Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Mithoon & Shailendra Barve
♪ Lyrics by: Mithoon, A.M. Turaz, Jitendra Joshi & Sayeed Quadri
♪ Music Label: Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On: 3rd May 2016
♪ Movie Released On: 6th May 2016

Traffic Album Cover

Traffic Album Cover


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Traffic is a Bollywood movie starring Manoj Bajpayee, Jimmy Shergill, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee, Sachin Khedekar, Amol Parashar, Vishal Singh, Divya Dutta and others. The movie has been directed by Late Rajesh Pillai, and is a remake of his earlier Malayalam movie of the same name. The film has been produced by Deepak Dhar, Sameer Gogate and Sameer Rajendran. The film revolves around a true story, about how a human heart was to be transferred for donation across 150 kilometers, and it is the story of the police who made it possible. The film has music composed by the man who’s making it big these days with his singles in many films. However, here he gets a complete album. The person I’m talking about is none other than Mithoon. He’s been splendid this year so far with songs in ‘Loveshhuda’, ‘Sanam Re’, and then ‘Ki & Ka’. The same stuff cannot be expected here, because first of all, the film must not be having a romantic angle to it, and secondly, most of the songs were recorded way back in 2011. The film has taken long to see the light of day, but I’m sure Mithoon’s magic still hasn’t worn out! Composing a single song for the album is Shailendra Barve (‘Mera Jahan’ from ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Striker’, and even ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ fame). Another thing is, with the album releasing so late, just three days before the film, it is tough for it to get recognition. Anyways, let’s see how both of them manage this relatively small budget film’s album!

1. Neki Ki Raah
Singers ~ Arijit Singh & Mithoon, Music by ~ Mithoon, Lyrics by ~ Mithoon

In the era where only romantic songs and nonsense songs are able to survive, it is pretty tough for meaningful songs to make their mark. The makers of ‘Traffic’ seem really confident with Mithoon on board, that they let him start off with a song that has no romance at all. And Mithoon takes the risk, only to give a perfect outcome. The song is a sort of prayer, and it is a really sweet song crooned by Arijit along with the composer himself. Mithoon’s composition has his typical trademark Mithoon sound, but diluted a bit by the non-romantic atmosphere of the song. Considering that it was composed and recorded five years ago, as specified by Mithoon on his Facebook page, the tune is really good, even today. The main reason is that the tune is suitable for the lyrics and the message of the song. The tune sounds so innocent, and quite like many bhajans, but again, not really. Arijit seems to be having less control over his voice at that time, but still manages to pull out a wonderful performance barring some excusable mistakes here and there. His voice seems husky all of a sudden at parts. Mithoon joins him in the first antara, and takes it solo for the second antara. Mithoon seems to have re-recorded the parts in his own voice, as I could hear a faint voice behind his, probably Arijit’s. Mithoon sounds good, but not great. Arijit would have worked, even with mistakes. The arrangements are beautiful and innocent, too. Acoustic guitar beats, sitar, and of course, Mithoon’s usual digi-beats are some of the prime contributors to the great arrangements. The interludes have been beautifully done, and they’re so lovable. Mithoon’s lyrics are great, and just as impressive as the composition and arrangements. Sweet and simple, they touch your heart. Mithoon starts off the album with sweet and simple lyrics coupled with a pretty heavy, soulful, heart-touching, yet innocent composition. Vocals could’ve been better, but I’ve already fallen in love with the song, anyways! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Keh Bhi De
Singers ~ Benny Dayal & Palak Muchhal, Music by ~ Mithoon, Lyrics by ~ A.M. Turaz

With the next song, Mithoon takes it up a notch, and goes back to his usual hauntingly beautiful melodies. A top-class piano loop starts the song off on a very high note, making sure everybody gets hooked to it right from the beginning. Palak just helps to consolidate the love for the song and makes us get even more hooked. She sounds sweeter than ever with her rendition of Mithoon’s haunting tune. Benny, though an unusual choice for such a song, impresses highly with his portions. In fact, I found his portions the best parts of the song. Mithoon has composed them so soulfully, and they are so catchy, that they do not leave your head soon. Benny’s style of singing using his husky voice, reminded me of his earlier song for Mithoon, ‘Hum Naa Rahein Hum’ (Creature). Anyways, he impresses and that is what’s important. Mithoon always impresses by giving heavy melodies, and here he does the same thing and yet again, garners my applause and praise. Yet again, he does nothing new, and still manages to make something that is so addictive, you forget everything else! There is a conclusion-like stanza at the end of the song, sung by Benny. That part is mind-blowing! Benny’s voice has been programmed to sound double, and the magical tune enters your brain never to leave. The hookline is something that would never leave your head either! Benny with the antaras is splendid, and I’ve already said that they are too good, both vocals-wise and composition-wise. Arrangements are totally digitally done, except the piano piece I mentioned; that goes on in the background throughout the song! Turaz’s lyrics are good, a kind of complaint against life and its bad stages. A long song, that seems as short as it is long! What kind of black magic is it, Mithoon?? A complete haunter! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Kuch Der
Singers ~ Palak Muchhal & Mithoon, Music by ~ Mithoon, Lyrics by ~ Mithoon

Palak gets to croon the next song all by herself. She starts off with a very high-pitched and pretty harsh-to-the-ears line. She also sounds very, very immature as a singer in this one. It must’ve been one of the first songs to be recorded! After a seemingly unnecessary and loud slow portion to begin with, the song picks up when Mithoon sends in a beautiful combination of flutes doing their everyday job of impressing us. After that, though, the song goes back to being rather sedative. Nothing but some percussive beats help it in the arrangements department. Because of the slow pace, the composition seems more dull and bland, than it already did seem, though it is very soulful. But the thing is, one has to force oneself to sit still and listen to it! The only instrument that stands out is the flutes hands-down. Strings are audible in some places, and they take up a wonderful solo towards the end of the song! Too bad the end of the song is pretty hard to reach, unless you have a very strong will-power and determination. Mithoon sings an aalaap in the second interlude, but I’m sure that was Arijit.. Or a very Arijitish Mithoon. 😀 At six and a half minutes, it gets pretty boring in the middle, and so it leaves nothing to hear it for and many people might just leave it halfway through. Mithoon’s lyrics are good, though. The first disappointing song in the album, but the great flute and violins save it from being plain boring! As a background piece though, it is very apt.


4. Vitthala Naam
Singer ~ Prasenjit Kosambi, Music by ~ Shailendra Barve, Lyrics by ~ Jitendra Joshi

Shailendra Barve steps in with this song, his only song in the short album. It is a devotional aarti styled song, a prayer to the deity Vitthala. Shailendra has crafted the whole song well, and it is pretty thrilling and situational. I’m sure it comes at a very critical situation in the film. The song has been made just like many songs dedicated to Ganesha that have come from the Marathi music industry (where almost every film has a Ganpati song). Prasenjit manages the vocals very well, with his Ajay Gogavale-like sound, and ended up impressing me. His variations are majestically done, and he hasn’t failed to impress in the song, probably using all his energy to put forth such a commendable rendition! Shailendra has composed it all surprisingly well; it all falls together very nicely. The dhols, lezims, the traditional conch shell and other Maharashtrian traditional instruments, with a slight rock flavour in some places. It sounds wowww! 😀 The backing chorus with “Vitthala vithhala vitthala…” manages to impress even though it seems like a tribute to Ajay-Atul’s composition style. (As does the whole song). A well-done situational track! Lovely song, and apt for a very nail-biting climax! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Tu Alvida
Singers ~ Mithoon & Aakanksha Sharma, Music by ~ Mithoon, Lyrics by ~ Sayeed Quadri

For the grand finale, we have a song that lights up the mood pretty much, though it is a sad song. The spirit of the song, is enough to make a smile appear on one’s face, especially due to Mithoon’s simple, but great composition. It is not as extraordinary as the first two songs, but still manages to win over your heart. The very important mukhda does its work of hooking you from the beginning, and the antara is just totally Mithoon. 😛 They’re awesome! The hookline is very catchy, and also very 2006 Bollywood type. A soft rock template has been given to the song, and it has been treated quite like a Pakistani pop song, and I still liked it anyways, because it isn’t melancholy at all! Mithoon has stumbled on a great find, Aakanksha Sharma, who has been a contestant on two singing reality shows, and she single-handedly does the job of hooking the listeners for the initial two and a half minutes of the song. She sounds great, and it is a fantastic job for a debutant, and I would say this even if she weren’t one! Mithoon takes up the latter half of the song, pretty boldly, but one can’t help but mind the autotune. In arrangements, Mithoon has served a very awesome piano, electric guitars and drums combo, with touches of acoustic guitars. Wait for the end because there is a marvelous rock finale, complete with all that high-pitched electric guitar and intense drumming. Watch out for it. When Sayeed Quadri is the lyricist, it can never be bad, and here, too he scores with his poetry. The overshadowing of happiness and optimism even in sadness, is really motivating. I loved the thought. 🙂 What an end to the album! A wonderfully soft, yet rocking song! Beautifully crafted by Mithoon! And waiting for more of Aakanksha later on! Sayeed Quadri’s lyrics are spot-on! #5StarHotelSong!!

Traffic is another album, that didn’t need any songs! But the sheer melody and loveliness of whatever situational songs are there, is enough to startle me, though I’m a bit less surprised because after all, it was Mithoon handling it all. Shailendra too, impresses with his single. Now hoping for a good recognition for the movie! 🙂 And so I would say, the composers have successfully steered through the traffic of today’s cacophonic and noisy music!



Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Keh Bhi De > Tu Alvida > Neki Ki Raah = Vitthala Naam > Kuch Der


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