Album Details:-

♪ Music by:- Yo Yo Honey Singh, Prashant Vadhyar & Raftaar
♪ Lyrics by:- Yo Yo Honey Singh, Raftaar, Arshia Nahid, Niren Bhatt, Rajveer Ahuja & Sumit Aroraa
♪ Music Label:- T-Series
♪ Music Released On:- 15th May 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 13th June 2014

Fugly Album Cover

Fugly Album Cover


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Fugly is an upcoming comedy social thriller film which is directed by Kabir Sadanand and produced by Ashvini Yardi, Alka Bhatia and Akshay Kumar. Kabir Sadanand, who has directed not-so-successful films like ‘Popcorn Khao! Mast Ho Jao’ and ‘Tum Milo Toh Sahi’ in the past, is back with ‘Fugly’ this year. The film stars newcomers Mohit Marwah, Arfi Lamba, Vijender Singh (yes, the boxer 😀 ) and Kiara Advani in lead roles and Jimmy Shergill in the negative role as a corrupt police officer. The music has been scored by multiple composers. Two songs have been given to youth sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh, one to rapper Raftaar, and the remaining four to newcomer Prashant Vadhyar. Considering that it has been produced by Akshay Kumar, I was expecting a decent soundtrack for it. Sadly, very few songs from this album are worth taking time to listen to. Let’s see where ‘Fugly’ scores (or doesn’t score) in terms of music.

1. Fugly:- Singer ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lyrics by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Music by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh

Here comes the all-rounder aapka apna Yo Yo Honey Singh, with yet another catchy tune, which unwantedly spreads like an infection. Why, oh why do you have to compose such catchy songs, Honey? 😀 Yes, it’s true! The first time I heard it, I rejected it, thinking of it as an annoying wate of time. After it kept playing everywhere the whole summer, it grew on me and next thing I knew, not a single day passed by without me finding myself humming it! It starts with piano notes, played in such a way that they resemble a sitar. Then the tabla kicks in and the catchiness is at its best! The tablas are the highlight of the song! Who ever thought Honey Singh would use tablas ever! But he has used them here, and put them to very interesting use! The song is a satirical song about the situation of the country and the social evils and all which are happening in the country. So the good lyrics and composition part is ticked of the list, they are pretty good. Now we are left with vocals. Yo Yo sings surprisingly good in the song. He has altered his voice when he sings the title line, making it sound like a small child’s voice or a woman’s voice. For people who find this song most annoying, don’t worry, Honey has kept it short and sweet, with a duration of two and a half minutes only. He has also resisted the temptation of adding rap! After ‘Sunny Sunny’ this song here is another one of his without any rap. Good improvement! A song which is so catchy, you will find yourself humming it even if you hate it. A #5StarHotelSong! (I’m ready for the tomatoes and eggs! 😛 )


2. Dhup Chik:- Singers ~ Raftaar, Aastha Gill, Badshah, Lyrics by ~ Raftaar, Music by ~ Raftaar

After that disaster ‘The Pappi Song’ from ‘Heropanti’, Raftaar is back to sing this song. But this time he has composed it as well! 😦 Poor us! We have to bear with this guy, no matter how bad his songs are! It is a party song (obvious from the lyrics) written almost completely in Haryanvi, with Haryanvi-accented English lines too. It is the most annoying song I have heard in recent times. The hook line has a decent tune, and/at the same time the other lines have a just as annoying tune. The rap by Raftaar is even more annoying! The arrangements mostly have been done with techno beats. A tune which is repeated many times in the song sounds exactly like the tune from ‘Son Of Sardaar’ title track. I seriously don’t know where Bollywood is heading with such songs being churned out each month! :\ The standards set by the legends in the 60s-90s has just gone to waste. Skip this track. There’s absolutely nothing to hear over here.


3. Banjaarey:- Singer ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lyrics by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Music by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh

You read the name of this song, and the name of the singer, lyricist and music director (the multi-talented all-rounder, aapka apna Yo Yo Honey Singh) and decide that it is anyways going to be another dumb composition from him, so you press the play button with zero expectations. Then the opening guitar riff just surprises you with its surprisingly calm and soft nature. So you check your device again, to check whether it’s the right song you’re playing, only to see that it is the same song! Then you freak out and lose your consciousness. 😛 Just kidding, but yes, this song is a sweet little surprise from the otherwise insane Honey Singh. It is a song which revolves around friendship and the moments shared with friends. Both the violin and guitar have been used very, very smartly in the song. The drums have been used in such a soft way, that you will feel very relaxed and soothed. This song again has no rapping from the prince of rap. The tune is very catchy, which is an essential feature of all Honey Singh songs. I think it is one of Honey Singh’s best songs and easily his best Bollywood song. He has finally got a chance to showcase his other side to the world, thanks to Akshay Kumar. A must-listen song, which is not at all of Honey Singh’s type.  #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Good In Bed:- Singers ~ Prashant Vadhyar, Rajiv Sundaresan, Sunaina Sarkar, Lyrics by ~  Niren Bhatt, Music by ~ Prashant Vadhyar

This song is stupid, in every aspect. Music is strictly okay, nothing to boast about. Mostly, guitars have been used. All other instruments which have been aren’t that great either. Dhols enter towards the end, which are a little good, but again, nothing to boast about. The tune is the worst tune I have ever heard. The song is composed in rock style, but fails miserably. Vocals are bleh! The composer has an atrocious voice, and the female voice is equally atrocious. Don’t even ask me about the lyrics. They’re stupid. The second meaningless song from the same album! This is a MAHA SKIP! Nothing can get worse than this!


5. Dhuaan:- Singers ~ Arijit Singh, Pawni Pandey, Lyrics by ~ Arshia Nahid, Music by ~ Prashant Vadhyar

Looks like all composers nowadays from the legends, to the newcomers want to have at least one of their songs sung by Arijit Singh at least once. Here is another such example. Prashant has come up with a good tune, but it’s not like it has never been heard before. It is nothing new. The song is a sad song, and Arijit has carried it out with ease (as always). The mukhda has a good tune, but I don’t know if the antara was supposed to even have a tune, because it seems like Arijit is just shouting some lines at the top of his voice. The lyrics by Arshia Nahid (never heard of her) are perfect for a sad song. Pawni Pandey has more of a cameo appearance towards the end but her lines are not solo anyways. She and Arijit have sung them together. By the way, those lines also have a nice tune. The line with the strongest tune was ‘Dikhti nahin hai roshni.’ A good attempt, which sounds dull at places, but overall nice. 🙂


6. G Pe Danda:- Singers ~ Aman Trikha, Pawni Pandey, Prashant Vadhyar, Lyrics by ~ Sumit Aroraa, Music by ~ Prashant Vadhyar

The way it starts with mild piano, you would think a club song is going to follow. Then it turns into another stupid song, equally stupid as ‘Dhup Chik’ and ‘Good In Bed’. The best part of this song is probably the use of saxophone. It gives that jazz feeling to this cheap song. It is a song with lyrics in Hindi, Haryanvi and English. They don’t make any sense. The song is purely situational. The tune is very, very weak. Aman does not sound good at all, but Pawni sounds good. I have observed that Aman sounds good only when he sings under Himesh Reshammiya’s music direction. I guess this song is going to be sung (in the movie) by police officers, who are giving a punishment to people. Purely situational, and nothing much to hear.


7. Lovely Jind Waali:- Singers ~ Pawni Pandey, Santokh Singh, Prashant Vadhyar, Lyrics by ~ Niren Bhatt, Rajveer Ahuja, Music by ~ Prashant Vadhyar

This song just increases the cheapness of this album. At the end of the day, it is your everyday item song. Pawni sings it well, and the tune is decent. The music is nothing exceptional. Santokh and Prashant have given the male vocals. One of them has sung some lines, while the other has spoken some dialogues (I don’t know which of them is which). Right from the moment it starts, you will feel its cheapness. I don’t know what Pawni was thinking when she signed this song. She could have left it for the expert Mamta Sharma, who I think isn’t getting work nowadays because of the image she has set up for herself by singing these songs. Lyrics are also nothing to boast about. The album which started with a relatively great track, ends with a cheap song. Height of cheapness!


Overall:- This is an album that suits a B-Grade film, not a highly-awaited (maybe, I don’t know!) film like ‘Fugly’. (Except the two Honey Singh songs) I am shocked to see what kind of noises pass as songs nowadays. Yo Yo Honey Singh has performed his best in Bollywood in this soundtrack. The other two composers came and spoiled all of his hard work. Raftaar’s song, it’s better not to talk about also, whereas as far as Prashant Vadhyar’s part of the soundtrack is concerned, ‘Dhuaan’ is the only decent track with repeat value. I don’t know what has happened to Akshay Kumar’s music sense, or maybe it just works when he ropes in Himesh Reshammiya or Sajid-Wajid? 😛 And of course humara apna Yo Yo Honey Singh! He has tried to introduce a new music director to the industry, but it didn’t work out at all. The ‘Banjaarey’ have got lost in a ‘fugly’ album! Seriously not what I was expecting. I was not expecting much, but sadly this album is less than that too! 😛


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating. 


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