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Music by:- Hitesh Sonik & Amole Gupte | Lyrics by:- Amole Gupte | Music Label:- Zee Music Company/Sony Music | Music Released On:- 19th April 2014 Movie Releases On:- 9th May 2014

Hawaa Hawaai Album Covee

Hawaa Hawaai Album Cover

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Hawaa Hawaai is an upcoming drama film about skating. It is directed and produced by the director of the award-winning ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’, Amole Gupte and it will be distributed by Fox Star Studios. The movie is about a boy who has big dreams of learning to skate, who is played by Amole Gupte’s son, Partho Gupte. His skating coach in the movie is played by Saqib Saleem (‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’ fame). The soundtrack for this film has been composed by Sunidhi Chauhan’s husband, Hitesh Sonik, with one song composed and sung by Amole Gupte himself. The lyrics have also been penned by Amole Gupte. Hitesh Sonik had given a great soundtrack last year for ‘Akaash Vani’ and he had also composed for Amole Gupte’s last film, ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’. Moreover, this album marks the start of a new music label in Bollywood, that is, Zee Music Company, which has already acquired rights of biggies which are lined up for release this year, like Holiday, Humshakals, Bang Bang and Bombay Velvet. So I was naturally expecting a great soundtrack to this film, and that is exactly what I got! Read my review to see exactly how great the songs of this movie are!

1. Choolhe Ke Angaarey:- Singer ~ Amole Gupte, Music by ~ Amole Gupte

This is a very short song composed, sung and written by the director himself. At first you will think that Amole Gupte’s voice is very shaky and quivery, but that is the magic in his voice! He manages to keep you listening to the song even though his vocals aren’t perfect and that is where this song’s greatness lies! Even the composition is cute, sweet and simple, and not complex. A sound like a rattle can be heard throughout the song which gives the beat. The lyrics are very inspirational and are all about not giving up, even when you are depressed and keep walking on the hard paths, which will eventually bring you success! Wow! Such a simple message and Amole Gupte uses such a great description of a choolha to prove his point i.e, do not give up! The very same tune repeats twice in the song, but the sweetness and simplicity and innocence with which the song has been composed, sung and written, will make you ignore that. Do not ignore the song, just because of the uneven voice of the singer! Instead, concentrate on the great motivational lyrics. A must-hear inspirational track, which we get to hear very rarely nowadays!


2. Ghoom Gayi:- Singer ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Music by ~ Hitesh Sonik

When the music director is Hitesh Sonik, you would naturally expect a song to be sung by his wife, Sunidhi Chauhan. And what do you know? His very first song in the album has been sung by her! The composition is something very different, but great, and I can’t explain its greatness in writing! You will only be able to understand that after you experience it yourself either through headsets or in the theaters. The percussion given throughout the song has not been played on normal drums which you and I hear everyday, but instead it sounds like some clapping or sound effects done not with instruments, but manually! The guitars and occasional brass instruments also help in preventing your attention from getting diverted to someplace else. The song is too catchy for that to even happen! As usual, Sunidhi uses her bold voice and leaves you wanting more! The tune of the song changes many times. One moment it is energetic and the next, it switches track completely and becomes very smooth and soft, like in the antaras and some lines in the mukhda. Another must-listen just for the catchy tune, Sunidhi’s bold vocals, and the amazing percussion which has been given! #5StarHotelSong


3. Sar Utha Ke:- Singer ~ Javed Ali, Music by ~ Hitesh Sonik

Opening with the calm guitar riff, and Javed Ali’s smooth voice, this song will instantly get you hooked and you will not be able to hear anything else for next three-and-a-half minutes. It’s another inspirational song, with lyrics that are a bit too dramatic, but the music makes up for that. The particular line, ‘Khuli aankhon se dekh tu sapna, sat utha Ke jee…’ literally brought goosebumps on my skin. Even the lyrics by Amole Gupte suit the theme of the movie, which is to keep dreaming until you achieve what you want. The name of the song isn’t said until more than half of the song is over. After that they say it about eight or nine times, but who cares! After all, the song is so great! At the end of this song, we get to hear the same lines which were sung by Amole Gupte in ‘Choolhe Ke Angaarey’, which went, ‘Tu kar, mat dar, angaaron pe chalna hai sahi…’. Truly, Amole Guote is an expert at writing songs, especially the inspirational and motivational types! The song is a bit too short considering the great music which has been given. I would have liked another stanza, but still, it’s a must-listen song which you can’t afford to miss! Even though is too short, but it is just as much great in terms of musical quality! And that’s why it’s another #5StarHotelSong! 


4. Hawaa Hawaai:- Singers ~ Swaroop Khan, Hitesh Sonik ; Music by ~ Hitesh Sonik

Finally, the other song which we got to hear in the trailer along with ‘Sar Utha Ke’! I had loved it the instant I saw the trailer and so it’s natural that I will still be in love with it, right? Both the singers give a rustic feel to the song, a Rajasthani folkish tune has been used as the main tune in the song. Flamenco guitars have been used along with a Rajasthani tune and Rajasthani-type lyrics, and I would like to compliment Hitesh for getting the idea of such a weird, but great combination! Though one misses Sukhwinder Singh in this track, Swaroop too does his part well. The lyrics of the antara are in Hinglish and make it a very enjoyable song, even though most people would think its main target is children. However, it will appeal to all age groups. A very creative fusion of Spanish and Rajasthani folk music which you will love irrespective of your age!


5. Sapnon Ko Ginte Ginte:- Singer ~ Hitesh Sonik, Music by ~ Hitesh Sonik

It starts with some peaceful notes played on a flute, and from that moment itself you know that something different will be in this song! Sung by the composer himself, it is another very calm and soothing song. The whistle which is played many times throughout the song sounds very cute and sweet. Hitesh’s vocals are good and they suit this kind of song. With very less instrumental support, like the orchestra in the background, Hitesh Sonik carries the song on his shoulders. It is another song which is kind of inspirational with a touch of sadness in it. Again, the lyrics are great, and so are the minimal musical arrangements. Though it is not as good as the above songs, it is a good and different song in itself. Another great melody which you will definitely like, but won’t grow a strong bond with like the previous four tracks.


Overall:- Frankly speaking, before I got to know about the music director and music label of this album, I wasn’t expecting much from it, but once I heard the two songs in the trailer, my expectations rose a bit higher. And after I came to know that Hitesh Sonik has composed four songs in the album, I got even more excited, as he is the same man who gave a surprisingly awesome soundtrack for a movie from which no one was expecting good songs, in ‘Akaash-Vani’ last year. The part of the album which he has composed has variety with two melodies and two up-beat tracks and I am forced to praise him for all of them! Even the song by Amole Gupte did not disappoint, which I thought it would! With this album, I can confidently say that Hitesh Sonik is one of the most underrated music composers of this industry. He should start getting many mainstream films after this one. Also, the new music label, Zee Music Company, has chosen a great album as their first release! Expectations were less, but the result was phenomenal! A must-hear album by Hitesh Sonik!


 Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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Review by Rujul Deolikar