Album Details:-

♪ Music by:- Parichay, Dr. Palash Sen, Mikey McCleary & Anand Bajpai
♪ Lyrics by:- Manoj Yadav, Parichay, Dr. Palash Sen, Deekshant Sehrawat, Tanmay Bahulekar, Ankur Tiwari & Raghav Dutt
♪ Music Label:- T-Series
♪ Music Released On:- 23rd May 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 30th May 2014

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi Album Cover

Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi Album Cover


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Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi is a comedy film which releases tomorrow. 😛 (Yeah, yeah, I know the review is late, but the music released just as late, too) The film features Siddharth Gupta (a newcomer) in the title role, and Simran Kaur Mundi (who debuted in Bollywood with ‘Jo Hum Chahein’ in 2011) in the female lead role. The film has been directed by Aman Sachdeva and produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor and Bejoy Nambiar. Bejoy Nambiar movies are known to have many songs, and most often, none of the songs even get noticed! 😛 I guess the case is the same with this movie as well, or maybe they predicted it would happen and then released the music a mere week before the movie’s release date! The music has been given by four people, and out of the four, I only expected some decent songs from Mikey McCleary. Lyrics are by a list of people, and there too I knew about only two or three of them. :/ So, in short, I was expecting nothing from this album. Let’s see if the album met my low expectations, or not even that!

1. Tarzan:- Singers ~ Anu Malik, Anmol Malik, Music by ~ Parichay, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav, Rap written and sung by ~ Parichay

I have no ‘parichay’ with this guy Parichay except that he had composed that ‘O Meri Chandni’ remix for ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’ in 2012. After that, he was hibernating I guess. 😀 Now he seems to be out of hibernation, and he gets to compose a song in this film. The song is a party number, with a bit too many techno elements, which serve as a big nuisance throughout the song. The rap by Parichay is in Punjabi, and it sounds STUPID. 😛 And don’t even ask me how Anu Malik sounds! He still sounds the same, especially in that junglee Tarzan yelp. It suits him, though, if you think over it. It looks like they have tried to change his voice but everything failed. His daughter Anmol Malik doesn’t sound all that great either, but when you compare it to her father’s it will sound awesome! The lyrics are also nonsense. Oh, but feel free to listen to this if you are going to play the role of Tarzan in any play or something, the song will teach you exactly what it takes to be Tarzan! 😛 Just sing like Anu Malik, and poof! You are Tarzan! 😀 I hope Parichay goes back to hibernate after this! Listen at your own risk!


2. Phacebook Pyaar:- Singers ~ Dr. Palash Sen, Tulsi Kumar, Music by ~ Dr. Palash Sen, Lyrics by ~ Dr. Palash Sen, Deekshant Sehrawat

This song is ‘phultoo Bhojpuri ishtyle-ma’. 😀 Dr. Palash Sen, the founder of India’s leading rock band, Euphoria, has composed, sung and written this fun track very brilliantly. You will immediately start dancing to its beats. Dholaks have been used very efficiently throughout the song. Palash Sen’s nasal vocals work for this song. It sounds like a 90s dance song, and the tempo changes have been done very smartly. The composition is very catchy. Tulsi Kumar also sounds okay-ish in this song and for once, I wasn’t harmed at all because of her voice! (which is at a frequency too high for normal human ears to bear) 😛 The lyrics are also such that today’s youth can relate to, and they are full of Facebook terms such as ‘like’, ‘add’, ‘friend’, ‘tag’ to name a few. Give it a listen!


3. Welcome Maiyya:- Singers ~ Jitender Dev, Onkar Singh, Music by ~ Dr. Palash Sen, Lyrics by ~ Dr. Palash Sen, Deekshant Sehrawat

This song is a ‘maata ka jagraata’. I don’t know how Palash Sen has managed to compose such a song. It is just so random! It really is composed like a ‘jagraata’ and the tune changes every now and then. It doesn’t seem planned at all and it seems like a spontaneous composition. It starts with the harmonium, and a slow verse. Then the ‘jagraata starts in true sense. The conch shell is blown, tempo increases and dialogues start. The people singing the song in the movie even call people from the audience and introduce them to the people at the ‘jagraata’. They are welcoming the goddess. The dholaks, manjeeras and all are also heard. Right when the song seems to be ending, a ‘farmaaish’ comes from one of the audience members for them to sing another bhajan! Then i decided that this song is useless unless you actually are at a ‘jagraata’ and the people there don’t have anything to sing, so you can play this song there. :/ I don’t know what the need was to make this song seven-and-a-half minutes long! I get that ‘jagraatas’ are for the whole night, but I seriously don’t think they have to show it in actual time in the movie! 😛 Palash Sen has composed a very efficient ‘jagraata’ but frankly speaking, it was not needed.


4. Chop Chop:- Singer ~ Mic3ophone, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary, Lyrics by ~ Tanmay Bahulekar

As soon as it starts, you will be reminded of the title song from the movie ‘My Friend Ganesha’. I know it sounds kiddish, but it’s true! You know that tune from ‘My Friend Ganesha’, which went like ‘ting ding ding’, right? Well this song starts with the same tune. Okay, now ignore that. Let the song continue. A person who is called Mic3ophone (I don’t know how to pronounce that either 😀 ) has sung the whole song. It is just a random mix of sounds. Mikey has disappointed very much with this song. It is the title song of the movie and good that it has been kept short, or else it would have been too boring. Nothing to hear here! Skip it!


5. Tu Tu Tu:- Singer ~ Ankur Tiwari, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary, Lyrics by ~ Ankur Tiwari

This song has been composed in retro style, which Mikey seems to love a lot. To be frank, Ankur’s voice is nothing compared to his brother’s. The man is not at all as ‘sureela’ as Ankit Tiwari. One would never guess they are related unless you tell them that Ankur has sung it. His lyrics are cute, and so is the tune. A singer like Ash King would have been better, though. The tune is almost the same throughout the whole song. Another hear-able song from this movie. Good attempt by Mikey.


6. 1 – 2 – 3 (Gangster Jaagran):- Singers ~ Ashish Ddavidd, Jitender Dev, Music by ~ Dr. Palash Sen, Lyrics by ~ Dr. Palash Sen

This is another worthless track. It is just the so-called ‘Gangster version’ of the ‘jagraata’ we heard earlie in the soundtrack. The less said about it is better :/ I just don’t understand why such a meaningless song has even been included in the soundtrack. Fortunately, it is short! SKIPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! If you are rebellious and still heard it, well, you will just regret doing that!


7. Tu Mera Joota Main Tera Fita:- Singer ~ Anand Bajpai, Music by ~ Anand Bajpai, Lyrics by ~ Raghav Dutt

This is an average song with nonsense lyrics. The tune is a little catchy, and it has been sung well too. The sound effects used are good too. Again, the song seems to be crammed in the soundtrack for the sake of it. The song, in spite of all things it has in its favour will not be noticed at all. 😛 The makers have kept it less than three minutes and that in itself is a blessing! Listen if you want. It is skippable but also hear-able. 😛


Overall:- It would have been better if the makers hadn’t released this album, because anyways they released it very late, and also, most of the songs aren’t even worth listening. I don’t know what the music directors were thinking while signing this film, and even more, while making these noises which somehow have qualified as songs. The only song with repeat value is ‘Phacebook Pyaar’, which, by the way, isn’t #5StarHotelSong material either, thanks to Tulsi. 😛 The promotions of the music aren’t that great either and I think I know why. 😀 Well, a life-time supply of ‘Jhand’-u Balm must be worth more than this album. Hahaha! 😛 This album has reached the height of jhandupan and it will definitely win lots of awards (:P for worst album in decades.) I’ve seriously not seen any album nowadays in which so many tracks consecutively are skip material! The multi-composer formula has been put to terrible use with this album. Make sure you have some ‘Jhand’-u Balm ready to apply on your head after you are done hearing this album! 😛 😀


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे <  < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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The first Music Mastani Monthly Awards are coming up! 😀 I’m so excited! The albums that will be taken into consideration are Purani Jeans, Hawaa Hawaai, The Xposé, Kochadaiiyaan (Hindi), Heropanti, Citylights and Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi. The winners will be announced tomorrow evening!

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