Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Sachin-Jigar & Chirantan Bhatt
♪ Lyrics by:- Mayur Puri, Priya Panchal, Ashish Pandit & Manoj Yadav
♪ Music Label:- Tips Music
♪ Music Released On:- 16th July 2014 (on Saavn) & 23rd July 2014 (on iTunes)
♪ Movie Releases On:- 8th August 2014

Entertainment Album Cover

Entertainment Album Cover


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Entertainment is an upcoming Bollywood comedy film starring Akshay Kumar and Tamannaah Bhatia and Junior in the lead roles, and Mithun Chakraborty, Johnny Lever, Krushna Abhishek, Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj in supporting roles. For those of you who are wondering who Junior is, he is the dog in the film playing the role of “Entertainment” (That’s his name in the film 😛 ). The film is the directorial debut of scriptwriters Sajid-Farhad who have written for films like ‘Golmaal Returns’, ‘Singham’, ‘Housefull 2’, ‘Bol Bachchan’, ‘Chennai Express’ to name a few. It has been produced by Ramesh Taurani under the banner of Tips Industries Ltd. Tips films are known for their good if not great music, but never disastrous, so of course, some nice music is expected from this film as well. Sachin-Jigar have composed the majority of the songs in the album, and Chirantan Bhatt has composed a bonus track. So let’s have a look at how good this latest album from Tips is!

First the review for the original soundtrack by Sachin-Jigar:

1. Veerey Di Wedding:- Singer ~ Mika Singh, Lyrics by ~ Mayur Puri

The first song in the album is a dance track sung by the one and only (because nobody else sings like him 😛 ) Mika paaji. Unlike other Mika songs released in recent times, this one I instantly loved, and mentally gave it a “SUPERHIT” tag. It starts with a very catchy techno tune, the specialty of Sachin-Jigar. As soon as the actual song with words starts, you can’t help but to listen to nothing else but the song. The composition is brilliant, and Sachin-Jigar have made it very interesting by adding small elements here and there to ensure that nobody loses interest while listening to the song. One such fascinating element is the chorus that supports Mika. The ‘o ho ho’s and bulwaado waado’s are genius additions by Sachin-Jigar. Mayur Puri’s lyrics are also very innovative and funny as well. His lyrics shape the song into the wedding song that it is, else the composition could have very well been that of a regular dance song or even club song, if the required arrangements were added. Lines like ‘Twitter pe hai trending’ and ‘Long time se pending’ are very intelligently placed in the song. He excels in the antaras, with lyrics that are even more funny. Mika is perfect for this song, and his energy is the prime reason that I liked it so much. I’m sure you will too! A song that is topping charts currently, and a perfectly written, arranged, composed and sung! #5StarHotelSong!


2. Tera Naam Doon:- Singers ~ Atif Aslam & Shalmali Kholgade, Lyrics by ~ Priya Panchal

A romantic tune beautifully blended together with a Sufiyaana touch, and with Tips’ favourite, Atif behind the mic, is sure to attract many listeners. What’s more, with the promising Shalmali Kholgade supporting him, and beautiful lyrics by Priya Panchal, what could possibly go wrong? But it unfortunately did go wrong. The romantic tune, is nothing fresh, and has very less innovative touches, except maybe the Sufiyaana touch, which might appeal for some time. Atif sings the song good, but Shalmali’s talent has been wasted. Instead, a singer with a softer and more melodious voice could’ve done the trick, perhaps Shreya Ghoshal or even Priya Panchal herself. Speaking of Priya Panchal, she has written mind-blowing lyrics! The characters are blaming each other for falling in each other’s love! Brilliant! The main hook would roughly translate to ‘if someone asks, I’ll tell them your name’ as in, you are the one to blame. 😀 Hats off to Priya for thinking of that concept! Though the tune is average and heard-before, the arrangements help to fix that up, and cover up the flaws (or missing stuff) in the tune. The flute loop especially is very sweet. Sahin-Jigar have come up with a very typical tune, but the magic lies in the lyrics!


3. Johnny Johnny:- Singers ~ Jigar, Priya Panchal & Madhav Krishna, Lyrics by ~ Mayur Puri

The next song is one that has already found many, many fans. Sachin-Jigar enter ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh Mode’ for this song, and no, I’m not saying that because it’s about alcohol, which Honey Singh HAS to mention in every song of his. I’m saying that because the composition style is exactly like Honey Singh’s style — repetition of the verses over and over. Who ever thought that Honey Singh would influence other composers?! 😛 However, the song isn’t as atrocious as Honey Singh’s songs, on the contrary, it’s pretty good! It starts with a very catchy techno tune, and as the song progresses, it just keeps on getting catchier and catchier! Especially the part sung by Priya Panchal, sounds really great! The way she says ‘no no no maine pee naii ae’ is totally worth hearing! Sachin-Jigar have again added some very interesting elements, like the small child’s voice, saying ‘haanji’ and ‘naaji’ and ‘hawwji’. The arrangements are fabulous, because the song again falls under the genre at which Sachin-Jigar are best and they have done terrific techno arrangements. The tune of this song is very different from what we get to hear these days, and has a slightly dark tone. Mayur Puri has written lyrics perfectly, and half the credit for the success of the song definitely would go to lyrics! I guess the intelligent idea of transforming nursery rhyme, ‘Johny Johny’ into a modern party song was his. Great idea! Whatever faults Sachin-Jigar had made in the previous song, are covered up by this song! You must have already heard it many times, someplace or the other, so all I will say is:- #5StarHotelSong!


4. Teri Mahima Aprampaar:- Singers ~ Anushka Manchanda & Udit Narayan, Lyrics by ~ Ashish Pandit

This song starts with a tune played on a banjo-like instrument, and some ridiculous rap by some uncredited people (most probably Sachin-Jigar themselves?). Anushka kicks in with some typical item-ish lines, and Udit Narayan’s entry just adds to the ridiculousness of the song. It sounds like some illiterate guy is trying to sing in English. This song also has a line from the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ — ‘How I wonder what you are’. But instead of that, the way Udit Narayan says it, it sounds like ‘Haau I vhunder vhaatt you aar’. 😂 The song will entertain for a limited period of time, and it will sound like a great dance song, but after that limited period is over, you wouldn’t think of playing it at all. Lyrics are nothing great, and neither are the arrangements, which Sachin-Jigar haven’t kept as interesting as the other sings in the album. The tune is the only attractive part, but that too to a certain extent. The unknown rapper people make re-entries throughout the song, with an annoying line that sounds like ‘oh bandi chhote!’. Well whatever it is, that line is so annoying! This song stands nowhere in front of the others, but make the most of its enjoyability till you get bored of it in subsequent listens.


5. Nahin Woh Saamne:- Singer ~ Atif Aslam, Lyrics by ~ Priya Panchal

This track is a sad version of ‘Tera Naam Doon’, and has nothing much to offer except a chance to finally hear what the lowest level of Atif’s besurapan is. In many places he has lost his tune and has sung like an amateur. Priya’s lyrics are good in this version too, and it might be the only reason to hear the song. Sachin-Jigar have kept the arrangements very low, with only guitar strums and chimes supporting Atif. It is only one minute and 48 seconds, so it won’t make much of a difference if you hear it or not. Hear it for Priya’s lyrics.


And now the bonus song composed by Chirantan Bhatt:-

Hear it on YouTube:-


♪ Extra Song:-

♪ Maange Entertainment:- Singer ~ Akshay Kumar, Music by ~ Chirantan Bhatt, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav

After Aamir Khan, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor and Salman Khan, now even Akshay Kumar has picked up the trend of these days, to sing in a film in which he stars. It’s not the first time — he had sung for ‘Special 26’ last year — but this time, it isn’t a romantic song, but an entertaining song. Chirantan Bhatt has composed this song as a title track for the movie. It is crazy, zany, whacky — call it whatever you want. Akshay Kumar sounds well in the song, but most probably his voice has been autotuned. Techno elements have been very efficiently used by Chirantan, and he has delivered a song very different from what is known as his comfort zone i.e, romantic songs. It is entertaining, with weird but entertaining lyrics, and the tune is also pretty good, though not a superhit tune. Pretty Entertaining so try it out!

Entertainment actually does have songs that provide wholesome entertainment, be it ‘Johnny Johnny’ or ‘Veerey Di Wedding’ or ‘Tera Naam Doon’, they entertain. Though a few songs have a typical tune, they manage to entertain for some time at least. Sachin-Jigar have totally made up for the disappointing songs they had given in ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’, and Chirantan also entertains with his sole bonus song. The album is true to its name and it will definitely entertain you for a month or so if not for a very long time. The musical flaws, stated at the concerned places, also cannot be ignored however, hence the rating. This album truly provides fulltoo entertainment, and though it has some flaws here and there, it will be able to do justice to the film and even might give the film a slightly higher opening than it would have had! 


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म <  < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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