Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Nitin Krishna Menon, Ajay Govind, Raajeev V. Bhalla, Joi Barua & Pawan Rasaily
♪ Lyrics by: Ajay Govind, Akshay K. Saxena & Joi Barua
♪ Music Label: Kahwa Music
♪ Music Released On: 12th January 2018
♪ Movie Releases On: 19th January 2018

My Birthday Song Album Cover


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My Birthday Song is an upcoming Bollywood thriller starring Sanjay Suri and Nora Fatehi in lead roles. The film is directed by Samir Soni, and produced by Sanjay Suri and Samir Soni. The music for the film is composed by Nitin Krishna Menon, Ajay Govind, Rajeev Bhalla, Joi Barua & Pawan Rasaily. I know Rajeev had composed the title track for ‘O Teri’ back in 2014, and it was enjoyable, and Joi Barua’s last, ‘Dusokute’ from ‘Margarita With A Straw’ was an exceptional song, so expectations are there from these two. As for the lead composer duo, Nitin & Ajay, I’ve not heard anything about them! I am prepared to be surprised, though!!

The title song of My Birthday Song is perfect for a movie of this genre — and the melancholia is welcome because it is a fresh change from the Mithoon school of melancholia. The Western sound of it brings a new sound to the industry, a zone where not many composers like to tread these days. However, the pace of Raajeev Bhalla’s composition is so slow, that when I thought the song was over, only three of its four minutes had passed. Of the chunk of the album composed by Nitin Krishna Menon & Ajay Govind, the best are the two songs sung by Mohan Kanan. While Ajnabi has a beautiful retro vibe to it, with a smile-inducing composition and fresh lyrics by Ajay, Mohan renders it beautifully with his low-pitched voice. Ghayal is more on the melancholic side, but still manages to hook me till the end, despite its six minute duration. Again, thanks to Mohan’s vocals, and the duo’s wonderful programming and arrangements.
The Joi Barua chunk of the album has a song composed by the duo that composed the last two songs, Nitin-Ajay, and a song composed by the singer himself, along with guitarist Pawan Rasaily. The former is Bhaag, a rock song, which could’ve been better in terms of melody, but then, it is a rock number. The duo’s arrangements are good. The lyrics too, are good. The last song is Rain, composed by Joi himself, with amazing guitar work by Pawan Rasaily. It is an English song, with a sensuous vibe to it, and does what it is supposed to, in just over two minutes.

An album which I’m glad to have stumbled upon! 🙂

Total Points Scored by This Album:6 + 7.5 + 7 + 6 + 6.5 = 33

Album Percentage: 66%

Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Ajnabi > Ghayal > Rain > My Birthday Song = Bhaag


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Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Vivek Kar
♪ Lyrics by: Kumaar
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 26th October 2016
♪ Movie Releases On: 11th November 2016

Saansein Album Cover

Saansein Album Cover


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Saansein is an upcoming Bollywood horror film, starring Rajneesh Duggal, Sonarika Bhadoria and Hiten Tejwani. The film has been directed by Rajiv S. Ruia, and produced by Goutam Jain and Vivek Agarwal. The story is about a club singer, who, every night after her performance, disappears without talking to anyone or meeting anyone. She’s probably possessed.. Come on, Bollywood, we know you better than you do yourself! Anyway, the movie is a horror/romance film, and in such movies, I expect wither a chilling and spine-tingling score, or a sappy, romantic, typical Bhattish score. The music of the film has been entirely composed by Vivek Kar, which makes this his first solo album ever. He is fresh from the success of his song ‘Cycle Se Chalaang’ (Saat Uchakkey), and now he is here with a complete album of a horror film. Going by the songs he composed in his previous albums (‘Zindagi 50-50’, ‘Meeruthiya Gangsters’, ‘Direct Ishq’, ‘One Night Stand’ etc) I think he’s going to give the second category of music I expect for such films (the typical romantic songs), but I do expect a lot more as it is his first solo album. So, without further ado, let’s go through the music of ‘Saansein’, and see how horrific it is!

1. Mera Ishq
Singers ~ Ash King, Arijit Singh & Swati SharmaBacking Vocals ~ Dev Negi & Joi Barua

Vivek Karta presents, as the first song on the album, a fresh and pleasant romantic number, that does impress, but fails to bring that climax point throughout its whole length. I’ll explain. So, the song starts off, with a soothing English verse, that has the backing vocalists Dev Negi and Joi Barua pronouncing words in a quite hilarious way. However, as soon as the main melody kicks in, you starts finding the song to be not as bad as you thought it would be. The mukhda starts with Swati singing some lines in a very soothing but heard-before-ish tune, which sounds a lot better than the songs she sang after her launchpad ‘Banno’ (Tanu Weds Manu Returns). Then Arijit enters with a nice, goosebumps-giving tune, that I think would have sounded quite ordinary had he not sung it. And then, the whole song is passed over to Ash King. It is like Arijit & Swati are backing vocalists like Dev and Joi. Anyway, the hookline sounds brilliant, until you remember the antara of that old song, ‘Yunhi Kat Jaayega Safar’ (Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke), after which the hook sounds like a direct lift-off from the old song. The antaras of this song are soothing, and probably the best part of the song, but what I don’t understand is, why Arijit keeps singing only the same line. He sings it so beautifully that I don’t know why Ash has been given the other parts, which seem tailor-made for Arijit! We saw Ash overshadow Arijit earlier this month in ‘Alizeh’ (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil), but here, Arijit overshadows Ash with just his one line against Ash’s almost-entire song. The English verses just sound bad and quite laid-back. Arrangements are soothing too, until you delve deeper and understand how normal they are. The rhythm is nice, with the digital sounds sounding great occasionally, but the programming is horrendous. The sound isn’t clear, resulting in the instruments seeming to be mixed into each other. The flute though, is beautiful! 🙂 Kumaar’s lyrics are more ordinary stuff in an already ordinary song. Seems harmless at first, but the faults start popping up as you delve deeper. A good way to spoil a nice composition.


2. Tum Jo Mile / Tum Jo Mile (Unplugged) Singers ~ Armaan Malik / Amit Gupta & Pratap Dodla

The next song on the album fares a lot better than the first one, in that it gets the composition just as right as the first song, but that composition is also carried forward well, and embellished with good recording. The composition, though it might sound very heard-before, just like the previous song, does interest the listener, if not fascinate. The mukhda starts the song off well on a mellow note, while the hookline works well. Though it is one of those self-proclaiming hooklines, I really can’t imagine how else the hookline could’ve been incorporated into the song. The initial notes of the hookline somehow reminded me of the line “Abb toh humein…” from ‘Kandhon Se Milte Hain Kandhe’ (Lakshya) but then rather quickly dissipates and changes course. The hookline also consists of a small line with the mandatory word, “Rabba” in it. That part is quite good too. The antara is pleasant too, and again, heard-before, but functional. There is a nice little conclusion stanza at the end, which I quite liked. The main reason the song seems to work, is the vocals, which have been done amazingly by Armaan Malik, who infuses his charm into everything he sings. His voice perfectly suits the composition, and I’m glad Vivek chose him as the singer. The unplugged version on the other hand (which, by the way, is not even unplugged — it has the same arrangements as the original version for the most part of it, just starts off a bit unplugged) doesn’t fare as well, because the lead singer Amit Gupta seems misplaced there. He doesn’t sing the very formulaic song with as much charm as Armaan, thereby exposing the genericness of it. Pratap Dodla joins Amit in this version for backing vocals, I suppose, as I can’t really make out who’s voice is which. The arrangements in the first version are quite typical digital beats, with a nice piano intro to it, while strings shine throughout. However, in the ‘unplugged’ version, the violin gracefully forms the prelude, and interludes, and how I wish that this arrangement had been given to Armaan’s version of the song! Lyrics by Kumaar are quite formulaic as well, with him making note to include ‘humsafar’, ‘Dil’, ‘pal do pal’, ‘Dil’, ‘rabba’, ‘Dil’, and maybe more ‘Dil’, a good many times. After all, they’re the mandatory, quintessential words! Generic-sounding, but the first version is nevertheless a #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Tum Ho Mere
Singer ~ Najam Bajwa

The next song doesn’t start off too promisingly, with many melancholic ‘Woahh’s making up your grand welcome into it. And after that, the song barely fails to interested you even a bit more. The whole composition is lazy, and terribly slow-paced, with nothing interesting ever happening. The hookline is painfully complicated, with the singer just repeating the line “Tum Ho mere yaa ho nahi?” a gazillion times. By that time, the girl must already have even given her answer! The arrangements don’t help at all, to make the listener like the song. The beats are outdated, and there is no instrument that stands out amidst the dusty and laidback feel of the song. I could hear the piano and strings, but it is too plain and also buried too deep inside the arrangements. The guitars are audible mostly, but they are played so slowly, that you question whether they are guitars or sloths. The vocals are another reason to not listen to the song. Debutant Najam Bajwa doesn’t seem like he was fit for a solo song, but he nevertheless drawls his way through this. Kumaar’s lyrics have already been talked enough about, I guess. Easily skippable!


4. Dil Yeh Khamakha / Dil Yeh Khamakha (Reprise)
Singers ~ Dev Negi / Nikhil D’Souza

The next song too, starts off in such a way that you get frightened whether it isn’t the same melancholia of the previous song repeating itself all over again in this one. But to be honest, this song gets lots and lots better as it progresses. The composition does start off on a faltering note, but then steadies itself, and by the time it reaches the hookline, you happily keep listening to it. It is the first time I have witnessed such an improvement from the initial notes to the hookline of a song! The hookline is beautifullyand hauntingly amazing. The composition sounds even a bit of something Rahman would compose. The antara continues what the hookline started off, making the song actually sound complete and wholesome in itself. The song appears in two versions and I must say, both singers have done a great job at it. Dev Negi, with a more newbie approach to it, sounds innocent in his rendition of the pleasing composition, whereas Nikhil D’Souza brings more of a professional approach to it, singing in his trademark style, which he used to sing in for Pritam and the Bhatts. Both singers provide a fulfilling touch to the song, though. The arrangements remain the same in both versions. The unexpectedly brilliant electronic tabla beats amazed me, while the nice digital sounds in the hookline reminded me of Viju Shah’s excellent arrangements, which were quite similar, and way ahead of their times in the 90s. (‘Mushkil Bada Yeh Pyaar Hai’ from ‘Gupt’ being one of my most favourites!) The whistle is nice, and the chimes bring in a fresh factor to the song. Piano was expected, and it does a nice job here. Kumaar’s lyrics again, are very typical. One of the better song of the album, maybe the best too! Both versions are a #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Royi
Singer ~ Shibani Sur

The last song on the album is what actually blew me away. Rightly kept as the album’s last song, this song has everything that a song should, in order to impress my musical sensibilities. The composition again, starts off very slowly, but this one hooked me from the start — perhaps the introduction of a female solo singer provided the necessary change in the album. Whatever it is, the composition is great. The mukhda, the hookline and the antaras are inexplicably finely crafted. The slow composition did the trick here, which didn’t quite work in the other songs. Also, the nice little semi-classical touch was enough to blow me away. The arrangements, with nothing much happening, gave a nice lounge-ish feel to the song. Whatever does happen though, is attractive enough for the listeners to enjoy. The digital beats, for one, are really cool! The vocals by débutante Shibani Sur, a trained classical singer, are awesome, and her husky voice is a perfect match to the quite drowsy feel of the song. The little nuances she performs in the antara lines, is to fall for! She handles her high notes, as well as the low ones, very well. Hoping to hear more of her in Bollywood in the future, and kudos to Vivek for presenting her beautiful voice in front of us all. Kumaar’s lyrics are quite better here, and have some meaning, other than the usual melancholia he wrote in the album. The best took long enough to arrive. A perfect grand finale to a not-so-perfect album! #5StarHotelSong!!

Saansein kind of meets my expectations. It certainly met my expectation that it would consist of typical Bhatt-style romantic songs under the name of spooky songs, but it didn’t quite meet the expectation I kept towards it being Vivek’s first solo album and chance to score a nice soundtrack. The tracks are nice, no doubt, but the compositions in most of them seem very laidback, and that’s the turn off. Two of the tracks are fantastic, while the other three try to fiddle with the rapidly-disappearing genre of typical Bhatt romance, which even the Bhatts will move on from soon, as far as I presume! This album lacks fresh air…!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग <  < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Royi > Dil Yeh Khamakha = Dil Yeh Khamakha (Reprise) > Tum Jo Mile > Mera Ishq > Tum Jo Mile (Unplugged) > Tum Ho Mere


Which is your favourite song from Saansein? Please vote for it below! Thanks! 🙂


Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Mikey McCleary & Joi Barua
♪ Lyrics by: Prasoon Joshi, Mikey McCleary & Joi Barua
♪ Music Label: Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On: 2nd April 2015
♪ Movie Released On: 17th April 2015

Margarita With A Straw Album Cover

Margarita With A Straw Album Cover


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Margarita With A Straw is an upcoming Bollywood film, starring Kalki Koechlin in the lead role and Revathy and Sayani Gupta in supporting roles. The film has been directed by Shonali Bose, and produced by Shonali Bose & Nilesh Maniyar under the banner of Viacom18 Motion Pictures. The plot revolves around the character of Laila played by Kalki, a girl who has cerebral palsy. The movie talks about the struggle she goes through, in doing the normal activities in her life. The film was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as a part of the Contemporary World Cinema Programme on 8th September, 2014 and got great reviews from everywhere. The music of this film has been given by Mikey McCleary, and he went on to win the Asian Film Award for Best Music Composer, for his work in this very film! This assures us that there is light to be something special in the music, or else it wouldn’t have won such a prestigious award! One song in two versions is also composed by guest composer Joi Barua. Let’s have a look at exactly how great the music of “Margarita With A Straw” is!!

1. Dusokute / Dusokute (Duet)
Singers ~ Joi Barua / Joi Barua & Sharmistha Chatterjee, Music by ~ Joi Barua, Lyrics by ~ Prasoon Joshi & Joi Barua

So the album kicks off with our guest composer, Joi’s song. This song was actually a song from Joi’s first Assamese album ‘JOI’, and he had composed and written it in his college days. However, now, he debuts in Bollywood with the same song, rewritten with Hindi lyrics, and giving the song a wider section of the audience to appeal to. The song starts with Joi’s unique, husky voice, which is kind of the main attraction of the song and will definitely keep you listening. His voice is perfect for this type of rock song. The electric guitar tune playing throughout the song, is something that would appeal to everyone and it has been composed so expertly! Arrangements consist of the regular rock music arrangements like rock guitars and drums. Towards the end, we get to hear a wonderful display of the brass section, which has been appointed very creatively in a rock song! Kudos to Joi for that! The first version is really short at 2½ minutes, but for those begging for more (I guess that applies to every one of us) there is another version — the Duet. The duet version runs for almost 5 minutes, and is surely going to appeal to you, if you have been left wanting more after the solo version. The first 2½ minutes are exactly the same as the solo version (except some lyrics), but after that we see some great new things which sets us into wonder, why they made two versions, if both are the same till a certain point! So I’ll just describe what happens after till where we’ve heard in the solo version. Joi sings some great, energetic lines from where he stopped in that version. Sharmistha takes over, with her equally husky and magical voice, and gets an equally energetic and rockstar-ish part to sing, which she manages with ease. An interlude of brass instruments entertains us until Sharmistha comes back with the hookline, a bit too high-pitched and mismatching for her voice, but we manage to bear with it, because rock performances are never that perfect anyways, so it sounds natural. After Joi comes back, he ends the song brilliantly with the mukhda which he sings after calling it the end. Great trumpet parts do wonders towards the ending of the song as well. Prasoon Joshi has written great lyrics, youthful but romantic at the same time. The term ‘Dusokute’, suggested by Joi, means ‘in your eyes’ in Assamese. Prasoon’s Hindi lyrics sound great around this catchy phrase. I would advise you to hear the duet version, because of the creative additions! A rocking and addictive composition by Joi! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Foreign Balamwa
Singer ~ Sonu Kakkar, Backing Vocals by ~ Keya Dutta, Shilpa Chadhdha, Sugandha Tamse, Sulbha Ninad Samang, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary, Lyrics by ~ Prasoon Joshi

Mikey McCleary enters the soundtrack with this song, and along with him, his characteristic quirk and liveliness evident in all his compositions, also enters. And the result of this quirk is a thoroughly enjoyable, groovy, catchy, weirdly attractive and highly addictive composition which you instantly develop a liking towards. Most of the credit for all this has to go to Mikey, who seems to have worked very hard to master such a desi, yet classy number — two very opposite things coexisting in one song. First of all, the composition is so lovable, yet lively, that the notion of lovable being calm can be strongly proved wrong by just one listen to this song. Sweetness overflowing from the song, yet a sense of craziness also equally overflowing. This song is the whole package. Mikey’s arrangements are truly to be appreciated. Without noticing them, you just cannot end the song! The Calypso-type arrangements complete with the trumpets (Ketan Sodha), the percussion, guitars and some additional extra techno beats not usually witnessed in Calypso, all make it very attractive and exciting indeed. Very well-arranged, and recorded, hence winning half the battle there itself. The other half, not totally in Mikey’s hands. On the vocals front, he has appointed Sonu Kakkar, who does her job fascinatingly! Her electrifying voice, once used strictly for item songs, has now got the classy (at least a bit!) status, thanks to the entry of her sister Neha to do the item songs now. 😂 Jokes apart, she carries out all the nuances perfectly, creating a great positive impact on the song there itself. Her sharp, distinct and electrifying vocals really do impress and increase the likability standards for the song. She really does justice to the composition by providing the perfect blend of rowdiness and class. The best part is her improvisation in the ending. Though she might not have been instructed, she puts on a great show which is a pleasure to hear! Backing vocalists also count a lot, as is witnessed in this song. They make a huge difference and take the song a long way! Prasoon’s lyrics are highly and unbelievably creative! You have to hear them to believe it! He has also mixed awesomely, gaanv-ki-chhori type lyrics and English words, thereby making it very, very entertaining to hear. After reading this persuasive essay of mine, you are bound to listen to this song, at least once! For me, please!? A perfect song to cheer you up! Kudos to Mikey for making such a grand entry into the soundtrack! 😊 #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Choone Chali Aasman
Singer ~ Rachel Varghese, Backing Vocals by ~ Mikey McCleary, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary, Lyrics by ~ Prasoon Joshi

For his second song, Mikey opts for the one-Bollywood-song old singer, Rachel Varghese, who had debuted with ‘Kya Karein’ from ‘NH10’ not long ago. This time, she gets an inspirational and much less dull song than the first one she sang, and she delivers it with great expertise. She has a distinct husky voice, and she uses it well, making it work in favourite if the song. Mikey’s choice as her to sing the song turns out to be perfect. Mikey’s composition is slow-paced, but engaging, and will remind you of Western songs, heard in English movies at emotional points in the films. The composition is also very inspirational, and lovable. This it might take a while to grow on you, when it does, you will find it really worthy of hearing again and again. Of course, the calmness it imparts, helps increase its likability. Mikey’s arrangements, consist mostly of instruments like guitars, jingle bells, and drums played in a calm way, unlike they are usually played. A great string orchestra has been appointed by Mikey to make it sound more grand, and indeed it does sound so. A very efficient backing chorus led by Mikey, increases the effect of the song even more! Prasoon Joshi, yet again, writes great lyrics, again putting us into a state of awe. His lyrics are at the inspirational peak! And so creative! He has used metaphors to carry out what is really meant to be said. Motivational, they give a sense of happiness as well. Mikey’s beautiful composition, rendered wonderfully by Rachel Varghese, and put to Prasoon Joshi’s awe-inspiring lyrics! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Meri Aadat Mera Hissa
Singer ~ Anushka Manchanda, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary, Lyrics by ~ Prasoon Joshi

A mellow and sombre guitar riff, welcomes us into the next song, sung by Anushka Manchanda, who has worked with Mikey quite a number of times in his Bartender albums (which feature revisitations of classic Bollywood hits) This time, she gets a haunting, sad type of song, and she, who I always have tagged as strictly a club singer, carries it out with such perfection, that I was left awestruck, hearing this avatar of her voice. She has done a commendable job and has done justice to Mikey’s grave composition. Talking more about his composition, it has the perfect seriousness and emotion to it, that the lyrics call for, and also, the haunting tone of it, makes it much more feasible. Mikey has infused the right amounts of soul and heart into it, to make it attract all kinds of music lovers. The arrangements part has nothing except a chilling, sombre guitar riff which keeps playing throughout the whole song. It really does wonders, this small guitar loop, and makes the composition, which probably might not have worked as much without it, stand out. Prasoon manages to make us go all praise for his lyrics, one more time!! By writing what is in his heart, he manages to win over our hearts! Of course, the shining star in this short 2½ minute song, is Anushka, without whom half the effect of this song wouldn’t have been accomplished. A haunting, grave composition, rendered emotionally and perfectly by Anushka Manchanda! Great writing by Prasoon yet again! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. I Need A Man
Singer ~ Vivienne Pocha, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary, Lyrics by ~ Mikey McCleary

Just as the jazzy trombones and saxophones start this song, you know that you are going to go on a short, but memorable trip to the Jazz era of the 60s. And indeed, this song does exactly that! Sung fully in English, in Broadway-styled vocals, like we hear in all those old English movies from the 50s-60s and also in many Disney movies (😃) this song, lively, energetic and dynamic, does nothing but get you swaying and moving along with it. Vivienne Pocha, mostly known for her backing vocals in many Bollywood movies, and also heard in songs like ‘Shano Shano’ (Yuvvraaj) & ‘Loser’ (Housefull), renders this song with such unbelievable energy, that you really are left shocked by the time it ends. Her accent closely resembles that of the African-American singers who actually used to sing such songs, and she really has to be applauded for that! Her voice modulation is terrific, and her energy doesn’t seem to be drained out even after such vivacious singing! Kudos to her again for that! The arrangements also resemble a lot, the Jazz-Cabaret era of that time, with drums, saxophones, trombones, all placed in the song perfectly and played very playfully. The playful tune also helps to increase the song’s appeal. It will surely appeal to those looking for a change in the music of Bollywood. Mikey’s lyrics are nothing too great, either, but suit the theme and the style of the song. What matters is, that the song should be liked by one and all, and I really hope it is! Vivienne Pocha finally comes into the limelight with a song to call her very own, thanks to Mikey!! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Don’t Go Running Off Anytime Soon
Singer ~ Mikey McCleary, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary, Lyrics by ~ Mikey McCleary

The next song, is another English one, this time out-and-out romantic. Well, Bollywood seems to have derived a whole formula for romantic songs, what with the whole Arijit revolution having happened and all, but this song doesn’t follow that formula at all. Nevertheless, it still has the same vibe and lovable aspect to it, which makes you smile and like it instantly. First of all, Mikey has kept things very simple, with a very sweet and straightforward composition, no twists and turns, very predictable, yet a winner. It is a song, the type of which we have never witnessed in Bollywood, wholly in English, romantic, no Indian instruments, only a simple tune backed by simple acoustic guitar riffs. The sweetness and simplicity of it all, is the USP of the song here. Sweet and cute lyrics by Mikey enhance the hearing experience (I don’t mean audio-quality-wise, but I mean that you would love the song even more). Lines such as “You’re Little Miss Organized and I’m Mr. Mess” and “You yell at me whenever I leave stuff in the sink.” make it seem all the more simple, and also less and less cinematic and dramatic. It sounds as of someone in real-life has composed it for his love, and not for a movie. That just makes it more magical as ever. Mikey’s thin voice works in favour of the song. His voice is really great, and attracts listeners, ensuring they have their attention completely towards the song for the whole time. Just as the previous two songs, this one too ends before we know it, and before we want it to. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!” And this song is sophisticated in all aspects, just because of the simplicity it, so innocently, carries! #5StarHotelSong!!


7. Aai’s Aalap
Singer ~ Rajnigandha Shekhawat, Music by ~ Mikey McCleary

We return to India, with the next track. Rajnigandha Shekhawat, Sufi singer from Rajasthan, carries out the aalaps in the song with perfection, and her voice actually suits as the voice of a distressed mother. (Aai means ‘mother’ in Marathi). She does a brilliant job as she carries the song on her shoulders, assisted by wonderful arrangements done by Mikey. The predominant instrument in the track is the piano, which makes the track showcase a wonderful fusion of classical and Western. Tanpura At places also has been placed well, and the sitar also sounds awesome when it is heard in pieces here and there. Towards the end, the low sound of a cello or viola impresses, after which a beautiful plucking sound endears us. Overall, the song gives out an emotional feeling, one that will surely be loved by all. With nothing much more to describe in this track, as it has no lyrics, and no tune as such, all that can be advised is, to definitely hear this track! #5StarHotelSong!!


8. Laila’s Theme
Music by ~ Mikey McCleary

Bollywood’s obsession with ‘themes’ of the main character of its movies continues with this song. Although, there’s nothing not to like in this instrumental piece. The piano notes, played in such a dulcet, calm way, do the job of keeping the listeners with their ears glued to wherever they’re listening to the song from. The beats join in after a while, and make the theme a bit more lively and groovy (as in, to which you can nod your heads to, not get up and dance!) Strings join in later on, just to increase the already magical ambience that had been created thanks to pianos and the beats. The theme also ends soon, as it seems, as you get immersed into the beauty of it all. However, everything has to end, and this ends too,unfortunately. Mikey’s cute composition and arrangements make it very worthwhile to hear. Many people steer clear of instrumentals, but this is one, I bet you don’t want to miss for anything!! #5StarHotelSong!!

Margarita With A Straw ended up exceeding all the expectations I had in mind for it, giving beautiful quality music, one after the other. Joi Barua as the guest composer gives a lively and funky rock song, while Mikey McCleary delivers his career best in my opinion (because he almost always gets one or two songs in multi-composer albums) by giving us a whole lot of variety, right from Caribbean folk, to Broadway, to contemporary music. No wonder he won the Asian Awards for this album. It was really worth it, and each and every second of this album deserves your attention, right away! It also needs to be heavily promoted to be noticed at all, by the public! So if you’ve not yet tried it, immediately go and taste this wonderfully blended music all cocktail by Mikey McCleary, Joi Barua & Prasoon Joshi!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: The order on the jukebox attached above! 😃 Because all are equally great!


Which is your favourite song from Margarita With A Straw? Please vote for it below! 🙂