The music of ‘Gunday’ was also appreciated by critics as well as the public, just like the last album I reviewed, ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’. One particular song created a huge rage in the country. It was being played everywhere, literally! Even if that song is not considered, the album is full of great tracks, with awesome music! So, the fourth album I have chosen in this category is Gunday!

Album Details:-

Music by:- Sohail Sen | Lyrics by:- Irshad Kamil, Ali Abbas Zafar, Bappi Lahiri & Gautam Susmit | Music Label:-  YRF Music | Music Released On:- 7th January 2014 | Movie Released On:- 14th February 2014

Gunday Album Cover

Gunday Album Cover


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After ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’, Ali Abbas Zafar is back on the director’s chair, with Gunday. While the former was a romantic comedy, the latter is an action thriller, based on the coal mafia and set from 70s to the 80s. It featured Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor in the lead roles, with Priyanka Chopra and Irrfan Khan in the supporting roles. The music is composed by Sohail Sen, who, inspire of his immense talent, is getting very less movies! He debuted with ‘What’s Your Rashee!’ and got his next three movie with one of the biggest production houses in Bollywood, YRF. His songs in ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ were awesome, and so were they in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Even the songs of ‘Gunday’ got very popular and that itself shows what a talented person he is! So let’s look back at his music for ‘Gunday’.

1. Jashn-e-Ishqa:- Singers ~ Javed Ali, Shadab Faridi (Original Version), Shadab Faridi (Rhythm Of Jashn-e-Ishqa), Lyrics ~ Irshad Kamil 

This is an energetic song, which describes the two protagonists. The vocals by the two singers are top-notch and they have sung this song with just the right amount of energy! Javed Ali, though his vocals are very smooth, sounds great in this song! Shadab Faridi also sounds great. They have sung alternate lines. The backing vocals ‘Jashn-e-ishqa…’ are the most magical part of this song! They keep you listening and ensure you don’t get bored, which you anyways won’t! The chorus part is the most energetic and in that too, Javed Ali does backing vocals in a different tune, creating beautiful harmony. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are perfect for this type of ‘character’ song. ‘Loha jag him aari, sab pe hain hum bhaari..’ Great description of the two main characters! ‘Rhythm of Jashn-e-Ishqa’ is mostly an instrumental track, in which the percussion is awesome! They have tried to give the sound effect of a train, and it has worked out brilliantly! Shadab Faridi keeps repeating the word ‘Jashn-e-Ishqa’. A great song to start this album with, featuring the energetic vocals of Javed and Shadab, and just as energetic music!


2. Tune Maari Entriyaan:- Singers ~ K.K., Vishal Dadlani, Neeti Mohan & Bappi Lahiri (Original Version), Bappi Lahiri & Monali Thakur (Bengali Version), Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil (Original Version), Bappi Lahiri & Gautam Susmit (Bengali Version)

Just by reading the names of the singers, you can tell that something wacky is going to happen in this song! This song is full of vocal powerhouses! Right from the starting, it grabs your attention, with the Bengali lines crooned by Bappida, and till the end, I don’t think your attention level had gone down anyhwere in the song. On the contrary, it must have increased at one point, not decreased! The instruments used are mostly Indian instruments like dhols, dafli and bansuris. Apart from the Indian instruments, electric guitar seems like the main instrument in this song. It keeps on playing in the backgsod. K.K. and Vishal Dadlani harmonise well, but because of Vishal’s loud voice, K.K. is less heard! The two antaras sung by Neeti are very catchy, and they are sung with the greatest ease possible. I think the ‘o shona, o shona’ part is also sung by Bappi Lahiri and altered using some software. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are very dhinchak! 😀 And last but definitely not the least (as it is the highlight of the whole song), the ‘tang tang tang’, how catchy a song can get has been proved with this song! The first thirty seconds and the last thirty seconds are a treat to the ears, the first being full of Bengali type music, and the last being full of South type dhols and all. The Bengali Version is the same, but translated into Bengali. Bappida has sung it well and Monali Thakur has supported him very very well! She has performed almost as perfectly as Neeti, in this version. However, one complaint against this version is that the ‘tang tang tang’ has been replaced by ‘o shona o shona’. And wherever they do say ‘tang tang tang’, it sounds like ‘pong pong pong!’ 😛 This song is one of the most catchiest songs of the decades, and I know it will be played everywhere for a long, long, long time! And it’s also a  #5StarHotelSong!


3. Jiya:- Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

Starting with great instrumentation of the saz, it will instantly grab you and force you to keep it on repeat! The use of exotic instruments is at the greatest in this song! Firstly, I’ll talk about Arijit’s vocals. He has used his deep and rough voice in this song, but I liked it a lot! He has sung the song in two pitches, and they have been layered on top of each other to create a beautiful harmony. It instantly reminded me of ‘Saiyaara’ from ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ because of its beautiful melody and its slightly Middle-eastern feel. The percussion, and wind instruments, are used brilliantly, but the best instrumental part in this song was the violin before the second antara. Wow! It is just indescribable, the way it is played! Even the violin part before the mukhda is great as well. It ends too quickly, the same way it started, with saz. This song is a haunting romantic song, and the lyrics are brilliant. After ‘Manchala’ from ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’, here is another great example of ‘Yamak’ or ‘Homonym’. The word ‘Jiya’ here has been used as the ‘Yamak’, as it has two meanings. ‘Jiya, main na jiya’ translates to ‘Oh my life (as in Priyanka’s character) I didn’t live’. This melody can never leave my head for all it’s worth! A great haunting melody, with great arrangements and stupendous vocals! Another  #5StarHotelSong!


4. Asalaam-e-Ishqum:- Singers ~ Neha Bhasin, Bappi Lahiri, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

A cabaret track to be performed by Priyanka Chopra needs a very bold voice, and Sohail Sen has made the right choice by choosing Neha Bhasin for this track. Her voice suits the song well and she also sings it effortlessly! Bappi Lahiri sounds great, especially in the antaras. The antaras sound exactly like a song which would have been made in the 70s. The trumpets and horns are used very nicely, sounding great throughout the song. The percussion is also done well. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics suit this song perfectly. Good song, good arrangements and great vocals!


5. Saaiyaan:- Singer ~ Shahid Mallya, Lyrics by ~ Irshad Kamil

This song is a great, melodious, traditional Punjabi folkish sad song (sorry for the chain of adjectives 😛 ) which is brilliantly sung by Shahid Mallya. The dholaks play a very important part in the song, and in the end they are replaced by a louder percussion instrument, maybe dhol. It also has traces of rock elements, with drums and electric guitars pitching in whenever required. The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are brilliant! The first time I heard this song, I didn’t like it that much as it felt ordinary, but after listening to it many more times, I started liking it, and after watching the movie, even more! It’s a heart-touching song. A nice, melodious song with great folk beats and exceptional singing!  #5StarHotelSong!


6. Mann Kunto Maula:- Singers ~ Altamash Faridi, Shadab Faridi (Original Version), Altamash Faridi, Shadab Faridi (Classical Version)

If you thought that the review of ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’ was an essay, then brace yourselves, because this will be like a short story for you! 😀 😛 This is a kind of rock qawwali about friendship. To be frank, I didn’t pay much attention to this song when it released and so I didn’t quite understand what an awesome song it is! The Faridi brothers complement each other very well. With their voices contrasting, one very hard and ‘buland’ (Shadab) and one very soft and calm (Altamash), the track sounds even more magical. It starts like a normal qawwali with an aalaap and a verse recited very slowly, with many aalaaps and taans. But after that verse is over, it totally changes course, and in come the drums and electric guitars, turning it into a full-on Rock Qawwali! The antara has a very magical tune and it will transport you in your own world. I’m talking about the part ‘Tere baghair Jo guzre… ‘ waah! It has been sung with a lot of ease by Altamash, followed by exceptional aalaaps by Shadab! The chorus is awesome! The lyrics are also great! The Classical Version witnesses the same Rock Qawwali transform into a pure, classical Qawwali which we are all used to hearing! After ‘Kya Hoga’ from ‘Dedh Ishqiya’, Bollywood has come up with another great Qawwali, this time by a comparatively less experienced music director, Sohail Sen. This calls for applause! He has done such a great job in composing a traditional Qawwali, that I was left speechless. That too, he had to remake it from a song which was originally a rock song! This version has everything needed for a pure Qawwali from tablas, to harmoniums, to the up-beat ending! Being more of a classical-music type person, of course the classical version is my favourite version, though both are great! Sadly, due to it not being promoted at all, hardly anyone who didn’t watch the movie is aware that there is such a song in the film. In fact, I don’t think that many people who watched the film also noticed it! 😛 If you are not a classical music lover, go for the original. It you are a classical music lover, go for both! 😉 It is another  #5StarHotelSong!!


7. Gunday:- Singers ~ Sohail Sen, Rap by ~ Kinga Rhymes, Lyrics by ~ Ali Abbas Zafar

Starting with a contemporary rap, this song will attract many contemporary music lovers. It has the tune like an Irish folk song and the lyrics by Ali Abbas Zafar are also good. Though the music director has sung it well, I would have preferred someone like Javed Ali for this track. As far as the music is concerned, he has given a great tune to the title of the film, and no one could have made it better than him! A short track with a likeable tune. And hence the short review!


Overall:- Sohail Sen has composed a very well-balanced album for ‘Gunday’, with an action song, a masala entertaining song, a haunting romantic melody, a cabaret track, a sad song, a Rock Qawwali, pure Qawwali and of course, to sum up the film, a short title track! All the songs have been composed just as per the demands of the script, and still they have been very popular. Though all of them aren’t heard everywhere like those of ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’, they are still heard sometimes if not very frequently. However, one song which has created a rage throughout India and probably the whole world, can still be heard wherever you go, be it birthday parties or weddings. That song is ‘Tune Maari Entriyaan’. I just wish ‘Mann Kunto Maula’ had gotten at least some fame, such a brilliant composition it is! If ever, in the future, you wonder why Sohail Sen was absent from the music scene all through 2013, remember that he must be working on this great album, so he could surprise us in 2014! 🙂


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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