Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Jeet Gannguli & Sangeet-Siddharth
♪ Lyrics by: Kausar Munir & Rashmi-Virag
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 19th August 2016
♪ Movie Releases On: 16th September 2016

Raaz Reboot Album Cover

Raaz Reboot Album Cover


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Raaz Reboot is an upcoming Bollywood horror film, and the fourth installment of the ‘Raaz’ franchise. The movie stars Emraan Hashmi, Gaurav Arora (‘Love Games’ fame), and débutante Kriti Kharbanda. The movie is directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Mukesh Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar. Of course somebody is possessed by an evil spirit and Emraan Hashmi loves that someone and all those clichés of a Bollywood horror-romance starrign Emraan Hashmi, must be there in the film. Who cares about the story though, when the music is the highlight? Music is definitely the highlight of a Bhatt film, and though I keep mocking it in some of my other reviews, I have to admit that sometimes, the songs are very beautiful. The third ‘Raaz’ movie had a wonderful soundtrack by Jeet Gannguli, and guest composer Rashid Khan had also composed (or ‘copied’) a wonderful song. This time too, things are quite like the last time. Jeet Gannguli is in charge of the full album, consisting of six tracks (three original songs, with one of those having two versions and one more having three, so 3+2+1=6) and guest composers are Sangeet-Siddhartha Haldipur, with one track. Jeet Gannguli has been impressing on and off this year, his last memorable song being the wonderful ‘Dekha Hazaro Dafaa’ (Rustom), while Sangeet-Siddharth gave a good album to ‘Love Games’ earlier this year, which was highly impressive and innovative. So, I expect some good things from these two, and hopefully, they give a good reboot to the ‘Raaz’ series!

1. Lo Maan Liya
Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

Jeet starts off the album with a song that evokes memories of Bhatt songs that have been entertaining us for the last two decades. This song is a perfect blend of the Bhatts’ sound in the 2000s as well as this decade. Jeet’s composition is something that instantly gets you hooked to it, despite the fact that it is oh-so-clichéd! The mukhda is something that sounds so sweet even in all its painfulness, and you immediately start humming it after the song is over. Making a successful typical melpdy is an art that Jeet seems to have mastered over the years. The song is reminiscent of his own ‘Dard’ (Sarbjit) in one line of the mukhda, (“ayyee yaar zara humko”) and it is also my favourite line from the song, composed beautifully. The hookline lies in the mukhda itself, and I’ve already said how catchy it is. The antara, however, takes the song to a whole new level. It is composed in a very 90s-ish manner. The haunting feel of the rest of the song flees away in this part, and a sweet and lovable tune sets in, until the hookline comes back. It kind of reminded me of the title track of ‘Khamoshiyan’ which was composed in the same style (a haunting mukhda followed by a sweet antara). Jeet aces the arrangements, with those ever-so-loyal guitar and flutes of his stealing the show. The beats in the rest of the song are quite ordinary, but work in favour of the song. The assortment of flutes play this sweet, but haunting hook tune, which always makes you feel awesome when it plays. However, the star of the song has to be the singer this time. I know how many times I’ve joked about Arijit singing songs from the one-thousand-and-fofty-eighth installment of the ‘Raaz’ franchise, but I’ve got to give it to him; he sings these songs perfectly! His voice has the right mix of sweetness, innocence and instensity with which to render this composition. The way he sings my favourite line of the song (which I pointed out above), is fantastic! And the first line of the antara!! He sings that so wonderfully! No wonder the nation is crazy after him. The lyrics seem like they’re written with the very harsh intention of hurting somebody with the taunt that they don’t remember you, and neither do you remember them. 😂 It’s a perfect song to sing when you’re mad at someone and want to taunt them or vice versa. Jokes apart, Kausar (after a long time; last she wrote were some songs in ‘Laal Rang’, I believe) writes lyrics suitable to the dard-judaai-with-a-bhoot-interfering theme! 🙂 A perfect kick start to the album; something Jeet is known for, and he delivers it perfectly once again!! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Raaz Aankhein Teri
Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi-Virag

The title song comes up next, with the maestro of title songs, Jeet Gannguli, behind it. The composer goes to new lengths to make this composition worth listening on loop. Keeping the haunting theme of the movie in mind, this song is perfectly composed. The composition once again, is very typical and heard-before, yet we can’t help but develop a liking towards it. In fact, it is a remake of Jeet’s Bengali song ‘Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay’ (from the movie ‘Ki Kore Toke Bolbo’) Once again, Jeet takes the help of a haunting mukhda to attract the audience, while the antara calms things down with a very charming and calm tune. This song perfectly blends together the horror and romance in the movie. Though not as hooking and gripping as ‘Lo Maan Liya’, it still manages to grab your attention, and there is nothing missing as such in the composition. The arrangements are not extraordinary, yet appeal to the listener. The guitars play the main role in making this happen. They’ve been played in a very Latin/Spanish way and are very attractive. The song starts with the hookline playing on a violin, which is a perfect haunting start to the song. The violin comes back to amaze us in the first interlude, while the piano takes over in the second interlude, only to be followed by a whole orchestra of strings. But again, the guitar is the central focus throughout the song. Arijit sings this one with a more hoarse throat, probably to get that horrorific expression in the song. He sings this one with just as prowess as he did the first, though both songs are composed with different tones altogether. The lyrics by Rashmi-Virag are also good for the song and haunting, but nothing beyond that. Another stellar title song by Jeet Gannguli! However much I may be teasing such songs, I must admit I loved this one!! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. O Meri Jaan
Singer ~ K.K, Music by ~ Sangeet-Siddharth Haldipur, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

Here come guest composers Sangeet-Siddharth with their only song on the soundtrack. The song starts off in a very heavenly, blissful way with flutes luring the listener in. The flutes are so beautiful, that you expect nothing but a wonderful song to ensue. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out quite so good. The composers try to concoct a composition that would enforce listeners to hear it repeatedly on loop, but fail miserably because of the pitiful commonplace treatment. The composition starts off well in the mukhda, but almost immediately loses its charm in the hookline, because the line before it (‘Tere bina aadhe bhi kya, tere bina adhoore kya’) evokes memories of the duo’s song ‘Mohabbat’ from ‘Love Games’, and this time the tune doesn’t work. The hookline itself isn’t hooking. The antara takes things uphill once again, but doesn’t manage to keep it there sadly. The irony here is that, this song doesn’t sound typical at all, but fresh (not like the usual Bhatt song), but the composer miss the opportunity to make it noteworthy and extraordinary. The arrangements are quite applause-worthy, with some very calming and charming sounds interspersed throughout the song, like those wonderful xylophonic sounds, and the entertaining guitar riffs. The flute, of course, remains the star of the song. The strings also help elevate the ordinary composition. The first interlude is a wonderful, dreamy one, played on the mandolin, I suppose. The vocals by K.K., will manage to attract listeners to an extent, but they don’t really go out of their way to impress you. The only reason he’s the perfect choice for this song is that soothing texture of his voice. Lastly, the lyrics by Kausar too, are nothing special, but very typical of romantic songs. A decent attempt to make a lilting, dreamy romantic song, but the composition turns out to be flat and dull. Sangeet-Siddharth fail to live up to the great expectations they created after ‘Love Games’.


4. Yaad Hai Na / Yaad Hai Na (Unplugged)
Singers ~ Arijit Singh / Jubin Nautiyal, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

A haunting, yet sweet piano loop starts off Jeet’s next song, and before you know it, you are sucked into a whirlpool of Jeet’s lilting and dreamy composition. Now this song is something very, very innovative from the composer. Being the last original song on the album, it definitely wins the race in being the best song of the album right away. Once you hear the composition, you would never forget it for quite some time. Jeet once again builds the hookline into the mukhda itself, so that the hookline starts the song. And this line is what sucks you into this dreamy experience. The antara, too, is something that calms you down as well as haunts you in a very unusually pleasant way! The real magic is in the arrangements, and the vast difference between the two versions of the song. In the first version, Arijit sings along very Celtic arrangements, complete with the claps and strings (played in a very Celtic-sounding tune). Jeet orchestrates the strings so well, that it seems to have been taken right out of some classical European song! And those claps!! All throughout the song, claps infuse that pleasant quality into the song; quite an innovative beat, if you ask me. The flute in the second interlude has been played oh-so-wonderfully, again in a Celtic manner. Arijit himself excels in the song, and though it is his third song in the very same album, I am not as much frustrated as I am awestruck at his voice! This time, pure romance displays itself in his voice. In the also-very-innovative unplugged version, Jubin gets to sing along the backdrop of a very, very weirdly attractive guitar arrangement. When you hear this arrangement of this song, you’ll be shocked that Jeet could have thought of such a thing! The way the guitars constantly keep the beat, but go off tune once in a while so randomly, is so unconventional. While hearing this song, I could see a cowboy sitting on a stack of hay on a lazy Sunday with his banjo, and singing this song! 😀 Jubin, too, sings wonderfully, and the humorous arrangements complement him well. Kausar excels in her writing here. The lyrics are simple, but sweet and heart-touching. Some very innovative stuff from Jeet, Arijit, Jubin & Kausar! Both versions are fabulous, and will definitely get you swaying to the beat. Both versions are #5StarHotelSongs!!


5. Hummein Tummein Jo Tha
Singers ~ Papon & Palak Muchhal, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi-Virag

The next song is a short reprise of the title track; this time meant as an aftermath-of-separation song. The composition is exactly the same as the title track, which was very impressive, keeping the horror theme in mind. Here too, it suits as a judaai song, but other things aren’t in place here. This time, Arijit is replaced by Papon, who sings the melody with emotion, but just doesn’t suit here as much as Arijit did in the original. He is complemented by Palak, who takes charge of the antara, and sings it beautifully, surprisingly. 😀 The arrangements too, are the same as those of the original. However, the lyrics have been changed to suit a sad romantic theme, and everything goes haywire. The lyrics are too simple to be appreciated, and also sound too melodramatic. A reprise of the title track which just doesn’t work as well!


6. The Sound Of Raaz
Singer ~ Jubin Nautiyal, Music by ~ Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by ~ Rashmi-Virag

The album ends with a song perfectly suiting the horror theme of the movie. This song is also a reprise of the title track, and it takes the mukhda of the song in a very slow pace, making it suit the horror theme even more. The arrangements are nothing but haunting sounds like the wind blowing very creepily. Jubin’s voice is perfect for the song, as he sings each note with this heavy, haunting air. There’s pretty much nothing else to say about this one except that it is such a good background music piece and also a #5StarHotelSong!!

Raaz Reboot surprisingly turns out to be an album which doesn’t bore even though it follows the typical clichés of a Bhatt album. Jeet comes up with a good compilation of his songs for this movie, while the guest duo Sangeet-Siddharth doesn’t really live up to expectations. All in all, the album is enjoyable and cherishable, and not just something to be used for publicity, as it would live on longer than that. After years of observation, I finally believe that the raaz (secret) to the Bhatts’ success, is recycling the bhoot! (Ghost) And this reboot works by recycling the bhoot!

Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी < सां 

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Yaad Hai Na > Lo Maan Liya > Yaad Hai Na (Unplugged) > Raaz Aankhein Teri > The Sound Of Raaz > O Meri Jaan > Hummein Tummein Jo Tha 


Which is your favourite song from Raaz Reboot? Please vote for it below! Thanks! 🙂


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Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Sangeet-Siddharth Haldipur
♪ Lyrics by: Kausar Munir & Vikram Bhatt
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 9th March 2016
♪ Movie Released On: 8th April 2016

100000x100000-999 (62)

Love Games Album Cover

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Love Games is an upcoming Bollywood romantic thriller, starring ‘Citylights’ fame Patralekhaa, and newcomers Gaurav Arora and Tara Alisha Berry. The movie has been directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt. Vishesh Films is back after a bit less than a year (after ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ last June) next offering, which is kind of weird and creepy. So let’s get on to the music of the movie, which will definitely be the highlight, as it’s a collaboration between T-Series Films and Vishesh Films, and the last time that happened, ‘Aashiqui 2’ happened, so, I hope you get what I’m trying to say! The music for this movie is not by really famous composers, but they’re not unknown either! They’ve been in the industry for seven to eight years now, trying to make it big in the music industry, succeeding sometimes but failing other times. It’s none other than the music composer duo, Sangeet & Siddharth Haldipur. I guess they had struck gold with some songs in ‘Murder 2’ (2011) and ‘Blood Money’ (2012), but they hardly came into notice with their songs after that, though they composed for many movies like ‘Aatma’, ‘Nasha’, ‘Hum Hain Raahi Car Ke’, and ‘Mad About Dance’, in which they didn’t score memorable songs as such, barring some, maybe, in ‘Nasha’. So this film would be something like a relaunch for them, being a child of two companies that always work great together, in the music department, T-Series and Vishesh Films. So here we go, to explore the music of ‘Love Games – Love Dangerously’, and see exactly how dangerous it is! 😀

1. Awargi
Singers ~ Sangeet Haldipur & Rasika Shekhar, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

The grand opening to the album is a sad-sounding romantic song full of pathos and melancholia. It starts with piano notes that have become typical to the Bhatts in today’s time, which are the harbingers of a typical Bhatt-ish melody. When composer Sangeet starts off with the song, though, his humming gives you the feeling that the song isn’t going to be that bad after all. His voice is perfect and has all the right emotions and expressions. To be honest, I had thought it wouldn’t be so good, but I was wrong. Sangeet’s voice is one of the best voices of a composer I’ve heard. His voice quality is pure, without any annoying irritations. Of course, some flat notes are there occasionally, but they seem deliberate, and I didn’t find them disturbing at all. Rasika, on the other hand, has sung in two tracks superimposed on each other. Her special husky voice never fails to make the hair on our skin rise, and always haunts to the core. Though I found it inappropriate in her last song ‘Sau Aasoon’ (Katti Batti) last year, it sounds perfect for this one. Moving on to the composition, it is perfect considering the theme of the film. Especially the part from “Tere aansoon piyoon main, kabhi tujhko hasaaun…. Hai Tuuuuuu!” is really addictive. The tune won’t seem appealing in the first listen, but as you keep hearing it again and again, it will definitely grow on you, being the slow poison that it is. Arrangements are great too, with soft and subtle piano accompanied by acoustic guitars during the initial portions of the song, which eventually break out into a complete rock template with drums and electric guitars, and then calming down again for the latter parts of the song. Kausar’s lyrics are suitable for the song, in that they are romantic and full of pain as a Bhatt song should be. By the way, I’ve seldom seen her writing for a Bhatt song. 😀 A great start to the album, with the Haldipur brothers giving a haunting and catchy romantic song with good vocals and arrangements too! The good lyrics are an additional attraction. #5StarHotelSong!


2. Love Games
Singer ~ Aanchal Shrivastava, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

On seeing that there is a title track for a movie called ‘Love Games’, I was shocked and also sure that it would be pretty cheap. I remembered the title song of ‘Citylights’ and remembered how weird it sounded. So I didn’t expect anything at all from this one either. Boy, was I wrong! The song starts off with a really cool techno tune, followed by a really cool rhythmic sound of clinking a spoon on a glass cup. Aanchal Shrivastava, a debutante as far as I know, impresses highly with her rendition of the pretty innovative, yet retro-cabaret-sounding composition by the Haldipur brothers. Of course, the lyrics don’t really play a great role here, but hearing the sound effects which the composers and the singer have given, is what the song should be heard for. Not exactly haunting, the song has a kind of tune to it, that immediately would be connected with a vamp — which is what Patralekhaa is in the film — and even reminded me of vamps like Ursula (The Little Mermaid) and Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) from Disney movies. 😛 Just imagine these characters dancing to this song… It actually works. 😛 The sound effects are amazing, what with various instruments joining in one after the other, especially in the mukhda, where a plucked string joins the clinking spoons, which is then joined by some great percussion. The backing chorus of men is just splendid, interrupting here and there, never giving a feeling that they’re unwanted. They whistle, and even make various sounds like “waou waou” and “pa pa pa”. The trumpets really deserve a mention. The whole arrangement and instrumentation impressed me a lot! The great composition helps to love all the other things, while the lyrics don’t play much of a role, being entirely situational. One of the most impressive title tracks in the recent past! Great job by the Haldipur brothers in creating an engaging song, with addictive arrangements, and a fantastic rendition by debutante Aanchal. Special mention for the backing vocals, probably by the composers themselves. Another #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Mohabbat
Singer ~ Sangeet Haldipur, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

The great experience just doesn’t come to an end! This song starts off with piano notes, as soft and subtle as those that started off ‘Awargi’, but, there’s a striking difference between the piano of this song and that. First of all, these notes sound pleasant and not very intense. They take on a lighter mood, than those of ‘Awargi’, and the most important difference is that they’re not typical like those of ‘Awargi’. They do not remind you of the Bhatts at all. As the song progresses, we learn that the piano is the most important and pretty much the only prominent instrument in the song, which takes on a totally unplugged kind of feel. In some places, the piano is joined by a flute, acoustic guitars and some strings. Sangeet & Siddharth have come up with a lilting melody that makes you forget your whereabouts, so that you can just get lost somewhere in the song. Though it is nothing that can be called catchy or groovy, it grows on you immensely. I said this for the first song too, but this one sounds very, very calming and soothing when it has completely grown on you. It is a simple, and sweet tune, which has been interwoven with just as simple words by Kausar. The arrangements are ultra simple; I don’t think something can get as simple as this and sound so great at the same time! Sangeet’s voice sounds perfect here, too, and one wonders why he isn’t heard more in songs composed by others too. He manages to make the song sound beautiful, even without making complicated twists and turns and variations in his voice. Slow and steady wins the race — ‘Mohabbat’ proves this saying, and how! I’d say sweet and simple wins the listener’s heart! Outstanding job by Sangeet-Siddharth on this! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Nirvana
Singer ~ Mohan Kannan, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

Here we get to yet another upbeat song, like the title track. But when I say “like the title track”, at the same time, I mean that it’s very much unlike the title track too! This one is a rock song, which will hook you from the beginning. Mohan Kannan, lead singer of the Agnee band, gets behind the mic, rendering the song stupendously with all his might and energy. The song starts with haunting bells and some plucked string instrument, probably a cello. When Mohan enters though, everything takes on an even sinister look and the song actually sets soar from there. Credit has to be given to Sangeet-Siddharth’s composition, which strikes the right notes to make the song sound all the more ominous and threatening. It must have been difficult to compose a song with so many different layers, but I guess Sangeet-Siddharth are great at it, after composing for so many films of this type. The hookline is awesome, with the Hindi lyrics interwoven with bursts of English lyrics going “Gimme more Gimme gimme more love”. It sounds spectacular. Where the title song sounded like it was being sung by a vamp, this sounds like it’s being sung by a quintessential villain in superhero movies of Hollywood. 😛 The arrangements are immensely strong — electric guitars, drums, strings, chimes and other contrasting instruments. All these instruments, which do not seem to go well with each other, have gone well with each other in this song. The backing vocals (guessing it is the composers themselves) support Mohan brilliantly, who himself carries most of the song on his own shoulders. If anybody else would’ve been the singer, the song wouldn’t have been even half as captivating, and not even as powerful. Kausar’s lyrics are sinister and deadly as well, both the Hindi and English lyrics. A one-of-its-kind type of song, with haunting vocals, composition and arrangements. Actually, even the lyrics are haunting! This one is hauntingly PERFECT! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Aye Dil
Singer ~ Sunidhi Chauhan, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

Sunidhi and Sangeet-Siddharth must have a really good relationship with each other. After all, it was Sunidhi’s ‘Aa Zara’ (Murder 2) which they had composed, that got them their actual break in the industry! Here they are, back with Sunidhi, making us expect something even better than ‘Aa Zara’! The song starts off with a police siren, and then a retro-sounding disco-esque electric guitar kicks in. As Sunidhi sings the first few lines, we learn that this song is yet another ominous a sounding song from the album. However, with her next line (the one which starts off on a higher note) the 80s disco template sets itself into position. Sunidhi sings in a rather low-pitched voice, which she modulates as per the requirements, and very effectively too! The way she sings the vocal rhythm “na na na na” sounds really threatening and also catchy at the same time. Her rendition has to be praised — then again, when does she sound bad, anyways! Sangeet-Siddharth have come up with another ‘Aa Zara’ type composition, but this one still makes another place in the mind and heart for itself. The second antara gets unusually calm and kind of on a tangent to the rest of the song, but it sounds beautiful. The way the seamless transition from the mukhdas and antaras to the hook line is done, is worth mentioning. The duo has decorated the song with more weird and haunting sounds, such as the percussion in the hookline, the sounds resembling ghouls wailing, the sounds that remind us of Bappi Lahiri’s disco era, and even some EDM! It all comes together reallllyyy well. Backing vocals (again, I’m guessing it’s by the duo itself) are pretty cool, repeating “Jaane na” in a whispery voice after Sunidhi whenever she says it. 😀 You have to hear it to experience the greatness of it. There are some female backing vocals as well, that come in the last hookline — they sound pretty haunting as well. Kausar has managed to write great lyrics, questioning the heart what it actually wants, and highlighting how it contradicts itself. Sangeet-Siddharth excel in what I think is their speciality, yet again! 🙂 Sunidhi is the star of the song, of course, though! Yet another #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Lock Him Up
Singers ~ Sonia Saigal & Ravindra Chary, Lyrics by ~ Vikram Bhatt

Here we have a change of lyricists. Kausar retires for the rest of the album, she must be tired of writing such good lyrics, and Vikram Bhatt himself steps into her shoes for the remaining two songs. Well, this song starts off with the female singer Sonia Saigal singing some weird English lyrics in a weird tone and accent — what she’s saying is unintelligible. The song is nowhere as cool and great as the previous songs of the album, in that it has no tune which would stick inside your head, nor does it have good vocals, and not even lyrics (I was expecting that last one, anyways). The only thing good about the song is its arrangements, with lively guitar riffs, electric guitars and brass instrumentation and also some cool solos on the sitar (with the male singer Ravindra Chary playing it). The lyrics are all-English, and there is practically no composition. The less written about it is better, because if I say more it is a ease of my time and your time too. 🙂 You can hear it for the sitar though, the only worthwhile part of the song!


7. Poison
Singer ~ Shon Pinto, Lyrics by ~ Vikram Bhatt

The electric guitars hit your ears hard when this song starts. Shin starts singing something in English in a grungy voice. You wonder where you are and if you accidentally sleep-walked over to a rock concert. 😛 The song tries hard to be a great heavy rock song, but I guess it fails because, a) I couldn’t remember a thing of it after it was over, and b) it was too short for me to notice or remember anything other than the fact that it’s an irritating rock song. Sangeet-Siddharth’s arrangements are wonderful and it seems as if it is a rock song composed in the Western countries. Kudos to them for that. But the other aspects of the song are just miserable. Composition is not memorable, the singer is just shouting, and Vikram Bhatt’s lyrics can’t be heard spat some places, thus ending up sounding like rubbish. The album that started off so promisingly loses points very quickly with two bad songs at the end.


Love Games really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting Sangeet-Siddharth to come up with so many songs that would hook me so much. However, they made sure to deliver something good for this Vishesh Films & T-Series collaboration, and their efforts have bore fruit. So what if the last two songs are simply bleh? The first five are the ones that have hooked me like anything and the hard work of the duo really reflects in those songs. The last two being situational, naturally have no appealing factor. I would say that Sangeet-Siddharth’s Music Games (the trials and errors they must have done while composing the songs) have bore fruit, which is definitely not poisonous! 😀


Final Rating for this Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Mohabbat > Aye Dil > Love Games > Nirvana > Awargi > Poison > Lock Him Up

Which is your favourite song from Love Games? Please vote for it below! 🙂

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Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Vidyadhar Bhave, Sangeet-Siddharth, Saahil Prem & Dr. Zeus
♪ Lyrics by:- Vidyadhar Bhave, Sangeet-Siddharth, Manoj Yadav & Vijay Singh Shekhawat
♪ Music Label:- T-Series
♪ Music Released On:- 25th July 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 22nd August 2014

Mad About Dance Album Cover

Mad About Dance Album Cover


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Mad About Dance is an upcoming Bollywood dance film. Saahil Prem,  has directed, written and acted in it. 😛 The film has been produced by Paanch Rupaiya Barah Ana Productions. The film stars Amrit Maghera opposite the director, and others like international hip-hop star Salah Benlemqawanssa. The film, being a dance film should be strong in the music department. T-Series is the music company, and again they have produced a multi-composer album. :/ Seeing the music composer’s names, I doubted that. The music is composed by Vidyadhar Bhave, Sangeet-Siddharth, Saahil Prem 😛 and Dr. Zeus. So let’s see whether these mediocre composers managed to create a strong soundtrack for the film.

1. Ishq Da Bukhar:- Singers ~ Krishna Beura & Amrit Maghera, Music by ~ Vidyadhar Bhave, Lyrics by ~ Vidyadhar Bhave

The first song gives an impressive kick start to the soundtrack. Mild piano notes open up and make way for Krishna Beura’s soulful rendition of the Punjabi lyrics written by Vidyadhar Bhave. Vidyadhar has managed to create an engaging tune as well. The arrangements are mostly techno arrangements. The piano and dhol interlude is worth a hear. Amrit Maghera also makes an entry with some English lyrics, and she sings those very well. The songs makes for a great listen, a good romantic song with the perfect beats to make it go with the theme of the movie, dance. Vidyadhar has shown his versatility in the song, mixing in the same tune with the Punjabi as well as English lyrics. Both singers manage to impress as well. Their voices work a lot for this song. Though the song won’t be noticed much, it definitely is great! Perfect start for the album! #5StarHotelSong!


2. Party Is Going Mad:- Singers ~ Sangeet-Siddharth, Divya Kumar & Vidydhar Bhavr, Music by ~ Sangeet-Siddharth, Lyrics by ~ Sangeet-Siddharth

When I read the name of the song, I immediately understood it would be a club/party number, and then when I read the singer’s name, I wasn’t sure whether Divya Kumar would be able to convey the required energy for a club song. Sangeet-Siddharth have managed to create a composition which is engaging in most parts, but they have highly overused the techno beats. I understand it’s a club song, but that doesn’t mean you should put loud and earsplitting techno sounds wherever you want to. My doubt about Divya Kumar was proved wrong, and he actually has given just the right amount of energy needed for this song. His voice suits the composition very well. The other singers support him well, but he is the star here. Lyrics are not anything to boast about. After all, it is a club song. Sangeet-Siddharth haven’t placed any so-called interesting elements in the song. Well, they have tried to, but it doesn’t impress. Nothing new here, but worth a listen for Divya Kumar.


3. Kahan Hai Khuda:- Singers ~ Subhash Pradhan (Original Version), Vidyadhar Bhave (Dubstep Version), Music by ~ Saahil Prem, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Yadav

Apart from being the director and actor in the movie, I guess Saahil Prem wanted to comopose for the film as well. The song starts with guitar strums. Then Subhash Pradhan enters with a voice that reminds you of Mohd. Irfan for a while, but then he starts singing in a different voice.  The song is a soulful song, but has nothing new to offer. It is a sad composition, composed decently by Saahil, and the arrangements are mainly made of both acoustic and rock guitars. The composition is pretty engaging in parts, but boring at others. The star of the song is undoubtedly Subhash Pradhan, because of his touching rendition. Saahil’s composition doesn’t impress a lot, but is passable. Again, the song won’t be noticed much, but that shouldn’t stop you from hearing it! The dubstep version starts with a slightly haunting techno tune. Vidyadhar Bhave enters with a rough and deep voice. This song relies mainly on the dubstep, I guess mostly to satisfy the need of the film to make an efficient dance track. But there is not that efficient about the dubstep here. The song has been made from sad, to sad as well as haunting in this version. First version was fairly engaging, while the second version didn’t impress as much.


4. Punjabi Mundeya:- Singers ~ Ravindra Upadhyay & Lil’ Shorty, Music by ~ Dr. Zeus, Lyrics by ~ Vijay Singh Shekhawat

Lil’ Shorty starts with some weird rap, which sounds very ridiculous. I suggest you guys edit that part out and then listen to the song, because then you will unnecessarily listen to one minute and fifteen seconds of stupid rap which is not required. The second singer, Ravindra Upadhyay, is a great replacement for Sukhwinder Singh, and just like Palak is taken when makers don’t have enough money to rope in Shreya, same applies here. The inky thing is that Ravindra sounds exactly like Sukhwinder, whereas Palak barely sounds like Shreya. 😛 Since over one minute is wasted in the ridiculous ‘rap’ by Lil’ Shorty, Ravindra gets just over two minutes to do his part. Dr. Zeus has come up with a Punjabi club song, with good beats but an unimpressive and uninteresting tune. Lyrics are again below average. In fact, the song doesn’t rely that much on lyrics. The song is the kind that you should listen once, and then only listen again if you liked it, but if you didn’t, then no need to listen to it once more. A below average tune supported by groovy beats, and good vocals by Ravindra, but fails to impress! Same old thing!

Mad About Dance is just another typical average T-Series album, with four composers composing one song each. Out of four, only Vidyadhar Bhave managed to impress with his song, while others didn’t offer anything fresh. In a dance film, four songs, and out of that, only one impressing, is not expected at all! Some more songs were expected, which might have helped the film a lot more than only four songs. The album is a volatile album, the kind that will fly away in no time, and you will forget about it very quickly. Another bad multi-composer album from T-Series. Had the makers gone MAD while finalizing just four songs?? 😀


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे <  < म < प < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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