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♪ Music by: Meet Bros. Anjjan, Nikhil-Ujjwal, Som-Raul, Abhinav Bansal & Rishi-Siddharth
♪ Lyrics by: Kumaar, Nikhil-Ujjwal, Akash, Amitabh Ranjan, Alaukik Rahi & Abhinav Bansal
♪ Music Label: T-Series
♪ Music Released On: 21st July 2016
♪ Movie Releases On: 5th August 2016

The Legend Of Michael Mishra Album Cover

The Legend Of Michael Mishra Album Cover


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The Legend of Michael Mishra is an upcoming Bollywood comedy film, starring Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, Aditi Rao Hydari and Kayoze Irani in prominent roles. The movie is directed by Manish Jha, the director of ‘Anwar’, and produced by Kishor Arora, Shareen Mantri Kedia, and Wave Cinemas. The film is a quirky comedy, with a romance being its core topic. From the looks of it, it seems quite quirky alright, and it also seems like the props and sets and everything were unusually lavish and colorful. I can’t help but state here, that usually, when Bollywood does all this, the films land flat on their faces. Hopefully, we can expect something better from this! Moving on, the music is composed a long list of relative newcomers, except one team who we are quite acquainted with — Meet Bros. Anjjan, which signifies that their song had been composed quite some time ago, when they used to work as a trio. Of course, I’m excited for that one as I’ve started to like their music quite a lot! Then we have a whole list of new composers, the first ones being Nikhil-Ujjwal. Their names are Nikhil Malhotra and Ujjwal Kashyap, and it is their first Bollywood outing. Next we have another debutant duo, Som-Raul (Som Riggs & Rahul Singh). The fourth composer is Abhinav Bansal, a man who used to compose songs and release them as YouTube videos, until the makers of this film came along and not only noticed him, but also roped him in as a composer for their movie. And last, we have Rishi-Siddharth, who had composed for ‘Love Shagun’ earlier this year. Each of the composer teams have one song, making the album a five-song album. Hopefully, the album turns out as ‘legendary’ as it’s supposed to!!

1. Luv Letter
Singers ~ Kanika Kapoor & Meet Bros, Music by ~ Meet Bros. Anjjan, Lyrics by ~ Kumaar

Of course, first up is the song that would reach out to most people, what with Kanika Kapoor being the singer! 😀 The makers have taken a great step in releasing it first, because, believe me, as massy as the other songs are, they wouldn’t have made the public so !much interested in the movie as this has. 😀 So, here we get a Kanika Kapoor song with MBA as the first song on the album. The composition is enjoyable, with a peppy groove to it, and surprisingly bearing very less resemblance to ‘Baby Doll’ (Ragini MMS 2) In fact, the mukhda sounds quite retro like those old songs of the 50s etc. Meet Bros. & Anjjan have worked quite well to make the song sound distinguishing, while at the same time ensuring that it turns out to be a ctachy affair in all. And may I also say that this song has been composed before ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ (Roy) and would’ve released before it if the film hadn’t been delayed. That explains the similarities between this song and that, especially in the rap by Meet Bros. The song doesn’t actually resemble ‘Baby Doll’, but it resembles ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ quite a bit! Nevertheless, it turns out to be groovy and enjoyable, as I’ve already said. The arrangements consist of the same beats and sound quite similar to ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’ as well. The techno sounds are quite groovy though. The popping sounds are cute as ever. Kanika’s voice, the oh-so-distinguished voice from everybody else, manages to grab your attention, and she puts on that innocent, sweet girl tone while singing this song. And then there’s Kumaar’s lyrics. Nonsensical as they are, they’re fun to hear. An enjoyable affair, but loses points in the resemblances to previous MBA songs! Something that is enjoyable and will be a mass hit, but will get washed out with the passage of time!


2. Ishq Di Gaadi
Singer ~ Karthik Dhiman, Music by ~ Nikhil-Ujjwal, Lyrics by ~ Nikhil, Ujjwal & Akash

The first debutantes of the album, Nikhil-Ujjwal, step into the album with a very folksy and upbeat song. The composition is something that I would associate to the phrase ‘Bhojpuri movie’ before I seriously start listening to its various aspects or start reviewing it seriously. So yeah, the treatment given to the song is kind of over-folksy, something I do not like at all! However, the base composition is one that would have sounded good had it not been treated so folksily. The composition as it stands sounds very mediocre, and has nothing in it that would grab your attention, and nothing to hear the song again and again for. The arrangements are good in that they have tried to resemble a village as far as possible. There’s a ‘however’ to this too! The ‘however’ is that the village treatment seems so forced, that it is hard to believe. You get through the whole song with a straight face and your body in the same position as it was at the beginning of the song. (I thought that according to Newton, a body changes its state of rest when an external force acts on it! I guess there is no force in this song then!) A cute string instrument however, is quite entertaining. The percussion is commendable, but not does in a tasteful manner here, unfortunately. The singer, Karthik Dhiman, has a good rustic voice, but it has been overdone again, and the high pitch doesn’t help at all. In the supposedly romantic song, it is a very big spoilsport. All it does is irritates. The composer duo writes the lyrics along with someone named Akash, and they can come up with strictly amateur lyrics, which actually make you think that the song is from a Bhojpuri film! Rustic-ness, gone wrong!!


3. Phir Tu
Singer ~ Sakina Khan, Music by ~ Abhinav Bansal, Lyrics by ~ Abhinav Bansal

Abhinav Bansal, who was discovered by the makers through YouTube, gets to compose the next song, a soft and pensive melody that instantly works its black magic on you. The composition is slow-paced and dreamily solemn. The hookline is really touching and again, is something that you will instantly develop a liking towards. The mukhda is enough to make you ready for the pensiveness that follows, while the antara makes things lighter with a higher pitch. All in all, the debutant’s composition is excellent. His arrangements as well, are mind blowing. Though more on the minimalist side, they stand out perfectly. The song starts with something like a harp, which gets you ready for a serious melody that is coming up. Acoustic guitars and strings join in by the first hookline. Finger snaps make a catchy rhythm in such a mellow song, while a very attractive violin piece entertains in the interludes. The guitar riff that constantly plays in the background is quite engaging as well. Sakina Khan (who debuted in ‘Love Shagun’, coincidentally singing for Rishi-Siddharth, who have a song in the album, and after that sung a foot-tapping song in ‘Phobia’) sings the pensive melody with a lull that truly lulls you, and you find your mind floating dreamily through the song, until it stops. Her husky voice texture is such a boon for the song; it makes the song listenable on loop. Abhinav also writes suitable lyrics to the song, something to think over while hearing the song. A beautiful melody, composed brilliantly by a newcomer! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Nikhatoo
Singer ~ Som Riggs, Music by ~ Som-Raul, Lyrics by ~ Amitabh Ranjan

An untuned radio transistor starts off this quirky song, composed by newcomer duo Som-Raul, until the radio settles on a frequency which has some wonderful Arabic percussion and strings playing. The dynamic-ness of it all makes you all set to hear the rest of the song, which is a really enjoyable, groovy and quirky dance fest. The composition has many twists and turns, and so infectiously crazy, that you will definitely end up with your limbs moving in one direction and your head moving in the opposite — even if that’s impossible! Now, this is how a effective village touch can be given to a song. The composers have fused the very folksy composition with very attractive sound effects, like the aforementioned radio transistor, and quirky sounds that cannot be described at all. Most of the grooviness lies in the magic the composers have made while playing with the techno sounds and experimenting by distorting and cramming them into various places in the song. Som Riggs has sung in so many different voices, that it is hard to believe that there is only one man singing the entire song! The duo has really worked hard to make all those weird sounds fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Towards the end, there is even a very, very effective increase in both pitch and tempo, making the infectious energy of the song increase manifold with it! The quirkiness of it all highly impresses! Amitabh Ranjan has also written some lyrics that are cute and humorous at the same time. And then the hookline is just too crazy! “Hum ho Gaye tohpe lattoo, na samjho nikhatoo, saanjh savere ab toh daalenge tera naam mein rattoo!” A song to definitely become lattoo on! A very experimental, quirky and enjoyable debut by Som-Raul! #5StarHotelSong!!


5. Filam Shuru Hui Hai
Singers ~ Rishi-Siddharth, Music by ~ Rishi-Siddharth, Lyrics by ~ Alaukik Rahi

Quirky sounds played on rock guitar ensure you that the song that follows too, is going to be an entertaining one. And that is exactly what you get. Rishi-Siddharth, the only non-debuting team here, besides Meet Bros & Anjjan, have been roped in to make a song that seems to be the opening credits song. The song is an indicator that the movie has started and it is kind of a description of the scene at a movie theater. The composition is a type of pseudo-Qawwali one, with recognizable Qawwali nuances and styles. Various attractions throughout the song grab your attention and make you smile or even full-fledgedly laugh. The duo has come up with a song that is a nice, quirky and catchy opening credits song, and including it in the album is a great move, because I remember that there was such a song ‘Picture Shuru’ before ‘Barfi!’ started too, and it hadn’t been included. I guess that’s because it must be the theme song for Anurag Basu’s Picture Shuru Productions. Whatever. Back to this song. Speaking about arrangements, they are mostly Qawwali-esque arrangements like tablas and harmonium, and help the composition gain more appeal. Various other sound effects neutralize the Qawwali effects, too, though. Alaukik Rahi’s lyrics are hilarious as well as something that would be the common sight at any movie theater. It also explains the various elements that are necessary to get the the Indian mass audience to watch a film — songs, glamour, action etc. Rishi & Siddharth themselves render the song with a nasal twang, which infuses that craziness into the song — something that helps it quite a lot! The backing vocals (I guess, also by them) are mad too! All in all, a perfect end to the album, which might be the start to the movie!! #5StarHotelSong!!

The Legend Of Michael Mishra, is an album that doesn’t really impress with its mix of good and mediocre songs, but impresses individually with the last three songs. The composers, who almost all are relatively new on the music scene, have made decent efforts to keep the music in sync with the movie, and so the album scores high there. However, in spite of its quirkiness, this legend won’t stay with you for long! A washout-type album, that impresses momentarily!


Final Rating for This Album: सा < रे < ग < म <  < ध < नी < सां

Note: The letter which is underlined is the final rating.

Recommended Listening Order: Phir Tu > Nikhatoo > Filam Shuru Hui Hai > Luv Letter > Ishq Di Gaadi


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