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♪ Music by:- Yo Yo Honey Singh, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Hard Kaur & Vikram Nagi
♪ Lyrics by:- Sahil Kaushal (Lil Golu), Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Siddharth Banerjee, Shabbir Ahmed & Vikram Nagi
♪ Music Label:- Zee Music Company
♪ Music Released On:- 21st October 2014
♪ Movie Released On:- 7th November 2014

The Shaukeens Album Cover

The Shaukeens Album Cover


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The Shaukeens is a Bollywood comedy film, starring Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor, Piyush Mishra and Lisa Haydon in lead roles with Akshay Kumar featuring in a cameo, playing himself! The film is directed by Abhishek Sharma and produced by Ashvin Varde, Murad Khetani and Akshay Kumar. It is a remake of the 1982 film ‘Shaukeen’. The music of the film is composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Hard Kaur & Vikram Nagi. This triggered a sense of eagerness in me and I was waiting for the songs for a long time. Akshay Kumar always extracts the best out of Honey Singh, and Arko and Hard Kaur have been doing great since they entered Bollywood. It is Vikram’s debut album and one expects a lot from him as well. So let’s see, whether this quartet of composers have delivered as per expectations, exceeded them or missed them! 😀

1. Alcoholic
Singer ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Music by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lyrics by ~ Sahil Kaushal (Lil Golu)

Seeing the name itself, you can instantly guess that this sing is by ‘aapka apna Yo Yo Honey Singhaaaaa!!’ But if you play it, you would never believe your ears. For the first time, Yo Yo has composed a tune unlike his typical useless tunes, a tune which is not loud, not irritating (which is a great feat accomplished by him!), and something that is catchy. (Everything he composes is catchy actually 😛 But it is more often than not ridiculous) However, this time the tune isn’t ridiculous. The tune is fresh and something different from regular Yo Yo tunes (read “Aata Majhi Satakli”, “Lungi Dance”, “Party All Night”, “Chaar Botal Vodka” and “Party With Bhoothnath” 😂) However, even if the tune is as novel as Yo Yo has got in party songs, the lyrics are the same old garbage. They’re not even by Yo Yo himself, but by Lil Golu, who seems to have become Honey Singh’s inseparable partner-in-making-people’s-ears-burst 😜 He has written any stupid lyrics, and shame on him if he thinks the public is going to tolerate them (half of the public have already tolerated the lyrics, but thankfully, sensible people still exist who hate such lyrics.) The arrangements are softer than previous Yo Yo songs, but seriously they are not up to the mark. They will grasp your attention for some time, but will get boring as the song progresses. The booming bass beats, however, are nice. I mean, Pritam has composed so many of such songs, with way better arrangements, and of course way better lyrics. 😃 This one is better for the party-lovers and club-goers. Nice tune, groovy beats but lyrics could have been way better. Save it for the screen!


2. Meherbani
Singer ~ Jubin Nautiyal, Music by ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Lyrics by ~ Arko Pravo Mukherjee

Serene piano notes start off this beautiful romantic track, and Jubin, in his second Bollywood outing, starts singing it in a very Nikhil D’Souza type voice. Arko has created a wonderful melody that will make you feel special and unique. After the superb ‘Dildar’ from ‘Tamanchey’, which was more of a rustic melody, Arko has proved himself once more this year with this urban-type romantic song. The arrangements, despite being very soft and minimal, will nevertheless carry you away! The amazing piano chords in the background will keep you hooked to the song. The guitar has been added geniusly in places. The beats are groovy as well as calming, and they will give you delight as you hear the sublime melody. The first two stanzas are the same, but it’s the third which does the trick and emerges as the winner. The tune of that particular stanza has stayed with me ever since this song released. The lyrics by Arko himself are quite pretty as well. It is about a boy comparing himself to his lover, sounding pretty guilty at places (“dildaar tu, khudgarz main”) He’s thanking his lover for all she has done for him, and for making him improve in personality. So, there’s a tick on the list beside “GOOD LYRICS”. 😊 As for Jubin, what to say! He’s exceptional even in his second song! I just hope he gets more and more recognition as the days pass, and we can soon see him singing for bigger composers! A sweet, breezy romantic melody, which will steal your heart with its beautiful composition, arrangements, lyrics and exceptional vocals! #5StarHotelSong!!


3. Manali Trance
Singers ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh/Lil Golu & Neha Kakkar, Music by ~ Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lyrics by ~ Sahil Kaushal (Lil Golu)

Starting with a very addictive hum by Neha, this song will transport you in a different space altogether. And now you must be thinking it is a romantic song, cause usually romantic songs do that. But this isn’t a romantic song, nor is it a typical Yo Yo Honey Singh stupidity show. Yo Yo has gotten the privilege to introduce trance into Bollywood music. Well, I have to say, he has done an unbelievably exceptional job! The beats are so addictive, it makes you want to groove to the music. Trance and EDM have been used very effectively by Yo Yo. Neha’s rendition is amazing as well, and she sings each and every line with the required ‘intoxicated’ expressions. Her voice is unique and stands out amongst all those loud techno sounds (which are loud but awesome!) The male singer, who is credited as Yo Yo somewhere and Lil Golu elsewhere, does not sing perfectly, but I guess that was intentional. The lyrics don’t really matter in this song, as there is no scope for superb award-winning lyrics anyways. The Afro percussion beats are the highlight of the track, and will surely appeal to you! Who would ever have expected Yo Yo to carry out this responsibility of introducing trance music to Bollywood so well!? I’m very much impressed by his performance here! Right from Neha’s addictive humming, to the awesome beats and the catch composition, this track is a treat to the ears, and on top of that, since it is coming from Honey Singh, the surprise increases a lot! #5StarHotelSong!


4. Aashiq Mizaaj
Singer ~ Aman Trikha, Music by ~ Hard Kaur, Lyrics by ~ Siddharth Banerjee

The claps and the negligible female vocals at the start do not engage you immediately, but what follows will surely do the job! From Himesh Reshammiya’s camp, Aman Trikha renders this catchy composition with fun and liveliness. Hard Kaur, who we last heard composing in ‘O Teri’ to produce an awesome folkish satirical song, returns with a bang and composes yet another very catchy and vibrant song. The beats used are mainly techno sounds, and nothing else. Aman Trikha is the highlight here; he carries the song on his shoulders with his flamboyant vocals. The hookline is pretty catchy. The lyrics by Siddharth Banerjee are only a bit humorous, but go well with the mood of the song, and Aman’s delivery of the song makes the lyrics sound more funny than they should. The techno sounds which play in the background in the hookline, are worth hearing, though they are different in the promo video which plays on TV. 😂 There’s nothing much more to say about the song, except do give it a try! Catchy! #5StarHotelSong!


5. Ishq Kutta Hai
Singer ~ Mika Singh, Music by ~ Vikram Nagi, Lyrics by ~ Shabbir Ahmed

Well, I’m tired of Mika. My facial expression while pressing the play button for this song was plain, but as the song progressed, it became more and more unplain. 😝 The newcomer, Vikram Nagi, has composed an impressive rock track, with Mika at the vocals department. Mika delivers the song brilliantly, and the tune which he sings is also quite catchy. Vikram has composed a rather ‘angry’ tune which is at the same time catchy. The arrangements are typical rock arrangements, at least I thought so at first. But when the sitar made an entry in unexpected places, I was shocked as well as impressed. The use of sitar in a rock song was a pretty stunning idea to me. The song has three Antaras, and side it is written by Shabbir Ahmed, I was pretty reluctant to sit through and hear it thrice while reviewing, but when I paid close attention to the lyrics, they sounded pretty good as compared to Shabbir Ahmed’s standards (which you will get to know in my music review of ‘Humshakals’, ‘The Xposé’ and ‘Kick’) He has compared love to a dog, and though it isn’t a novel idea, it still proves to be a pretty engaging set of words, when put together with a wonderful rock composition. Impressive debut by Vikram, good vocals by Mika, and better lyrics (not Great!) by Shabbir Ahmed! Watch out for that awesome sitar interlude! #5StarHotelSong!


6. Lonely
Singer ~ Anu Malik, Music by ~ Vikram Nagi, Lyrics by ~ Vikram Nagi

After ‘Ishq Kutta Hai’, Vikram Nagi impressed us with yet another great composition, this time sad. The soft piano arrangements are very calming, and the chipmunk-ish voice provides comic effect. The lyrics are also meant to be humorous. But, let me be truthful to you and warn you before any harm is done — this song is sung “wonderfully” by Anu Malik! His Tarzan-ish voice is enough for Himesh haters to start loving Himesh’s voice. So, with such an exceptional composition, Vikram Nagi could only think of Anu Malik to croon this song??? I mean, Annu Kapoor, the famous Antakshari host, is in your cast, man! Why didn’t you choose him? Or else, why not Himesh? He would have sung a thousand times better than Anu Malik! Here the choice of singer spoils everything!

The Shaukeens is one of the better-faring multicomposer albums of recent times. Each composer has done well, Vikram Nagi debuts impressively, Hard Kaur, who composes very rarely, provides a nice catchy track, and Arko gives us a beautiful romantic track. But the most surprising is humaara apna Yo Yo Honey Singh, who has evolved so, so much, with the first trance song of Bollywood! Kudos to him! I’ve noticed he gives his best in Akshay Kumar starter films… 😝 The Shaukeens is an album that is enjoyable to the core, with occasional disturbances here and there, but overall…ENJOY!


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प < नी < सां

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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