Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
♪ Lyrics by: A.M. Turaz, Siddharth-Garima & Swaroop Khan
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 21st January 2018
♪ Movie Releases On: 25th January 2018

Padmaavat Album Cover


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Padmaavat is an upcoming Bollywood period film starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in lead roles, and Aditi Rao Hydari, Jim Sarbh, Raza Murad and Anupriya Goenka in supporting roles. The film is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and produced by himself along with Sudhanshu Vats and Ajit Andhare. So the film has been in the news for the past three months and so, and as happy as I am that it is finally releasing, I can’t stop wondering what Bhansali himself must have gone through during all this. Anyway, on to the music. Bhansali had started off in ‘Khamoshi’ with a composer duo that was quite famous back then — Jatin-Lalit. With his next film though, he started to push debutants, and we got Ismail Darbar and Monty Sharma. However, with “Guzaarish”, he started composing his films’ music himself, and that tradition has carried on to his fourth film after “Guzaarish”. The results were phenomenal everytime he composed for a film himself, and I’m expecting, of course, this one to be no less!!

Before going into the songs, two things I notice immediately are how late the music has released, since music plays such an integral part of Bhansali’s films, and the second thing I notice is corollary to that — it has only six songs, breaking the usual Bhansali tradition of ten songs — it seems this movie hinges more on its script than its music. That being said though, the album is a treat for lovers of music from different regions! Now, let’s see how the songs fared for me.
The minor blemishes in Ghoomar (will get to them) are wisely covered up by an enticing Rajasthani folk chorus and arrangement, which doesn’t make it necessary to delve deeper into the song for any criticism. The starting and end chorus portions let by Swaroop Khan, complemented by the wonderful female chorus — Aditi Paul, Tarannum Mallik, Pratibha Baghel & Kalpana Gandharv, are brilliant and rich in their sound, grand as an SLB song can only be. The blemishes referred to earlier are mainly whenever Shreya goes into ultra-high pitch, as in the antara. Percussions are delightful, with the dhols and khartals stealing the show, and the subtle sarangi and shehnaai too, make their presence felt. The only other song on the album that sounds Rajasthan-based is Holi, a folk song of the Manganiyar and Langa communities. Richa Sharma’s stupendous rendition figures well amidst the Mughal-e-Azam-esque music, with Shail Hada’s wonderful Aalaaps making the Mughal-e-Azam-esque feeling stronger! The tablas and all other percussions too, for that matter, are wonderful here, as is the sitar, and even the wonderful peacock sounds.
The next part of the album sounds wholly and solely Middle-Eastern, in keeping with the Khilji Dynasty sound. Khalibali seems to be a celebratory number in the villain’s lair, where the villain is lovestruck at first sight of you-know-who. And if the film had been produced by Disney, the song would not have been out of place. Not that it is out of place here too, but can’t imagine Khilji dancing to this just as I couldn’t imagine Bajirao dancing to ‘Malhari’ until I saw it. The song itself is quite enjoyable, with an overbearing Balkan touch, and nice Arabic warbling in the backing chorus. Shivam Pathak has a nice time crooning the song, and gets the evilness of Khilji quite perfect. Shail Hada complements him well. I just don’t know why it starts like a song from a movie like “Robot”. The arrangements are great — the Arabic violins, percussions give it an enjoyable touch.
More enjoyable as a Middle-Eastern themed song is Binte Dil by Arijit, breaking the usual Arijit-SLB song stereotype. The warbling by Arijit here is amazing, but gets awkward after a point. The oud and percussions are well done. The song starts promisingly but slows down in the middle portions, where Arijit sounds strained. The compositions of both these Khilji songs are quite ho-hum too, frankly.
The other two songs fit neither in the Rajasthan category nor the Middle-Eastern themed category. That being said, Ek Dil Ek Jaan is a wonderful Sufi romantic number, sung wonderfully by Shivam Pathak, the lucky man who gets to sing for both the male leads. The song is highly propped on his vocals, because otherwise it is a typical SLB Raag yaman number, almost a mix of ‘Laal Ishq’ (Ram-Leela) and ‘Aayat’ (Bajirao Mastani) in equal proportions. The best of the album also features here; Nainowale Ne by Neeti Mohan is a wonderful romantic number, which is heavily inspired by classical music. Neeti’s rendition is one of her most cute yet mature renditions yet. Bhansali increases the song’s richness by adding wonderful musical arrangements like the sitar, santoor, peacocks (again), matka, and the beautiful backing chorus towards the end and in the interlude. The song is way too short, and I wish it were much, much longer!! Siddharth-Garima’s lyrics are beautiful too, with a mix of innocence and sensuousness.

On a concluding note, you might have noticed I wrote almost nothing  about the lyrics in the album — thats because barring Siddharth-Garima’s ‘Nainowale Ne’, the lyrics are nothing but the usual, run-of-the-mill material.

Not as intriguing as Bhansali’s other albums, but definitely has a place of its own, with so much musical richness in the arrangements!


Total Points Scored by This Album:8.5 + 8.5 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 9.5 = 50.5

Album Percentage: 84.17%

Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order:  Nainowale Ne > Holi = Ghoomar > Khalibali = Ek Dil Ek Jaan = Binte Dil


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Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Amaal Mallik, Tanishk Bagchi, Jeet Gannguli, Shashi-Shivamm, Shail-Pritesh
♪ Lyrics by: Rashmi-Virag, Sandeep Singh, A.M. Turaz, Jaani, Late Haider Najmi & Arafat Mehmood
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 29th April 2016
♪ Movie Releases On: 20th May 2016

100000x100000-999 (73)

Sarbjit Album Cover


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Sarbjit is an upcoming Bollywood biographic drama film, starting Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda and Darshan Kumar. The film is directed by ‘Mary Kom’ fame Omung Kumar, and produced by Vashu Bhagnani, Bhushan Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Omung Kumar, Deepshikha Deshmukh, Krishan Kumar, Jackky Bhagnani and Rajesh Singh. The film portrays the struggle of Sarabjit Singh (Randeep Hooda), an Indian national who was convicted of terrorism and spying by a Pakistani court, through the eyes of his sister, Dalbir Kaur (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan). Sarabjit’s wife, Sukhpreet is played by Richa Chadda. Sarbjit’s sister Dalbir fought with the Pakistani Government for nearly 23 years before Sarbjit being declared as innocent. Sarbjit’s case is fought by Awais Sheikh (Darshan Kumar). The film narrates the heart-wrenching story of Sarabjit and his sister and wife. In ‘Mary Kom’, I remember how I was expecting barely four songs, and I got the surprise of seven songs, and a stellar album (scoring a सां on the blog). Here, I expected many songs, because it’s natural looking at the long list of music directors. I expected a maximum of seven songs, and lo and behold! I get ten! 😀 I don’t know where so many songs will go in a biopic, but I can assume one thing for sure, that the songs will be mind blowing just like ‘Mary Kom’, which made me believe that Omung Kumar has a very great music sense. There are five entities, and seven people behind the music this time, and all have had successful stints in the past. The first is Amaal Mallik (with one song); I don’t have to introduce him, do I? And I don’t need to tell you about his past hits, because you already know! So I expect a lot from his as usual. The next is Jeet Gannguli, also with one song, who didn’t quite impress this year with ‘Sanam Re’, but impressed with his single in ‘One Night Stand’, so expecting a good one here too! The next composers are duo Shail-Pritesh, with their Bollywood debut. Shall Hada and Pritesh Mehta have been assistants of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, so again, expecting good music, if not great! Also, their maiden Marathi album ‘Carry On Maratha’ last year was spectacular! And they have five songs… So that explains it. 😀 Tanishk Bagchi, who scored this year with ‘Bolna’ (Kapoor & Sons), and had one of the greatest hits of last year ‘Banno’ (Tamu Weds Many Returns), has two songs in this album. Expectations are a lot from this youngster too! Last but definitely not the least, both the composers from ‘Mary Kom’, Shashi Suman and Shivamm Pathak, come together for a song, having worked separately in ‘Mary Kom’. Why would I expect great things from them, either? 😀 So, with this huge album’s huge introduction, I know you are already exhausted, but there’s lots more… Sorry!! 😀 Read on to see how emotionally right the album of ‘Sarbjit’ is!! 🙂

1. Salamat
Singers ~ Arijit Singh & Tulsi Kumar, Music by ~ Amaal Mallik, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi-Virag

Amaal gets to open the album, and wow! He takes full advantage of the fact that he has only one song in such a huge album, by giving something spectacularly good. To start with, electric guitars give a single blare, quickly followed by wonderful sarangi, harmonium and beautiful sparkling sounds. This is just the beginning of the soulful arrangements. The splendid arrangements continue throughout the whole song, and never fail to catch your attention. It is Amaal’s composition, though, which plays the lead role in the song, and that’s how it should always be! Have a strong composition, and the rest falls in place all by itself (of course, there are some exceptions!). A soulful song, with every note touching your heart deeply, is probably the best thing that you could ever find in an album. What’s more, Amaal composed it owhen he was just 17 years old! What a remarkable feat, because the composition is his most mature composition EVER, and it deserves nothing but many rounds of applause, which would also seem less. The antara, though, is the same tune as the ‘Hero’ theme song. 😀 Loved how Amaal incorporated that here! Going the Himesh way, who put ‘Desi Beat’ (Bodyguard) into ‘Son Of Sardaar’ title song, and ‘Main Jahaan Rahoon’ (Namastey London) into ‘Lonely’ (Khiladi 786). 😀 Amaal goes the traditional way for arrangements, of course, adding some modern twists, to create a pan-generational appeal. What I have to endlessly praise, is that, even though he has added some modern elements, like electric guitars and all, he has made sure not to go overboard, and that is what I appreciate about him —  he knows how much is right, and the songs are perfectly done. Traditional instruments include the tablas, woodwinds (they sound oh so beautiful!!!), dafli, harmonium and so many more instruments just making small cameos. The first interlude has a traditional string instrument which has been amplified and made to sound like an electric guitar, while the second interlude has been decorated wisely with the flutes. The flutes have to get a special mention for being used so beautifully all throughout the song, especially the last time the hookline is sung. Speaking about vocals, Arijit sounds as majestic as ever, possibly even more, and his low-pitched voice which I never like, suddenly appealed to me a lot! Tulsi, too, sings exceptionally well! She must sing like this more often!! Both of them score great together again, after ‘Soch Na Sake’ (Airlift). Rashmi and Virag write some soulful romantic lyrics, typical Bollywood style, but still appealing, especially the different words in the hookline each time. What a brilliant start to the album by Amaal! Amaal’s most mature composition hands-down! And the flutes!! 😘 #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Dard
Singer ~ Sonu Nigam, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi-Virag & Jaani

The next song starts similarly, with the sarangi notes touching each corner of the heart and making our eyes watery. (Okay, that’s exaggeration.. 😝) Anyway, the instrument always sounds very majestic, and so, it is an appreciated start to the song. Jeet composes this one, with Sonu behind the mic, ready to stun the audiences again. Jeet’s composition is totally emotional and it will make you emotional, especially when you try to sing along. The line ‘Jo tujhe lagta baarish hai, woh main hoon jo ro-oon’, has been crafted soooooo beautifully! I loved that line so much, it can’t be explained in words. The whole song, in fact, seems to be composed really carefully, unlike today’s timepass songs that are composed in seconds by adding techno beats and a repetitive rhythm, and become super-duper hits. Jeet has given such a composition last year too, with ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ title song. He knows how to make songs emotional and heart-touching even if they sound overdramatic sometimes. Yes, this song does sound a bit too dramatic, but Jeet has somehow managed to make it very lovable! Both the mukhda and antara share this property. There is a paragraph that comes once in the song, and it is the peak point of the song, like the climax of a movie. The instrumentation suddenly intensifies there and the vocals go high-pitched and also, the composition is more intense there. This paragraph is “Pankh agar hote…” Marvelous! Jeet’s arrangements in the song are spectacular. Acoustic guitars, sarangi, cello, dafli and violins make up the main arrangements. Digital beats support the whole song. Sonu’s voice never disappoints me, and it appeals here too. He has one of those magical voices that nobody can ever match. He renders Jeet’s heart-wrenching composition with so much ease, that it is unbelievable, but believable only because it’s him! By the way, I can totally imagine Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing this one; if only there was a reprise! Rashmi-Virag and Jaani team up to write brilliantly heart touching lyrics, and since they’re so good, I don’t care that it took three people to write them! It makes perfect sense, in fact. 🙂 A wonderful song from Jeet; I consider it as one of his best! And with it, the album gets yet another #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Tung Lak
Singers ~ Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shail Hada & Kalpana Gandharv, Backing Vocals ~ Deepti Rege, Mayuri Patwardhan, Roshni, Hargun, Music by ~ Shail-Pritesh, Lyrics by ~ Sandeep Singh

Shail-Pritesh step in for the next song, which will be their Bollywood debut song. The duo get an upbeat Punjabi bhangra number, which is pretty heavy for a celebratory song. I’ll explain. The song starts off with a high-pitched couplet sung by Shail, which is highly impressive. Then the song starts off, complete with the typical bhangra noises made from the mouth, which is impossible to explain. 😄 The hookline is catchy, but doesn’t have a universal appeal. The composition is, as I said, heavy on the ears. And a celebratory song should be light! The makers have tried to recreate the magic of ‘Gallan Goodiyaan’ (Dil Dhadakne Do), but that had a prominent modern sound to it, and hence appealed even though it was kind of heavy. I have to applaud the efforts, though! The duo has included many twists and turns in the composition, and it is quite difficult to understand what’s going on. Arrangements are awesome, with typical Punjabi dhols, dhadd, nagada, tumbi and the vocal sounds. There is a weird dubstep treatment in one paragraph, which leaves you wondering, “Is this 1990 (the time period of the movie, or rather, the starting period of the movie) or 2015?” The singers are spot-on with their rendition, though. Sukhwinder Singh never disappoints in such songs, and singing such a fast-paced composition with so much energy, is not an easy feat! Kudos to him! Sunidhi Chauhan sounds like what she sounded in the 2000s, maybe because the song sounds like that. The song also has a 90s feel (it’s supposed to, but I don’t think that’s deliberate! :P) Shail is good in additional vocals, while Kalpana (The Haryanvi ‘Old School Girl’ from ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ singer) has a rap portion which she handles well, but again, it seems out of place. The lyrics are celebratory, and suit the occasion, but not so amusing as they were meant to be. The song has left me in a fix. I don’t seem to understand it. It seems a mishmash of tunes of various Punjabi songs, and it’s WAY TOO COMPLEX for a celebratory song!


4. Rabba
Singer ~ Shafqat Amanat Ali, Music by ~ Tanishk Bagchi, Lyrics by ~ Arafat Mehmood

Young composer Tanishk steps in with his first song of the album, and brings in Shafqat Amanat Ali, a voice we’ve not heard for quite some time now. The song is a melancholic song composed on a Middle-Eastern template, of which the beats are groovy. The composition itself, I found a bit overdramatic at places. It has quite a dated feel to it, but Shafqat takes it higher with his deep and silky vocals. Tanishk tries to do justice to the theme of the movie, but the composition is not something that you would call catchy. Arrangements are good, with flutes, santoor and some electric guitars too. However, again, they are heard-before and turn out to make the composition pretty dull and make it sound more monotonous. The antara gets really boring at a particular moment, and at that time, it seems like a task to continue with the song. The lyrics too, are not very impressive. Backing vocals seem to be trying hard to impress, but don’t. An exhausting composition, whose saving grace is Shafqat’s vocals and the Middle-Eastern template (a bit).


5. Meherbaan
Singers ~ Sukhwinder Singh, Shail Hada & Munnawar Masoom, Music by ~ Shail-Pritesh, Lyrics by ~ A.M. Turaz

Take a look at the singers and you get no prizes for guessing that the song is a Qawwali. Shail-Pritesh have done a wonderful job at composing a Qawwali that follows the traditional template, and also hooks you. Sukhwinder, again using his magical voice, starts off the song, to be joined by Munnawar in the AdLib. And after that, the real fun part of every Qawwali starts, when the tablas start all of a sudden, and everything falls into perfect rhythm. A wonderful sitar-tabla jugalbandi has been showcased by the duo, and that is what invokes the “waaah”, at the sheer beauty of it all. The duo has used such beautiful arrangements all throughout the Qawwali! Following the regular Qawwali template, they still manage to give something innovative, by using no, or very little, harmonium! I mean, I thought a Qawwali is nothing without a harmonium! This Qawwali, however, relies on the sitar mostly to do its job. And boy, does it work! The rapid way in which the sitar is played, it would take sheer concentration and talent to do that! And the duo is full of that, it seems! The composition, like all Qawwalis, will not appeal to all, but to me, it sounded realllly catchy. The hookline sounds better because of the arrangements, otherwise, such a simple hookline wouldn’t sound so good in a Qawwali. However, the other parts have been composed very well! Especially the line before the hookline, “Toh phir karde khatam yeh jo sarhad hai hamaare darmiyaan”. Wow!! What a stupendous tune! And it provides a seamless transition from the mukhda to the hookline. On the vocals front, Sukhwinder fortunately handles the most part of the song. Munnawar & Shail too have a good number of parts, yet it feels like Sukhwinder is that main singer, the one who sits in front of all the rest in a baithak. 😂😂 Towards the end, all three do a great jugalbandi, withh Munnawar and Sukhwinder handling aalaaps, Shail handling the hookline. And towards the end, this Qawwali breaks into full bhangra mode for some reason, with dhols and the nagada. Turaz’s lyrics are apt for a Qawwali, and like all Qawwalis, they are situational words, and suits a devotional Qawwali. A great harmonium-less Qawwali, with a great trio of singers, and a beautiful composition from the duo! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Barsan Laagi
Singer ~ Shail Hada, Music by ~ Shail-Pritesh, Lyrics by ~ A.M. Turaz

A wonderful, feel-good sitar solo starts off the song, with Shail’s aalaaps accompanying it. Once he starts singing the real composition, you can’t help but go “Wooooowww!!!” Atleast, that’s what I felt! The song is a breath of fresh air after the heavy songs of the album up till now. Shail-Pritesh’s composition is sooooo beautiful, I really felt like it was one of Rahman’s 2000s compositions, and I also felt like it was one of those beautiful Lata Mangeshkar songs from the 1950s! There is a lot of magic in the composition, and when songs make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, you have got to notice that there is a certain spark of magic in them. This song is one of those. The duo has put before us an exquisite, radiant, semi-classical composition, which is really hard to dislike. The hookline, which has nothing to do with the title of the song, “Aaj malang nu savran de, Khushiyon da pani barsan de”, is just simply charming. The antaras are sweet, but definitely not simple, nevertheless they shine like gems in the song. About the arrangements, what can I say?? They are just too captivating and enchanting for me to say anything. The aforementioned sitar has a prominent part, in both a low pitch and high pitch, and acoustic guitars have been used well in the hookline, along with ravishing strings. The matka sounds exceptionally sweet, too! There are shehnais at places too, waiting to astonish you with their wonderful sound. Shail’s vocals are beautiful too! No wonder he was Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s favourite! His voice has the right texture — a mix of rustic and smoothness. Turaz yet again, writes marvelous lyrics! A feel-good song, which will really lift up your mood! Shail-Pritesh excel in the composition, arrangements and Shail sing is it out beautifully! #5StarHotelSong!!


7. Allah Hu Allah
Singers ~ Altamash Faridi, Shashaa Tirupati & Rabbani Mustafa, Additional Vocals by ~ Arsh Mohammed & Supriya Pathak, Music by ~ Tanishk Bagchi, Lyrics by ~ Late Haider Najmi (Traditional), Additional Lyrics by ~ Arafat Mehmood

Tanishk’s next song is a fusion Qawwali, with a striking rock template. After a mediocre song, ‘Rabba’, he impresses highly with this second song of his. First of all, the composition is really complicated, yet it has the appeal to all kinds of people, especially music lovers! Many twists and turns in the composition ensure it to appeal even more. The chorus “Apna kar lijo mohe, daras de dijo mohe, karam kar dijo mope” has been composed so beautifully, it is impossible not to like it. And the whole song is just as likable and soulful. Each line holds something new in store, and the fact that it has been composed on the roopak taal, with seven beats, increases its attractiveness manifold for me. To me, that rhythm sounds very classy and I love any song composed on it! The offbeat treatment done in the antara, where the words don’t necessarily fit right into the rhythm, has turned out really beautiful. Arrangements are beautiful too. Qawwali instruments like tablas, harmonium, and then simple clapping blended gracefully with modern styles of music like rock with the rock guitars, drums, make for a very interesting listen. It sounds very enticing as long as it plays. The bulbultarang too, sounds great in the beginning. However, the tablas are what won my heart over. 😍 They have been beautifully done, and the rock guitars complement them BEAUTIFULLYYY! A wonderful flute interlude is not to be missed, either. Vocals are spot-on, and the two male singers can’t really be differentiated, while Shashaa sings only in the chorus with them; most of the song is a chorus song, though. Haider Najmi’s traditional lyrics have been really well-used, and thank God they have been used so wonderfully, while Arafat writes apt new lyrics too. So Tanishk makes up for his mediocre song with this highly awe-inspiring song! IMPRESSIVE is all I can say!! The Rock-Qawwali has never been done so well, without sounding too filmy! A winner in all departments! I can hear this one on loop! #5StarHotelSong!!


8. Mera Junoon
Singer ~ Shail Hada, Music by ~ Shail-Pritesh, Lyrics by ~ A.M. Turaz

The Sikh devotional song ‘Jo Mange Thakur’ starts off this song, along with some flutes plauign around the vocals. Shail-Pritesh’s fourth song, this one is a melancholic song but motivating nevertheless. The composition is painfully soulful, and touches the heart, quite unusually. Usually, such songs seem overdramatic, but here, the emotions have been well woven into the song, so as to make it seem justified. And it sounds a lot like a Sanjay Leela Bhansali composition. This composition too, has many twists and turns, so making it pretty difficult to follow it, yet striking some chord somewhere with the listeners. Especially the hookline, is something stellar. Shail’s heart-touching rendition makes the song all the more believable, and the spectacular lyrics by Turaz describe the determination and passion of a sister, still looking for her brother, even after so many failures. And Shail has brought the lyrics to life with his lively rendition. Arrangements done by the duo are fabulous as well. The percussion rhythm playing all throughout the song is the base of the song, while flutes and woodwinds join occasionally, only to add more magic into the already magical ambience. The guitars too, have been played well. As I said earlier, A.M. Turaz has written motivating lyrics that describe the feelings of a very strong-willed person. Another complete package! This is how melancholia should ideally be portrayed! Perfect! #5StarHotelSong!!


9. Nindiya
Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Shashi-Shivamm, Lyrics by ~ Sandeep Singh

Shashi Suman and Shivamm Pathak, the two masterminds behind the ‘Mary Kom’ album, come together for a single song, after having worked separately in that album. In ‘Mary Kom’, Shashi had composed a simple, sweet lullaby, ‘Chaoro’, which had been beautifully sung by Priyanka Chopra. This time, Shashi, along with Shivamm, goes a step further and cranks it up a notch higher. The composition this time is really complex and layered, unlike the one-dimensional lullaby that ‘Chaoro’ was. This one has many dimensions. On one note it sounds sweet and simple, while on the next, it suddenly sounds haunting. I really get the goosebumps WHENEVER I hear this song, no matter how many times I’ve heard it before. It has this magical feel to it, and this time, the magical feel surpasses the magical feel of all the other songs of the album — it actually sounds realistic! I really can’t explain it all, but you will have to hear it yourself! It is just a spectacular song from the two! Arijit’s vocals are a brilliant choice; when he sings in the soft and husky voice, his voice sounds really soothing, so here’s anothter thing in favour of the duo. Arrangements are splendid too. Strings make up most of the arrangements, be it violins or folk instruments. Other sound effects like chimes have been used properly to make the song sound like a lullaby, with the harp pitching in at places! The flute too, helps in making the song something to hear again and again. Sandeep Singh’s lyrics are calming too, and with the composition, it sounds even better! At under three minutes, this is the song that stands tall above them all! That’s all I can tell you!! For further information, hear the song!!! BRILLIANCE AT ITS PEAK! 👌👌 #5StarHotelSong!!


10. Sarbjit (Theme)
Vocals ~ Shail Hada, Music by ~ Shail-Pritesh

With all those extraordinary songs, there should be an instrumental theme to top it off, right? I mean, albums sound complete with an instrumental! 😀 So, the makers of ‘Sarbjit’ decide to give an instrumental theme to finish off the album. Shail-Pritesh manage to make a haunting piece of music, with the strings playing the major role in it. The sarangi in a very low pitch handle almost everything in the track. The percussion beats in the background are catchy too. Shail pitches in with some ravishing vocals and it sounds even better. Towards the end, the song starts going uphill until it reaches a climactic part where brass, strings and percussion all meet each other at their respective majestic bests. A three minute instrumental that will transport you to the BGM of any Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie, and also, a ravishing finish to the album by Shail-Pritesh, the stars of the album! #5StarHotelSong!!

Albums like Sarbjit are very rare nowadays. The makers of ‘Sarbjit’ have really been very brave by having such an album. By “such”, I mean an album which isn’t afraid of not being noticed, an album which clearly doesn’t rely on commercial stuff, and treads its own path, ignorant of the hullabaloo around it. Not all of the songs would appeal to the masses, except maybe ‘Salamat’ and ‘Dard’. The others are strictly instrumental in carrying the story forward. And that’s what I appreciated about the album. Innovative! Emotional! Enjoyable! Experimental! Beautiful!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order {Ohhh this is gonna be tough!!}Nindiya > Allah Hu Allah > Salamat = Dard > Barsan Laagi > Meherbaan > Mera Junoon > Sarbjit (Theme) > Tung Lak > Rabba


Which is your favourite song from Sarbjit? Please vote for it below!! Thanks! 🙂


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Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Krsna Solo, Tanishk-Vayu (Tanishk Bagchi & Vayu Shrivastav) & Surj RDB
♪ Lyrics by: Raj Shekhar, Vayu Shrivastav, NS Chauhan & Surj RDB
♪ Music Label: Eros Music [‘Mari Gali’ on T-Series]
♪ Music Released On: 29th April 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 22nd May 2015

Tanu Weds Manu Returns Album Cover

Tanu Weds Manu Returns Album Cover

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Tanu Weds Manu Returns is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy film, starring Kangana Ranaut, R. Madhavan and…. Well, Kangana Ranaut. (Double Role!! 😛 ) The film has been directed by Anand L. Rai and produced by Kishore Lulla and the director. As the title suggests, the film is a sequel to the 2011 hit film, ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, and both Kangana and R. Madhavan reprise their roles from the first movie. However, kahaani mein twist hai! Kangana is playing the role of another character as well, and that is Kusum, a Haryanvi athlete. And the music goes to the same person, who debuted into Bollywood with the first movie, Krsna Solo. (Don’t get confused by the addition of ‘Solo’ after his name 😛 ) Also, duo Tanishk-Vayu and Surj (RDB) each have been given one song each. The first movie had a spectacular album, full of fun dance numbers as well as soulful traditional Punjabi folk Qawwalis and Sufi songs. Given that it was one of the best albums of 2011, one expects more from the album of the sequel!! So, does Krsna, along with the two guest composers, give us what’s expected? Read on to find out!! 🙂

1. Banno
Singers ~ Brijesh Shandllya & Swati Sharma, Music by ~ Tanishk-Vayu, Lyrics by ~ Vayu {Shrivastav}

The album to the sequel of a hit Punjabi film should have a grand opening, in my opinion. And what else is better to start it off, than an extremely catchy, wacky and insane Punjabi wedding song!? The guest composers Tanishk Bagchi and Vayu Shrivastav work together as a duo, to compose the wonderful grand opening to the album. Since it is a Punjabi wedding song, people are bound to compare it to the other Punjabi wedding songs from Kangana’s past films, like ‘Jugni’ and ‘Saddi Gali’ (Tanu Weds Manu) and ‘London Thumakda’ (Queen). However, I have to say that, though the song is full of that recognizable Punjabi touch, it is something that will soon… Or rather, it already has, gained an identity of its own. First of all, what should I say about Tanishk & Vayu’s awesome composition! Whatever I say, will be an understatement! They have composed, in their Bollywood debut itself, something that is bound to catch hold of you so tightly, that it won’t ever leave you. The first time I heard this song, it instantly got stuck in my head, and that energetic vibe instantly appealed to me. Especially the hookline, which will definitely make you laugh the first time you hear it! Of course, the tune gets credit, but more than that, the wonderful and gripping arrangements help the song make a greater impact on the listeners’ ears. A perfect blend of techno sounds, voice programming and traditional Punjabi instruments — Dhol, nagada, tumbi and the rustic feel given by the harmonium and flute, all just enhances the feel of the song. Lyrics have to be mentioned, and they are about the carefree nature of the main character, described in an entertaining way through Hinglish lyrics that can easily be understood, and also memorized thanks to the nice rhythm and tune. Lastly, the two brilliant voices behind this cracker of a song — Brijesh Shandilya & Swati Sharma. The way Brijesh renders the major portion of the song in his folksy voice, makes the cute tune sound even cuter, and Swati’s hookline, efficiently programmed at the right places, makes you go back to hear the song again just for her part. She has joined the likes of the Nooran Sisters, Kakkar Sisters (Neha & Sonu) as the unconventional, yet appealing female voices of Bollywood. With that, it makes Tanishk-Vayu’s future journey in Bollywood all the more easier, given the blast of a song they’ve created here!! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Mat Ja Re
Singer ~ Ankit Tiwari, Music by ~ Krsna Solo, Lyrics by ~ Raj Shekhar

And with this song, Krsna has entered the soundtrack. The song is a sad song, composed on the typical 90s template, complete with the daflis, and the composition that just reminds you so much of that era. The only thing that might have some shades of the contemporary music scene, is none other than Ankit Tiwari. However much I have taunted him in my past reviews, now is the time to actually appreciate him. The wonderful composition by Krsna has a pleasant flow to it, making you sing along. And this is possible, because the composition is very simple and quire easy to pick up as well! And Ankit has expertly rendered it without the characteristic autotune of his, which he carries with him wherever he goes. He brings both the emotion and romance into his voice and very sweetly sings the whole thing, making you drown in the composition. Arrangements cannot be ignored at all! Every second holds a new surprise for us in this song. Krsna has made sure nobody who starts to hear this song leaves it without listening to the whole song. How? By placing various attractive instruments throughout the song. The dafli rhythm plays on through the whole song, joined by strings, flutes, harmonium, and wonderful Latin-sounding guitars. That really touches the heart and makes you want to go on listening! Lyrics are also something great from Raj Shekhar, following the sad song pattern, yet appealing to the ears and mind. Ankit’s best rendition till date, and a heart-touching composition by Krsna, with equally heart-touching lyrics! Not to mention the out-of-this-world arrangements! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Ghani Bawri
Singer ~ Jyoti Nooran, Music by ~ Krsna Solo, Lyrics by ~ Raj Shekhar

If it was ‘Jugni’ in the first film, in this film it is ‘Ghani Bawri’ that will have the masses in the single-screen theatres in villages dancing to its tune. Nothing can start as dynamically and as energetically as this song. After the sad song by Ankit, when this song starts, you will suddenly be shaken out of your trance and into a totally mad and crazy mood for the next four-odd minutes. Jyoti Nooran gets her third song in Bollywood, this time without her sister, and she starts off this track with an electrifying vocal rhythm, that is sure to grab your attention right away. The instant energy boost that this song gives you, no energy drink will ever give you! The bubbliness of the song is just too much to describe! It is one of those songs which is so cute and bubbly, showcasing the bubbliness of the character in the film, that it just can’t get out of your head for quite some time. Krsna’s tune, of course, is really captivating, but the heroine of this song is, hands down, Jyoti Nooran! Her energy is unbelievable, and how she maintains it all throughout the song at the same level, is beyond my understanding. Kudos to her for this crackling performance! Be sure not to miss her rap part, in the second interlude. It just sounds funny to hear a folk singer like her rap, and that too, in Punjabi! Krsna has placed wonderful Punjabi arrangements to entertain us side by side, as Jyoti is too wonderful to ignore. There is one line in the song sung by a man, which I guess is his, and he has sung it wonderfully! The song will gain the same popularity and attention as ‘Katiya Karoon’ (Rockstar), to which it sounds very similar, too, as far as the arrangements go. Raj’s lyrics very well use Haryanvi terms to make it an interesting listen. One of the liveliest and most captivating Punjabi songs of the recent months!! A refreshing break from cheap Punjabi rap, where we get to hear the true essence of Punjabi and Haryanvi music! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Old School Girl / Old School Girl (Haryanvi Version)
Singers ~ Anmol Malik / Kalpana Gandharv, Music by ~ Krsna Solo, Lyrics By ~ Raj Shekhar

Just about less than two weeks ago, I reviewed an album full of jazz numbers, ‘Bombay Velvet’. All the music reviewers, and all the music lovers loved that album, as it stuck to the requirements of the script and adhered to the era in which the film was set. At the same time, it gave us a great variety of jazzy songs. But it’s not only ‘Bombay Velvet’ that has jazz songs. Recently, Bollywood has been witnessing a sudden influx of jazz songs in almost every movie that comes and has a situation for such a number. With the Jazz bug biting Bollywood, and biting it hard, we can help ourselves to yet another jazz song in Bollywood, this time, in such a place, where it is highly unexpected — a Punjabi-themed soundtrack! It is a song written purely in English by Raj Shekhar, and what he has written, is just so sweet, that you can’t ignore it. Anmol sings beautifully, and carries the jazzy tune on her shoulders. Yes, there are points where her voice sounds way too muffled to understand what she’s even saying, but never mind. To help her, are the awesome and apt arrangements that Krsna has placed in the track. Of course, the regular jazz trumpets, trombones, drums and saxophones can be heard. And that piano is awesome too! The lilting tune by Krsna really wins half the battle for the song. Complex, yes, but endearing, definitely! On the other hand, in the “Haryanvi Version”, things become a bit more desi, with the same English lyrics, and you can just imagine how funny that would sound! Yup, newcomer Kalpana Gandharv gets to carry out this version, and she does so with such grace and finesse (here you say “Ahem. Ahem. Seriously?” 😂) that it actually ends up coming across as more sweet and lovable than the first version. When they named it Haryanvi Version, I wonder what they were thinking, because, the lyrics are the same, the tune is the same, the arrangements sound retro Kolkata-ish. However, the vocals are those of a gaon Ki chhori, and the way she pronounces some words, will really make you laugh out loud; they really come across as hilarious!! She sounds a lot, lot like Rekha Bharadwaj. The harmonica, guitars in this version really make it sound better. Jazz wasn’t expected here, and so it was a great pleasure to hear it here! 😛 Try both versions, they’re worth your time!! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Move On
Singer ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Music by ~ Krsna Solo, Lyrics by ~ Raj Shekhar

When this song starts, there is a huge setback waiting right at the beginning of it. And that is, the striking, very-hard-to-ignore and huge resemblance to ‘Bol Beliya’ (Kill/Dil). What a coincidence, that Sunidhi is the singer of both! The resemblance just hits you right in the ears, demanding for some attention instantly. Anyways, you listen on. The composition, though having that really unignorable similarity, is actually very efficiently done. Because I had loved ‘Bol Beliya’, I naturally loved this too. But that wasn’t the case with most people. 😛 The song is a sad song with a twist — it doesn’t have the character sitting and repenting about the past, crying over spilt milk, but instead, it motivates the character to “Move On”, which was a pretty unique and interesting concept to me. As good ad the idea might have been, had the execution been a tad better, it would’ve been really great. For one, the lyrics are all tolerable, until the hookline comes. In the midst of a Hindi song, with almost all words in Hindi, how would it feel if suddenly, some English words come in a bulk delivery? Not good. It feels like someone’s pelting stones at your face — sorry, ears 😛 It sounds so cheap, you have to hear it to believe it. If any other words would’ve been used instead of “Move On” over there, it would be a really great song, all in all. Arrangements are perfect, effective dhols creating the desired impact. Vocals are by Sunidhi, so is there any doubt whether they will be good? When you have someone like Sunidhi behind the mic, you can steal sounds from anywhere, write irritating lyrics, and still get away with it. (WINK, WINK 😉 😉 ) So that’s the story of how Krsna got away with it and escaped from the public, but not from me! Probably the only disappointing song from Krsna in this album, just because of the oh-so-obvious tune lift. And also disappointed by whoever thought of that hookline…!!


6. Ho Gaya Hai Pyar
Singer ~ Dev Negi, Music by ~ Krsna Solo, Lyrics by ~ Raj Shekhar

The next song brings in the heart and soul of this album, the romantic songs! Dev Negi gets one more song this month, after that awesome, sweet ‘Coffee Peetey Peetey’ (Gabbar Is Back). And he shines here too! Krsna’s heart-touching melody is something that stays with you for days and days, and can never get out. In fact, you’ll have to force it to get out one day! It is such a beautiful melody, which will have you instantly hooked. Dev Negi resembles Shaan here, and I still can’t find any identity of its own for his voice. However, though he sounds like Shaan, he renders this beautiful romantic song following a classical path, with such ease and expertise, that it is hard to believe that he never got such classical gems of songs before!! Of course, the song is not at all devoid of Western gimmicks altogether, what with the humming and other vocals that bring in some of a Western touch. Besides that, the song totally follows a classical pattern. Arrangements are extravagant in this song, with classical Indian instruments meeting western instruments. Violins, guitars from western music meet shehnais and tablas from Hindustani classical music. Also, those techno sounds sound entrancing in such a composition. I should specify when the tablas enter, and that is, the second antara. When they come, you will definitely get even more hooked than you already were! Lyrics are again spot on, and though they are typically romantic, their simplicity does create an effect. A wonderful, blissful melody by Krsna, wonderfully carried out by Dev Negi. #5StarHotelSong!!


7. O Sathi Mere
Singer ~ Sonu Nigam, Music by ~ Krsna Solo, Lyrics by ~ Raj Shekhar

Yes, I’m very happy to see Sonu Nigam back into the scene after quite some time, with a long song, and something that does justice to his voice, something that only he can pull off. Here, Krsna gets into fulltoo Rahman mode, churning out a divine and entrancing composition, that will appeal only to a certain section of people, but those people will cherish the song like anything! And I fall into that category too! The tune is something that is very, very hard to describe, very hard to grasp due to all of its complexity, but all of Krsna’s hard work ultimately pays off and gives people a song, that really makes them hear it again and again on loop for a long time! Another classical-based romantic song, but this one not simple at all, and a lot more mature than ‘Ho Gaya Hai Pyar’. The mellifluous voice of Sonu Nigam just helps to increase its likability more! Arrangements also steal your breath away, purely traditional, with some interruptions by western instruments occasionally. The strings, flute, manjeeras, matkas and awesome guitars all appeal to the ears instantly! The female backing vocals, quite like Rahman usually does, sounds heavenly. When a song is so good, you really fall short of words, and that’s exactly what has happened to me at the moment. Lyrics are also beautiful, and unbelievably simple, yet making such a huge impact on us. I’m really shocked to know that Rahman hasn’t composed this! Hats-off to Krsna for this gem of a composition, for this glimpse of heaven!! Peaceful, enchanting and deserves to be heard on loop!! #5StarHotelSong!!


There’s one more song, this one on T-Series music label, because it is a remake of “Sadi Gali” from the first film, ahokse music rights were with T-Series, so of course T-Series follows Saregama’s footsteps! :\


♪ Bonus Song

♦ Mari Gali
Singers ~ N.S. Chauhan & Dilbag Singh, Music by ~ SurjRDB, Lyrics by ~ N.S. Chauhan & SurjRDB, Music Label ~ T-Series

So, “Sadi Gali” (Tanu Weds Manu) had been composed by the RDB band, which then consisted of Kuldeep, Surjeet and Manjeet, but after the demise of Kuldeep, Manjeet (you may know him as Manj Musik) left the band to work independently. (We all know how “great” he composes independently). However, Surjeet stayed and wanted to continue RDB on his own. So here he comes, with a remake of the three brothers’ song, “Sadi Gali”. And the remake is nothing compared to the original. Lehmber Hussainpuri’s original song, which was remade efficiently by RDB as “Sadi Gali” in ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, gets remade itself, and from a bhangra number, it transforms into a garba number, with a Gujarati twist. The lyrics are nothing special, neither are the vocals, which are by two Bollywood debutants, N.S. Chauhan & Dilbag Singh. Only the arrangements impressed me, with the wonderful harmoniums and flute, and also the garba beats impressed, but they don’t really sound good with the tune, and the tune sounds broken up and half-hearted in those beats. Not impressive!

Tanu Weds Manu Returns is a quite impressive soundtrack, on the whole. Debutants and guest composers Tanishk-Vayu give the most commercially viable and most quirky track of the album, and score a homerun in their first Bollywood outing itself. On the other hand, Krsna, who debuted with the first film, has explored his talent a lot more with this soundtrack, giving us six great tracks, out of which one is a tad less impressive due to the heard-before tune and feel. But he finally consolidates his career in Bollywood with this. And lastly, and surely the least, Surj doesn’t really uphold the dignity of the band RDB, but at least he’s doing better than Manj. 😂 Overall, the soundtrack is an enjoyable one, full of dhols, heart and soul and gives a good complement to the album of the first film!!! 


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: O Sathi Mere > Ho Gaya Hai Pyar > Ghani Bawri > Banno > Old School Girl (Both Versions) > Mat Ja Re > Move On > Mari Gali 


Which is your favourite song from Tanu Weds Manu Returns? Please vote for it below! 🙂


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