
♪ Lyrics by: Prateek Kuhad, Kumaar, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Aditya Sharma, Bilal Saeed, Amrik Singh, Badshah & Indeep Bakshi
♪ Music Label: Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On: 3rd August 2016
♪ Movie Releases On: 9th September 2016

Baar Baar Dekho Album Cover

Baar Baar Dekho Album Cover


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Baar Baar Dekho is an upcoming Bollywood rom-com starring Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles, while Sarika, Ram Kapoor Sayani Gupta play supporting roles. The film has been directed by debutante director Nitya Mehra, and backed by big producers like Karan Johar, Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. The film is a time-travel romance, and looks quite interesting, but here I remind myself again that I’m not a movie reviewer! What I’m concerned with is the music! And the music album of the film is another multicomposer album! Karan Johar seems to have trusted this multicomposer trend a lot (I guess after the ‘Kapoor & Sons’ music worked so well), and so, he ropes in five composers for this album. Of course, the real credit goes to Azeem Dayani who is the music supervisor of the film (also for ‘Kapoor & Sons’ too!), and he has brought in these five songs that make up the album. When the music of ‘Kapoor & Sons’ was so good, this is bound to be just as mind-blowing and expectations from Azeem are very high! First up is Jasleen Royal, who we already are acquainted with, thanks to Sneha Khanwalkar for giving her that big break in Bollywood with the song ‘Preet’ (Khoobsurat). She leads the album with two of her songs, also debuting as a composer! What a bundle of talent she has turned out to be, and hopefully, all that talent reflects in her work for this film! Next up is the top composer of this generation, Amaal Mallik, back after quite a break after his last, ‘Kuch Toh Hai’ (Do Lafzon Ki Kahani), and he gets a song on this album. After him comes the wonderful Arko Pravo Mukherjee, fresh from the success of his latest ‘Tere Sang Yaara’ (Rustom), and getting to compose one song here, his second for KJo after the beautiful, emotional and heart touching ‘Saathi Rey’ (Kapoor & Sons). Then we have Pakistani singer-composer, Bilal Saeed, with probably his biggest project of his life, and one song to prove his mettle. His first Bollywood outing, ‘Ishqedarriyan’ was quite ordinary; hopefully he does better here!! And last, but how can he ever be the least, is Badshah, who, very conveniently for him, gets to remake the old hit number ‘Kala Chashma’, which was originally composed by Prem Hardeep. Hopefully, this large ensemble of musicians have made a great music album, and when KJo is backing the music and Azeem is the music supervisor, there’s hardly anything to worry about! So let’s see, how many times we can manage to hear this album baar baar!

1. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan
Singers ~ Jasleen Royal, Prateek Kuhad, Music by ~ Jasleen Royal, Lyrics by ~ Prateek Kuhad

The album starts off to a wonderful, dulcet and calm melody composed by debutante, Jasleen Royal. Jasleen seems to have composed this song in her sleep, during her most pleasant dream ever, because the composition is a very pleasant, dreamy one too! Jasleen has kept everything minimal and simple. Without doing much, she manages to do a lot. The simplicity of it all is what is the main attraction of the song. You won’t even feel as if you’re listening to a song from a Karan Johar movie! And after this, Karan Johar albums won’t be tagged loud either! Jasleen does a wonderful job keeping everything bound together by a very simplistic, but very angelic and cute tune, that is bound to make you forget all of your stress, and let you get drowned in the paradise of her music. The arrangements have been kept just as minimal, with a constant guitar riff playing in the background, and making things sound so subtle and gentle. The whole song played on guitars makes you give so much attention to the lyrics, composition and vocals. Of course, towards the end, to make the finale grand (or grander than the subtlety of the rest of the song) Jasleen adds some new sounds like a wonderful whistle, and variations in the style of playing the guitar. Of course, both of the lead singers are perfectissimo in their rendition of the calm, free-floating melody. Jasleen herself has sung her composition, and in my opinion, nobody else could match the sweetness and innocence needed to sing this song. No wonder it is her that came up with this tune!! The sweetness and innocence reflect in both her voice and composition. Prateek Kuhad, also the lyricist, croons his own words, and he does it well, too. Of course, he doesn’t sound professionally trained, but manages to grab the listener’s attention in whatever he sings. Both of them together sound cute and sweet as sugar. The countryside touch in the sing can’t be missed at all. It’ll be bliss for people who come home stressed and just want to chill out after a hectic day at work! Prateek’s lyrics, too, show how things can be conveyed through simplicity! A very simplistic, but very innocent and innovative AND attractive romantic song!! A very blissful start to this KJo album, which usually start with glamour and pomp! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Sau Aasmaan
Singers ~ Neeti Mohan & Armaan Malik, Music by ~ Amaal Mallik, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

And the mood lightens up (even more than what it had gotten lightened up by the first song) with the arrival of the next song on the album. The zestful guitar starts off the song with a very lofty spunk, only to be joined later on by a rather jumpy banjo, whose sole purpose is for you to have the time of your life while listening to him — err, it. (And there I go overboard with my anthropomorphic one-liners!) Okay, more important than the gender of the banjo, is the song at this moment. So, as I was saying, the opening music to the song is so energetic, you can’t help but start grooving to it. And then Amaal makes sure you get no less of amusement while the actual melody starts to play. As soon as Neeti, with her silky-soft and feathery voice starts with Amaal’s tune, you feel as if you have been transported to some new part of the world, which Amaal has made for his listeners. The song itself has been composed in such a manner that it will make you forget all your woes, NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE! A happy-go-lucky tune mixed with beautiful background music, what could go wrong? The arrangements are beautiful, with of course, the banjo (Pramod Timilsina) and guitars (Pramod Timilsina & Armaan Malik) take center stage, while Amaal adds in some very irresistible EDM that just doesn’t leave your head (Again, why should it!) The man’s arranged everything so properly and perfectly, that everything just gels together and the result is a beautiful love song. Coming to the vocals, each line by Neeti is a delight. Her thin voice is what is just perfect for the song. Coupled with Armaan, she sounds awesome. Armaan himself is at his best, having the antara and second mukhda (repeated at the end of the song) to himself and rendering them both with the confidence that only he can have. The way the hookline mellifluously flows out of Neeti’s mouth, just made me speechless. She sings it with such ease that it is unbelievable! Even the mukhda, she sings so effortlessly, it made me fall in love with her voice once again after ‘Bombay Velvet’! Kumaar’s lyrics explain the happy feel of the song very well, and make sure the listeners are included in the happiness of the protagonists. And that is one spectacular romantic song, one that I personally will never forget! Cuteness at its best, presenting Amaal’s next superhit tune!! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Dariya
Singer ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Music by ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Lyrics by ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee

It feels as if the mood that Jasleen had lightened up for us right at the start of the album, and the same mood which Amaal lightened up a bit more, doesn’t ever want to go back down, just as we don’t want it to go back down! And I say this because, to continue the freshness that this album has been carrying till this point, Arko very opportunely presents his song in the album, another love song composed in a very innovative way. The composition is soulful in a very different way. When I say it is fresh, I mean fresher than the fish you get along the coasts of Kerala, and fresher than the smell of a new book. The tune that Arko has woven is nothing like the usual romance that Bollywood has been frolicking around with for so many years. The mukhda, which is also the hookline, is a beautiful opening to the song, and the line “Aaya ranjha mera..” is sweet as honey. (I realized the phrase ‘sweet as sugar’ is too common so… Why not substitute it with honey?) The antara is a perfect example of how to continue freshness of a beautiful tune, without losing listeners halfway. Arko’s specialty is that he can attract listeners with simple melodies, and we see that here too. The “ohhoo ho ho ho ho ohho” vocals by him in the interludes are so charming! The arrangements are nothing but energetic guitar riffs that make the song sound fresh and modern, without too much instrumentation spoiling it. Strings in the second interlude are something you mustn’t miss though! Arko’s vocals, though not cut out for perfect singing, with that faltery and shaky texture, does magic in this song, just as it had done in ‘Saathi Rey’ (Kapoor & Sons). He sings the song with such unmatchable charm and ease, that I can’t imagine anyone else singing it! Arko’s lyrics are also at the height of cuteness, with every word touching your soul somehow. Arko shows again how much magic he can make with light and ear-friendly music! A soulful romantic song that will leave you in awe you for sure. #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Nachde Ne Saare
Singers ~ Jasleen Royal, Harshdeep Kaur & Siddharth Mahadevan, Music by ~ Jasleen Royal, Lyrics by ~ Aditya Sharma

Jasleen returns into the soundtrack with her second song, which turns out to be an upbeat, but definitely offbeat Punjabi wedding song. The composer seems to have had good fun while composing this one, because the tune that has come out as the final result is something that nobody would imagine in a Punjabi wedding song. The composition is so sweet and cute, that you could hear it on loop and very well get diabetes in just a few listens! The composition reminds you a bit of Amit Trivedi’s composition style, with its attractive cuteness. Jasleen leaves no stone unturned in making sure that the end product is a song that will make families all around the world dance together at reunions. The mukhda very nicely starts things off with a cute tune, while the hookline is infectiously energetic. You can’t help but start dancing to it! 😀 And then there are the two antaras, the first being a very quirky and sweet one, while the other is more loud and dynamic in its treatment; at the end of the day, both of them entertain equally. And then we come to Jasleen’s very magnificent arrangements! The usual dhadd and dhols do steal hearts here, but less because of their loudness and more because of their sweet placement. The guitar wonderfully does the job of background music, while the tumbi is what makes you shake your head while the song plays. And Jasleen uses that tumbi very well, like in the interludes and antara. And then there is some wonderful, futuristic techno music that plays oh-so-beautifully in the background while the singers are singing the hookline! That music is just unbelievably goooodd!! The vocals are just as energetic as the rest of the song, but the cuteness remains intact. Jasleen’s voice, as usual, charms you, and then there’s the wonderful, cute and sweeeeeet voice of Harshdeep Kaur, which was definitely needed in this song (both because it suits Katrina so well, and because she’s so good at singing songs this sweet!) The male singer, Siddharth Mahadevan, gets a smaller scope than the two leading ladies, but manages to catch up to them with that “fool vool karne mein cool..” line of his, which is so cool! 😀 And his line in the second antara is great as well! Although I can’t help but say that the two female singers ooze confidence and sweetness, while he adds the spunk and craziness to the song. Aditya Sharma, a debutant lyricist, has great reason to debut with this song, as he has written just as great lyrics as anyone else would’ve for this song. A great mixture of cuteness and fun and frolic, his words really make you smile! Jasleen strikes gold with this one, a Punjabi wedding song that is far better than the usual, typical ones that Bollywood has been making these days!! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Teri Khair Mangdi
Singer ~ Bilal Saeed, Music by ~ Bilal Saeed, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar, Additional Lyrics by ~ Bilal Saeed

A loop of melancholic piano notes takes over from the very light mood of the previous four songs. And then we understand that finally, the darkness has set into the album. Of course, that doesn’t always have to be bad! Bilal Saeed steps into the album for this next song, and because his future in Bollywood clearly depends on this song (which is his biggest venture in Bollywood as of now) he steps into the album with quite a lovely sad song. The song is actually an adaptation of his very own pop song, a collaboration between him and Dr. Zeus, which had released in 2012 in his album ‘Twelve’, and Azeem must’ve decided to include that in this film. The composition has that very distinct and clichéd pop sound to it, and still manages to grab your attention. Bilal’s composition is quite good, and all that he has done different from the original is, crank down the tempo a bit so that it sounds sad, whereas it sounded like a remix in the original pop song. The hookline is of the type that you hear once and it gets stuck in your head. Whether you want it or not! Fortunately, in this case, it is good. The antara seems kind of weak in its tune, but after a couple of listens it sets in well. Compared to the well composed mukhda though, it is not half as good. Bilal’s arrangements are quite simple, yet heavy in that there is a lot happening at once. The piano that starts the song keeps on repeating through the song, while wonderful violin strokes accentuate the pain in the song, after the mukhda. There are beats that are typical of pop songs, but entertain over here nevertheless. The violin is definitely the star of the arrangements, though it keeps playing the same tune over and over again, just like the piano. I wish there was some variation over there. Bilal’s voice suits the song, and I really can’t imagine anyone else singing this song as he has sung it; I don’t know whether that was a negative comment or positive! 😛 Along with Bilal, who has written additional lyrics, Kumaar has written a good song, and though it is nothing to marvel at, it isn’t something to keep cringing at either. However, the original song was written by Bilal, and I wonder how he has written additional lyrics, if the lyrics are more or less the same!! 😦 Shouldn’t it be the other way round? Anyway, this is a song that will definitely work in favour of the film for a few weeks. And though it isn’t as good as the others, it is a good break for Bilal in Bollywood! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Kala Chashma
Singers ~ Amar Arshi, Neha Kakkar & Badshah, Original Composition by ~ Prem Hardeep, Music Recreated by ~ Badshah, Lyrics by ~ Amrik Singh & Kumaar, Rap Lyrics by ~ Badshah & Indeep Bakshi

Here comes the song I was waiting for all this while. Like a principal awaits the troublesome student, and a lion awaits a deer in his den, I was awaiting this song. 🙈 So, Karan Johar has taken up this fad of remaking old pop hits in his movies, and though they worked quite a number of times before this, this one is a compete loser! The person who gets to remake this Prem Hardeep hit from the 2000s happens to be none other than Punjabi rapper Badshah. And his own song ‘Chull’ had been remade in KJo’s last ‘Kapoor & Sons’. Is this revenge?? OK, so the composition is nothing but timepass, with just one tune repeating the whole time, either played on tumbi or sung by the singers. Of course, there’s a brief portion where Neha Kakkar sings in some other tune, and the mandatory Badshah rap, but besides that, everything is the same, irritating, stuck-in-your-head-but-never-getting-out tune that is spoiling the whole song! I know it was a rage back then, but every tune has its time! 😬😬 Basically, Badshah was the last person the makers should’ve approached to remake this one. Or maybe they just wanted an instant hit for their movie. Of course they did. The arrangements are not even attention-worthy. The irritating tumbi plays tat irritating tune throughout the song, while Badshah intermixes it with some more irritating techno sounds that barely make you pop and lock. 😂 I even thought I heard Dr. Zeus’ famous trademark, the screaming lady and the shattering glass, somewhere!! Or was it just me? :O Have I gone mad? I hope not. Please tell me you heard it too! The vocals are just as irritating. Amar Arshi’s vocals must’ve been taken from the original track itself, or re-recorded, what does it matter? It still sounds bad! Neha Kakkar uses her usual sharp and shrill voice to sing, while Badshah keeps interrupting with the same rap every single time! And the rap is about how the boys’ hearts are on fire when they see the girl walking on the street. Of course, what can you expect from a song which is about how good black sunglasses look on a girl who’s really fair? bad end to the otherwise great soundtrack!! the only song on the soundtrack that screams ‘R.I.P. Bollywood music’!!

Baar Baar Dekho turns out to be an exceptionally good multicomposer album! If you want a multicomposer album to sound great, leave it to Karan Johar and Azeem Dayani to bring together a nice ensemble of musicians to do it for you! With tons of variety, this album surely is one of the best multicomposer albums of the year! Also, Azeem Dayani and Karan Johar have given the industry a new find in Jasleen Royal, the young lady composer whose both songs in this album are hands-down beautiful! Amaal and Arko impress as usual, and Badshah disappoints as usual, while Bilal makes a good entry into mainstream Bollywood with a big-banner film. The album stays true to its name, and it is something to hear not just baar baar, but baar baar baar baar baar baar!!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Nachde Ne Saare > Sau Aasmaan = Dariya = Kho Gaye Hum Kahan > Teri Khair Mangdi > Kala Chashma


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