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♪ Music by: Jeet Gannguli, Bobby-Imran, Naved Zafar & Ankit Tiwari
♪ Lyrics by: Rashmi Singh, Sayeed Quadri & Abhay Upadhyay (Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay)
♪ Music Label: Sony Music
♪ Music Released On: 26th December 2014 (on Saavn) & 29th December 2014 (on iTunes)
♪ Movie Released On: 30th January 2015




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The renowned Bhatts are back with their first film of the year, Khamoshiyan, a horror flick directed by Karan Darra, and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. The film stars Ali Fazal and debutants Gurmeet Choudhary (of “Punar Vivah” – Zee TV fame) and Sapna Pabbi (of “24” – Colors fame) in the lead roles. Last year, Vishesh Films left us with one of the best albums of the year, ‘Citylights’, which is one of those albums that is hard to forget even if you want to! This year, they return with the composer of ‘Citylights’, Jeet Gannguli, with some more composers joining him, making it a dreaded multi-composer album, but the Bhatts can be trusted for making the multi-composer albums likeable too, so let’s not flinch just yet. Accompanying Jeet Gannguli are debutant duo Bobby-Imran, debutant Naved Zafar, and the very well-known by now Ankit Tiwari. So let’s have a look whether the Bhatts can successfully provide us with a multi-composer album that will break the stereotype that multi-composer albums are below-the-mark, or if they disappoint and do not succeed in doing so themselves!

1. Khamoshiyan / Khamoshiyan (Unplugged)
Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi Singh

Jeet Gannguli gets to compose the title track of this movie, and when it is Jeet and Vishesh Films, we can now assume even before the songs release that the singer will be the one and only Arijit Singh. The ‘Citylights’ team of singer-composer-lyricist once again come together and once again produce a soft, lovable melody, that is so predictable yet so gripping. Jeet doesn’t directly take a Bengali song and remake it this time, but he takes one of his Hindi remakes which was originally a Bengali song (talking about “Sunn Le Zara” from “Singham Returns” here) and rearranges the notes in such a way that it will create a new melody on the same lines. The rhythm, tempo and everything is nearly the same as “Sunn Le Zara”. Guitars lead the arrangements, with piano also playing a huge hand in it. Arijit has very well managed the vocals, even making some variations at places, which come unexpectedly, but are likable. Rashmi Singh’s lyrics are again marvelous just as they were in ‘Citylights’. The unplugged version gives more of that haunting and sinister feel which is necessary to keep in the background at one of the essential (in simple terms, scary) parts of a horror movie. The piano holds much more importance in this version than the original, as the whole song has been recorded in a slow pace on nothing but the soft piano notes. Occasional wind sounds and chimes can be heard as well. Overall, the unplugged version has been very well managed as well! Another awesome melody from Jeet’s pocket! Heard-before, but definitely works! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Tu Har Lamha
Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Bobby-Imran, Lyrics by ~ Sayeed Quadri

Here is another song opening with guitar riffs, but they don’t exactly invite you as promisingly as the ones in the first song did. Sure enough, the composition which lies ahead is pretty stale and uninteresting, as a result of the same old boring stuff repeated again and again. Bobby-Imran, debutants, come up with a good romantic melody, I’m not saying it’s bad, but just that it could have and would have been better without so many of the stereotypes, like Arijit’s droning voice, the hookline which doesn’t seem to radiate any attractiveness towards it at all, and above all the composition. The composition as I’ve already said, is on the same lines as many older Bhatt-styled songs, the types that so many of us have gotten plain bored of, but a fraction of us still have some love for them left. Had they tried something relatively fresher, they might have ended up getting a wider audience. The rock arrangements do not help a bit in propelling this song any further as far as likability and catchiness is concerned. Since the composition fails, it isn’t any fun to hear Arijit drawl out the tune in a goat-ish voice. Sayeed’s lyrics however, which are almost always flawless, give some reason for everyone, even those bored of this genre, to hear the song at least once or twice. But, at the end of the day, it is the Bhatts who have taken this song into their album, so who isn’t going to say “I loved it!”? Blind followers: 1, Real Music Lovers: 0!!!


3. Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na (Male) / Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na (Female)
Singers ~ Arijit Singh / Palak Muchhal, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Sayeed Quadri

Jeet comes back into the album and treats us with yet another soothing, melodious song. Again, the song is full of the déjà vu factor, and definitely isn’t something unique and fresh. But, as expected, and as it should be, the composition’s catchiness and likability is what matters. And it is an instantly lovable melody, which Jeet has churned out. It oddly starts with some very out-of-the-place techno sounds, which I fail to understand why they have been used. But as the song continues, one cannot help but fall in love with it, because the tune is so beautiful and soulful and heart-touching, that (I can’t think of anything to compare it to, but you get the point, don’t you? 😝 ) Arijit performs very well, and does full justice to the composition. Both the Mukhda and antaras have a kind of instant connection with the audience, improving matters for the song even more! The guitar-led arrangements have been done well. The flute does surprise you when it enters and the orchestra is superb. Sayeed Quadri has written some very simple lyrics, which still strike a chord with listeners. They work perfectly with Jeet’s even more simplistic melody. Palak in the female version, does great as well,probably sounding so because of the charm in the tune. She seriously needs to open her mouth more while singing; all her words do not sound proper. (Sochna as soochna, royi as ruuyi) Another simple, heard-before but heart-touching and soulful melody from Jeet!! I would recommend Arijit’s version! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Kya Khoya
Singer ~ Naved Zafar, Music by ~ Naved Zafar, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi Singh

Newcomer Naved Zafar steps in with his track, which he himself sings, probably thinking that he’s a world-famous superstar. And I’m saying so because what he treats us with in the form of this song, is pure torture to the ears. His faltery voice hardly manages to create any interest in the listener’s mind to go on, and resultantly, the listener might just skip the rest of the song. So it is clear, he doesn’t know how to sing, at least not for a Bollywood movie (and that too, for the Bhatts!! :\ Wow!) but, unfortunately, what he has composed isn’t much better whatsoever. Typical Pakistani Rock full of melancholia and patheticness. I’m very bored of this stuff by now, honestly! Rock guitars and drums are naturally the only instruments audible prominently in the track. Piano notes, acoustic guitars, violins do make entries at places, but provide only seconds of relief. Rashmi disappoints this time around with her lyrics. They just fail to make any impact or convey whatever they want to. This song is on the same lines as ‘Zaroorat’ from ‘Ek Villain’, ‘Ik Pal Yahi’ from ‘Creature’. And just like these, it doesn’t have anything to offer in terms of innovativity and freshness. KYA KHOYA, KYA PAAYA ITNA KYU SOCHE HAI, JUST SKIP IT FOR GOD’S SAKE!


5. Bheegh Loon (Female) / Bheegh Loon (Male)
Singers ~ Prakriti Kakar / Ankit Tiwari, Music by ~ Ankit Tiwari, Lyrics by ~ Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

The final composer, Ankit Tiwari, enters with a bang, and what he gives, is enough to make you hear it on loop for long! He teams up with Prakriti Kakar once again after ‘Alone’, and gives her yet another sensuous, slow-paced and thrilling song, one that stimulates those goosebumps. Ankit has aced the composition, perfectly infusing that Latino element into the song. Thanks to his arrangements, the song gets transported to a whole different level. The Spanish guitars beautifully lead the way followed by the other attractions like the techno sounds, backing vocals, strings and most importantly, the vocals by Prakriti! Prakriti again nails it with her singing and seems to be the PERFECT choice for this song. The peak of the song is undoubtedly the line “main jalti raatein teri, tu woh subah Jo bujha de”. It creates a wonderful spine-chilling climax up to the hookline, which is epic. Abhendra’s lyrics definitely suit the atmosphere created by the composition. Ankit, in his version sounds brilliant! And that’s because there’s no autotune! Why he uses auto tune even when he sounds so great without it, I fail to understand! Of course, the lyrics have been altered to suit the male version. Ankit exits his comfort zone after those numerous T-Series songs and gives us something innovative! Both versions are must-listens! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Subhan Allah
Singer ~ Anupam Amod, Music by ~ Bobby-Imran, Lyrics by ~ Sayeed Quadri

Bobby-Imran return with a variant of ‘Tu Har Lamha’, this time with a different singer. However, their choice here is also bad, is all I can say. Anupam Amod, though has the perfect Sufi-esque voice for the song, fails to convey any expression through his rendition. A person like Javed Bashir would have nailed this song. The originally soft rock song has got a Sufiana makeover, thus making it better at places. As a result, the hookline, which the most boring part of the original song, suddenly becomes the most gripping part of this version. The tablas have beautifully accentuated the hookline and make it all the more pleasant to hear. However, the tune of the rest of the song remains the same, that is umipressive and dull! Better than the original, because of the Sufiana touch, but spoiled due to wrong choice of singer!!

Khamoshiyan is your typical Bhatt album, full of romance, sorrow and sensuality. All the songs do have something or the other to vouch for. The team of composers has produced something that would go well with this horror flick. Ankit can be seen evolving the most as a composer, and his song might be the only one on the soundtrack which could be mistaken for a non-Bhatt album song. Jeet rules the album though, with his simple yet attractive melodies. The three newcomers, duo Bobby-Imran and Naved Zafar, do not fare as well, and they seemed bent on providing songs that would come across as typical straightaway. Overall, it is a typical though likeable “Vishesh Films” album, which has nothing vishesh (special) to offer whatsoever!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order (My favourite to least favourite): Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na (Male) > Bheegh Loon (Female) > Khamoshiyan > Bheegh Loon (Male) > Khamoshiyan (Unplugged) > Baatein Yeh Kabhi Na (Female) > Subhan Allah > Tu Har Lamha > Kya Khoya


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