Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Jasleen Royal
♪ Lyrics by: Jaideep Sahni, Raj Shekhar, Neeraj Rajawat, Aditya Sharma & David Klyton
♪ Music Label: YRF Music
♪ Music Released On: 20th February 2018
♪ Movie Released On: 23rd March 2018

Hichki Album Cover


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Hichki is a Bollywood film starring Rani Mukerji, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Shiv Subramanian, Supriya Pilgaonkar, and directed by Siddharth P. Malhotra, produced by Maneesh Sharma. The film is about Naina Mathur, a teacher who has Tourette Syndrome, a neurological condition that results in uncontrolled motor tics. Well, Rani Mukerji can pull off almost any character she is given, so there’s no doubt that her performance will be great. The music of the film is by Jasleen Royal, which is great because a) this is her first solo album, b) it could be the turning point of her career if she makes good use of this opportunity, and why won’t she?? This is another one of those cases where YRF has roped in a relatively new composer for a film that doesn’t need massy music, but the music ends up being really memorable. So let’s hope Jasleen gets over her own ‘hichki’ of recycling her songs, and present something innovative and new!!

Jasleen Royal’s first solo album is mainly full of songs sung by one singer, and all the songs have a kind of spirit in them that is perfectly suitable for a small and sweet Yash Raj movie trying to create social awareness. What starts he album off, is Harshdeep Kaur’s Oye Hichki, a song that can be regarded as the title song, and whose hook actually sounds like the motor tics Rani Mukerji’s character has to deal with in the film. The song is a charmingly upbeat number, and Jasleen’s clever use of strong percussions helps give it an Indian touch, not to mention the Punjabi wedding-ish antara, something close to what Jasleen has composed before, but not quite the same, because of the grounded sound. Jaideep Sahni’s lyrics are good, but not the usual quirky stuff that is characteristic of him. In the Soul Of Hichki, Jasleen indeed takes a more soulful turn, but surprisingly enough, this change is brought about by the replacement of the upbeat percussions by electronic sounds. The antara is amazing here, more soulful, and the sarangi brings a wonderful touch. Harshdeep carries the vocals beautifully in both versions, both of which seem way too short; we wish they were longer.
The only non-solo song on the album arrives next, a groovy Tamil-Hindi rap song, Madamji Go Easy, with the funky vocals of Benny Dayal, and supported by a Tamil rapper David Klyton. The backing chorus of rappers do well, too — the “Vasco Da Gama...” portion is very entertaining. The Tamil rap sounds so refreshing! On a whole, the song is a great theme song to be picturized upon a bunch of teenage miscreants. Jasleen’s arrangements too, are entertaining; she uses all the right techno sounds to make this song enough commercial, although never losing the distinct classy nature of the song. Raj Shekhar writes with a quirky style we never got to see him use in his previous ventures.
A string of motivational/inspirational numbers follow, as is always the case in such movies! But we aren’t complaining; Royal delivers her career’s best songs in this portion of the album.
First up, Khol De Par by Arijit Singh is a charming song, that starts with an old-school composition, the likes of which never fail to impress. Jasleen herself does the “Doom Tak Doom” in the beginning, and you get hooked to the song right away. The hookline soars, with a nice rhythmic thump that helps your head nod throughout the song. The antara is wonderful too, especially the part starting from “Sabko Manaane Ki…” It just steals your heart. Arijit as usual, is charming with the vocals, but Jasleen’s acoustic arrangements are wonderful too, making the song as charming as it turns out to be. Raj Shekhar’s lyrics are fantastic, especially in the antara.
Shilpa Rao’s Phir Kya Hai Gham reminds me of a Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy song; I can’t remember which, though! Here too, Jasleen nails it with the rhythmic backing vocals and the cross line “Haule Haule Sab Hoga..”, each stanza ending with a high-spirited “Phir Kya Hai Gham!?”, followed by a nice humming. The song might be the weakest of the album, but you cannot deny the fact that it still is insanely catchy! The motivational intent of it works really well!
My personal favourite of the album, Teri Dastaan, is a melancholic number, probably the one that plays when the protagonist doesn’t know what to do next. Jasleen herself sings this one, and her distinct voice works wonders in this song. Her composition is so mature, and the piano in the background sets the ambience for this pensive melody. Here too, an interlude with a sarangi is a must-hear. The lyrics by Neeraj Rajawat are the highlight here, and probably the best lyrics of the album too.
The song features in a shorter instrumental version too, called Naina’s Theme, and boy, will the theatre-goers get goosebumps whenever this theme plays. Again, Jasleen sets the pensive mood immaculately, with the piano, and also with her humming, that sounds amazing. It ends the album on a memorable note!

Jasleen Royal overcomes the “Hichki” in her (till now) repetitive compositions by presenting a platter of varied songs from diverse genres, and she succeeds and how!!


Total Points Scored by This Album: 8 + 8.5 + 8 + 8.5 + 7.5 + 9 + 8 =

Album Percentage: 82.14%

Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Teri Dastaan > Soul Of Hichki = Khol De Par > Oye Hichki = Madamji Go Easy = Naina’s Theme > Phir Kya Hai Gham


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So, like two days before the movie releases, Sony Music decides to finally release this album! Good job, Sony and Keep it Up! 😠

Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Pritam Chakraborty
♪ Lyrics by: Amitabh Bhattacharya
♪ Music Label: Sony Music
♪ Music Released On: 26th October 2016
♪ Movie Releasees On: 28th October 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Album Cover

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Album Cover


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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is an upcoming Bollywood romantic comedy / drama, which stars Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor in lead roles, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Fawad Khan in cameos, and special appearances by Shahrukh Khan, Lisa Haydon, Alia Bhatt and Imran Abbas. The film has been directed by Karan Johar, and produced by him along with Hiroo Yash Johar, his mom. The film’s storyline has been well debated on throughout the days of its promotions, and that leaves me with nothing to write about it here, and since the album has been released so “early”, I need to get on with the review like right away! So as you all may know, Karan Johar’s movies have always had awesome soundtracks that become the definition of his films. Be it ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ by Jatin-Lalit, ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’ by Jatin-Lalit, Sandesh Shandilya & Aadesh Shrivastava, ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’ & ‘My Name Is Khan’ by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, or ‘Student of The Year’ by Vishal-Shekhar, Karan has struck a great rapport with each music composer he’s worked with and the results have always turned out to be outstanding. This time, he chooses the hit machine Pritam Chakraborty to do the honors, and I think that was a great decision after the music of his production ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ which had music by Pritam, became such a blockbuster. I also suspect that that was when he roped in or started thinking about Pritam scoring for his next film, that turned out to be ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. Well, five of the music videos have already released, and from the last two months, the songs of the movie have been all over, literally! Pritam has scored six songs for the movie. So without further ado, let’s see how mushkil (difficult) it is to like this album! 😀 Or rather, how difficult it is not to like it! 😉

1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Singer ~ Arijit Singh

The album kicks off with melancholy galore! And I really don’t usually like melancholy with a typical Bhatt wrapping in Bollywood music, but this song, is so different! First of all, forget about that Bhatt wrapping! Because this time, the Bhatt wrapping itself, has been given a very different touch! Pritam uses the same style he would use to compose songs for the Bhatt movies, but in the process, sheds all typicality. The melancholy represents the Bhatt style so much, but the arrangements all scream “Grand!!” The song seems like a put-together of ‘Janam Janam’ (Dilwale), and a very Bhatt-ish sound to it. I’m not complaining! The result is fantabulous! The composition is wonderful. Pritam starts off with an enticing mukhda that just screams at you to jump into the song, just as your grandmother tells you to jump into her house when you visit! 🙂 Everything about it is so alluring and convincing, that nothing could go wrong. A grand opening makes way for the very mellow hookline, which has become the daily food of most of the nation’s population over the two months since it has come out. The high-pitched line “Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami…” is so fantastic, that it hurts to wonder how Pritam put together such contrasting lines as this and the starting line and the hookline. The first antara follows the high-pitch and angst and takes it to a whole new level, where it seems that Arijit seems uncomfortable touching those notes, but the result still sounds amazing. Pritam’s vision can’t go wrong, can it! 😀 The second antara follows a more sombre approach to being angsty, and the different, low-pitched composition is sooooooo beautiful, that it just immediately grows on you. The low pitch eventually gives way to more high-pitched lines, this time also, very magical. The hookline, which has different lyrics each time, is so wonderful, that you just can’t forget any of its versions. Pritam’s arrangements surpass everything else. The reason the song reminded me of ‘Janam Janam’ (Dilwale) was solely because of the arrangements. The nice little piano loop at the beginning of the song are so, so grand! On top of that, the grandeur is accentuated even more by wonderful, ostentatious, orchestral strings. The string orchestra consists of violins (Rolf Wilson, Morvin Bryce, Natalie Klauda, Ian Humphries, Raja Halder, Jan Regulski, Charles Sewart, Michelle Fleming, Debbie Widdup, Kate Robinson), violas (Meghan Cassidy, Timothy Grant, Eoin Schmidt Martin) and cellos (Ashok Klauda, Will Scholfield, Peter Gregson). The whole orchestral recording has been produced by Nikhil Paul George, and I must say, he has done a brilliant job putting together those wonderful sounds of the orchestra, not to mention the awesome job that Pritam did in composing them! The trumpet (Neil Brough) in the first interlude is so wonderful, and it imparts a kind of jazzy feel to the song. The oboe (Alison Teale) has been done very nicely, and it plays in the second interlude. Throughout the second antara, wonderful digital beats give the beats, and it sounds so otherworldly! Arijit’s vocals are amazing. He might be struggling a bit with the high notes, but manages to pull it off, and leave us spellbound with the magic of his voice. The way he mellifluously goes through the composition, both low and high portions, is commendable. Amitabh’s lyrics are quite ordinary, not bad and not excellent. They are, however, nice on the ears, due to a good use of Urdu. 😀 grand beginning to the album! Arijit is going to get his second career boost after ‘Tum Hi Ho’ with this one! And Pritam’s melody is just so… PERFECT!! 😀 #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Bulleya
Singers ~ Amit Mishra & Shilpa Rao, Backing Vocals ~ Arjun Chandy, Himanshu, Ashwin & Geet

The second song in the album is a more upbeat, fast-paced, rock-Sufi ballad. Pritam starts it off with a wonderful guitar strum, and then that strum breaks into a very impressive riff, which makes you groove to it right away. The dynamic nature of this composition perfectly contrasts the mellow nature of the previous one, and while that one was perfect as a soother, this one works as an energizer, in a very heavenly way. The composition instantly gets stuck in your head, with Pritam very nicely constructing it with traditional Sufi songs in mind. The mukhda is immensely catchy, and the magic of Pritam is infused into it in such a way, that it doesn’t take long for you to get tripping over it. Right from the beginning, Pritam might have been using some kind of telepathic connection, and as the song progresses, you’ll find that it unfolds just as you want it to, and that’s because you really love what’s going on! 😀 The mukhda is quite sober, but it’s not until the hookline when the composition gets really intoxicating. It reaches its peak there, and rises up to the mountain of high notes so easily, that you have no option but to listen with your jaw open in surprise and wonder. The first antara, sees the song get even better, with a very freely flowing tune that is something to fall for. This is definitely my favourite part of the song, and the way Amit Mishra brings a smile into his voice while singing it, is so cool! It gives way to the hookline perfectly. The second antara, is composed on a different set of notes, and is sung by Shilpa Rao very beautifully. The composition of this stanza is so heavenly, and perfectly suited for a female voice, especially that of Shilpa. I just loved the way it makes the energy of the song come to a complete halt for a while and the way it lets us in on a glimpse of heaven. The vocals by both singers are amazing. Amit Mishra is slowly emerging as a very versatile and well-ranged singer, with his voice perfectly acing those high notes in the hookline as well as the more mellow notes in the first antara. The vibe that his voice sends out while singing the words ending with “aaaar” like “yaar“, “pukaar“, “parvardigaar“, is just soooooo applause-worthy!! Shilpa Rao, who Pritam has made to sing after quite some while now (last being ‘Malang’ from ‘Dhoom 3’) sings the second antara angelically. Amit also ends the songs brilliantly with a portion that gives you goosebumps. The backing vocals by Ashwin, Himanshu, Geet and Arjun Chandy are great, and they complement Amit superbly in the main hook of the song – “murshid mera, murshid mera“. Amitabh’s lyrics are wonderful here as well — romantic and a hint of devotion. Pritam’s arrangements though, are the star of the song. That rock guitar (Roland Fernandes) is the biggest attraction of the song, and it plays almost everywhere! It is what makes the arrangements sound so energetic and dynamic. The drums, of course, are there, and can very well be missed due to everything else happening, but make their presence very well felt during the beginning of the hook every time, when they do a kind of rapid beat which is something to die for. The dholaks, on the other hand, sound very calming and soothing — resulting in a very smart fusion of rock and Sufi. Energetic, dynamic and something of an extravagant nature. Amit becomes the new rockstar of bollywood music, as Pritam presents this wonderful rock and Sufi clash! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Channa Mereya
Singer ~ Arijit Singh, Backing Vocals ~ Keshia Braganza & Gwen Dias

It is the next song, that keeps up the emotional quotient of the album, with which we had started off the album in the title song, but this one takes that emotion to a whole different level. The composition has the capability to touch the strings of your heart and how! ❤ The song has been composed on a very trademark dholak beat, which can be heard in many such songs, and which instantly reminds me of Pritam’s own ‘Kabira (Encore)’ (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani). The composition is very sweet and heart-touching, and though it seems like it has been heard many times before, it still refreshes you quite magically from the inside, along with giving you this weird sense of sadness as it ends. The song starts with the mukhda sung by Arijit in an unplugged style, with nothing but the guitars supporting him, and then it gives way to that very touching dholak backing loop. The mukhda has a very emotional tune, and it just makes you want to sit and listen to it in peace, without any disturbances. Such songs are always masterpieces. Pritam did it last time in ‘Kabira’ and now here he is, at it again. The hookline is sooooo enchanting, that it just doesn’t get out of your head after hearing it for just one time. It is so immensely catchy, that it just sticks in there and all you can do about it, is to pamper it by singing it and humming it all day. You might not even realize when you start singing this song, it just comes so spontaneously to me. Now that’s a sign of a masterpiece. The first antara too, has such a sweet and lovable tune, that it is hard to ignore or forget, on hearing. The second antara actually takes the form of a kind of traditional style of singing folk Punjabi songs, and Arijit kills it! Pritam’s arrangements are masterclass. The dholak rhythm (Played by Iqbal Azad & Sanjiv Sen) keeps you listening, while the acoustic guitars (Roland) support the dholaks very well. Rock guitars (Roland & Amandeep) infuse the pathos into the song, making it sound trademark Pritam. In the first interlude, a very soul-stirring shehnaai (Omkar Dhumal) just connects with your heart, and the tune gets stuck in your head. Pritam employs some very sweet and angelic voices (Keshia Braganza & Gwen Dias) to sing the backing vocals, and you can hear them sing the hookline in a very heavenly tone. In the second interlude, they rule, and while they’re at they’re hookline, working to pave their way into our hearts with their awesome voice, there’s a very short and wonderful sarangi (Ghulam Ali Khan) in the background, which you would miss unless you’re hearing very carefully. It comes back during Arijit’s second antara, and once again, is very soft, so you have to strain your ears to hear it! Arijit’s vocals are fabulous, with each and every note making itself a home in your heart (God, your heart must be full now.. How will the blood enter and exit? 😦 ) With each of his variations, you can’t help but let out a “Waah“, and during that conclusion paragraph of his, well, he just aces it! The lyrics by Amitabh are mostly in Punjabi, but they are veryyyy touching. With lines like “Andhera tera, maine le liya, mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya” (I took your darkness, and gave you my bright star, in exchange) and “Kitni dafaa, subah ko meri, tere aangan mein baithe, maine shaam kiya” (I turned so many of my days into evenings, waiting in your yard), Amitabh proves his mettle as a songwriter. Each line just makes its way so gracefully into your lungs. (Remember, your heart is full!) Heart-touching, and a masterstroke by Pritam! One of the best songs of the year for me! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. The Breakup Song
Singers ~ Arijit Singh, Badshah, Jonita Gandhi & Nakash Aziz, Rap by ~ Badshah

After those three songs that constitute the heartrending, emotional and cry-worthy songs of the album, things become lighter with a song that is another emotional, sobby song, disguised in a sweet, upbeat, club number. Pritam is an expert at such club numbers, and just two months ago, he gave us ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ (Dishoom) which was more of a sensuous song. This one here, is completely clean and sanskaari so much so, that the girl is actually happy about breaking up with her so-called ‘saiyaan ji‘! Pritam brings together his arrangements for songs like ‘Blame The Night’ (Holiday) and ‘Hey Mr. DJ’ (Phata Poster Nikhla Hero), and adds to it, a very desi melody, reminding one of the Kishore Kumar-Asha Bhosle duets of the 50s and 60s, where all the nok-jhok and cute teasing would please the listener. The song starts off very quirkily, with Nakash Aziz singing an introductory couplet in the voice of a chipmunk. And then the chipmunk, thanks to the clever vocal programming done by Pritam, goes on to sing a very funny and catchy tune, which turns out to be the characteristic tune of the song. (The one that starts at 0:18 and keeps playing occasionally throughout the song) After the froggy/duck-y tune in “Premika” (Dilwale), Pritam makes this chipmunk tune very nicely. 😂 And then we are introduced to the main character, a girl who’s just broken up with her saiyaan that morning, and she recites a quite interesting couplet, about how her boyfriend left her for a foreigner. And then, the tune that follows, is why I love Pritam so much! 😀 It is a very attractive tune that just lures you into the song right away. The mukhda is very catchy, and it plays entirely after every antara, too. The hookline is the best part of the song though. That tune!! The antara is a good continuation of the sweetness of the song, and keeps up the catchiness very well. There is a rap by Badshah in between the two antaras, and that, however, is so mediocre, that you don’t really pay attention to it. It seems like a forced addition into the song. The arrangements by Pritam are signature Pritam club song arrangements, with the EDM working its magic on you very strongly. The techno sounds become quite entrancing at certain points. The folk percussion is what infuses that wonderful desi feel to the arrangements, and Tapas Roy excels with that. The dholaks (Iqbal Azad & Yusuf Sheikh) are wonderful, and at places, wonderful jugalbandis of the dholaks and Techno sounds give birth to very impressive pieces of music. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics are funny, and give you a nice entertainment throughout the song. His clever Hinglish gives your brain something cool to chew on, after all those philosophical and emotional lyrics in the previous three songs. I personally loved the part where he writes “Kalti hua jo saiyaan stupid tera, jeevit hua hai phir se cupid tera!” 😀 Unfortunately, Badshah’s rap becomes the only vulgar (or on the border of vulgar and profane) stuff in what would have been a very clean club number! :\ Last but definitely not the least, the vocals. Jonita wonderfully carries herself throughout the song as a girl who’s happy telling the world about how she got over her breakup, while Arijit very cutely essays the role of the boy who was clearly waiting for this breakup to take place! 😀 The way Arijit sings “Humko bin bataye toone yeh kab kar liya“, girls and ladies will die for him all over again! Jonita, once again, shows a different side of her voice, this time, a very sweet voice that we would fall for anytime! A sweet melody carried very impressively by Jonita and Arijit, whose chemistry turns out to be just amazing! And Pritam, please don’t stop experimenting like this!! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Cutiepie
Singers ~ Pardeep Singh Sran, Nakash Aziz, Meenal Jain & Antara Mitra, Backing Vocals ~ Neetu Bhalla, N.K. Deep Kaur, Bhabita, Sunny, Himanshu, Ashwin, Kaushik & Sachin

The next song of the album, at first listen, seems like your everyday, typical KJo, Punjabi wedding song. But it is so much more than just that, which I understood by listening to it again and again. Pritam uses the Punjabi bhangra style to make this the most templatized song of the album, but the way he has played with the notes, is just too entertaining, enjoyable and outright fun! The song starts wonderfully with very typical Punjabi beats, a very fun ukulele loop, couple with the beats of a dhadd-like instrument. The composition is a fun-filled, energetic one, that reminds you of the craziness that Pritam is capable of infusing into his songs and subsequently, into us. This composition too, is a successor to his earlier crazy songs like ‘Saree Ke Fall Sa’ (R… Rajkumar), ‘Dhating Naach’ (Phata Poster Nikhla Hero), ‘Badtameez Dil’ (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani), ‘Tukur Tukur’ (Dilwale), ‘Chor Bazaari’ (Love Aaj Kal) and sooo many others. The mukhda, which, as Pritam has generously written in the song credits, was based on a concept by the lyricist, Amitabh Bhattacharya, is very energetic and spunky, making a very effusive start to the song. The line just before the hookline, which goes “Boyfriend ki tujhe koi fikar nahin…” has been composed in such a fun way, that it will get you up and dancing. The Punjabi ladies sangeet that starts off the song, is so sweet and catchy, and also reminds me of two of Pritam’s earlier hits, ‘Saj Dhaj Ke’ (Mausam) and ‘Nagada’ (Jab We Met). The hookline is also very differently composed, but it doesn’t stand out in the song, rather it blend in with the rest of the song, and that is very good! The antara is a bit weak, but since it is so short, and works as the antara to a dance song, you ignore it, and the awesome cross line comes back to take you to the hookline. The arrangements by Pritam are top class, and the omnipresent Punjabi flavour brings a different kind of sweetness to the song. At the same time, some strong techno sounds help to enhance the quality of the sound, and the keys (Firoz Khan) tune is an awesome tune to catch onto. The guitars & ukulele (Mohit Dogra & Dev Arijit) help to bring the missing tumbi feel to the Punjabi song. The percussion, probably some electronic dholaks and dhadd, is fascinating. Towards the end, a very high-energy dhol rhythm supports the composition. There’s a part in the song when the dholak is played so rapidly, and beautifully (hear it at 1:22 and 2:56 in the song) that it just makes you go “Wow!” The main vocals by Pardeep, former ‘Raw Star’ contestant and singer of ‘Allah Hoo Allah’ (Dharam Sankat Mein) are very extravagant (Loved the way he sings “aaaye haaaye“), while Nakash supports him well (I don’t even know if Nakash has his solo portions or backing vocals, but I don’t think he has sung any solo portions, because it doesn’t sound like him). Pardeep is very vivacious in his treatment of the song, but it is at times like this, when I can’t help but wish that Labh Janjua was still here with us; he would ace the song! The additional backing vocals by Meenal Jain and Antara Mitra are awesome. (that’s the ladies sangeet!) Other backing vocalists Neetu Bhalla, N.K. Deep Kaur, Bhabita, Sunny, Himanshu, Ashwin, Kaushik and Sachin, do a good job with the “haay“s here and there in the song. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics are a laugh fest, right from the ladies sangeet, to the actual lyrics of the main body of the song. His quirkiness from ‘The Breakup Song’ just seems to have increased, and the DESI-ness in his lyrics perfectly complements the desi composition by Pritam. A song that will cater to the masses, but won’t be dismissed by the classes, either! Quirky! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Alizeh
Singers ~ Arijit Singh, Ash King & Sashwat Singh

The last song of this much-awaited album, is a very sweet and divine-sounding romantic track, sung by three men whose voices sound more or less the same! 😀 The song starts off with a brilliant vintage Pritam electric guitar riff, and then progresses very seamlessly to the melody of the mukhda, which is opened by Ash King, but a wonderful relay is played between Ash and Arijit as Ash hands over the baton to Arijit after one line! Anyway, the composition is heavenly, and the mukhda wonderfully provides a start to the song. The hookline just brings that magic forward, and the way Pritam has broken the word ‘Alizeh’ (Which is Anushka’s character’s name in the movie) is spectacular! The composition instantly grabs you and you start humming it immediately. Pritam brings back his old-world charm, that we heard in so many of his songs (the most prominent coming to my mind right now being ‘Mere Bina’ from ‘Crook’). The antara wonderfully brings the song forward. The antara is very simple and sweet, but appeals to you very pleasantly. At the end of the antara, Sashwat does a wonderful vocal piece, and he can be distinguished from the other two with his bold and clear voice (kinda like Nikhil D’Souza’s voice). Towards the end of the song, he does a very interesting rap portion, which is very attractive, and finally, some rap that makes sense and fits into the song. Pritam’s arrangements are grand and match the grandeur of the rest of the album, this time, bringing a pleasant Western / European touch to the arrangements because of the wonderful sound of a church-flavoured organ instrument. The beats are digital, and very attractive. The drums too, are quite beautifully played, while Pritam uses his typical Western choir to enhance the sound of the hookline, complete with claps and a Western chorus. The guitars of course, play throughout and don’t fail to let you down. The vocals are very intriguing, and I must say, Ash King overshadows Arijit here, and that can be very well heard when they sing the same lines one after the other in the antara. On the other hand, Sashwat seems to say a lot with his two portions, one Hindi, and the other an English rap. The way Ash sings the lines in the hookline that go “Tera hun main, tujhe yaad hai naa” is just mind-blowing. His mellifluous voice really does a different kind of magic in the song. Amitabh writes perfect romantic lyrics, which are sweet and simple to understand. With this, the album ends of the same grand note as it began, with a very opulently arranged, melodious piece! Arijit, Ash and Sashwat complement each other very well, and Pritam makes the track a pleasant listen, full of love. #5StarHotelSong!!

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil turns out to be an album full of variety. The album has Pritam, the hit machine, showing his various sides of composing, and with two very emotional tracks, one high-energy romantic track, one dulcet romantic melody and two upbeat dance tracks, the album ends up being one of the best commercial albums of the year! With Arijit being the voice of Ranbir in the movie, I was expecting myself to get bored with his voice after the album would end, but Pritam’s wonderful melodies and the ways he made him sing differently in each song, didn’t make me do so. Also, the two songs that are sung by other male singers are fantastic respites from Arijit, while the last track where two other singers accompany Arijit, is also mind-blowing. So, all in all, this is an album which makes it difficult for you to choose your favourite song, and also makes it difficult not to love it! Pritam is truly back with a bang now!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Channa Mereya > Everything else 😀


Which is your favourite song from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil? Please vote for it below! Thanks! 🙂

NH7 TO NH10!! (NH10 – Music Review)

Music Album Details
Music by: Sanjeev-Darshan, Anirban Chakraborty (Bann), Ayush Shrestha, Savera Mehta & Samira Koppikar
♪ Lyrics by: Kumaar, Anirban Chakraborty (Bann), Abhiruchi Chand, Manoj Tapadia, Neeraj Rajawat & Varun Grover
♪ Music Label: Eros Music
♪ Music Released On: 17th February 2015
♪ Movie Released On: 13th March 2015


NH10 Album Cover

NH10 Album Cover

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NH10 is an upcoming Bollywood revenge thriller film, directed by Navdeep Singh, produced by Krishika Lulla, Anushka Sharma, Karnesh Sharma, Vikas Bahl, Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap under their respective banners Clean Slate Films(Anushka’s production company) and Phantom (We all know this one). The film stars Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam in the lead roles, with Darshan Kumar (‘Mary Kom’ fame) in a negative role. The plot revolves around a couple, whose road trip goes amiss, after an encounter with violent criminals on the national highway (which is where the film gets its name). The music of this film was also expected to be very good, because of the mere fact that it is a Phantom production! The music for this film has been given by multiple composers. The first is the duo Sanjeev-Darshan, sons of Shravan Rathod of Nadeem-Shravan, who have just one song. The next is Anirban Chakraborty, who all of you know (or might not know) as Bann. He had composed a beautiful track ‘Mar Jayian’ for ‘Vicky Donor’, and he’s back after three years to compose five songs (technically just one song with four versions) for this album. The third is another pair, Ayush Shrestha & Savera Mehta, newcomers in Bollywood (they have been heard in NH7 Weekender shows), who get two tracks. And the last is the mismatched and unfitting singer of ‘Aaj Phir’ from ‘Hate Story 2’, Samira Koppikar, who also gets just one song. So, all-in-all, it sounds like a musical treat, and a look at the singers just consolidated the idea. So let’s have a look, at how great it actually is!! 🙂

1. Chhil Gaye Naina
Singers ~ Kanika Kapoor & Dipanshu Pandit, Music by ~ Sanjeev-Darshan, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

Seeing Kanika Kapoor in the credits, many would be surprised. Given the types of songs she’s been singing up till now, one wonders how one of those songs would fit into this kind of movie. But, listeners are treated to a pleasant surprise, when they actually play the song. Another song on the same lines of ‘Jee Karda’ from ‘Badlapur’, with the avengeful vocals and lyrics, this song also has all it needs to become a superhit song of that particular genre. Sanjeev-Darshan have superbly composed a tune that would radiate emotions of fury and anger, at the same time making it catchy. Also, with this song, Kanika (who is a classical trained singer getting not so classical songs in Bollywood) might just be singing her best song (according to me) and also opened up the gates for many other composers besides Meet Bros. Anjjan and Dr. Zeus to take her as a singer, as they will get encouraged to do so after hearing her brilliant vocals in this track. The tune sounds semi-classical and, if so, it has been very well fused to get a semiclassical rock number which will certainly climb the charts in the coming days. Dipanshu’s short interruptions do call for a round of applause, in their innocent Rajasthani traditional folk-like sound. Rock guitars and drums, naturally, are the most prominent instruments here. The shattering glass sounds also sound great in this “angry” song. In some places, Sanjeev-Darshan have beautifully infused tablas, which certainly is a brilliant idea, and has come out very great-sounding as well! Kumaar’s lyrics are totally apt for the situation. This is one of Sanjeev-Darshan’s best compositions of late, and Kanika’s best song till date, where she gets to showcase her great classical expertise. #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Le Chal Mujhe (Male Version) / Le Chal Mujhe (Female Version) / Le Chal Mujhe (Reprise)
Singers ~ Mohit Chauhan / Shilpa Rao / Arijit Singh, Music by ~ Anirban Chakraborty (Bann), Lyrics by ~ Anirban Chakraborty (Bann) & Abhiruchi Chand

The piano notes that welcome you into the song, instantly impart a waltzy feel to you, and has you nodding your head to the beats of the waltz. Mohit Chauhan, with his smooth and silky vocals, does complete justice to the composition by Bann, which is smooth and also at places, a bit haunting. Drum cymbals, piano and guitars are prominent throughout the song, but what you really should pay attention to, is the second interlude, with the sitar And tablas, sounding great together, before they are joined by the drums and rock guitars. A sound like chattering of teeth is very clearly heard throughout the song as well, and I just wonder which instrument that is! It gives a whole retro Bollywood 50s-60s feel to the song. Overall, the composition isn’t something to instantly get hooked onto, but something pretty unconventional, something that grows and how! And the best part is that, being unconventional, it still doesn’t come across as heavy to the ears, and would soothe you even if you hear it for the first time, just that you might not like it right away. Even the lyrics, by Bann himself and Abhiruchi Chand with additional lyrics, are unconventional and great! The female version by Shilpa, has the same arrangements (Yes, I mean ditto xerox carbon copy) but it has been sung on a lower pitch, making it seem more haunting than the male version. Shilpa manages her low voice very well, and sounds pretty different from what we’ve heard her singing before this. In no way, is this version better or worse than the male version, but it doesn’t appeal much after you have already heard the male version. The reprise version is by the man whose songs are on the tip of everyone’s tongue nowadays, Arijit Singh! His version is shorter than the other two, and a bit slower-placed as well, but it certainly attracts listeners, because of the variations that he does, and his voice which is perfect for the composition. Only when I heard the version he sung, did I notice the striking resemblance that this song has to ‘Khul Kabhi’ from ‘Haider’. Which made me love his version even more. A Vishal Bhardwaj-ish composition, which doesn’t leap out to you instantly, but grows, and when it does, trust me, you’ll have it on loop for quite a long period of time! The two male versions are highly recommended! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Main Jo
Singers ~ Nayantara Bhatkal & Savera Mehta, Music by ~ Ayush Shrestha & Savera Mehta, Lyrics by ~ Manoj Tapadia

It starts off very peppily, promising a peppy and breezy song ahead. And sure enough, what we get, is something so sweet and cheerful. Quite like an Amit Trivedi or Mikey McCleary typical song, Ayush & Savera have clearly worked hard to give us something that is really, really enjoyable and also sweet. The newcomer Nayantara Bhatkal, has really nice vocals which suit the atmosphere of the song, and also engage the listener for the short duration of 2 minutes and 43 seconds. Her voice sounds a lot like Shalmali Kholgade or Saba Azad, without the sharpness. The arrangements by the duo have also been done very nicely and they are very catchy, adding some more cheer to the song. Saxophone and guitars beautifully decorate the great composition. Savera Mehta comes in for a short duration towards the end, and sounds a lot like Nikhil D’Souza. Lyrics by Manoj Tapadia are also sweet and a bit sensuous, and increase the peppiness of the track. They work in favour of the song. Though very short, it has a very gripping tune, arrangements, and Nayantara is spot-on with her vocals!! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Khoney De / Khoney De (Instrumental)
Singers ~ Mohit Chauhan, Neeti Mohan / Instrumental, Music by ~ Anirban Chakraborty (Bann), Lyrics by ~ Anirban Chakraborty (Bann)

This song is just yet another version of ‘Le Chal Mujhe’, this time, with Mohit joined by Neeti Mohan, with her husky and raw voice. The waltz feel, though there, has been decreased in this version, and more techno sounds are there to keep the beats. This version is like the jazz version of ‘Le Chal Mujhe’. With the piano notes played in a very jazzy way, it makes for a good fourth listen to the song. Neeti Mohan flows through her part very easily and effortlessly, while Mohit Chauhan dynamically expresses his lines. The guitars and the occasional saxophone impresses as the singers beautifully go about the composition. Slightly better than the solo version by Mohit, this one can easily replace that one, all thanks to the addition of Neeti’s beautiful voice. Here, Bann has written some good lyrics as well, this time without the help of Abhiruchi Chand. Where ‘Le Chal Mujhe’ was about searching for the partner, and therefore haunting, this one is all about getting lost in a wonderful place together, so this one sounds way less haunting than ‘Le Chal Mujhe’. The instrumental version also impresses, surprisingly, with its wonderful saxophone solos standing out amongst the piano and guitars. Wherever the singers had lines in the original version, here the saxophones have replaced them, making it feel all the more jazzy and cool. All other arrangements are the same as the original version (I mean ‘Khoney De’, not ‘Le Chal Mujhe’). Yet another great version of ‘Le Chal Mujhe’, with more jazz factor and less haunt. Both the duet and the instrumental impress!! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Maati Ka Palang
Singer ~ Samira Koppikar, Music by ~ Samira Koppikar, Lyrics by ~ Neeraj Rajawat

Okay, so I didn’t know Samira could compose as well, and I didn’t like her voice at all in ‘Aaj Phir’ (Hate Story 2), but I still had hopes from this song, given the greatness this album has slowly revealed to us song by song. And, I got exactly what I expected. Another Indie-music type song, composed and sung beautifully by Samira. A haunting melody it is, with just as haunting and sinister lyrics, beautifully penned by Neeraj Rajawat. Samira, who really didn’t get much scope to showcase this semi-classical side of hers in her previous Bollywood songs, sings the haunting melody with expertise and grace. Surprisingly her composition is very impressive, one that instantly catches on. The arrangements are also pretty impressive, with rock guitars, Sitar, and drums being played together in a single song. Quite a unique combination! The interlude of the sitar is something you have to listen, compulsorily! Neeraj’s lyrics, as I said before, keep the haunting feel to the composition, and also sound very mysterious. Quite an impressive composition by Samira! Hats-off! #5StarHotelSong!!


6. Kya Karein
Singer ~ Rachel Varghese, Music by ~ Ayush Shrestha & Savera Mehta, Lyrics by ~ Varun Grover

The duo re-enters with their second song, a soft, slow-paced song, which is kind of hard to understand or grip. Nevertheless, the composition is soothing and the musical arrangements help the listener to like the song. Rachel Varghese sings the song beautifully, in a husky voice kind of like that of Shilpa Rao. The tune is not something that would grab the listener, so the song does lose marks for that there, but the arrangements, vocals and lyrics make up for that small thing. Plus, the tune of this song wasn’t meant to be attractive or very catchy, either, as far as I can gather, going by the lyrics. It is supposed to be a song displaying the sadness of a wife on being separated from her husband. And the lyrics very well make that understood, therefore saving the composers. They’ve composed a very apt song for the situation. Before you know it, the song is over, because it plays at a very slow pace, so most of it is music itself. A song perfect for the situation, but one that will find less listeners and also have less shelf life, so misses the “tag”. But good to give you mental peace!

NH10 is an album with pretty unconventional music, the type that can usually be heard in Indie-music albums. All composers have pitched in their best, and really have made this album one great album. And yes, most of the songs won’t appeal to you instantly, so give them time! They are gems!! The regular performers at NH7 Weekender, come together and give us a beautiful unconventional Bollywood album in the form of “NH10”!!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Tough to decide!! 😃


Which is your favourite song from NH10? Please vote for it below!! 🙂


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Music Album Details
♪ Music by: Bobby-Imran
♪ Lyrics by: Shabbir Ahmed
♪ Music Label: Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On: 4th February 2015
♪ Movie Releases On: 27th February 2015

Badmashiyaan Album Cover

Badmashiyaan Album Cover


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Badmashiyaan is an upcoming romantic-comedy (being marketed as a rom-CON; Umm… Aren’t we kind of having too much of these con movies lately, what with ‘Dolly Ki Doli’ and now this? 😝) directed by Amit Khanna (of ‘Tutiya Dil’ fame) and produced by Vijay Gutte. The film stars Suzanna Mukherjee (‘Joker’, ‘Tutiya Dil’, ‘Trip To Bhangarh’) in the lead role playing a con-girl, Naari. The three men she con’s are played by Sidhant Gupta (‘Tutiya Dil’), Karan Mehra (‘Blood Money’, ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’, ‘Ragini MMS 2’) and Sharib Hashmi (‘Filmistaan’) respectively. Gunjan Malhotra (‘Tevar’) also has a role in the movie. So, the story isn’t that innovative. But we can expect something from the music, which is by the duo launched by the Bhatts with ‘Khamoshiyan’, Bobby-Imran. I also got to know that they have been assistants to Pritam for seven years, and that Bobby is none other than Anupam Amod himself. That really changed my perception about them. Anyways, their last song from ‘Khamoshiyan’ was very Bhatt-ish typical, so didn’t really appeal to me. Let’s see whether their typicality has worn off in this album!

1. Shaitaaniyan / Shaitaaniyan (Encore)
Singers ~ Ankit Tiwari / Anupam Amod

Though the starting piano notes may remind you of  ‘Saawan Aaya Hai’ from ‘Creature 3D’, and the whole song overall might remind you of numerous Vishesh-film songs, there is no stopping you from loving the song nevertheless. Ankit Tiwari, though some might’ve got fed up with his autotune voice, seems to be the perfect choice for this song, and his voice, though it is the same as it is in all the songs he composes himself, suits the composition. Plus, it gives you a nice break from the innumerable Arijit Singh songs coming out these days. Bobby & Imran’s composition, though very typical and Bhatt-ish, still works and still makes you fall for it. It has a slight hangover of ‘Tu Har Lamha’ from ‘Khamoshiyan’, but they’ve definitely gone miles ahead of where that song had stood on our likability meters. 😂 And all for the better, because, people will now actually get a genuine reason to praise them, instead of the false praise they got for their first song, just because it was part of a Bhatt album. Piano and guitars lead the arrangements, and since things have been kept so simple, the song gets one more reason to be loved. Shabbir Ahmed might have actually got a ticket out of that “Absurd Lyricists” list, because he has actually given us something substantial! I mean, he seems to have done a course in writing beautiful lyrics finally, and he has provided some wonderful lyrics for this song! 🙂 The “Encore” sung by Bobby himself, a.k.a. Anupam Amod, is a slightly differently arranged version, and again, Anupam’s voice doesn’t do anything special to enhance the song that Ankit already sang so great, so it doesn’t deserve that much recognition as the original. However, the backing vocals added in this version which aren’t in that version (Haww! That’s so evil and selfish! :\ ) sound beautiful and would sound even better had they been in the original version! The original version is what you must go for; it is one hooky and calming romantic song, in which Ankit excels and so do Bobby & Imran! #5StarHotelSong!!


2. Thode Se Hum / Thode Se Hum (Encore)
Singers ~ Mohit Chauhan / Shilpa Rao

The opening notes of this song strikingly resemble the same sonmg with which the duo debuted last month, ‘Tu Har Lamha’, and follows the same Bhatt template, as it seems in the prelude. But when Mohit Chauhan enters, and works his magic on the composition, things start falling right into place. Indeed, it does sound very Vishesh-ish (!!) but on the other hand, it falls on the better side of typicality, just as the first song of the album did. The very prominent Pritam feel can’t be ignored at all, and does make the song enjoyable. The rock feel is used throughout the song, and Bobby-Imran don’t leave any stone unturned to make it become a full-fledged soft rock romantic number, with all the rock guitars and drums. The violins have also been used very nicely, and you just can’t miss the flute interlude. Again, Shabbir Ahmed impresses like he rarely does. 😛 For those who still found it very typical and too wannabe Vishesh, there’s always a better path in life!! 😂 And by that, I mean, there’s a different version for you guys! And that happens to be called the “Encore”. In the first song, the encore was not as good as the original. But that’s not the case here. Here, the encore is a soothing, peaceful, melodious version of the same rock song. And behind the mic is none other than Shilpa Rao. With her distinct voice, she rules the composition, and also very expertly carries away any typicality which might be left in the composition. A song in the female voice sounds less Bhatt-ish.. I just don’t know why. The way the duo has placed her voice on a very soft unplugged-like arrangement, with only guitars and piano notes, is awesome. And her two tracks harmonizing in the hookline, is again, sounding beautiful! So this time, the encore overtakes the original, and the main reason behind that is the soothing voice of Shilpa and arrangements of her version! Not that Mohit’s version is bad, though!! Choose any one, or both!! #5StarHotelSong!!!


3. Garden Garden Gave
Singers ~ Mika Singh & Jaspreet Jasz

The next song on the album, is an out-an-out clubby track, but with a very unexpected twist — it has a whole Haryanvi feel to it. On the lines of ‘Boss Title Track’ and ‘Superman’ (Tevar), this one too has a full-of-attitude tune and vocals to it. It is a club song which seems to have been sung by a gangster, going by the lyrics. The techno sounds which open up the song, really get you attracted to the song from the start. Jaspreet’s rappy stuff at the beginning is really impressive, too! As soon as the proper song starts, the attitude instantly kicks in. The percussive beats in the interludes are impressive, as well. Mika’s rendition, is, after a long time, something that I thoroughly enjoyed. Rarely these days, does he really entertain. And this song comes under that “rare” category. 🙂 Unfortunately, even with such a great start to the song, it kind of loses the punch in the antaras. It would have been better if Bobby-Imran could’ve kept up the entertaining stuff for the whole song. Shabbir’s lyrics changed as per the requirements of the song, and now we canfely say, that it isn’t his fault that he has to write such utter stupidity sometimes. 😛 Anyways, nothing special here that he’s written. dumdaar start, but gets diluted as the song progresses! Very good attempt though!


4. Kudiyan Baimaan
Singer ~ Manish J. Tipu

Yes, it is very (may I say so?) gaavthi, but it is very well composed at that! Very rarely does such a folksy song catch your attention so much! The tune by the duo is something crazily catchy, with humorous and wacky interruptions by backing vocalists that just make you go crrrrazy. The arrangements are also top-class. Harmonium, dholaks and whatnot add up to the dynamicness of the song. The hookline is something that’ll make you go wild! Manish perfectly suits all the needs of the composition, and delivers well, at the same time not letting go of the comic touch. Bobby-Imran’s tune doesn’t let the listener go, at all! It just keeps you listening till it ends. The lyrics by Shabbir are also amusing, but only if you forget that he’s written them, or else you might have prejudices. The craziness of the composition reminded me very much of ‘Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai’ from ‘Phata Poster Nikhla Hero’, and we can see where the duo has got the touch of Pritam from, after working with him for seven years! Though some might find it utterly irritating, I personally lived it a lot, and recommend you to listen to it, hoping you do too! Rocking, crazy, quirky, wacky end to the album! Do hear it if you’re looking for something new and fresh! #5StarHotelSong!!

Well, to speak the truth, who in the world, had expected SUCH a good album (considering the status of the film) for this film?? Badmashiyaan is an opportunity that came knocking on Bobby-Imran’s studio door, which they have made the very best out of! I, for one, wasn’t expecting this album to be so good. Although it’s nothing worthy of awards or anything, it does have some pretty lovable and enjoyable tracks, which you can openly groove to. The duo has shed their typical image which they had made, thanks to ‘Khamoshiyan’, and finally I can tag them as versatile. A surprisingly good album by the duo, Bobby – Imran, which I would like to call as their debut, “in the true sense!” They have done a favour (meherbaani) on us by giving such a good album for a film not that big!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Kudiyab Baimaan > Thode Se Hum (Encore) > Shaitaaniyan > Thode Se Hum > Garden Garden Gave > Shaitaaniyan (Encore)


Which is your favourite song from Badmashiyaan? Please vote for it below! 🙂


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BANG ON! (BANG BANG! – Music Review)

Music Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Vishal-Shekhar
♪ Lyrics by:- Vishal Dadlani, Anvita Dutt & Kumaar
♪ Music Label:- Zee Music Company/Sony Music
♪ Music Released On:- 16th September 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 2nd October 2014

Bang Bang! Album Cover

Bang Bang! Album Cover


To hear the full songs of this album on Saavn CLICK HERE

To buy this album on iTunes CLICK HERE

Bang Bang! is the latest venture of Siddharth Anand, starring Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles. This action thriller flick also stars Danny Denzongpa and Jaaved Jaffrey in supporting roles. The film is a Bollywood remake of the Hollywood film, ‘Knight and Day’, and naturally, there is a huge hype surrounding it. What’s more, with this film, Anand, whose previous four films were romantic comedies, is going to try his hand at action. That would be something worth watching! It came as no surprise when it was announced that Vishal-Shekhar would be composing for this film, since Siddharth Anand had roped them in for all his earlier movies, and they had composed popular and great songs for them. So, there was no harm in expecting a lot from this soundtrack! Vishal-Shekhar, who had opened their account this year with the great music for ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’, were expected to raise their bar even higher! So, how have they performed, you ask? Well, read on to find out! 😀

1. Tu Meri
Singer ~ Vishal Dadlani, Lyrics by ~ Vishal Dadlani

When it comes to club songs, I believe that Vishal-Shekhar and Pritam are the most efficient for that genre, and considering the innumerable amount of hits they have given in this genre, expectations from Vishal-Shekhar are never low for a club track. That is why, when this song came across and I heard it for the first time, my reaction was, “THIS is a Vishal-Shekhar composition?!” I was expecting something that would exceed their own standard of club songs. What I got was not bad, definitely not bad at all, but it just lacked that freshness in terms of composition. Later on, it started working its magic on me, and I started loving it. The technical part is perfect, with great use of techno sounds which makes it a beautiful EDM track. The whole composition is backed by electronic sounds, and that makes it very catchy, thanks to those sounds which make the song sound so energetic. But the glitch lies in the composition. The antara has been composed fabulously, but the mukhda and hookline, have a kind of amateurish feel to them. The repetition of ‘tu tu tu tu meri ri ri’ gets unnerving at a point, but thank God Vishal-Shekhar have put those electronic sounds in the hookline, because they actually do change the perspective a LOT! The lyrics are ordinary and have nothing interesting or innovative or whatever to them, but I don’t think that matters for a dance track. Towards the end, in the hookline, there are less electronic sounds, but they are replaced by sounds that sound like claps, and that is worth hearing. The song ends on a pretty abrupt note, after the hookline is repeated twice. Vishal’s energetic voice contributes to some of the interesting elements of the song and it gives another reason to love the song. The composition might be faulty, but the arrangements and vocals make up for that big time to result in a catchy and likable EDM track! Do not miss it!


2. Meherbaan / Meherbaan (Reprise)
For Original ~ Singers ~ Ash King, Shilpa Rao, Shekhar Ravjiani, Backing Vocals by ~ Vishal Dadlani, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt ♦ For Reprise ~ Singer ~ Shekhar Ravjiani, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt, Kumaar

A beautiful accordion melody welcomes us to the next song, supported by guitar riffs which make way for Shilpa to once again stun us with her beautiful voice. And she does just that. Ash King sings for Vishal-Shekhar for the first time, and he comes back into the music scene with a bang! He just reminded me yet again that, before Arijit Singh came and copied his style of singing, he used to sing many hit romantic songs! His voice is so beautiful, and it has a kind of fresh feel to it, which attracts ears to his voice each time he sings! The melody he has got to sing is one that would be remembered for a long time. His smooth voice is the perfect choice for this song. Shekhar has a solo part which I will describe later because it is so marvellous! The slow rhythm of the song makes the song very, very addictive and such that you will instantly fall in love with the lovely melody. Vishal-Shekhar have included many surprise elements throughout the song. The first, as I had promised to talk about ‘later’, is Shekhar’s solo. As the calm melody is commencing, the composition suddenly takes an unexpected twist, and dhols and nagada joins in, increasing the catchiness of the song even more! Shekhar sings his line very energetically, and it sounds awesome! The second surprise element is the Spanish-sounding guitars before the second antara. It actually feels as though you are sitting at an orchestra show in Spain. Anvita Dutt’s lyrics are also beautiful and enrich the feel of the song even more. Vishal has done a splendid job on the backing vocals, and my favorite part of his is when he hums after the line ‘Tu ibadat hai, Tu hi hai mazhab’. His vocals at the end make that line sound so magical! The hookline has been composed brilliantly, with awesome dafli-like percussion. The line in which Ash sings ‘meri raahein aaye tujh tak’, has been decorated by another track of Ash, making it sound wonderful, again! Moving on to the reprise, which sounds like Shekhar recorded it some time when alone. The result is tremendously beautiful and soothing. The sole instrument here is the acoustic guitar, and Shekhar sounds awesome, with the support of the guitar. The new lyrics by Kumaar are good too, and keep up the standard of the original. The variations are worth looking out for, and the song ends with you wanting more! Immortal melody by Vishal-Shekhar and one of the most mature romantic songs of the year! Definitely a #5StarHotelSong! 


3. Uff
Singers ~ Harshdeep Kaur & Benny Dayal, Lyrics by ~ Anvita Dutt

Refreshing guitar strums open up the next track in the album. That was a surprise, as Harshdeep Kaur’s name was seen in the credits, and she usually sings soft, calm songs. But this upbeat romantic song has been sung by her so beautifully, that I wish she would sing these types of songs more often! The composition is an ordinary, yet heart-winning, cute one, and you cannot help but feeling good, happy and stress-free after hearing this song. Harshdeep has managed the energetic parts very well. Benny enters in the antara, and his part sounds very nice, and he has sung it well too. The high notes which Harshdeep touches in the hookline ‘Humko naa khabar kab kaise aaya woh, dil se khus phus kya farmaaya woh’ , she has managed very effortlessly. The tune of that line is just too cute to express in words! The beats in that portion are also well done by Vishal-Shekhar, with the dafli-like sound here as well. The backing vocals ‘Oh oh…oh oh…’ are beautiful, and very catchy as well! The hookline is given a disco/club touch, the last time it is sung, and I have to say, it does get you up and grooving! The lyrics by Anvita are also very cute and the situation can easily be guessed going by the lyrics. Overall, it makes for a very refreshing listen, and you must not miss this one, at any cost! #5StarHotelSong!


4. Bang Bang
Singers ~ Benny Dayal & Neeti Mohan, Lyrics by ~ Vishal Dadlani

This song has been composed in the exact same way that old pop songs used to be composed in the west (America is the main target here 😀 ) by some great stars (Michael Jackson is the main target here 😛 ). The piano chords start the song with a bang, and Benny and Neeti’s dark and addictive voices carry it forward, with the right amount of attitude and expression required for such a song. The lyrics are okay, again by Vishal, but again they don’t matter. The beats of the song make it something very interesting to listen to, and catchy as well. The disco-esque beats make the song very groovy, and still it has that thriller aspect as well. The composition is also very attractive and resembles the retro style of the west very well. The hookline is the most addictive part of the song, and the way Vishal-Shekhar have composed the tune for the two words followed by the line ‘raat bhar, baat kar, Tu mere saath chal, Dil pe chala hai jaadu, jaane kyon!’ deserves lots of praise. That line is so addictive, and you’ll only get to know how much after you hear the song! The way Vishal-Shekhar have composed the song in a stylish and grand, typical Western action thriller way, deserves infinite applause, because it is not everyday we get to hear such well-composed retro songs in the Western style! Though the title of the song has no relation to what they say after that, you can’t help but ignore it and enjoy the song!! The little interruption in the middle with the dance beats, and the vocals of Vishal Dadlani, is worth hearing again and again! A very well-composed title song in the Western retro style! Awesome! #5StarHotelSong!!

Bang Bang! is a short album, yet it contains all the aspects, which are required in the soundtrack album to an action thriller flick. Three out of four songs are brilliant, with the last one just short of being awesome though it isn’t bad either. Vishal-Shekhar have delivered a great soundtrack for Siddharth Anand yet again, this time for a different type of film, and so consequently the album is also of a slightly different type! There is nothing wrong in the album, when you look at it as a soundtrack to an action film. After opening up their account this year with the beautiful album to ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ though it isn’t as wonderful as that, Vishal-Shekhar definitely do not disappoint with their second outing, and deliver as per needs of the movie. The soundtrack is Bang On! It, along with Hrithik and Katrina’s star value, will assure an opening with a BANG! for the film! 


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < ध < नी < सां 

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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