Album Details
♪ Music by:- Shantanu Moitra
♪ Lyrics by:- Swanand Kirkire
♪ Music Label:- T-Series
♪ Music Released On:- 10th June 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 4th July 2014


Bobby Jasoos Album Cover

Bobby Jasoos Album Cover

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Bobby Jasoos is an upcoming comedy thriller film, directed by Samar Shaikh and produced by Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha under their banner, Born Free Entertainment. Vidya Balan is the playing the lead role in this women-centric film, and supporting her are many actors including Ali Fazal (‘Fukrey’ fame), Supriya Pathak, Arjan Bajwa, Zarina Wahab to name a few. Vidya is playing an aspiring detective in the film, and it would be interesting to see her carry out the role. The music composer who has composed great soundtracks for many of Vidya’s earlier films, like ‘Parineeta’, ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ and ‘Eklavya: The Royal Guard’, has been roped in to score for this film and he is Shantanu Moitra. Nowadays absent from composing for mainstream commercial Bollywood movies, and his last movie being ‘Madras Café’, this movie would mark his comeback to commercial films, and so a great soundtrack like that of ‘Parineeta’ and ‘3 Idiots’ was expected from him. Accompanying him as the lyricist is the great Swanand Kirkire, from whom exceptional lyrics are always expected. So, with that, let’s start to investigate the soundtrack of Bobby Jasoos. (Get it? Get it? “Investigate”? 😂 Okay, I’ll cut it with the Sajid Khan-level jokes, but let’s seriously start “investigating” this soundtrack!)

1. Jashn:- Singers ~ Shreya Ghoshal & Bonnie Chakraborty

The kick-starter to the album is a peppy, full-of-energy, high-spirited track, supposedly an ‘Eid ka chaand’ song, with many Carnatic touches, thanks to the brilliant use of nadaswaram and thavil. The very high energy quotient in Shreya’s voice helps this song a lot, and she provides the required amount of energy and aces the song. The tune, which is a bit dated, does not disappoint fully, but sounds a bit too outdated at parts like in the antaras. The flute part has been executed brilliantly, and the electric guitars also appear in a cameo towards the end of the song. The song reminded me of Shantanu’s own ‘Bandey Mein Tha Dum’ from ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ at places. The peppiness in the song just cannot be ignored and will get you dancing (it depends 😛 ) in no time. In the antara, the arrangements are hushed a bit, and again pick up the peppiness after some lines, the transition so smooth and perfect that you won’t even notice it. Bonnie Chakraborty also makes a cameo appearance in one of the antaras and though he sings good, it didn’t quite work for me, and he was overshadowed by Shreya. Swanand’s lyrics are also suitable. A nice peppy track, with a few disappointing elements, which can be ignored because of the positive points! Go for it!


2. Tu:- Singers ~ Papon, Shreya Ghoshal (Original Version), Shreya Ghoshal, Papon (Reprise)

The instant it starts with magical guitar strums followed by Shreya Ghoshal’s sweet voice, I could tell that this song would have something different and that it would give me another reason to love classical music. It starts like a contemporary romantic track with guitars, and then suddenly the composition changes course altogether and transforms into a full-fledged semiclassical heavenly song. Papon, Shantanu’s new favourite now that Sonu Nigam won’t sing for T-Series, brings in the tablas with him, and they have been played so beautifully, that Papon himself must have been compelled to sing in a heavenly voice. The veena has been played very beautifully too. The people who don’t like classical music will get a reason to like it after hearing this song, while the people who do like it might just decide to never stop listening to classical music. The mukhda as well as the antaras have a great tune which will transport you to paradise for seven minutes. The lyrics by Swanand are also exceptional, with dashes of the Hyderabadi (where the film is set) culture, reflecting in the Urdu. Papon’s voice is so clear that I wonder why he doesn’t get more songs. In the reprise, another seven minutes of blissful paradise is granted to all the people who are still not satisfied with the first seven minutes, and this time, the roles of both the singers have been reversed, with Shreya singing the main classical parts, and Papon supporting her. The musical arrangement is pretty much the same, and yet the song still has the freshness, and you won’t get sick and tired of it at all. I seriously cannot stop praising this son ever since its release! Shreya’s aalaaps are another must-not-miss feature of this song. I liked the reprise more than the original version, because, well of course because of the sukoon in Shreya’s voice! Shantanu has given us fourteen minutes of bliss, in the form of a beautiful, too good, indescribable semiclassical eternal melody! #5StarHotelSong!


3. B.O.B.B.:- Singers ~ Neeraj Shridhar, Deepti Rege, Mayuri Patwardhan, Archana Gore, Aparna Ullal

This song is the title song of the film, and Shantanu has created a pretty enjoyable track, with fun lyrics by Swanand, which describe our main character, Bobby. He has created an interesting fusion of classical and retro jazz, with the Carnatic instruments and brass instruments complementing each other pretty well. The harmonium and thavils have been seen along with brass horns. The female chorus sounds very annoying when they sing that particular line ‘B.O.B.B. Ki jasoosi’. I guess T-Series is obsessed with spelling out the name of their films or characters in the theme songs, like in ‘The Xposé’ and now in this. I think we know how to spell, T-Series! And that too, they have spelled Bobby wrong in this song! 😝 Neeraj Shridhar’s voice sounds very feminine and that reminded me of the ideal choice for this song, and that would be Usha Uthup. She would have done total justice to this song. Though it is entertaining, it is just as much annoying thanks to Neeraj singing in a female-ized voice, and the female chorus consisting of four never-heard-of-before singers, who should get a Master’s degree in Irritating People. What’s more, the song is over five minutes long, and it makes for a very monotonous listen. The only part worth listening to this otherwise annoying song for is the interesting fusion and the lyrics.


4. Sweety:- Singers ~ Aishwarya Nigam & Monali Thakur

The banjo loop from the title song of ‘Gunday’ forms the starting of this song, and though it must be a music sample, I don’t think it was a good decision to use it here, in a Desi wedding track. The first impression the song gave me was BAD, so I guess that impression continued its negative work, and contaminated my brain, ordering it to keep having a bad impression on the song afterwards also. Anyways, the song doesn’t deserve to be praised or anything. It is just a tad bit less annoying than the previous track. Aishwarya Nigam (no, that’s not his real surname, he just kept it because he is a fan of Sonu Nigam) seems to have established himself as a wedding track and item song singer in Bollywood. This time though, his usual partner Manta Sharma is absent from the scene and she is replaced by the latest Filmfare Award for Best Female Singer recipient, Monali Thakur. They both sing great as usual (I have always liked both their voices in their songs) but the tune fails in this song. What’s more, the hookline has redefined “sappy” with its sappy lyrics which are a mix of modern and Shakespearean English. I mean who says “thee” in a Hindi song? Leave that, even the modern English words sound very odd in this track! The arrangements are okay. The brass shaadi interlude starts very dully, but then it turns into a Spanish/Brazilian beat, which is pretty interesting. The song ends interestingly too, with Aishwarya singing oral rhythms in the background while Monali sings the sappy hook. Lacks an engaging tune, lacks innovative lyrics, but vocals are the only good aspect of the song.

Bobby Jasoos is an album which has one eternal melody, ‘Tu’, one entertaining song to an extent, ‘Jashn’, a song scoring in arrangements and disappointing in vocals, ‘B.O.B.B’, and a song scoring in nothing much except vocals, ‘Sweety’. Shantanu has retained a certain amount of quality in the first two tracks, which drops drastically in the last two tracks, so we can call the soundtrack misleading, too. Shantanu’s comeback to mainstream commercial Bollywood films has been a mediocre one, but he has given us an unforgettable song too with all the easily forgettable ones. Swanand doesn’t disappoint as much with the lyrics, only underperforming in the last song. The songs do entertain, but barring ‘Tu’, none will be permanently stuck in your memory. When a single song’s quality is equal to the total quality of the other tracks, you know that the soundtrack has a problem, and that is exactly the case with this album. I seriously think that Bobby should have done more homework on music. 😛 An album with very less shelf life, or playlist life, save for the blissful ‘Tu’. 


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग <  < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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