LAI BHAARI (MUSIC REVIEW): Kolhapuri Tadka (Marathi Special) 🎉🎆

Lai Bhaari is the latest Marathi movie to release, and it is running very successfully in Maharashtra ever since it released. I was going to review it anyways, because I loved the music, and because the music was by the Kings of The Marathi Music Industry, Ajay-Atul! So here we go!

Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Ajay-Atul
♪ Lyrics by:- Guru Thakur & Ajay-Atul
♪ Music Label:- Video Palace
♪ Music Released On:- 9th June 2014
♪ Movie Released On:- 11th July 2014

Lai Bhari Album Cover

Lai Bhari Album Cover


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Riteish Deshmukh is on a roll nowadays! After two back-to-back movies in Hindi, ‘Humshakals’ and ‘Ek Villain’, his latest movie is a Marathi one, and that too, his Marathi debut movie, called Lai Bhaari. Starring alongside him is Radhika Apte (of ‘Shor In The City’ fame). The movie is directed by Nishikant Kamat and produced jointly by Jeetendra Thackeray, Ameya Khopkar and of course Riteish Deshmukh’s wife herself, Genelia D’Souza Deshmukh. Ever since I got to know that the music has been composed by Ajay-Atul, my excitement knew no bounds and I was looking forward to the music! And believe me, they didn’t disappoint! Let’s see how great they have scored for this Marathi movie!


1. Mauli Mauli:- Singer ~ Ajay Gogavale, Lyrics by ~ Guru Thakur

The album opens with Ajay-Atul’s specialty, what they’re known for not only in the Marathi film industry, but also in Bollywood as well, a devotional song, full of energetic beats and the likes. Time and again, they have impressed us with their efficiency in composing devotional songs, be it a not-so-loud one like ‘Shree Ganeshay Dheemahi’ from ‘Viruddh’ or a out-and-out loud dhamakedaar number like ‘Deva Shree Ganesha’ from ‘Agneepath’. They have not failed to impress here, either! The ambience which they have created is so energetic and it will make you sway to the beats. The dhols and manjeeras sound awesome, along with traditional Maharashtrian folk instruments like lezim and dholaki. The lead vocals by Ajay himself are flawless as usual, and the chorus has supported him awesomely! The lyrics by Guru Thakur are purely devotional and a prayer to the famous Lord Vithoba of Pandharpur. We Maharashtrians go crazy when such a devotional and energetic song releases, for obvious reasons! 😀 There is no reason for getting bored of the song at all! An awesome and upbeat devotional song, by the experts of devotional music, in my opinion, Ajay-Atul! And the album opens with a #5StarHotelSong!


2. New Nava Tarana:- Singer ~ Kunal Ganjawala, Lyrics by ~ Ajay-Atul

The next song is a very interesting song, composed in a western style, with a mixture of Marathi, English and even Hindi lyrics. Kunal Ganjawala, who is nowadays not seen much in Bollywood music, has rendered it just beautifully. Each and every line has been sung with such great ease and he just showcases his immense talent once more. The lyrics are also quite interesting, and quite quirky as well. Such Western-influenced are not at all few nowadays in Marathi music, and it is great to hear a song of this kind in what seems like a fully Desi movie. The arrangements are also neat. The jazz style will just make you want to keep listening on and the beats are also very catchy, along with the overall composition. The drums and brass instruments have been managed very efficiently. The harmonium has been put to a very, very interesting use! The chorus supports Kunal very well. The song didn’t impress me as much in the first listen, but in successive listens, I found it more catchy than earlier. A bit situational, but who cares?! A real treat for Western music lovers! #5StarHotelSong! 


3. Jeev Bhulala:- Singers ~ Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Lyrics by ~ Guru Thakur

Starting with a beeeeaauuuutifull flute tune, this track immediately attracted me by its soothingness and serenity, and started radiating positive vibes right from the beginning. Ajay-Atul have roped in their favourite (in both Hindi and Marathi soundtracks, it seems) Shreya Ghoshal for the female vocals, and she sounds sweet as ever. To support her is none other than Sonu Nigam. Speaking of which, I just realized I’m reviewing a song sung by him for the first time, and as luck would have it, it happens to be a Marathi song. Sad how T-Series is slowly getting their way and neglecting real talents like Sonu. :/ Anyways, back to the song. As I said, it will attract you from the first note, and afterwards it will keep on mesmerizing you. The arrangements are fab, with flute playing the most important role, supported by tablas, which sound too good! Guru Thakur has written just as beautiful lyrics, and they are absolutely no nonsense, unlike Bollywood, where just a few romantic songs actually sound genuinely genuine, thanks to “great” lyrics. The composers have given their very best to keep up the beauty of the track throughout, and I must say, they have aced it. It would be awesome to see this track remade in one of Ajay-Atul’s Hindi projects later on! A must-listen, soothing, calming and very, very cute song! #5StarHotelSong!!


4. Aala Holicha Sann Lai Bhari:- Singers ~ Swapnil Bandodkar, Yogita Godbole-Pathak, Lyrics by ~ Guru Thakur

This song starts with typical Desi beats, and it being a Holi song, the required ambience gets created just like that! The beats are very catchy, and arrangements are awesome too. The song starts a bit weak, but afterwards, it becomes such a dhinchak number, you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing to it! The vocalists have done a wondrous job as well. Swapnil Bandodkar, a well-known name in the Marathi music industry, carries practically the whole song on his shoulders. The female vocalist has a very small portion which she carries out pretty well. The composition is very catchy as well. Daflis and dholakis support the singers very well. The part when the male singer says the word nasha is fascinating! Lyrics are also as per the requirements. 🙂 Well-composed, well-sung, well-written and so, deserves to be heard!


5. Ye Na Saajna:- Singer ~ Shreya Ghoshal, Lyrics by ~ Guru Thakur

Ajay-Atul rope in Shreya for yet another song, and this time it is a dark romantic song. The composers have done their job excellently, and Shreya has brought their composition to life perfectly. A bit of a soft jazzy touch has been given to the song, with brass instruments brilliantly supporting Shreya wherever needed. The orchestration is also very beautiful. The violins interlude is worth listening to over and over again! Shreya’s Marathi diction is flawless, and I wonder how she managed to say the alphabet ‘ळ’ which came so many times in the song. The song will definitely not attract you immediately, but will slowly grow on you. The pace has been kept low on purpose, and that works in favour of such songs. The only problem was that in the hook line, over usage of instruments has been done, making it sound too loud, only to calm down after the hook line is over. Definitely one you should not miss and a great one to end the soundtrack with! Special mention for Shreya’s flawless singing and Marathi diction!

Lai Bhaari is a great soundtrack, with a variety of songs, all excelling in their respective genres. Ajay-Atul have delivered a very promising soundtrack, which is sure to rule the Marathi music charts for at least a month or two. The songs are such that they had the capacity to attract all kinds of listeners, and maybe would have even done so if the soundtrack were for a Hindi film. In fact, the tracklist itself might attract non-Marathi listeners as well because of the non-Marathi singers in it! With none of the songs disappointing hugely, and all of them living up to the standards of Marathi music, there is pretty much no flaw in the album as far as the music is concerned, but then again, it is not one of the duos best works either. An efficient soundtrack which has worked in favourite of the movie already, and will continue to do so in coming weeks! 


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म < प <  < नी 

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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