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Music by:- Jeet Gannguli | Lyrics by:- Rashmi Singh | Music Label:- Sony Music | Music Released On:- 6th May 2014 | Movie Releases On:- 30th May 2014

Citylights Album Cover

Citylights Album Cover

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After directing the critically acclaimed ‘Shahid’ last year, this year Hansal Mehta is back with a film called Citylights, starring Rajkummar Rao, who was also the lead actor in ‘Shahid’. Starring alongside him is debutante Patralekha. The film is about a Rajasthani farmer whose life gets struck by tragedy, and so he moves to Mumbai, where he hopes to find a better life, but understands that life in the city isn’t that easy, when he reaches to Mumbai. Hansal Mehta’s last ‘Shahid’ only had one song called ‘Beparwah’ which was composed by Karan Kulkarni. Due to poor promotions, many people are not aware of this gem of a song. Since this film is produced by Mukesh Bhatt, it was obvious that there would be many songs and not just one. The soundtrack was very much awaited ever since the film was announced. The music of the film has been composed by Jeet Gannguli, who had recently composed ‘Suno Na Sangemarmar’ for ‘Youngistaan’. I don’t like much of his music as, most of the time, he just remakes his Bengali songs with Hindi lyrics. However, in this album, he has not reused any of his Bengali tunes, which is a great achievement, I must say! Kailash Kher was going to compose for this film first, but he left the project due to royalty issues. So let’s see how Jeet has done in place of Kailash Kher!

1. Muskurane:- Singers ~ Arijit Singh (Romantic Version), Mohammed Irfan (Unplugged Version)

The two princes of romantic songs these days, have both sung a version of this song! Good that Jeet is being fair to both of them! 😀 Arijit has been roped in to sing the romantic version, and he is the perfect choice for it! I cannot imagine anyone else singing this song! The tune is just plain awesome! It is a typical Jeet Gannguli composition– romantic and soothing. Though it is a romantic song, because it is a bit slow, it sounds like a sad song. The lyrics are by a newcomer Rashmi Singh, and she has written this song beautifully! The lyrics are very sweet and romantic. The song starts with a wind instrument followed by piano notes, then Arijit starts with his magical voice. The tune of the mukhda and antaras both are great! The use of violin is outstanding in this track too! It has an awesome melody which will stay with you for a very, very long time! The Unplugged Version by Mohammed Irfan is more of a Sad Version of the song, in which the singer is supported mainly by piano. Mohammed Irfan’s robotic type voice, which sounds as if it has been altered with some software, sounds great as usual! The violin orchestration done is also brilliant and you will feel as if you are listening to an orchestra in London or somewhere else abroad. Though he doesn’t carry this song out with as much ease as Arijit, he still does a commendable job, and delivers what is needed for the Unplugged Version of this song. A great melody, which you will instantly like, but won’t instantly forget! 😀 Definitely a  #5StarHotelSong!



2. Darbadar:- Singer ~ Neeti Mohan

Starting with piano notes and electric guitar, this song instantly hooks you with its haunting tune (which I realized after a friend pointed it out 😛 , thanks, I guess you know who you are! 🙂 ) The moment Neeti starts singing, you will not at all dare to skip this track, either because you are too scared to do so 😛 or because you have loved it! Most probably the latter option, right? 😀 The song mainly describes the main plot of the movie, about how Rajkummar’s character is searching for a better life in the city, and hence, the line ‘Dhoondhe jo tu pagle, nahi woh yahaan’! Rashmi Singh’s lyrics perfectly describe the plot of the movie! Neeti Mohan’s vocals will make sure you won’t miss this track, they are so great! This is probably her most meaningful track yet! A great haunting melody by Jeet Ganguly, great lyrics by the newcomer Rashmi Singh, and exceptional singing by the versatile Neeti Mohan! It is yet another  #5StarHotelSong!


3. Ek Charraiya:- Singers ~ Arijit Singh (Original Version), Jeet Gannguli (Unplugged Version)

Woah! Here is a completely different side of Arijit’s voice which I have never heard before! He sings with a very rustic voice, and I was surprised that Arijit could sing like this! Jeet has composed a traditional Bengali folkish tune, which will instantly remind you of ‘Monta Re’ from ‘Lootera’. Arijit sounds as if his throat is dry, and it is very hard to sing like this and bring that effect to your voice. The lyricist has compared the character of Rajkummar to a bird, who leaves his nest and goes to a different land. The song is all about how Rajkummar’s character doesn’t like it in an environment totally different from his home. Wow! What a nice way to tell this– by comparing the character to a bird! Rashmi Singh seems like a promising lyricist! What great lyrics she has given! The tune is very sweet and such that you can never hate this song! The Unplugged Version of this song is pretty much the same. It has the same amount of instruments, so I don’t know why they have called it Unplugged! Jeet Gannguli’s singing is even more rustic than Arijit’s, but I felt that Arijit’s version is a bit better because the vocals are better in that version. Listen to this song for peace and a calming effect. It is the third #5StarHotelSong in this album!!


4. Soney Do:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh

I think Jeet Gannguli is trying to repeat ‘Aashiqui 2’ by giving more than 50% of the album (not counting the unplugged versions) to Arijit to sing. However, no complaints at all! Arijit has carried out this song with great ease. It is another haunting melody, most probably based on some raaga. It is a very complicated song to sing, with many low notes, which Arijit has sung effortlessly! The sargam piece after the second antara has been sung superbly. The haunting tune which plays on loop is just mind-blowing! The percussion is also great, and it sounds like a dafli. The lyrics are also good, mainly about the main character finding life in the city hard. I couldn’t stop myself from keeping it on loop, it’s just so magical! One of the best classical-based songs of the year! And the FOURTH #5StarHotelSong of this album!


5. Citylights (Title Song):- Singers ~ Ustad Rashid Khan, Usha Uthup

This track starts with techno sounds, almost similar to those which Jeet Gannguli had used in the title song of ‘Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi’. But the song after that is totally different. It is a semi-classical song, with Rashid Khan taking care of the classical parts, and Usha Uthup singing the contemporary parts. It is a fast-paced track efficiently describing the chaos in the city. It instantly reminded me of ‘Hona Hai Kya’ from ‘Talaash’, the background music is quite similar. The vocals by both of the singers are flawless, but I felt that the composition is lacking something, and that was a likeable tune. Even though there isn’t much scope for a great tune with the word ‘Citylights’, I thought that after the above four songs, Jeet Gannguli would impress with the title song as well, but he didn’t, sadly. However, since the song is situational, maybe it will make more sense in the movie. Not bad, but not as good as the other gems in this soundtrack.


Overall:- To be frank, when I learnt that the composer was initially going to be Kailash Kher, I suddenly had no expectations from this album, because the composer would be Jeet Gannguli. So I didn’t really care much about when the soundtrack is releasing. However, when the first song promo (Muskurane) released, I loved it! Since then, I was waiting for this album to release, and when I heard the songs, I was blown away! The songs were GREAT! I had never expected such a gem of an album from Jeet Gannguli. I had liked only a few songs from his previous films, with ‘Raaz 3’ and ‘Aashiqui 2’ leading, but they were mostly recyclings from Jeet’s Bengali albums! Therefore, I’m happy to announce that my favourite album by Jeet Gannguli is now Citylights! Okay, sorry for slipping into award-show-presenter-mode 😛 . But seriously, Citylights is not one of the best albums of Jeet Gannguli. It’s THE best! 😀 Good to see Jeet Gannguli getting over his Bengali songs which he seems to unconditionally love. He should understand that his music turns out better if it’s original! ‘Citylights’ is Jeet Gannguli’s best album, at least in Bollywood! However, I’m pretty sure that these songs are SO good, that some years down the line, some of the directors of his Bengali films will beg for him to remake these songs in BENGALI! 😀


Final Rating for this Album:- (Seriously? Can’t you guess?!) सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating


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