Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Vishal Bhardwaj & Sunny Bawra-Inder Bawra
♪ Lyrics by: Irshad Kamil
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 5th July 2016
♪ Movie Releases On: 15th July 2016

Madaari Album Cover

Madaari Album Cover


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Madaari is an upcoming Bollywood social thriller film starring Irrfan Khan in a central role, and Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Shergill, Tushar Dalvi, Nitesh Pandey and Sadhil Kapoor in other supporting roles. The film is directed by ‘Drishyam’ & ‘Rocky Handsome’ fame, Nishikant Kamat, and produced by Irrfan Khan, Shailesh Singh, Madam Paliwal, Sutapa Sikdar, and Shailja Kejriwal. The movie is about a man who loses everything he has in a man-made disaster, and his search for the answers as to the reasons for the disaster, during which he encounters shocking discoveries. His search for justice in a thriller manner, is the gist of the movie. After ‘Drishyam’, which was so thrilling, we are naturally expecting a lot from this. However, ‘Drishyam’ was lacking a bit in the music department in that its songs weren’t universally appealing. (Though I loved them except one). And I’m confident that the songs in this movie too, aren’t going to be the regular song-and-dance-routine songs that we get to see in Bollywood. They will be like those of ‘Drishyam’. Even ‘Rocky Handsome’ had some Bollywood-ish songs. What’s more, this movie, as opposed to the five songs in ‘Rocky Handsome’ and the four in ‘Drishyam’, has merely two tracks. After a long album like ‘Fever’, I should be partying at the moment, but I’m not because of the names attached to the music! Two songs by two musical entities, the first being the famous and renowned-for-his-unconventional-music Vishal Bhardwaj, who left us with unconventional but haunting songs in ‘Talvar’ (coincidentally, another thriller starring Irrfan). The second is duo Sunny-Inder Bawra, who debuted verrrrryyy impressively with ‘Rocky Handsome’, especially that gem of a haunting song, ‘Rehnuma’ by Shreya. So, I was let down seeing the number of songs after knowing the names behind them, but then I get all the more chances of calling it stuff like ‘chhota packet bada dhamaka’ and all that nonsense, so… Yeah. :p Let’s see what this two-track-long soundtrack offers! By the way, before we start, I noticed that there’s a single lyricist, Mr. Irshad Kamil, who has written for both the song, inspite of the songs being composed by different people! 😀 And I also noticed Vishal Bhardwaj has been separated from his partner-in-creating-great-songs, Gulzar!

1. Dama Dama Dam
Singer ~ Vishal Dadlani, Music by ~ Vishal Bhardwaj

It is a social thriller, so a satirical track is necessary! And this soundtrack starts (it is weird to say ‘starts’ when it is one-half of the album! 😂) with just that. With Vishal Bhardwaj {from now on in this song’s review, VB, to differentiate between the Vishals} in charge of the music and arrangements, and Vishal Dadlani {VD} behind the mic, nothing can go wrong, if we look at their past collaborations — ‘Dhan Te Nan’ (Kaminey) and ‘Aao Na’ (Haider). VD is like fluid — give him any container, he’ll take its shape. That’s evident here as well. Though he may have sung many satirical songs before, he sounds really good singing this one, and the sarcasm and mocking tone in his voice really stands out, as it should. His husky voice is perfect, and brings out the satire in Irshad’s words very well. VB however, disappoints with a tune that is not so gripping. In ‘Talvar’, he had treated us with a similar political satire, ‘Patli Gali’ sung by Sukhwinder. That had a catchy tune, and that made it work. These songs really need a catchy tune to work, and though the composer has tried to come up with a catchphrase, ‘Dama dama dam dam dam dam dam doo’, it comes across as weird, kiddish and kind of over the top. Arrangements are good, with great percussion, and the dumroo giving great beats throughout the song. That was expected given the name of the movie and the song. 😂 But the dumroo is hidden amongst other techno beats, rock guitars and a bit of EDM/dubstep tried by VB. The interlude houses a very nice and enjoyable rabaab-ish instrument tune, that is so beautiful. The tune of the antara is complex, which makes it sound better than the rest of the song. Towards the end, a slow-paced portion gets the hookline sung in chants by VD. And the claps in the background make it feel even more genuine. Irshad Kamil writes good and sarcastically funny satirical lyrics, with great use of metaphors, and makes it worth listening. The tune plays the spoilsport of this song, that would’ve become totally enjoyable if it hadn’t been so!


2. Masoom Sa
Singer ~ Sukhwinder Singh, Music by ~ Sunny Bawra-Inder Bawra

A haunting harp loop starts off the song, with a flute and xylophone combination joining it later on. Low-pitched humming starts off, with low-pitched cello strings adding depth to the ambience. Sukhwinder starts off in a voice quite different from what we imagine him singing in usually. The song is an emotional song, and Sunny-Inder, who gave another wonderful emotional song ‘Aye Khuda’ in their debut ‘Rocky Handsome’, are experts in haunting us with their melancholic music. Their composition is top-class and probably one of the most haunting sad songs I’ve heard after those in ‘Sarbjit’. The emotion is not just superficial, but it actually goes and touches your heart. It starts off softly, but quickly gets to its peak, and drops down from the peak at the hookline, which is also the best line in the whole song. Mukhda and antara, both have this wonderful vibe surrounding them, though melancholic. Coupled with a lavish blend of traditional instrumentation, the composition sounds even more deep and touching. The opulent orchestration consists of grand and authoritative strings, duff percussion that oh-so-cordially invites those goosebumps to come and have a look at what’s going on outside the body, and luxurious flutes, which always put the sugar into the bitterest of arrangements. However, here’s the sugar in the sugar, so don’t be surprised if you get Diabetes due to the arrangements! Sunny-Inder, who had arranged ‘Aye Khuda’ (Rocky Handsome) on very, very minimal instruments, making it practically unplugged, rectify that mistake here, by using the grandest of instruments there are. All of those put together give the song a template that is purely unbeatable! And coming to Sukhwinder (my keypad who is an expert at spelling just suggested to me to spell his name as ‘Sikh Wonder’, and I’m like, wow, he is a Sikh wonder indeed! The autocorrect is right for the first time! :P) Anyway, coming to Sukhwinder, he renders the song with such ease that it is almost impossible to believe it without hearing! The song has a vast range of highs and lows, and dynamics differ on each line, but Sukhwinder manages them all effortlessly, being the living legend that he is. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by transitions like those; he does it so seamlessly. Irshad’s lyrics are just stupendous. It is definitely describing the feelings of the father who lost his son. Sukhwinder gets a song worthy of his caliber after a LONG time! Sunny-Inder take you on a very emotional ride in this song, each and every moment of which gets encrusted into your brain!! A song to hear on loop! #5StarHotelSong!!

Madaari was not exactly supposed to have songs, and if it did, they were supposed to be situational and instrumental in carrying the story forward. Here, we get exactly such two songs, which help the story of the film. Vishal Bhardwaj, though upsets with his composition, gets everything else perfect in his song, while Sunny-Inder just ace their song. Making great use of their opportunity to create an emotional song, even when a stalwart like Vishal Bhardwaj was on board, they deliver a song that I will definitely cherish for long. Considering the genre of the movie, this ‘Madaari’ (meaning, street performer) show was supposed to be short, but though it’s short, it turns out to be quite enjoyable!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Masoom Sa > Dama Dama Dam 


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