Album Details:-
♪ Music by:- Yuvan Shankar Raja
♪ Lyrics by:- Irshad Kamil
♪ Music Label:- UTV/Times Music/Junglee Music
♪ Music Released On:- 25th July 2014
♪ Movie Releases On:- 29th August 2014

Raja Natwarlal Album Cover

Raja Natwarlal Album Cover


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Raja Natwarlal is an upcoming Bollywood crime thriller starring Emraan Hashmi and newcomer Humaima Malick in lead roles. It also stars Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon in supporting roles. The film is directed by Kunal Deshmukh, and produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur. Kunal Deshmukh’s films have always given us albums to cherish, be it ‘Jannat’ or ‘Tum Mile’ or ‘Jannat 2’. Pritam has always featured as composer in his movies. But this has changed with the arrival of this movie, in which the composer is the famous South-Indian music director, Yuvan Shankar Raja. From a Kunal Deshmukh film, expectations are always there from the music, and no doubt the same is the case here as well. So without any further delay, let’s proceed to the review of the music of ‘Raja Natwarlal’!

1. Tere Hoke Rehengay/Rahengay:- Singers ~ Arijit Singh (Original Version), Shweta Pandit (Reprise)

The first time Arijit is singing a solo song for Emraan Hashmi, the moment all Arijit and Emraan fans were waiting for since ‘Tum Hi Ho’ released last year, has finally arrived! The first song of the album starts with grand piano notes, which actually do sound very grand, and when they are followed and supported by Arijit’s incomparable voice, they sound all the more awesome! The song is a kind of slow poison; it will grow on you after some listens, and when it does grow on you, you can do nothing but keep grooving to the beats! Arijit very effortlessly carries out the high notes, as well as the very low notes! The type of slow, romantic song it seems to be at the beginning is a trick, I’m sure, because later, it becomes somewhat upbeat, and very catchy. The ‘oh oh oh‘s are trademark Pritam style and it just reminds you of the hit songs Pritam and Kunal Deshmukh have given. The hookline is the catchiest and has the best tune. The arrangements of the song are very good, with a lot of instruments contributing to the greatness factor. The hookline that comes after the antara, is orchestrated wonderfully, with violins beautifully doing the job! The lyrics are very simple, yet they are also very awesome, by the genius Irshad Kamil. Well, I can go on and on about this song, but we mustn’t forget about Shweta! She has sung the reprise version and the name of her version has been spelled differently, which is why I gave two spellings above. 😛 It doesn’t matter much, because the arrangements in this one are picture perfect! The vocals are picture perfect! The variations taken by Shweta are flawless! She sounds a lot like, actually even surpasses Neeti Mohan in this song! What else left to say? I guess you’ve got the idea that I loved this version way, way more than the original! The clicking/snapping Spanish-type sounds added by Yuvan in the background in this version have just got me even more addicted to the song. Also, the piano at the start of Arijit’s version has been replaced here by acoustic guitars, making the song sound even more Spanish. The harmonium has also very intelligently been added here. I’m sorry for such a long review for this single song, but what to do? It is brilliant! A must-listen! Shweta’s version is more effective than Arijit’s but both deserve this: #5StarHotelSong!!!


2. Dukki Tikki:- Singer ~ Mika Singh

A very, very catchy flute tune is the opener for this song. The starting itself is so catchy, and the rest of the song follows suit, and doesn’t disappoint! The song has been composed on the standard Kuthu template, like ‘Gandi Baat’ from ‘R…Rajkumar’ last year. The composer has done awesome Kuthu style instrumentation, with an awesome wind instrument that can be heard in all South Indian folk music forms, and outstanding use of percussion! Mika has returned to delivering better songs (recently, he had been singing many below average and also plain bad songs) and he sings very well here. The song is a tapori song, and his vocals match the song perfectly! His energy is unmatchable. Just one complaint is that when he sings ‘badshah’ it comes across as ‘bhasha’. The lyrics go with the theme of the movie, that is gambling. I have heard that this is a remake of Yuvan’s own South Indian song, but as long as it’s entertaining, I don’t have any problem! And it is just that! Not a single second will you get bored, and the song is pretty long at five minutes. Hats-off to Yuvan and Mika, for giving a definite chartbuster! It’s awesome! #5StarHotelSong!


3. Kabhi Ruhani Kabhi Rumani:- Singer ~ Benny Dayal

This song is a Qawwali-style romantic number. Benny Dayal has returned to the romantic genre after a long time, after his few romantic songs composed by Rahman. This time Yuvan has roped him in for a romantic song. Yuvan has composed it very well, with great arrangements, and the tune is also very good. The fault here is in the vocals. Benny has sung decently, but he doesn’t seem at ease in the song, his voice coming out a bit husky and not as smooth as he normally sings. K.K. would have been a way better choice than Benny here. The arrangements are great, harmonium and tabla and other techno sounds making them up. The saarangi in the second interlude is beautiful. The bulbul tarang plays throughout the song and it is too beautoful to ignore. The Sufi style composition helps to gather the listener’s interest in the song. Songs like theses are my personal favourite, but they should have a strong singer on the vocals front! The lyrics by Irshad Kamil are very good too, and give the perfect Qawwali-esque feel to the song with lots of Urdu lyrics, making the song seem more authentic. A better and more established singer could have done, but everything else is great!


4. Namak Paare:- Singers ~ Mamta Sharma & Anupam Amod

I read the two names in the singer credits and was ready for another atrocious item song. Well, it turned out to be a lot better than what I thought it would be! It starts with a catchy tune played on harmonium, which is supported by tumbi for a split of a second, I guess. Mamta enters, and actually sounds good here! Maybe this is the effect of not having any cheap songs sung by her for a long time, almost three whole months (‘Bawri’ from ‘Angry Young Man’ was the last one). Also, she is singing in a mainstream Bollywood film after almost eight months! This is a great feat achieved by Bollywood! 😛 The composition is good and enjoyable, the vocals of Mamta as I said, sound refreshing, and the arrangements are awesome too. Especially the percussion done wonderfully. Tablas make short scattered cameos, but the main percussion is of the dhols, done very efficiently. But I seriously don’t know why Yuvan has used frog sounds at the starting of the song! Really, in the starting, it sounds like frogs are croaking in the background! Anupam does decent singing, but does not impress much as Mamta has already taken center-stage in the song. The way she sings the hookline after Anupam’s part is so awesome! She breaks the word ‘namak paare’ so that it sounds like ‘namak paare ay ay ay’. Lyrics are nothing to boast of, except that use of ‘namak paare’. The name of the food item has been used, but not in a very smart way. :/ Entertaining, but not perfect!


5. Flip Your Collar Back:- Singer ~ Benny Dayal

Usually, the best is saved for the last. Here, the case is opposite. This song has nothing to boast of except the smart and intelligent lyrics (Okay, except the hookline, because it is just nonsensical). It is supposed to be a boy trying to patao-fy girl song, but the composition and arrangements dissapoint to such an extent, that it is impossible to pay attention to the good lyrics and vocals. Benny got a song of his type, but here the composer is at fault with the composition and arrangements, which are too loud. The tune is not engaging at all, and makes the song a plain boring one to listen to. The use of techno is overdone in this song, and that makes it the least appealing in the soundtrack. Some unnecessary elements like these could have been thrown out of the song. Some uncredited singers support Benny, like a rapper who comes and raps sometime in the middle of the song, but doesn’t entertain. Towards the end, Yuvan tries to patch up the mistakes by placing his signature Kuthu beats in the song, but that just makes it even worse! 😛 Failed attempt to compose a good tune for innovative lyrics!

Raja Natwarlal is an album which offers songs that are pretty entertaining, but only two manage to impress wholly, others having some or the other faults in them. Yuvan has composed a decent Bollywood debut album, but I doubt it is better than any of his South movie albums. What’s more, the songs of a Kunal Deshmukh directorial are way better than this, looking at the past movies. Many of the songs have brilliant arrangements. Vocals in certain songs could have been better. The album might not even get a longer shelf life due to the lesser degree of superhit songs. Surely, Yuvan Shankar can do much better than this, and with an album that ranks above average in his debut for Bollywood, I would say he is very promising, and that he might do even better in future Bollywood projects, if he gets any. An above average debut album by Yuvan, that is not even close to previous Kunal Deshmukh film albums, and so might not find that many takers. 


Final Rating for This Album:- सा < रे < ग < म <  < ध < नी

Note:- The letter which is underlined is the final rating.


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