Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Anupam Roy
♪ Lyrics by: Manoj Yadav & Anupam Roy
♪ Music Label: Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On: 21st April 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 8th May 2015

Piku Album Cover

Piku Album Cover


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Piku is an upcoming comedy drama film, starring Deepika Padukone in the titular role, Irrfan Khan and Amitabh Bachchan. The film also stars Moushumi Chatterjee and Jisshu Sengupta in supporting roles. The film has been directed by Shoojit Sircar of ‘Vicky Donor’ fame, and produced by N.P. Singh, Ronnie Lahiri, and Sneha Rajani. The movie is about an architect, Piku, played by Deepika Padukone, and her relation with her ageing father Bhashkor played by Amitabh Bachchan, who is suffering from numerous, small, age-related issues. Bhashkor is someone who can’t stand not getting attended to by his daughter, and is constantly hungry for her love and attention. Eventually, Bhashkor blackmails Piku to take him on a road trip, for which they have no option but to let the owner of the local cab service, Rana (Irrfan Khan) drive them personally through the trip. This results in each of them getting to know each other and deal with each other, at the same time creating a sort of bond between the three. Of course, the story seems very interesting and charming, and so we have no choice but to hope the music album to the movie is just as sweet and endearing. What’s more, the music has been composed by one of the Bengali music industry’s most promising, emerging music composers (who has already carved out a place for himself over in the Bengali industry), none other than Anupam Roy, who has composed for Bengali movies such as ‘Highway’ and ‘Chotushkone’. The debut of this guy, who I’ve been hearing a lot about even before his first Hindi song released, has gotten me so over-hyped, that I can’t wait to start reviewing his debut Bollywood album! So, let’s see exactly how much he sticks to the expectations and how much he delights us with his big-ticket entry into Bollywood! 🙂

1. Journey Song
Singers ~ Anupam Roy & Shreya Ghoshal, Lyrics by ~ Anupam Roy

Considering the refreshing and sweet little storyline of the film, naturally, one would expect the kick start to the album to be equally refreshing and adorable. And what do we get? Just what we wanted. The first song is a melodious, sweet, soothing and lively composition by Anupam Roy, a perfect way to start his journey in Bollywood. Appealing guitar riffs start this song off, and right from the second it starts, we are hooked onto the song like a fish gets hooked on to the fishing-line. 😀 Yup, the beginning itself is so irresistible, that it forces us to cheer ourselves up, forget all the tension in our lives and do nothing besides pay attention to the song. Anyways, about the song, as I said, it is a calm, soothing yet enjoyable song, with just the right blend of sweetness and gusto in it. Where does the gusto come from, you ask? Well, the lively arrangements and innovative composition helps to bring in the much-needed gusto in the song. Such enthusiasm, as rarely seen in calm Bollywood songs nowadays, instantly making you get up and recharged. A break from the regular Bollywood romantic stuff, this is a song totally about the beauties and joys of a road-trip, and the relish of going on one. Anupam’s rendition, though not pitch-perfect, works in favour of the song, only and only because of the natural element it brings into the song. The guitar continues to mesmerize us, also joined in by other, more exotic instruments, like the flutes, the beautiful matkas, the breathtaking violin-ish sound of the ravan-hatta in between the antaras. Shreya gets to sing a very cute Bengali part which does manage to catch your attention, and not just because of her flawless singing, but also because of Anupam’s cherishable composition to that part, the best part of the song in my opinion. Keeping the lyrics just as sweet and simple, this song boasts of perfection in simplicity. The Bengali lines are apparently about the beauty of nature, with references to Akash (sky), and Polash (flower). The duration of the song also not having been kept really long, it charms and leaves a lasting impression on your ears. A delightful, charming and utterly engaging start to this album. Anupam hits the bullseye right with his first Bollywood song! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Bezubaan
Singer ~ Anupam Roy, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav & Anupam Roy

Soothing piano notes transform the delightful and flamboyant atmosphere created by ‘Journey Song’, into a sombre, thought-provoking one, and you brace yourselves for the next piece of bliss Anupam has to offer you. Describing the greatness of this song will really get me nowhere, and neither will it make any difference to anyone’s perspective of the song. Because the fact is that, the melody and composition of this track is so strong and addictively calming, that you wouldn’t want to miss even a second of it. You will find yourself attentively listening, right from those piano notes I described at the beginning, to the even more refreshing guitar notes which make up the grand finale. And in between these two common instruments, is some indescribably wonderful, amazing something, which it would be a crime to call just a ‘song’. A perfect mix of very soft rock music, and applause-worthy fusion of it with attractive classical solo pieces on the sitar. One more plus point about this song is its very emotional and touching tune. Anupam has put together all the right notes and it has resulted into some magnificent feat. The hookline, from “Jheeni jheeni… ” to “…kaise hum bezubaan” , is one of the nest parts of the song, something that makes a home inside your memory and imprints itself there right away, never to go away quickly. 🙂 Anupam’s vocals in this song, sound brilliant but I have to admit, someone with a smoother and finer voice might have justified the composition even more, such as Sonu Nigam. Arijit could have also worked here. Anyways, since there is nothing to complain about in Anupam’s voice, these should just be seen as suggestions and not drawbacks. Ultimately, his voice is the one which actually made me fall for the song. Manoj Yadav and Anupam together write extremely meaningful and moving lyrics, another strong reason to love the song. It will be this song that will make you love Anupam right away, if you don’t already! A song that will make Anupam’s entry into Bollywood memorable. #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Lamhe Guzar Gaye
Singer ~ Anupam Roy, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav & Anupam Roy

The dreaminess of the album continues with the next track, yet again sung, composed by Anupam and written by him along with Manoj Yadav. This song is a breezy and comforting number that would surely appeal to you, but not as an instant standout. However, as time passes, this song is surely going to leave its mark on you. The brilliance in composition continues as Anupam tries to bring together notes that will sound perfect with each other. He continues singing his compositions with the same utmost diligence, and this time, manages to ace it on the vocals part. Mesmerizing arrangements help in building up the attention of the listeners. Drums, electric guitars male appearances even in this song and so the soft-rockiness of this album increases even more. Of course, no one’s complaining! The tambourine and rattles do catch our attention occasionally, and they have really been used in a commendable way, towards the background, yet seem so prominent. Flute in an interlude steals the limelight of that moment, whereas in other parts, Anupam’s great singing steals it away. Manoj and Anupam have written another great song, and their words have been brought to life by Anupam, with his soulful and heart-touching composition and rendition of it. Slightly undercooked, will take some time to grow, but when it does, you will be shocked at how much you will be liking it! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Piku
Singer ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav

Just as we might be about to assume that each song on this album is sung by Anupam, this song arrives, giving us relief by seeing someone else’s name under the credits for vocals. And that “someone else” is none other than Sunidhi Chauhan, rarely heard nowadays thanks to the advent of so many newcomers, and also an unbelievably versatile singer. In this album, she gets one of the cutest, sweetest songs of the year, the title track. The song we heard in the trailer, which had won over my heart right that instant itself, it’s finally time to see how it does as a whole. To its favour, the song has quite a number of things to make it work. First of all, the beginning. When was the last time a song got you hooked (literally) and had you smiling RIGHT FROM THE VERY FIRST SOUND that it makes? When was the last time you judged a song to be spectacular, awesome, and whatnot, even before you were done hearing it completely for the first time? Well, I really can’t remember my having done so in this year, until this song came along. Wonderful a cappella style vocals open up the song, giving it an energy boost, such energy that is never going to die out till the song is over. The vocalists have been efficiently directed by Anupam, and his composition also has the qualities in it, to be loved by one and all. Sunidhi’s rendition, as expected, is just the right mix of energy, adorability and her excellence in both of these things clearly shows in her delivery of each and every word. When she says the word Piku, you will find it impossible to either smile in appreciation or might blush yourself, like a baby! 😀 The playful tune really works a lot, assuring the listener that there is still ‘good music’ left in the world, giving you a sense of happiness. Manoj’s lyrics very nicely describe the frisky, exuberant nature of the protagonist, i.e, Piku. One of the lines: “Roothey toh mirchi jaisi, hans de toh cheeni jaisi” (meaning ‘if she gets angry, she’s like a chilli, if she laughs, she’s like sugar’) really came across as really cute and lovable to me. All the other lines are no less! Arrangements, other than those brilliant a cappella vocals, are, again, guitars and drums, played in a quite jolly mood, along with wonderful violins. One of the interludes witnesses an American country music type intervention, with a banjo solo, sounding quite refreshing to the ears. It can’t get more charming, spirited or jollier than this! Stop whatever you’re doing, Piku’s calling! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Teri Meri Baatein
Singer ~ Anupam Roy, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav & Anupam Roy

For the fifth and final song on this short, yet worthwhile-till-now album, Anupam returns behind the mic, this time for another mind blowing composition, which I have no words to describe, but have to find some quick! OK, so here they are. Rather, here it is: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! That’s what you say when you have nothing to say. 😛 (Watch ‘Mary Poppins’ if you’re clueless at the moment). Anyways, I’ll cut you the slack, and write more about the song. Oncd again, Anupam resorts to what I believe are his favourite instruments, by now, the guitars and drums, this time though, in such a soulful manner, that they do the work of being a calming factor in the song. Anupam sings again, beautifully and the overall tune of the song, he keeps pretty simple. At the same time, the arrangements do all the speaking, and enthral you to no extent. I already mentioned the incredible soft rock elements, but in addition to that, the genius mastermind has fused a spellbinding tabla rhythm. And it is this rhythm on the tabla which you are bound to fall for, which is bound to trap you in its web of calmness, and which you have no choice but to hear the song over and over just to hear again! A nice Sufi-esque flavour does come from these beats, which ultimately overshadows the rock parts even in all their brilliance. Manoj and Anupam yet again, deliver touching and good, romantic lyrics, which, in combination with the composition, seem heavenly. Anupam ends the album on a calm note, stealing our hearts as he leaves, to come back to Bollywood who knows when! #5StarHotelSong!!

2015 has been witnessing a host of beautiful, quality music albums. NP matter what the common public says, there are just some albums that appeal to me, no matter what everyone else thinks. Piku is one of those albums. Not only is it the huge Bollywood debut of Anupam Roy, one of the most sought-after composers in the Bengali industry, but it is also a perfect compilation of emotional, romantic, lively and energizing numbers, that are surely gonna stay with me for long, and you as well! With a debut like this, in a film with music scope only for songs to be blended into the background, giving a soundtrack like this that will steal hearts in bulk, is definitely not an easy task, neither must it have been too easy to compose them this perfectly. Keeping the script in mind, or not, this soundtrack is a winner in both ways. It is truly a melodious and unforgettable start to Anupam’s Bollywood journey! 


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: As you like it! 😄


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