So, I know my review for ‘Kick’ is late, but its for a valid reason. I decided that since it is Himesh Reshammiya’s Birthday today (Happy Birthday to him!) I would post this review today! Please forgive if you nevertheless think it is unnecessarily late even after knowing the reason!

Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros. Anjjan & Yo Yo Honey Singh
♪ Lyrics by:- Shabbir Ahmed, Kumaar, Mayur Puri & Yo Yo Honey Singh
♪ Music Label:- T-Series
♪ Music Released On:- 6th July 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 25th July 2014

Kick Album Cover

Kick Album Cover


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Kick is an upcoming action flick starring Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez in lead roles, with a supporting cast consisting of Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Saurabh Shukla. The film is directed and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, who is currently having a great time, with many successes to his credit, the latest one being ‘Heropanti’. The film has Salman playing the role of a thief, calling himself as ‘Devil’. Well, the movie definitely looks very interesting, so the music is naturally expected to create enough buzz for the movie before the release, and that has successfully happened. The music is also expected to be awesome, mindblowing and have touches of ‘Bhaigiri’ or ‘Salmania’ in it. This album is another multi-composer album from T-Series, with Himesh Reshammiya and Meet Bros. Anjjan having two songs each (not counting remixes or versions) and Yo Yo Honey Singh having his usual sole song. The album has total 16 songs if versions and remixes are counted, but not counting remixes, it has 9 songs (counting versions 😛 ). If the versions are also not taken into consideration, the number reduces to a mere 5 songs. Toh aa dekhein zara, KICK mein kitna hai dum! 😀

1. Jumme Ki Raat:- Singers ~ Mika Singh & Palak Muchhal (Version 1), Salman Khan & Palak Muchhal (Version 2), Music by ~ Himesh Reshammiya, Lyrics by ~ Shabbir Ahmed & Kumaar

This song has the HR template all over it. Same beats, same arrangements and same overall feel. The song is already a chartbuster, but that might be because of Salman’s star value. The tune is average, with the mukhda a little weak, but both antaras have an awesome tune, covering up the weak mukhda. The beats as I said are typical HR beats, the same as we heard in ‘Go Go Govinda’ and ‘Piya Ke Bazaar Mein’. They are groovy however. The interludes have been done awesomely, with the percussion instruments rocking the scene. The harmonium music is the best part of the song! It is too catchy! Mika is a perfect choice for such kind of songs. Palak sounds different as usual, and this is probably the first time we get to hear her voice in this mode. She succeeds in singing in a low voice as well. I still don’t understand why Shreya wasn’t chosen, because she could have given the right amount of energy needed for this song, which Palak only succeeded to give to a certain extent. The lyrics are just as crazy as any Salman Khan song, and interestingly are written by two people! 😛 The second version sung by Salman is just annoying to the ears. Salman does not sound good at all, and it sounds like he is yelling like Tarzan. I understand he’s not professional, but had he sung a tad better, he might have gotten it better. After all, so many actors are singing nowadays and all of them put their hard work behind it. This time, Salman hasn’t gotten it right though. The rest of the song is exactly the same. Entertaining, and catchy, but could have been better! Go for the first version sung by Mika!


2. Hangover:- Singers ~ Salman Khan, Shreya Ghoshal & Meet Bros. Anjjan, Music by ~ Meet Bros. Anjjan, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

The violin with which this song starts will immediately attract you towards this track. They are followed by beautiful piano notes which instantly reminded me of ‘Surroor’ from ‘The Xposé’. Salman starts this song surprisingly beautifully, with a much more surila voice than what he had sung with in ‘Jumme Ki Raat’. Shreya supports as sweetly as ever and sounds awesome! She is the perfect choice for this song. Her voice resonates wonderfully. The tune is very catchy, and very pleasant to hear. The violin and piano have been used prominently, and electric guitar makes a cameo in the first interlude, sounding great! The beats are also foot-tapping, and make this a very unusual romantic song. The antaras and mukhda have equally brilliant tunes. Salman’s voice has been autotuned, but it doesn’t create a huge problem because it sounds way better this way. Meet Bros. Anjjan have given the required background vocals where needed. They have come up with a very catchy, pleasant and nice romantic tune. A must-listen! Meet Bros. Anjjan are definitely improving! #5StarHotelSong!


3. Tu Hi Tu:- Singers ~ Mohammed Irfan (Version 1), Neeti Mohan (Reprise), Salman Khan (Version 2), Music by ~ Himesh Reshammiya, Lyrics by ~ Mayur Puri

Starting with mild piano, followed by violins and then guitars, this track is another beautiful romantic song, sung by Mohd. Irfan and Himesh’s second song for the movie. The first time I heard it, I didn’t feel it was that good, but as I went on listening to it, it kept on growing on me and now I love it! The tune is such that it will take time for you to like it and it won’t attract you in the very first listen. The tune of the ‘woh oh oh’ is the same tune HR had given to the ‘woh oh oh’ in ‘Just Look Into My Eyes’ from ‘Humshakals’. However, it suits better in this song. The guitar riff playing throughout the song is very cute and sounds very sweet! The tune of the antaras is just plain awesome! I don’t think the tune can get any better than that! It is just so beautiful! Mohammed Irfan carries out the song with utter beauty and though he sounds different here, without his usual robotic voice, it still sounds utterly melodious! Mayur Puri is the real star of the song, though. His lyrics are very heart-touching and lovely! The man is really versatile! The reprise version by Neeti Mohan is on a higher scale, and she also sings the marvellous tune flawlessly! Her versatility can be proved any number of times! Salman’s version is a bit underwhelming after these two beautiful versions by the professionals. His voice is autotuned, but here it can be clearly made out whereas it doesn’t seem so obvious in ‘Hangover’. He doesn’t give full justice to the brilliant composition, and makes it boring to hear. A gem of a composition by Himesh, sung just as beautifully by Mohd. Irfan and Neeti Mohan! Yet another #5StarHotelSong!


4. Yaar Na Miley:- Singers ~ Jasmine Sandlas, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Music by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh arrives to add something supposedly sensational to this album, which I had very less complaints about till now. Well, it’s true he has added something sensational to it, because the song is climbing up the charts slowly. However, I disagree that the song is actually good. The arrangements are mostly techno beats, and are too loud. Moreover, he has roped in a singer who is making her Bollywood debut, Jasmine Sandlas, and I don’t know why everyone is tripping over her voice so much! It is horribly horrible and disgusting, like the song. Honey also tries to sing towards the end of the song, but I think he’s joking, he sounds so stupid! 😂 One day I might even Starr liking the tune because of overexposure of my ears to the song, but I can never like the voice of this new Jasmine person who Honey has discovered. The lyrics are also dumb. With so many stupid, dumb aspects, I wonder how the song will sound good! The tune isn’t even catchy, it just keeps elevating on the scale, and then abrubtly stops with ‘te marjaawan’. It sounds so miserable! One had expected way more from Yo Yo Honey Singh after the innovative songs from ‘Fugly’! Maha-dumb song!


5. Hai Yehi Zindagi:- Singers ~ Mohammed Irfan (Version 1), Salman Khan (Version 2), Music by ~ Meet Bros. Anjjan, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

This song was just recently added to the album, and I haven’t heard it much, just once right now while reviewing. Meet Bros. Anjjan get their excuse for a second song in the album with this one, and it is primarily a sad song with a hangover of ‘Hangover’, so you can say it is a sad version of ‘Hangover’. It is a very beautiful and touching composition, with just as beautiful lyrics as well. Mohd. Irfan does very well and sounds like his usual self in this song. The violins are way more prominent in this song, and support Irfan very well. Salman, in his version, sounds good too, and Meet Bros. Anjjan have again autotuned his voice without making it so obvious. The flute in both versions sounds beautiful too. It doesn’t create as much likability for itself as ‘Hangover’ does for itself. very Touching and emotional composition.

Kick is another one of T-Series multi-composer albums that fail to live up to expectations. Himesh and Meet Bros. Anjjan do their parts of the soundtrack well with a few negligible disturbances here and there, but Honey Singh fails to live up to expectations, and delivers a super-dumb sounding song (if you can call it one). Meet Bros. Anjjan have made the most of the opportunity of working with Salman Khan for the first time, but Yo Yo has wasted it. 😛 Also, Salman Khan movies do not usually depend on music. Considering the previous Salman Khan movies, this one is better. But considering other movies which have been releasing, many have stronger soundtracks because of having a single composer or composer duo or trio working on the songs. When the album falls into the hands of more than two composers, things start falling apart, and more often than not, the album misses out expectations by miles, as is the case with this album, though not by miles, but surely we were expecting a lot more from it! An album which has been destroyed just by the super ridiculous multi-composer formula which is favored so much nowadays. 


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म <  < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating. 


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