Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Nitz ‘N’ Sony (Nitin Arora & Sony Chandy)
♪ Lyrics by: Pranav Vatsa
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 11th February 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 6th March 2015

Hey Bro Album Cover

Hey Bro Album Cover

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Hey Bro is an upcoming Bollywood comedy & action film, directed by Ajay Chandhok, produced by Vidhi Acharya and starring Ganesh Acharya, Maninder Singh & Nupur Sharma in lead roles. The film is scheduled to release on 27th February, and is one of Ganesh Acharya’s most ambitious projects. The music of this film has been composed by duo Nitz ‘N’ Sony, consisting of Nitin Arora and Sony Chandy. They have previously composed for films like ‘Teesri Aankh’, ‘Swami’, ‘Money Hai Toh Honey Hai’ and the latest, ‘Spark’. Ever since each of the song promos released, both of the songs have literally gone viral. The public is really liking them. The duo has composed five songs for this album, and pretty crazy ones, too! To find out whether I have gotten infected by this virus of the songs, read on!

1. DJ
Singers ~ Sunidhi Chauhan & Ali Zafar

This song was the second song promo to release, and, I personally found it way better than the song which made people go nuts over it, ‘Birju’. So, it is a great relief for me to see this one kicking off the album. A club song, with a slight desi feel to it, which all works in the favourite of the song. The duo Nitz ‘N’ Sony have very efficiently equipped Sunidhi to sing the major portion of the song, and she has done full justice to the composition. She sings every line with a different expression, and very enjoyably to, the credit for which has to, again, go to the composers. Though it looks like they have straightaway lifted the tune of ‘Gangster Baby’ from ‘Action Jackson’, even if they have done that, it sounds way better than ‘Gangster Baby’. But I’m pretty sure it was just a coincidence. The contrast in the hookline and the rest of the song is something to die for. The club song is going on normally, and all of a sudden, the arrangements become silent, with only Sunidhi singing the hookline supported by minimal techno sounds, making that part particularly very catchy. The arrangements, mostly techno sounds does engage the listener, and the brilliant bass used is enough to make him/her keep listening. The bongo-congos have also been smartly equipped. Now, time to talk about Ali Zafar’s Antara-long appearance. He shines! He seems to be the perfect choice for that part which he has got. His deep voice suits the tune well. The lyrics, ummm… Well, we’ll ignore that much, can’t we? Nothing to boast about, except that the lyricist Pranav Vatsa has founded and established a whole new city from where he wants to book a DJ, that is SingaPUR. 😂😂 And yes, the poor singers also have to comply and sing SingaPUR instead of SingaPORE. 😦 I pity them. All in all, a very enjoyable, groovy and also sweet (at times) song, sung awesomely! Was not expecting that good a start to the album! #5StarHotelSong!!

2. Bulbul
Singers ~ Himesh Reshammiya & Shreya Ghoshal 

Next up is a masaledaar desi dance number, ‘Bulbul’, sung by who else but Himesh Reshammiya and the nightingale Shreya! It is a remake of some 70s song ‘Naach Meri Bulbul’ from ‘Roti’ which I’ve never heard, so I can’t judge how good a remake it is. However, if I were asked how I found it as an original song, I would reply, “Ekdam Jhakaass!” The composers have added awesome dance beats, which would be loved by the masses, but I don’t think the classes will shy from shaking a leg or two. They have also used rock guitars, to not make it sound like the regular Kuthu affair. Himesh, as a singer without being the composer, was really a smart decision taken by the duo. He has given the right amount of energy and dhamaka to satisfy the composition and resultantly, the masses too. Shreya, whose first release it is after her marriage, sounds awesome as always. She sounds as great in these rowdy songs as she does in her calm and romantic songs. She gets to sing the antaras, and does very well with her job. The lyrics, are again something to not pay much attention to. It’s the same old cheap ladki-patao business. Otherwise, another enjoyable track on the album! Get up and dance! I mean NAACH! #5StarHotelSong!!

3. Birju
Singers ~ Udit Narayan, Mika Singh, Arya [Acharya] & Naezy

This is the “Viral” song. The whole country seems to have gone crazy because of this song. No, there’s nothing great in the song. It’s all in the video. You can watch it on YouTube. But if you want to hear the song without seeing the video. I’ll just quickly give you the review, so you know what’s in store for you. First of all, the song might just confuse you so much, that you might forget who you are, where you live blah, blah, blah… There are some things I really liked in the song, which are: Udit Narayan’s awesome Birjuuuuuuuu Tu Aai Gava Bitwaa… and Mika’s Laalaa, Meri, Maa Ke Kangan Vaapas Kar De Re… laalaa. These two lines kind of prove to you, why people like this song so much. However, there’s so much more than proves to you, why people SHOULD NOT like this song so much. Firstly, the rap, which may seem impressive because it’s so fast and cool, actually really irritated me. Mika’s parts, other than the one I mentioned above, are really irritating. And Udit’s Lalalalalaaaa… ,well, that’s the most annoying that annoying can get. And last but definitely not the least annoying, is that very, very highly obnoxious high-tempo ending to the song, which leaves you literally like those characters in cartoon movies with the stars and moons spinning on top of their heads. :/Ye kya mazaak tha Nitz ‘N’ Sony Jii????” is what I want to ask the composers for that last part. After two awesome songs, they give us this. Anyways, arrangements are good, and lyrics are bad. LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK! BEST SERVED WITH VIDEO!

4. Line Laga
Singers ~ Mika Singh & Anu Malik

If ‘Birju’ was a cheat and a mazaak, then this would be an outright SCAM. When a song has a tune, that you can’t even make out or get a trip on, you know something is really wrong. And when backing female vocalists singing “Naram naram naram Garam garam” sound better than Mika, and when Anu Malik (imagine that) sounds better than Mika, you know that something really weird and indigestible is what you’re listening to. Nitz ‘N’ Sony give another BAD composition, but thank God they’ve at least decorated it with rather quirky sound effects, which sound awesome in the background. Anu gets only one line in each of the first two paragraphs, and sounds more dumdaar than Mika with even that little to sing. But then he sings one whole paragraph at the end, and imagine what we are treated to in those four or five lines. Mika just constantly sounds like an even more angried Ajay Devgn. The lyrics, we don’t care about, because the song itself bores so much that we can’t really comprehend any of the words, or, even if we do, we forcefully choose not to break our heads over them. Ultimately, the stars of the song are the female backing vocalists singing “Naram naram naram Garam garam”. And how to forget Anu Malik?? 😂

5. Hu Tu Tu
Singers ~ Sonu Nigam & A. Sivamani

Sonu starts with his versatile voice, and we are treated to a show of very interesting sounds and noises, which might irritate you, might interest you. But when Sivamani enters, you can’t help but notice how asthmatic he sounds, totally spoiling the whole humorous mood set up by Sonu. He does get conscious of that and sounds less asthmatuc later on in the song, though. The song has been composed on the kuthu template, and does make you move along to the beats. Each of the stanzas has a pleasant surprise waiting round the corner. The tempo changes many times throughout the song, which changes the mood of the song every time, but the whole time, retaining the particular comic effect that was supposed to be there. Arrangements are really very impressive. They are the best arrangements that this album has to offer. The song really showcases some awesome South-Indian-folksy music styles, all of which really engage the listener through the whole seven minutes for which the song plays. Sonu and Sivamani make sure we don’t lose interest throughout the song. Lyrics too retain the humour in them, which the crazy composition has done and both go very well in complement with each other. What starts off as a stupid thing, slowly unfolds to be something highly innovative, creative and impressive!!! Awesome arrangements, crazy composition and dynamic vocals! But I’m warning you that you might be irritated! #5StarHotelSong!!

Hey Bro makes you feel that sometimes, even single composer albums do not perform up to the mark. But, if you see in terms of creativity, ‘Hu Tu Tu’ is the best track of the album. If seen in terms of public likability, ‘DJ’ and ‘Bulbul’ are really catchy and will quickly climb charts. At the same time ‘Birju’ is something people are really liking a lot, but I didn’t at all. ‘Line Laga’ is hopeless from all aspects, so better not to speak about it. Nitz ‘N’ Sony have come up with a decent album, which doesn’t impress highly as a whole, but some songs do stand out as great and enjoyable. Nitz ‘N’ Sony have stuck to the needs of the script i.e, comedy, and churned out some comic tracks, out of which only some work. Middling affair, overall!

Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग <  < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: DJ > Bulbul > Hu Tu Tu (Just because of the weirdness, or else I would’ve kept it at the top) > Birju > Line Laga

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