RAAJA: 1000 NOT OUT!! (SHAMITABH – Music Review)

Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Ilaiyaraaja
♪ Lyrics by: Swanand Kirkire & Kausar Munir
♪ Music Label: Eros Music
♪ Music Released On: 16th January 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 6th February 2015

Shamitabh Album Cover

Shamitabh Album Cover


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Shamitabh is an upcoming Bollywood film, directed by R. Balki and produced by Sunil Lulla, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, RK Damani, Gauri Shinde & Abhishek Bachchan, and starring Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush & debutante Akshara Haasan in lead roles. As Amitabh Bachchan has said abut the story of the movie, it is about two individuals who possess different talents, come together for a purpose and discover that they can not be successful without the other. When their egos clash, they begin to drift apart, and that is what the movie is all about! So the story seems very interesting, and to make it better and increase the buzz about it, is the role of the soundtrack. On board for composing the songs, is the one and only Ilaiyaraaja, coming back into the scene directly after R. Balki’s ‘Paa’. What’s more, it is his 1000th album and so expectations from the soundtrack are as high as high could possibly mean. So, let’s have a look at what the Raaja scores for his 1000th soundtrack!

1. Ishq E Fillum
Singer ~ Suraj Jagan, Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire

The very first song on the album starts off with techno sounds, so we know that the Maestro has used some different arrangements all throughout the song, and probably the whole soundtrack. Rock star Suraj Jagan renders the tribute-paying lyrics with good expressions, and he has the right voice texture required for the song, though Vishal Dadlani might’ve done better! Swanand’s lyrics do a good job in paying tribute to our Bollywood film industry, and perfectly describe the way we Indians are crazy for our films. Ilaiyaraaja’s tune is also catchy, but gets a bit boring in a while. However, he has made up for the want of a better tune in arranging the song wonderfully on techno sounds. A good attempt! Lyrics stand out, while everything else is your normal affair. Yet, the song deserves a try!


2. Sha Sha Sha Mi Mi Mi
Singer ~ Caralisa Monteiro, Lyrics by ~ Kausar Munir

What you can call the title song of the film appears next on the soundtrack. A Broadway-styled trumpet fanfare welcomes the singer Caralisa into the track, and she does a brilliant job! Her voice assures that the listeners would keep listening till the end. Each and every line, she has sung with a different kind of reverberance in her voice, and it has been autotuned very well at places in the song. Again, the tune is laid completely on computerized noises, which is very impressive coming from the Raaja himself. The tune of the song is a very catchy one, that stays with you long after the sing ends as well. The soft aah aah that precedes the hookline, is very calming and catchy too. Kausar, the guest lyricist, hasn’t impressed that much with whatever she’s written, but it works along with the great tune that itself has the power to attract many an ear. The best part of the song has got to be the hook! Wonderful tune, and crooned awesomely by Caralisa too! A catchy title song, with the power to stay with you for a long time, thanks to Ilaiyaraaja’s music, composition and Caralisa’s vocals! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Piddly Si Baatein
Singer ~ Amitabh Bachchan, Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire

A synthetic orchestra leads us fifty seconds into the song, though not coming across as boring for even one of those fifty seconds, after which finally, Big B enters, to do magic with his autotuned (still sounding awesome) voice. The tune by Ilaiyaraaja is one of the catchiest tunes heard in recent times! A soft, yet rocking tune has been composed by the Maestro, each line forcing us to keep listening for the next line, each line giving us happiness! Swanand has also come up with good lyrics, enough to stifle a few laughs as well, if you’re in the mood for it, and also sound cute coming from Big B’s mouth! 😀 The interludes have been arranged beautifully. Strings do sound prominent in the whole song, but other small techno elements have decorated the comosoition here and there, and make the song what it is. It is probably the most commercial song of the whole album, because it has that thing in it that will help it to get more listeners and more shelf life. Also, the fact that Amitabh himself has sung it, will propel it higher on music charts and people’s playlists. Wonderfully arranged by Ilaiyaraaja, and sung flawlessly by the Big B!!! Catchy, I would say addictive too! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Stereophonic Sannata
Singer ~ Shruti Haasan, Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire

Dynamic and experimental beat-boxing kicks off this song, which seems like a very loud one despite the irony in its title ( I found the title very amusing, because of the idea of stereophonic sannata meaning silence.) The tune is such that won’t appeal at all at first, but later on it will grow on you very fast. Arrangements are very impressive, and are a major highlight of the song. Another one has got to be Shruti’s husky and dynamic vocals, which perfectly suit the theme of the song. It has been composed in a very cool, poppy and quirky way. Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire do trigger many thoughts. In the jukebox, this song has been listed as “Sannata”, so if that title is taken into consideration, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning, possibly meaning that all the words in the song have been used to describe the song itself, as in “Top of the charts hai Sannata” or “Viral Jaayega Sannata”. If we take in the literal meaning, it could not have any apparent meaning at all! In the antaras, the song seems to have a whole different meaning, on the lines of the singers and lyricists getting so less credit as compared to the actors who bring the song to life onscreen. So that’s a debatable thing about what the song is actually trying to say. Anyways, this one is a sure shot hit, and whatever has been said about the song that it’ll go viral and all, I hope it were true!! The star of this track is Shruti! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Thappad
Singers ~ Suraj Jagan & Earl D’Souza, Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire

Suraj returns, with an utterly stupid song about slaps. Ilaiyaraaja’s tune is nothing to boast around about, and the vocals are nothing except a few lines describing slapping in a whispering voice. Lyrics are stupid. Earl’s rap is fine, nothing great. The arrangements is what makes this track worthy of even one listen. Ilaiyaraaja has added very interesting arrangements throughout the song, which you will have to hear the sing to experience, they can’t really be explained in words. Do pay close attention to the music and ignore what they are singing, because the arrangements will impress, not the vocals and lyrics! The famous Big B “Hayii” has been placed at interesting places. Arrangements is what guarantees at least one listen for this song!


6. Lifebuoy
Singer ~ Suraj Jagan, Lyrics by ~ Swanand Kirkire

The famous sanitizing company gets a makeover to its jingle in this track. But it turns into a worse form. Suraj sings well, but its the composition that doesn’t support him much and loses interest to sound interesting after some time. Thank God the song is short, because it really has no apparent intention whatsoever, except to tell us to KILL THE KITANU! The lyrics are something to hear — not because they’re good or anything, but because they’ll make you go: “What the heck!!?” Timepass song!! Seems to have been included for comic relief!

Shamitabh is Ilaiyaraaja’s 1000th album. I guess it just happened to be his 1000th album by chance, and I guess he noticed it after he had finished all work on it, because, to be honest, he hasn’t done anything very special for it! Yes, it is unique in its own different way and yes, it is catchy in its own unique way, but no, it has not the power to attract many listeners towards it, or, for that matter, stay on playlists for very long. Three out of six songs impressing, is a very below average thing coming from Ilaiyaraaja. It is an unique album, not the usual Bollywood affair, but one which will not have many takers!


Final Rating for This Album:  सा < रे < ग < म < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order (My Favorite to least favourite): Piddly Si Baatein > Stereophonic Sannata > Sha Sha Sha Mi Mi Mi > Ishq E Fillum > Thappad > Lifebuoy


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