Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Bobby-Imran
♪ Lyrics by: Shabbir Ahmed
♪ Music Label: Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On: 4th February 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 27th February 2015

Badmashiyaan Album Cover

Badmashiyaan Album Cover


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Badmashiyaan is an upcoming romantic-comedy (being marketed as a rom-CON; Umm… Aren’t we kind of having too much of these con movies lately, what with ‘Dolly Ki Doli’ and now this? 😝) directed by Amit Khanna (of ‘Tutiya Dil’ fame) and produced by Vijay Gutte. The film stars Suzanna Mukherjee (‘Joker’, ‘Tutiya Dil’, ‘Trip To Bhangarh’) in the lead role playing a con-girl, Naari. The three men she con’s are played by Sidhant Gupta (‘Tutiya Dil’), Karan Mehra (‘Blood Money’, ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’, ‘Ragini MMS 2’) and Sharib Hashmi (‘Filmistaan’) respectively. Gunjan Malhotra (‘Tevar’) also has a role in the movie. So, the story isn’t that innovative. But we can expect something from the music, which is by the duo launched by the Bhatts with ‘Khamoshiyan’, Bobby-Imran. I also got to know that they have been assistants to Pritam for seven years, and that Bobby is none other than Anupam Amod himself. That really changed my perception about them. Anyways, their last song from ‘Khamoshiyan’ was very Bhatt-ish typical, so didn’t really appeal to me. Let’s see whether their typicality has worn off in this album!

1. Shaitaaniyan / Shaitaaniyan (Encore)
Singers ~ Ankit Tiwari / Anupam Amod

Though the starting piano notes may remind you of  ‘Saawan Aaya Hai’ from ‘Creature 3D’, and the whole song overall might remind you of numerous Vishesh-film songs, there is no stopping you from loving the song nevertheless. Ankit Tiwari, though some might’ve got fed up with his autotune voice, seems to be the perfect choice for this song, and his voice, though it is the same as it is in all the songs he composes himself, suits the composition. Plus, it gives you a nice break from the innumerable Arijit Singh songs coming out these days. Bobby & Imran’s composition, though very typical and Bhatt-ish, still works and still makes you fall for it. It has a slight hangover of ‘Tu Har Lamha’ from ‘Khamoshiyan’, but they’ve definitely gone miles ahead of where that song had stood on our likability meters. 😂 And all for the better, because, people will now actually get a genuine reason to praise them, instead of the false praise they got for their first song, just because it was part of a Bhatt album. Piano and guitars lead the arrangements, and since things have been kept so simple, the song gets one more reason to be loved. Shabbir Ahmed might have actually got a ticket out of that “Absurd Lyricists” list, because he has actually given us something substantial! I mean, he seems to have done a course in writing beautiful lyrics finally, and he has provided some wonderful lyrics for this song! 🙂 The “Encore” sung by Bobby himself, a.k.a. Anupam Amod, is a slightly differently arranged version, and again, Anupam’s voice doesn’t do anything special to enhance the song that Ankit already sang so great, so it doesn’t deserve that much recognition as the original. However, the backing vocals added in this version which aren’t in that version (Haww! That’s so evil and selfish! :\ ) sound beautiful and would sound even better had they been in the original version! The original version is what you must go for; it is one hooky and calming romantic song, in which Ankit excels and so do Bobby & Imran! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Thode Se Hum / Thode Se Hum (Encore)
Singers ~ Mohit Chauhan / Shilpa Rao

The opening notes of this song strikingly resemble the same sonmg with which the duo debuted last month, ‘Tu Har Lamha’, and follows the same Bhatt template, as it seems in the prelude. But when Mohit Chauhan enters, and works his magic on the composition, things start falling right into place. Indeed, it does sound very Vishesh-ish (!!) but on the other hand, it falls on the better side of typicality, just as the first song of the album did. The very prominent Pritam feel can’t be ignored at all, and does make the song enjoyable. The rock feel is used throughout the song, and Bobby-Imran don’t leave any stone unturned to make it become a full-fledged soft rock romantic number, with all the rock guitars and drums. The violins have also been used very nicely, and you just can’t miss the flute interlude. Again, Shabbir Ahmed impresses like he rarely does. 😛 For those who still found it very typical and too wannabe Vishesh, there’s always a better path in life!! 😂 And by that, I mean, there’s a different version for you guys! And that happens to be called the “Encore”. In the first song, the encore was not as good as the original. But that’s not the case here. Here, the encore is a soothing, peaceful, melodious version of the same rock song. And behind the mic is none other than Shilpa Rao. With her distinct voice, she rules the composition, and also very expertly carries away any typicality which might be left in the composition. A song in the female voice sounds less Bhatt-ish.. I just don’t know why. The way the duo has placed her voice on a very soft unplugged-like arrangement, with only guitars and piano notes, is awesome. And her two tracks harmonizing in the hookline, is again, sounding beautiful! So this time, the encore overtakes the original, and the main reason behind that is the soothing voice of Shilpa and arrangements of her version! Not that Mohit’s version is bad, though!! Choose any one, or both!! #5StarHotelSong!!!


3. Garden Garden Gave
Singers ~ Mika Singh & Jaspreet Jasz

The next song on the album, is an out-an-out clubby track, but with a very unexpected twist — it has a whole Haryanvi feel to it. On the lines of ‘Boss Title Track’ and ‘Superman’ (Tevar), this one too has a full-of-attitude tune and vocals to it. It is a club song which seems to have been sung by a gangster, going by the lyrics. The techno sounds which open up the song, really get you attracted to the song from the start. Jaspreet’s rappy stuff at the beginning is really impressive, too! As soon as the proper song starts, the attitude instantly kicks in. The percussive beats in the interludes are impressive, as well. Mika’s rendition, is, after a long time, something that I thoroughly enjoyed. Rarely these days, does he really entertain. And this song comes under that “rare” category. 🙂 Unfortunately, even with such a great start to the song, it kind of loses the punch in the antaras. It would have been better if Bobby-Imran could’ve kept up the entertaining stuff for the whole song. Shabbir’s lyrics changed as per the requirements of the song, and now we canfely say, that it isn’t his fault that he has to write such utter stupidity sometimes. 😛 Anyways, nothing special here that he’s written. dumdaar start, but gets diluted as the song progresses! Very good attempt though!


4. Kudiyan Baimaan
Singer ~ Manish J. Tipu

Yes, it is very (may I say so?) gaavthi, but it is very well composed at that! Very rarely does such a folksy song catch your attention so much! The tune by the duo is something crazily catchy, with humorous and wacky interruptions by backing vocalists that just make you go crrrrazy. The arrangements are also top-class. Harmonium, dholaks and whatnot add up to the dynamicness of the song. The hookline is something that’ll make you go wild! Manish perfectly suits all the needs of the composition, and delivers well, at the same time not letting go of the comic touch. Bobby-Imran’s tune doesn’t let the listener go, at all! It just keeps you listening till it ends. The lyrics by Shabbir are also amusing, but only if you forget that he’s written them, or else you might have prejudices. The craziness of the composition reminded me very much of ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai’ from ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’, and we can see where the duo has got the touch of Pritam from, after working with him for seven years! Though some might find it utterly irritating, I personally lived it a lot, and recommend you to listen to it, hoping you do too! Rocking, crazy, quirky, wacky end to the album! Do hear it if you’re looking for something new and fresh! #5StarHotelSong!!

Well, to speak the truth, who in the world, had expected SUCH a good album (considering the status of the film) for this film?? Badmashiyaan is an opportunity that came knocking on Bobby-Imran’s studio door, which they have made the very best out of! I, for one, wasn’t expecting this album to be so good. Although it’s nothing worthy of awards or anything, it does have some pretty lovable and enjoyable tracks, which you can openly groove to. The duo has shed their typical image which they had made, thanks to ‘Khamoshiyan’, and finally I can tag them as versatile. A surprisingly good album by the duo, Bobby – Imran, which I would like to call as their debut, “in the true sense!” They have done a favour (meherbaani) on us by giving such a good album for a film not that big!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Kudiyab Baimaan > Thode Se Hum (Encore) > Shaitaaniyan > Thode Se Hum > Garden Garden Gave > Shaitaaniyan (Encore)


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