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♪ Music by: Jeet Gannguli & Ankit Tiwari
♪ Lyrics by: Mohnish Raza, Rashmi Singh, Manoj Muntashir & Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
♪ Music Label: Sony Music
♪ Music Released On: 27th March 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 17th April 2015

Mr. X Album Cover

Mr. X Album Cover


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Mr. X is an upcoming Bollywood sci-fi/thriller film, starring Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur in the lead roles. The film has been directed by Vikram Bhatt, and produced by Mukesh Bhatt & Mahesh Bhatt. It revolves around the story of Raghuram Rathore (Emraan Hashmi) who gains the power of invisibility and uses it against the people who have wronged him. The plot does seem familiar, but has gained a lot of buzz in the country, and Emraan’s star value is enough to drag people to the theaters, I guess. Anyways, the music is composed by Vishesh Films’ favourites (as it seems nowadays) Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Gannguli, who were also composers for Vishesh Films’ previous project, ‘Khamoshiyan’. We know Jeet is always at his best under the Bhatts, so there’s no doubt whether he’ll perform good or not. It’s Ankit who I’m worried about. Though the Bhatts always bring something new from him, to cater to the likes of the audience, they’ll have to make him compose in his typical style. And I’m just wishing that doesn’t happen! So, let’s see, how innovative Ankit and Jeet get for this superhero-ish flick!

1. Tu Jo Hain
Singer ~ Ankit Tiwari, Music by ~ Ankit Tiwari, Lyrics by ~ Mohnish Raza

So, the exact thing which I was dreading, which I was wishing with all my might not to happen, does happen. And at the very start of the album itself. God, give this guy any lyrics, he just seems bent on moulding the composition into his typical yawn-ish, dreamland-ish and boring-by-now style of composition! Ankit Tiwari is back, and after a short gap of three months, gives us yet another song which makes you think, “Doesn’t he have any other tune!! Any other style!! Any variety, for God’s sake?” Unfortunately, we have to bear with him yet again. His voice which sounds like a robot, his composition which is just a mixture of all his previous songs (It goes on adding as the songs increase), all of it has stopped appealing to me anymore. Nothing can get me to like the same thing marketed as something different. Like those “Choclairs” which aren’t supposed to be sticky like “Eclairs”, but still are, well, exactly the same thing Ankit Tiwari is doing to us. This song’s mukhda itself makes you think that any time now, Ankit will sing ‘Sunn Raha Hai Na” or “Galliyan” or “Tu Hai Ki Nahi”. We are reminded of all three of these songs in the first one minute itself!! Imagine what would be the case of the antara then. It just sounds like a faster version of the antara of “Tu Hai Ki Nahi”. He shows no mercy on us poor listeners, who have to bear this torture. Arrangements are refreshing, but the too-familiar composition doesn’t let them get appreciated. Lyrics are good, but again, would have sounded better if they weren’t put to such a dull and typical composition. Better not to say anything else about this song. These were my views, you have all rights to love this song! 🙂 Not really something X-traordinary, but more like the ‘X’th remake of ‘Galliyan!!! We are sick and tired of this typicality Ankit!


2. Mr. X
Singers ~ Mahesh Bhatt & Mili Nair, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi Singh

This song marks Jeet Gannguli’s entry into the album, the man whose speciality it is, to give us something typical, yet sounding great to the ears. Well, here, we cannot say at all, that he’s given us something typical. In fact, here he has tried something new, and something different from what we have known him to do. He composes a title track which has shades of mystery, suspense. You might be thinking that he already has done this in ‘Citylights’, for its title track, but this one’s way more Hollywood-ish, James Bond-ish. Slow-paced piano notes start off the song, which creates an atmosphere of mystery right from the prelude. Mili starts singing, and her voice which I have failed to find anything unique in till now (Because she was aping Shalmali in ‘Meethi Boliyaan’ from ‘Kai Po Che’ and was simply dimmed out by Neeti’s voice in ‘I’m Sorry Par Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya’ from ‘Shaadi Ke Side/Effects’.) has finally got me to believe that she had some hidden talent which she had not shown the world yet, and it comes out with this song thanks to Jeet. She sings the composition very smoothly, and sustains the mysterious atmosphere. Unfortunately, she cannot hold that up for long. It’s not her fault, but it is her co-singer’s and music director’s fault. Jeet has chosen the perfectly WRONG co-singer for Mili in this song — Mahesh Bhatt! After actors started singing, now it’s time for producers to start singing! Come on, Karan Johar, we’ll try to tolerate you next! (Yeah, as if. 😒 ) Mahesh does his best to spoil the composition with his weird vocals. In English he sounds even worse. Anyone younger than him would have worked for this song. I would have tolerated even Ankit, but this is just too intolerable! And he even sings some English lines at the end, which nobody can comprehend, so that just wasted his energy. 😝 When he says ‘X’ it sounds like ‘Eggs’ actually. Rashmi Singh’s lyrics are yet again, awesome. She has written keeping the theme of the movie in mind, while giving a touch of mystery and suspense to the lyrics. They would’ve sounded better on a different tune and a different male singer singing them, though! Jeet has kept very, very minimal arrangements, except the piano mentioned before, and strings at places. Mili’s backing vocals after Mahesh Bhatt’s lines are like a drop of water after a long famine. A mediocre composition, enhanced by Mili’s singing, then spoilt by Mahesh Bhatt, and again brought up by Mili and ends on a bad note because of Mahesh again. Good attempt by Jeet to make something different though!


3. Saad Shukrana
Singer ~ Ankit Tiwari, Music by ~ Ankit Tiwari, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Muntashir

Ankit comes back with his second song, this time starting with refreshing guitar strums, getting you excited for something different from Ankit, finally. Ankit starts singing, and you get impressed that the tune so far bears negligible resemblance to his previous songs. A refreshing composition, if I may say so. Then a slight resemblance in tune with ‘Boond Boond’ (Roy) comes along. We ignore it. Finally, you think, Ankit stops giving typically boring and yawn-provoking songs. The interlude which follows is just wonderfully and mindbogglingly innovative. Whatever weirdly addictive percussion that it is, and joined by a bagpipes-like sounding synthesizer, which just increases the interest of the listener. The antara sounds very, very Rahman-ish, but again, it wins you over! The flute in the background is so lovable and very creatively placed. The percussion from the first interlude keeps on following us throughout the rest of the song, and you can’t help but appreciate it. Since the composition and arrangements clearly show that Ankit is trying to move away from his typicality zone, I have to appreciate his work in this song! His vocals do make things more soothing, but the autotune could’ve been done away with. In spite of all this, though, the song does take a long time to really grow on you, and won’t really stand out to you in the very first listen. For this, and only this, it would be criticized by many. Lyrics by Manoj Muntashir are romantic and have been written well. What’s more, Ankit has used them well in his refreshing composition. Something more refreshing than Ankit’s usual; way better than ‘Tu Jo Hain’ and other remakes of ‘Galliyan’ he has given us over the past year. Deserves a listen!


4. Alif Se
Singers ~ Ankit Tiwari & Neeti Mohan, Music by ~ Ankit Tiwari, Lyrics by ~ Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

It is in the third song of Ankit, that he truly shines above any of his previous songs, and why it is so, you will get to know after you read this and hear the song. It starts with some weird Arabic folk voices like the ones from ‘Katra Katra’ (Alone). They arouse in the listener some curiosity, because nobody was expecting whatever this song is, from Ankit Tiwari! Neeti starts off the main melody, and we are a bit disappointed due to the fact that Ankit Tiwari has altered and autotuned her beautiful voice as well, negating the whole magic of her voice. However, as the song progresses and Ankit enters, we start gaining more and more interest after the disappointing start, and by the time the song reaches the hookline, we cannot help but move and groove to the racy beats and addictive composition. The composition is highly catchy, especially the hookline (just as I like it — catchy, addictive, gets into your brain after only one time if hearing the song) and because of this, the song has a high capability to attract many listeners and get a long playlist-life, if marketed and promoted well. Another shock, as I said before, is that this song is coming from the King of Recycling His Own Songs, Ankit Tiwari! Though this song also feels like a recycled version of ‘Tequila Wakila’ (Samrat & Co.), the similarities end at the beats. The arrangements in that song were Latino-Spanish flavored, but this one has been beautifully garnished with Arabic percussion, Arabic-style backing vocals and techno beats magnifying the effect. The beats also remind you of Pritam’s ‘Malang’ (Dhoom:3) The sitar solo impresses, especially because of the fast pace it has been played in. The antara has both singers getting equal parts to sing, and both impress highly, not because of their vocals (which have been highly interfered with) but because of the intoxicating feel that the autotune and programming has given to their voices. (It even makes Ankit sound like A.R. Rahman!) And Neeti’s ending to the antara is breathtaking! Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay’s lyrics are wholly in Urdu, to the extent that I couldn’t understand a word! Just kidding, I could get that they’re romantic. Only the hookline is kinda tough to decode! However, it just makes the song sound more sophisticated. 😂 An applaudable attempt by Ankit to make a dance song, complete with Arabic beats and an attractive, addictive tune, made even better by both singers’ voices! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Teri Khushboo (Male Version) / Teri Khushboo (Female Version)
Singers ~ Arijit Singh / Palak Muchhal, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi Singh

The trio of Jeet-Arijit-Rashmi come back again, after two awesome stints, namely ‘Citylights’ and ‘Khamoshiyan’. And they uphold their dignity once again, by delivering yet another beautiful song with awesome composition, vocals and lyrics! A sad, heartbroken, depressed type of melody has been very efficiently spun by Jeet, and it is such an emotional composition, that it would be a sin to dismiss it as dull and not attractive. The composition, on the rhythm of rupak taal with seven beats (but not played on tablas) is truly heart touching and shows the hard work and soul Jeet and Rashmi have put in to create this song. Arijit Singh sings with the same emotion and soul that was expected to carry off this song with expertise. He uses a deep, coarse voice to master this composition. The arrangements consist mostly of guitars, and a dull, sombre-sounding wind instrument which I suspect is the synthesizer, but that synthesizer is so enticing that when it plays throughout the sing, you can’t pay attention anywhere else but the song! Rashmi Singh’s lyrics are full of emotion and pain and go well with the composition — or should I say the composition goes well on her lyrics? 😀 Nevertheless, they’re awesome and beautiful. Palak in her version, also sings beautifully, her voice being the main difference and biggest attraction there, and everything else the same as the male version. However, Arijit’s version is undoubtedly better than hers, with all respect to her. The composition does remind you of songs like ‘Soney Do’ (Citylights), which was one of Jeet and Rashmi’s first and best songs, and Pritam’s ‘Ashq Na Ho’ (Holiday) because of the emotional factor. A great ending to the album with this song, soulfully written, composed and sung! A treat to the ears and has to be marketed and promoted vigorously!! #5StarHotelSong!!

Mr. X is on the whole, a very disappointing affair from the Bhatts. While Ankit sticks to his ‘Guaranteed Hit Formula’ for one song, slightly diverts from it in the other, and impresses highly with his final song, Jeet impresses with both his compositions, one of which is ruined by a wrong choice of singer. A producer debuting as a lead playback singer in his 60s — well, not a great idea. Anyways, with Ankit and Jeet each only offering one outstanding track out of three and two respectively, nothing else can be said except the decline of quality in Vishesh Films’ music isn’t invisible, but the incline in the typicality and ridiculousness is!!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग <  < प < ध < नी < सांसां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Teri Khushboo (Both Versions) > Alif Se > Saad Shukrana > Mr. X > Tu Jo Hain


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