DO NOT SNIFF!! (SNIFF!!! – Music Review)

Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Mujtaba Aziz Naza
♪ Lyrics by: Amole Gupte
♪ Music Label: Eros Music
♪ Music Released On: 16th August 2017
♪ Movie Released On: 25th August 2017

Sniff Album Cover


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Sniff is a Bollywood mystery film, starring Khushmeet Gill as the child detective in the film. The film has been directed by Amole Gupte and produced by Jyoti Deshpande, Amole Gupte and Ajit Thakur. The film is about a young detective, who, with his keen sense of smell, solves a case of car thefts in his society. Now, Amole Gupte’s films’ emotional aspect gives them the scope of having very touching music albums. ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ and ‘Hawaa Hawaai’ by Hitesh Modak prove that. This time, Gupte goes for a newcomer, though. For us, we have heard him sing in ‘Indu Sarkar’ just last month. He’s Mujtaba Aziz Naza. The newcomer gives five songs for the album; let’s see if they’re worth a listen sniff!

1. Bugs Ki Naak / Amole Ki Naak

Singers ~ Bugs Bhargava Krishna / Amole Gupte

They think it’s funny, but it’s plain irritating. There’s no composition at all, just the singer shouting, thinking he’s singing jazz. Mujtaba does better with arrangements, which are jazzy, but the way the composition goes haywire in outbursts, is just too bad. At least Bugs’ version has jazz, but Amole’s has a-cappella. The lyrics are stupid. What have you got to do with why his nose is so big? And he repeats ‘Hathkadi’ 1000 times! We got it the first time! Good try to sound retro, but ends up sounding irrit-etro!

Rating: 1/5 for Bugs ki Naak (for better arrangements and vocals), 0/5 for Amole Ki Naak


2. Aur Kitni Door

Singer ~ Vishal Bhardwaj

This one starts like a Vishal Bhardwaj song with its intro music, and also gives a ‘Taare Zameen Par’ feel. But the composition is so weird, and so hard to grasp! Mujtaba tries to make it like VB’s style, but just getting him to sing won’t do that. That being said, it is quite an average song. Arrangements are mellow; the use of strings is beautiful. The song gets heavy after the mukhda and you zone out. Better, but not good.

Rating: 2/5


3. Jai Jai Ganaraj

Singer ~ Shankar Mahadevan

To rope in Shankar Mahadevan to sing a Ganpati song is fine. But to compose it so badly is not fine. It has none of the energy and uplifting quality that accompanies a Ganesha song. It just has an overbearing tedium. The Maharashtrian instruments have been used unwisely. The composition belongs somewhere in the 90s. Shankar still tries to do justice to it but fails. The least energetic Ganesha song I’ve heard! 

Rating: 1.5/5


4. Dekhti Kya Hain Aankhein

Singer ~ Kareena Shomakhova

This song seems to have been made according to the mystery aspect of the film. As such, it fares quite well, woth a sinister tone to open it. A jazzy horror tune starts it off. The composition isn’t great here either, too, with sudden high notes. The new singer Kareena Shomakhova is off tune so frequently. The sound effects try to scare you, to no avail. A song that ran away from a C-Grade horror film.

Rating: 1.5/5

Sniff is the worst Amole Gupte album ever. I remember loving ‘Hawaa Hawaai’s music so much more than the rest of the world. Same goes with ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’. Both were by Hitesh Sonik. And for the film where Gupte was the Creative Director, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, we all know how popular that album is. This one, though, just loses out on all the emotion, motivation and inspiration that used to find its way into Amole Gupte movies, and hence albums. It sounds so much like it’s some cartoon kind of album. Is it because of the change in music director? Well I can only warn you not to sniff this album!



Total Points Scored By This Album: 1 + 0 + 2 + 1.5 + 1.5 = 6

Album Percentage: 24%

Final Rating for this Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Listen at your own risk.


I’m not asking for your  favourite song! Thanks! 😄